Code Geass R2 Episode 07 (Lulu In The Sky With Diamonds)

Dig if you will a prince (Not the singer of this song, but the one in the show), can you my readers, can you picture this?  How could she just leave him standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?  Maybe he’s just to ambitious, maybe he’s just like his father too bold.  Maybe she’s just like his sister (in law), she’s got her own ideaaaaaaaaals! (YEAH!) Why does she scream for Suzaku?  That’s what it sounds like, when Nunally cries.

So yeah hard times are coming for Lelouch and as we’ll see in this episode he’s going to need the help of some good people in order to get him out of his funk.  Let’s begin shall we?

Well Emperor Charles Is Arguably At The Absolute Peak Of His Power At The Moment As Lelouch Falls On His Sword Last Episode And The Emperor Rises Ever Higher As An Ubermensch Of Sorts.

People All Gathering Around A Helpless Loli…..This Really Is Japan 

Summary: We begin with Charles making a speech from the throne to a massive crowd of Britannian loyalists, basically going over the Darwinian policy he intends to bring to the rest of the world.  (The now legendary national anthem of Britannia is also playing in the background for those who missed it)  Back in Britannia Lelouch is having a nightmare about how Nunally chose Suzaku as her confidant over him (as Zero) when he wakes up to fine Rolo sitting beside his bed.  When Lelouch asks what he mumbled Rolo says nothing, but as we see from Rolo’s point of view he heard him say Nunally’s name.  Lelouch believes him though and thinks to himself how Zero has essential become an obstacle to the world Nunally wants.  He also seems to realize that Nunally has Suzaku to protect her and knows that he would look after her despite being his worst enemy, so she doesn’t need him anymore.

Notice That She’s Reading The Script From Braille?  Nice Touch

But I’m Still Better Than You All

Hmmm…Rivalz And Shirley Don’t Seem To Recognize Her At All Still.  I Continue To Wonder Why

Pffffft HA! Lloyd!  Is There Any Comment Even Needed?

And Thus Euphemia’s Legacy Was Tainted In Blood…..Literally

Meanwhile Millay, Rivalz and Shirley seem to notice he’s in a daze and he pretends it’s nothing.  An announcement is made over the school intercom that the inauguration ceremony for the new Governor is about to begin.  (It’s interesting that fireworks are going off right outside my window for Victoria day as I type this as if also to celebrate the new Loli General) Everyone files into the auditorium to see Nunally introduce herself and Rivalz seems surprised that a little girl is their new governor.  Nunally eventually ends up breaking from the script and announces her intention to ressurect the special administrative zone of Japan which surprises Suzaku and outrages the nobles who are present.  (Except for Llloyd)  The elevens who are watching don’t her talk of equality and titleship and the presence of Suzaku, the same knight who supported the “Massacre Princess” Euphemia and sold out Zero doesn’t help her case either.  As she begins to ask the Black Knights to join in and help her, Lelouch decides to take a walk and Rolo takes notice of this behaviour.


Kaioshin Sama:  Oh Lord No! I Thought You Were Dead You Tactless Son Of A Bitch.  That Line….That’s Not Funny, It Wasn’t Even Funny In The Goonies.


Kaioshin Sama: Going To Cut You Off Right There As I Try To Explain The Plot To You And The 2 Minute Attention Span Demographic Of This Shows Viewers.

Shin Oikamas: Emo….

Gah!  This is…this is like reading blog articles that focus on the mundane stupid shit of the articles so they can make bad jokes.  Why is this happening here.  I feel kind of….kind of….upset?  Anyway Suzaku is bringing Nunally back to her room and she asks if what Euphemia tried to accomplish was wrong.  Suzaku says she wasn’t one that was wrong.  Meanwhile Lelouch is riding the train…


Kaioshin Sama:  *Pulls Out Meme -> English Dictionary* Let’s See…..That Meant That You Feel Lelouch Is Having An Overly Emotional Reaction To Events And That It Reminds You Of Shinji Riding The Rails….WHY THE FUCK CAN’T YOU JUST SAY THAT WITHOUT THE ADDED STUPID SHIT!  Sigh….Well That’s Not Even The Case At All As Shinji Had These Inner Monologues As The Sole Stimulus For The Scene And The Train Represented His Subconcious Mind At Work.  Lelouch Is Literally Riding A Train And Taking In His Surroundings As He Thinks To Himself.  Quite Different If You Ask Me.

WANTED…..Except By Those Who Count

Far Too Lucky

Bet You Never Expected To See This Expression On Karen.  I For One Am Liking Her Less Overly Hard Boiled Personality This Season

+20/+20/+30 Support For Lelouch Now Too. 

Anyway Lelouch is riding the train looks at a wanted poster of Zero which again gets him thinking about how he is no longer needed when Karen tries to contact him.  He ends up just breaking his phone and the BK start talking about Nunally being nothing more then the next Euphemia.  Despite suspecting a trap they can’t exactly do anything to attack Britannia right now as they lost pretty much all their KF’s in the last battle but the Guren.  Make way for Kaguya now who enters the room and starts loling it up about her “husbands” absence.  Karen freaks out when the conversation turns to Lelouch possibly being with another women (which is amusing to see considering she’s usually so masculine in her behaviour as C.C points out) and Kaguya thanks C.C for looking after Lelouch all this time while she was in the federation.  She also has Karen join in holding hands, declaring that they are Lelouch’s three court ladies who will support him.

Elsewhere Lloyd comes to visit with Suzaku in the hospital only to find that he has taken off to go after the Black Knights and instead makes off with one of Cecile’s Sandwich’s (Mmmmm I could go for a sandwich….and believe it or not this scene does end up being important later on?)  Meanwhile Lelouch has geassed everyone on the train with him so he can sit quitely and ride the train as long as he wants.

Shin Oikamas:  He’s Being Emo Again!

Kaioshin Sama:  I Told You Already It’s Character Development.  Stop Whining About Emo And Watch The Show.  Here Go Listen To Some Simple Plan!

Shin Oikamas: Goody!

Interestingly Enough I Had This Dream The Night Before This Episode Aired Of The Future Of Code Geass Where A Fallen Zero Stalks The Streets At Night And All People Live In Fear Of The Havoc He Wrecks In His Rage.  Little Did I Know That It Would Actually Come To Pass.  Except In My Dream It Was Like Ten Years In The Future Whereas This Is Right Now.  Ladies And Gentleman, We Are Literally Witnessing The Twilight Of The Zero Alter Ego

Ally My Ass….

Finally….anyway this avoidance ultimately doesn’t work as a Geass field that could only be Rolo’s goes up near the conductor and a recording of Nunally’s speech starts playing which freaks Lelouch out enough that he runs off the train smashing into people all along the way.  Sure enough as he runs out of the train station Rolo is in following him casually.  Meanwhile Suzaku is starting an operation against the BK on his own and Lelouch makes his way into in alleyway where he takes out his disgust at the state of things on some Japanese drug dealers by geassing them into behaving like animals (which he likens them to in how they prey on each other).  Meanwhile back at the BK’s new hideout C.C is pondering how she doesn’t mind if Lelouch doesn’t return, but only that he lives and she says to Marianne that Lelouch told her that “Zero was for Nunally’s sake”.  Either way the BK are doomed if he doesn’t return.  In the Shinjuku Redevelopment Zone Karen finally catches up with Lelouch and sees him about to inject himself with Refrain.

What Is Tomino Writing This Series Now?

Karen tries to coax Lelouch into leading the Black Knights to victory again like she always does, and to try and do something anything to get Nunally back and lead them to victory.  He tries to order her to comfort him and ends up leaning in to kiss her, but she slaps him and tells him to snap out of it and perform Zero’s act for her again.  Bursting into tears she walks off and then Rolo makes his appearance and seems to tell Lelouch to forget about Zero, the Black Knights and Nunally and to just be his brother. (and they can run off together and have lots of fun adventures.  Man Rolo, you’ve got some strange fantasies)  Meanwhile Nunally is having a video conference with Charles and tells him that the reason she wanted to become the Governor General was to make her brother proud of her wherever she is.  And just before things get hectic again C.C starts to talk about the burden of the mask that Lelouch carries when Suzaku attached to the coast guard announces that their ship is being stopped for inspection.

Fireworks *Looks Out Window*  Hmmmmm…..

Yeah Lelouch,  Find Your Purpose

Maybe Some Day After This Is All Over

Somehow I Think This Is Going To End Up Being Very Important Later.  Don’t Ask Me How Though, I Just Know It

Meanwhile Lelouch returns to the academy with Rolo and sees some fireworks going off in the distance.  When he heads up to the ceiling he finds Millay who explains that the field trip they were going to go on wouldn’t be the same without him.  Shirley also has a paper crane and seems to recall that somebody taught her about how they were supposed to grant wishes, but she can’t remember who.  She says she wished for the chance to be together with the old gang again, but since she only made one Crane only Lelouch showed up.  This get’s Lelouch thinking of how he once had a conversation about Suzaku about what happiness would look like if it had a form and that Suzaku thought it would look like glass.  This is because one doesn’t notice it normally, but it’s actually their, and from the right angle it can reflect light.  He also thinks about Nunally wishing for a gentle world (back in the first season) and how such an ideal was so close at one point.  Now he realizes that his fight is no longer just for Nunally.

The BK On The Brink Of Annihilation Again As Their Leader Abandons Them?!

No, Lelouch Will Not Repeat The Same Mistake Again

Aw Shucks

Suzaku Haters Should Be Happy To See Him Lose Out Again Here

Kaguya: OH MY HERO!

Still Gotta Love The Hand Gestures.  And By The Way, Now Lelouch/Zero Has Soared To New Heights

The siege on the BK’s tanker is now underway and things are looking pretty bad when Lelouch reappears and orders starts to order his team.  With a map in hand he ends up having them fire a volley of torpedos that unleashes a pocket of Methane Hydrate from the ocean which ends up capsizing Suzaku’s ships.  Suzaku who is in Lancelot Conquista at the time is ready to fire on Zero who appears before him in Vincent’s hand when Lelouch makes the unexpected announcement that he will participate in Nunally’s plan after all.  Suzaku can’t believe his ears.

Thoughts:  Well I actually thought I wasn’t going to end up getting anything this episode brought to the table other than Lelouch going through a defeatist moment and eventually pulling himself out of it with a few pep talks, but fortunately as I always seem to I managed to piece it all together at the last moment.  What at first seems like a totally straightforward character development episode actually ends up offering more then one angle to it’s narrative.  First let’s dispense with the obvious quickly.

Lelouch seeing his Zero persona which he constructed to aid Nunally, ultimately sees it rejected first hand by Nunally herself and he ends up questioning everything he’s done till now.  Ultimately he realizes through a talk with Karen and Rolo that he’s been overfocusing on Nunally’s sake while ignoring his allies desires and their need for his help, as well as what they have to offer.  In the end he seems to soften a little and comes back to reassume his role with the surprise decision to work together with Nunally in constructing the Special Administrative Zone.

At first it seems like he’s basically just reassumed his original goal, but that’s not actually the case.  As we’ve seen from last season, the goal of doing everything for Nunally’s sake ultimately led to disaster and resulted in the situation we are in now where Lelouch snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by focusing so much on Nunally that he abandoned his allies at the critical moment.  While this wasn’t the critical moment, Lelouch almost repeated the same mistake and could have abandoned the Black Knights to a watery grave had he tried injected himself with the refrain in order to live a false world where he could be happy with Nunally.  As I said, luckily Karen pulled him out of it, but his talk with Shirley, Rivalz and Millay was ultimately of more importance.  Lelouch ultimately realized that there is more then one cause he can be fighting for, and that by fighting for everybody’s sake he can try to construct that multi-paned window of glass that can be peered in from muliple angles representing each aspect of his life in motion and ultimately the happiness he is looking for.

Lelouch has been rewarded a rare second chance that can allow him to not repeat the same mistakes he did last time, and it seems like he is taking it with a different attitude as we reapproach a critical moment in time where it all went wrong just because he was so narrow minded in his focus.  This time he accepts the offer for an autonomous Zone, which comes from Nunally, and as not only is it the path of least resistance, and not only is the simplest path to Nunally, but it is also the closest way to that glass window to the happiness he desires that he feels lies before him.  This time though he seems poised to allow his allies to share the burden of the Mask that C.C describes as too heavy for one man to carry, and I think the preview shot of him taking off the mask is not merely him discarding that which has become the barrier between him and Nunally, but to express that the mask no longer belongs solely on his face, but in the hands of everyone who would seek him.

This is the start of a new beginning and a new Lelouch and while I doubt everything will go down perfectly with the introduction of the new autonomous zone, Lelouch is definitely on a better track then he’s been so far this season, and arguably ever.  Perhaps in time that imaginary vision of the old friends standing together on the roof top may yet become reality and that glass may come into a position to reflect the light of happiness back on everyone.  It sounds corny, but it’s damned good symbolism and an interesting new twist to the story that is more than just a cliffhanger and rather an important plot point.  Of course there’s still a damned cliffhanger getting in the way of seeing how it all pans out and we’ll have to say on a next week.  What a contrast this episode was though, starting on such a low note, yet ending on such a high one.

One last thing I’d like to point out is that Lelouch and Suzaku have been moving in opposite directions since the end of the first season in terms of personality.  As Suzaku has become more distant and self-concerned with his personal goal, Lelouch has become closer to his allies and over time and wishes to share the chance to work towards his hopeful goal with everyone.  Something to make note of as Suzaku was winning up until this point as Lelouch had hit rock bottom, but now the tables have turned as Lelouch soars to new heights in terms of strong character and more noble motivations.  The power of karma is at work in the Code Geass universe as are a lot of forces.

If there was one weakness to the episode though it’s that despite the excellent character development, the plot didn’t move forward that much this episode.  Though it looks what happened in this episode will result in the greatest leap forward in the storyline so far when the next episode rolls around.  Stay tuned.

Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten


9 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 07 (Lulu In The Sky With Diamonds)”

  1. 1 RmX May 20, 2008 at 6:59 am

    >> People All Gathering Around A Helpless Loli…..This Really Is Japan

    But they’re all Britannia-jin.

    >> Notice That She’s Reading The Script From Braille? Nice Touch

    >> But I’m Still Better Than You All

    She read it better than some others that use teleprompters. Pwnt by the disabled loli.

    >> Ally My Ass…

    I did a double take when I saw the word ass with a C.C. picture. Habits are hard to break.

    >> Somehow I Think This Is Going To End Up Being Very Important Later. Don’t Ask Me How Though, I Just Know It

    Probably now the most important extended metaphor to be watching for in the future.

    >> Suzaku Haters Should Be Happy To See Him Lose Out Again Here

    Indeed we are. But I also think that it’s just plain nice to see Lelouch pwning it up again with ridiculous strategies and tactics that only he could come up with.

    Overall t’was an alright ep in my books. Not the best, but necessary, and it was pulled off just fine. Although you’d never see that with all the people talking about their emo detectors and gaydar going off, coupled with the maddening debates on character shipping that continue to rage on.

  2. 2 jpzer0 May 20, 2008 at 11:52 am

    Wonderful review, I especially liked the second to last paragraph, great observation!

  3. 3 jpzer0 May 20, 2008 at 11:53 am

    BTW, a “when doves cry” reference in anime review? I’ve seen everything now 😀

  4. 4 ghostlightning May 20, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    love the review. every time i feel like giving up on code geass, or at least dismissing it as overhyped/overanalyzed drivel, it surprises me in wonderful ways.

    thank you for giving voice to the nagging and persistent thought that tells me that code geass belongs to the greatest series of all anime.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama May 20, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    @RmX: Some people get really uptight about “emo” and two men that get closer in proximity then 10 centimetres. I wonder who’s being ultra serious and not laid back now. Hehehe, yeah I still don’t get why people think that about me. The whole pairing phenomenon is most likely the eroge adaptation fan side of the fanbase getting their groove on and expecting, nigh, demanding a pairing between certain characters. The idea that there’s any purely platonic relationship in the series doesn’t occur to them.

    @jpzer0: I do what I can. Also thanks for noticing that I’m not ultra serious and actually do try to make jokes, I just like to look at the story as deeply as I can as well. Enjoying a series on two fronts has it’s benefits. I’m also geniunely surprised somebody got the opening reference.

    @ghostlightning: The story hasn’t been fully written on Geass yet, but it certainly is shaping up to be a good one in the end.

  6. 6 .tomi May 21, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    I enjoyed reading the review, keep it up. ^^
    The screencap comments are good. ;D

  7. 7 tanya August 26, 2008 at 4:33 am

    *trying not to sound like a total moron* what exactly is a “loli”?

  8. 8 anonymous August 26, 2008 at 4:45 am

    i have to say that, in my opinion, the seventh episode this season is the best one theyve come out with thus far. twenty is good too, though. i really got a kick out of that part where he goes out terrorizing the refrain dealers of area eleven. and then he made karen cry. you could tell she wants him bad, but she also wouldn’t take advantage of his vulnerabilty. i have to give her kudos. few people are so noble these days.

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama August 26, 2008 at 5:40 am

    @tanya: It’s slang for a younger female character coming from the novel Lolita in which a college professor falls in love with an underage girl with the same name. In Japan there’s been a massive boom in the popularity of younger girl characters. 14 or under seems to be the cutoff age for the classification. Code Geass has about 4 of them too, (Nunally, Tian Zi/Tenshi, Anya and Kaguya)which is probably one of the reasons it’s been accused of pandering. Then again series like Strike Witches have almost all loli characters that we’ve seen so far so I mean really…

    Basically, having a loli character in your anime can boost it’s popularity with otaku and the like significantly.

    @anon: 20 has been heavily criticized actually and while I agree it had some significant weaknesses (awkard scene order and some unanswered questions) it was also a strong if swift start to the finale. I think my favourite episode so far was either 6 or 18. Speaking of 18, isn’t it particularly brutal that Lelouch never even got to speak to Nunally face to face as her brother even once this season?

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