Kure-Nai ~ Episode 9 ~ Goodbye kiss

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Wait, what’s this!? I’ll get to that part…

Either Lin Chenshin is insanely strong, or Shinkurou is unwilling to show his demonic powers. The funny thing is that I think that the answer is both considering that she was able to take out Yayoi without breaking a sweat and Shinkurou received an ass kicking…

But before all that I have to say that this is yet another powerfully emotional episode. I was close to tears, close but not quite there yet (though I should have been).

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Mother and son time

Well, thanks to Ginko, Shinkurou felt the need to question Benika about the true identity of Murasaki seen as she has no records in the family. The truth has been revealed and what a depressing truth it is. For Murasaki, being a woman of the Kuhouin family, she was a doomed existence to start off with. The family customs is to “breed” pure blooded Kuhouins by holding the females captive whilst the males are allowed to marry an outside woman to make everything seem legitimate when a child is born. Basically this is twisted and incestuous and I bet my money on Ryuuji, being the bastard son, to be the one to impregnate Murasaki when she is old enough (or not seen as he is a bastard).

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The sad truth that Murasaki is only used for breeding

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Please don’t cry…

But before they are taken away, Shinkurou pleads to Benika that he wants Murasaki to go back and say goodbye to Tamaki and Yamie. Surprisingly, Benika agreed to such a think knowing full well that the Kuhouins will be sending people to collect Murasaki. However, I have heard complaints that this act is stupid or ridiculous because Benika allowed such a thing or that even if she did; she didn’t have enough protection for Murasaki. Personally I think that in a moment of foolishness she wanted Murasaki at least the chance to say goodbye. I believe that she feels that Murasaki has suffered enough already, it will be a long road ahead of her so this is the least she can do. Also the fact that she really believes that Shinkurou will be able to protect Murasaki may be a calculated flaw, but she was pitting everything on hope.

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The last supper

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I bet you…

Actually, there was a scene where she tells Renjou that this is a match of disciples. Though I don’t believe that she is such an arrogant person to say such a thing, it was probably something to give herself hope that Shinkurou can do it.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to fulfil his wishes in protecting Murasaki.

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Shinkurou doesn’t want to show her his dark side

But before that we get yet another very touching scene. Murasaki is obviously sad that she is leaving but she remains strong and will not cry. She doesn’t want her mother to be depressed. After that she tells Shinkurou that she wants freedom whilst saying that the same can be for Shinkurou, though he disagree saying that he is weak. The mood becomes very touching as Shinkurou explains how he can never forget his past though Murasaki explains that the same applies for her but now they are together.

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And here it is again…

On the contrary to popular belief the following scene where Shinkurou says those famous words “I will protect you” and Murasaki kissing him hold no account of him being even remotely lolicon or this being paedophilia, so don’t you DARE even try it. *sigh*

This scene was really quite touching, with Murasaki’s innocence and Shinkurou’s protectiveness. It has a gentle touch which is hardly seen in a lot of anime and a rare kind at that.

But good time has to come to an end when Lin Chenshin comes with her army. Poor Yayoi gets her butt kicked through a door and up the stairs. Lin is truly brutal. Tamaki and Yamie too didn’t last facing the bodyguards.

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I won’t tear up ;_;

Ryuuji also comes after Lin beats down on Shinkurou like a tonne of bricks. Poor Murasaki was forced into a corner and made to agree to go home with Ryuuji. In fact she didn’t have much of a choice considering that Shinkurou would be in more danger if she disagreed. No Ryuuji is a Paedophile. Shinkurou was relying on his own strength too much but frankly, he was rather pathetic during the fight. So maybe he has to be the devil to win as much as doesn’t want to in front of Murasaki. “Come to the dark side…”

Here is the fight in slides.

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Preview: This is heartbreaking. Shinkurou is so obviously putting up a false happy mask on it is painful.

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Stop being in denial and go save Murasaki you fool!


5 Responses to “Kure-Nai ~ Episode 9 ~ Goodbye kiss”

  1. 1 FlareKnight May 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I think your probably right about Shinkurou not wanting to show off that side of himself. Like in episode 4, until Murasaki was down he wouldn’t use it. But against these kinds of opponents anything less wouldn’t be enough. That and if she can beat Yayoi like that Lin is extremely strong.

    Really want to beat down on that brother right now. Her only purpose is to have his children!? After you take down Lin Shinkurou (whenever this is) make sure to beat that jerk to a bloody pulp.

    Was a touching moment early on with two people who had lost loved ones. Even with those losses they can stand together and it will be alright. Though now they’ve been ripped apart.

    Forget the false happy face Shinkurou. Head out and get Murasaki back!

  2. 2 EvilDevil June 1, 2008 at 2:18 am

    what bugs me is that this practice has been going on a long time, which means her mom was also her aunt?… ugh, i think my head hurts…

  3. 3 ggultra2764 June 2, 2008 at 12:11 am

    I would think Shinkuro didn’t want to show off the bone blade because of his fear that seeing the blade would cripple the relationship he has with her upon seeing him in such a state.

  4. 4 deathkillz June 2, 2008 at 10:02 am

    FlareKnight ~ Well I actually think that it was a different case to episode 4. In episode 4 he kinda lost himself after seeing Murasaki being hit so I wouldn’t think that he was in a right state of mind to decide to use it or not. But here he had the choice but like what ggultra2764 said, he probably didnt want to use it because it will a) affect their relationship b) he wanted to rely on his own strength (which failed).

    EvilDevil ~ Yea…something like that…

  5. 5 ggultra2764 June 4, 2008 at 12:18 am

    @EvilDevil and deathkillz: You want complicated family trees? Check out Tenchi Muyo. You’d be utterly bewildered with how overly complex the family relations are with the characters of the series. XD

    But back to the task at hand, episode 10 seems like it will feature those close to Shinkuro knocking sense into the boy to get him to go rescue Murasaki with all he has, even if he has to resort to using the bone blade. If Shinkuro is afraid of Murasaki seeing it, then I’m sure he would have to use it in front of her at some point to save her. To truly accept someone is to accept even the most horrid parts. Shinkuro has regrets over using the blade. Murasaki would have to recognize this aspect of Shinkuro to truly accept him.

    But there is one thing that I’m curious about with the bone blade: is it a technique he learned from the Hozukis or did Shinkuro undergo some kind of surgical modifications in order to get it?

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