Kure-Nai ~ Episode 8 ~ Pray for good luck

My apologies for the lateness, there was some things I needed to take care of. Anyway, here we are with another episode of Kurenai. This week it seems that the main event is just around the corner with warnings of bad luck (literally) and Shinkurou’s wavering feeling towards the true identity of Murasaki.

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Murasaki chan!! *Waves flag*

The first half of this episode was fairly peaceful and in the classic Kurenai style that I’ve grown to love. The group visit the shrine for Shichi-Go-San for Murasaki to pray for good luck. Unfortunately, this was the first foreshadowing of a disaster to come as the lot that Murasaki picked indicated that she was going to get bad luck. Shinkurou tries to tell her otherwise so that she wouldn’t have her feelings hurt. He also buys her a good luck charm which I am sure will hold some kind of significance later on.

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Yamie showing Murasaki how it’s done

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Bad news

It was also rather amusing that even though that this event was specifically for Murasaki, Yamie and Tamaki just couldn’t help but wish for good luck as well, for personal reasons of course.

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Whaaa? A gun?

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She is too used to this job

One thing that I loved during the first part was the way Benika handles her business. I think that she is extraordinary to be able to hold a normal phone call whilst holding a gun towards someone’s head. It goes to show that she has much experience in this field of work (and does get a chuckle out of me seeing how she treats it as a normal thing).

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Good luck charm

Also, I just have to mention how cute Murasaki looked dressed up in that cute Yukata with cute ponytails. She does look like a princess, doesn’t she ^^ (omochikaeri!!).

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But the second half is where the seriousness begins again. Firstly, I was just angry at the new character who was introduced to be Renjou’s son. As far as first impression goes, it is clear as day who is the bad person here. Ryuuji shows no respect towards his father or rather, he absolutely hates him. Likewise can be said for Renjou. I can see that his son may play the part of the antagonist as this series draws to a close (possibly something along the lines of him wanting Murasaki to live a hellish life).

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More bad news

Another interesting piece of information brought to light by Ginko (the bearer of bad news), is that she just played a hand in messing with Shinkurou’s feelings. It appears that Benika didn’t tell Shinkurou the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth about Murasaki and now the repercussion is showing.

Everyone is beginning to move as Shinkurou is attacked by the Kuhouin finders and was pretty badly hit (though I am sure that he felt little to no pain at that level of damage). Rather, it was the surprise that he was attacked so suddenly which led to Yayoi lending a helping hand in the end.

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Sneak attack!

But the most significant scene for me was near the end where Shinkurou rushes up to see that Murasaki is safe and embraces her. They have both come a long way since they first met, and this one moment of intimacy and looking at how strongly Shinkurou embracing Murasaki shows that there is a bond there that he does not want to lose.

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*Sniff* I won’t cry ;_;

Same goes for Murasaki as her reaction to the news was really heartbreaking. She doesn’t want to go back, please don’t take her back!!! I am so weak towards the cry of a young maiden ;_;

Unfortunately, the truth is that Yayoi must take murasaki away from him seen as they (the Kuhouins) have now found out about Murasaki’s location. It just isn’t possible for Shinkurou to abandon his current life style either. This is certainly a dilemma that needs to be solved and I can see much angst coming from it.

But now that Shinkurou is confused as to Murasaki’s true identity, I also suspect that it will be another wall for him to look past that fact. He will need to time to realise even a “fake” Murasaki is Murasaki nonetheless (ironically her identity is true but Benika didn’t inform him of that due to complications). But once that wall has been climbed over, or smashed down; I hope…I mean KNOW that there will be some gigantically emotional scenes. One part of me is looking forward to it but the other part is sad to see this series going.

Preview: Scary woman is scary O.o

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Another evil looking person


3 Responses to “Kure-Nai ~ Episode 8 ~ Pray for good luck”

  1. 1 ka May 25, 2008 at 5:11 am

    Murasaki/Shinkuro cuteness overload *___*
    I honestly ship them, no matter what others say.
    Yunno can just go die.

  2. 2 deathkillz May 25, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    You are free to ship whoever you want but no killing off Yuuno 😉

    *Waves Yuuno flag*

  3. 3 FlareKnight May 26, 2008 at 5:45 am

    I have to correct the first sign of disaster was chipping the tooth on the bread :). Normally you wouldn’t call it that, but when its declared as a bad omen and things go like this….

    No need to pick on Yuuno that much. She is a pretty good person and I feel for her background. I’d treat the Murasaki/Shinkurou relationship as that of a family. They care about each other and don’t want to lose the bonds they’ve created. I say support whatever you want and that’s alright.

    Do wonder if Shinkurou’s view on that fortune will hold true. Things may not look good right now, but it will work out in the end. Its just sad how much fun they were all having (neighbors included) before all this bad stuff happened. Think they’ve all created stronger bonds thanks to Murasaki’s arrival.

    Looks like that woman in the preview is sent to counter Yayoi. They know who is guarding Murasaki (well Shinkurou probably isn’t on their radar) and have sent what they believe to be sufficient forces to recover her.

    Ginka needs better researching and Benika should have given some more information. Doubts really don’t have a place right now in Shinkurou’s mind with the dangers approaching. But it shouldn’t matter about her background, just keep her safe.

    Benika really is something though, very comfortable in her work.

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