Bloody Backstabbers

Talk About Your Bland First Promotional Artworks

So it seems for all the praise I’ve given to Sunrise the last 6 or so months for some work well done, they’ve sought to stab me in the back by foregoing the chance at a new mecha series, and more importantly the chance at actually doing Gaogaigar Project Z, to give use ANOTHER BLOODY MAI HIME!

Really I don’t understand the popularity of this franchise at all.  It’s easily their most derivative and uninteresting key franchise as well as the one that gives them the bad reputation that has unfortunately transfered to the company as a whole for it’s really loose writing (thanks to having what I think is the worst of their teams working on it), wacky antics, tendencies toward action over anything really worthy of intelligent analysis, awkwardly placed fanservice and worst of all deus-ex machina.  It’s also the series that started that silly reputation that nobody ever dies in a Sunrise series…..AND IT’S BACK TO HAUNT ME AGAIN BECAUSE IN THIS FRANCHISES CASE IT ACTUALLY SEEMS TRUE!  *Pants* If memory serves Mai Hime is rather like the second half of Code Geass R2 Episode 05, except all the bloody time.

Really, if they want to be bashed and ridiculed they are taking the road to allowing it, and I will not defend them in this decision if it backfires, because they are really looking for it.  Honestly, I am very displeased by this announcement and would have taken any new series from them with keen anticipation and curiosity.  Not this old horse though which is more tired and exhausted than Gundam will probably ever be.

Edit: Oh yeah, and from a discussion I had a week ago on animesuki, just to drive home my disappointment…..

Kaioshin Sama: Alright, another question. Which is next from the arguable King of mecha series in Sunrise after Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00?

– More Gaogaigar
– More Gundam
– Another Code Geass Season
– More Mai Hime/Otome, (Please No)
– An all new original mecha franchise
– Other (Go ahead and state your guess)

My hopes are still on another Gaogaigar.

Mai-HiME/Otome is magical girl with mecha influences, not mecha.

Kaioshin Sama:
@Tokkan: Yeah I know, I didn’t mean just what mecha series, but series in general. I included Mai Hime/Otome because that’s kind of like hitting the Bowser square in Mario Party, everyone arguably loses.

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14 Responses to “Bloody Backstabbers”

  1. 1 Ivy June 2, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    You should give Mai-Hime a fair chance, its writing and characterization takes a turn for the better during its second half with some very intense and poignant drama. Its characterization is quite well done as each character plays a role in the overall plot. Its not a masterpiece by any stretch (During its 2004 run it dethroned RahXephon as my favorite show) actually after recently re watching it I’ve realized that it has quite a lot of flaws, most of witch you can brush off (except that horrendous ending, which deserves a comment on its own) but as a whole Mai-Hime was an entertaining roller coaster filled with twists and turns. It was very professionally produced with great art and animation work, and music composed by Kajiura Yuki (which really accentuated those fantastic dramatic climaxes). Otome on the other hand is barely mediocre with a few moments showing shades from Hime but never fully evolving into an engaging show in the veins of Hime.

  2. 2 LloydB June 3, 2008 at 6:22 am

    Sunrise wants to make money (duh). Mai-Hime sells well in both merchandise and whatnot. Sunrise would be idiots not to continue making new stories concerning Mai-Hime. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if they drag out Code Geass to absurd levels (not a surprise really; everyone would suck it up anyway).

    As for me, seeing we’re talking about Sunrise? Screw them all, give me more Votoms. No, stop dicking around with OVAs and give me a good TV series. If you didn’t keep spewing out mediocre Gundam TV series/movies, I would be less pissed Sunrise.

  3. 3 Aabo0 June 3, 2008 at 10:56 am

    A new Mai-Hime huh? I just have one question, What about Mai-Otome Sifr??? Shouldn’t they wrap that up? I actually found it interesting..

  4. 4 Ascaloth June 3, 2008 at 1:15 pm


    LOL sorry Kaioshin, couldn’t resist the gag. :p

  5. 5 ZeusIrae June 3, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    “wacky antics, tendencies toward action over anything really worthy of intelligent analysis, awkwardly placed fanservice and worst of all deus-ex machina. ”

    It’s the whole point, that’s why I like it.Because it’s ridiculous.It’s free mindless fun, of coure if you told me to pay for it, I would say “hell!no”.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama June 3, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    @LloydB: Well Pailsen Files is about the length of an average TV Series these days (13 episodes) so I think it should meet your standards….I think. As for Gundam (a franchise I theorize everyone likes on at least some level, whether they know it or not), 00 has been pretty good so far so and I anticipate MS Igloo 2. Hopefully Code Geass goes the length it needs to and then if they feel like it and can make it work, perhaps another series with a new cast. It’s a fantastic universe they’ve built so I don’t see any need to bury it in it’s prime.

    @Aabbo0: Yeah I’m sure Sifr (spelling?) would be wrapped up as planned.

    @Ascaloth: You really are losing your edge at flame baiting aren’t you? Well, hmmmmm, just think, Lucky Star OVA, 2 months away. That’ll give you your Kyoani stuff so you can find something to write about and alleviate your boredom. 😉

    @ZeusIrae: Fun is in the eye of the beholder. I think the Mai series has ventured too far into the realm of cheesy fan pandering and has nothing I find interesting….then again I generally have a hard time turning off my brain when watching anything. I mean I didn’t even like the first one and that’s the one people claim is good. I think it’s actually TOO Otaku oriented (Kind of the same problem I found with Lucky Star when I tried to watch it), whereas at least Gundam and Code Geass can offer something for everybody most of the time, at least in my opinion. Really my biggest misgiving towards it is that it gets in the way of them doing something I actually would enjoy, kind of like LloydB’s concern. Of all the next series announcements…….well I guess some people will be happy. Maybe if they do something new with it or take the franchise in a new direction it might be worth sampling.

  7. 7 Ascaloth June 4, 2008 at 2:08 am

    Me, losing my edge at flamebaiting? Hmmm, maybe. It’ll probably be a good thing, anyway.

    And in any case, I’m more waiting for news from Newtype. Hopefully it’ll have news on Haruhi Season 2…

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama June 4, 2008 at 3:44 am

    At this point any real news on Haruhi Season 2 would be welcome. Pavlovian type experiments on the fans aside of course. And I know Kadokawa is trying to withold information so that the first real screenshots etc of the second season will be devoured and anticipation thereby maximized. It’s the same deal with Gundam, Code Geass etc. only they didn’t drag out the time between information drops nor keep the size of them so small for nearly as long. It’s really time to cut to the chase. The fans aren’t going to get any more anxious and waiting any longer may backfire and interest might actually go down if it hasn’t already started too.

    Even take this Mai Hime thing for example. They announce it, don’t give people anything but a screenshot and probably wait 2-3 months (issues) and then start letting more info trickle out exponentially, small tidbits, to large front page exposes. Now the way the Haruhi thing has been handled…looking back

    I made this post almost a year ago minus a month, wherein the news trickled out almost a year after the original series itself. Now they’ve announced it again, and still no real information, cast/production team interviews, screenshots or anything tangible that shows progress. That’s what I call excessive suspense building, and for something I feel doesn’t even really warrant it. At least not to this extent.

    And yes it’s probably a good thing you’re losing your edge on that front, because in the past little while we’ve actually had what I’d call meaningful exchanges for the first time ever. It’s good for a change.

  9. 9 LloydB June 4, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Pailsen Files is great, but I’m looking for a full blown TV series that the other Sunrise franchises get. I guess I know how it feels to be those Haruhi fans; I’m still waiting for my TV series VOTOMS and animated adaptation of Crossbone Gundam.

    I’m sure Code Geass will have another ‘season’. It’s too popular and profitable for any sane company to not milk it for all it’s worth (this is just the truth whether you wish to believe it or not).

    Gundam 00 was alright. The battle music by Kenji Kawai was kickass, it had some of the coolest grunt mech designs, and the general atmosphere was great but it’s a pity we didn’t get the most compelling of characters; I found the vast majority of the characters pretty bland.

    As for Haruhi…I’m sure they know that their fanbase will still be around for the next few years considering they’re still freaking active with the whole genderbending thing keeping and all. I figure Kyoto Animation will have to milk more Lucky Star, actually finish off CLANNAD, and maybe go off and adapt Little Busters.

  10. 10 Myssa Rei June 4, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Kaio, I think you’re confusing Mai-HiME and Mai-OtoME… Mai-HiME was an amusing, and admittedly derivative, romp despite its turn towards the dramatic in its second half (which was pretty good, if not for the facepalm-inducing mass-resurrection at the end of the series).

    Mai-OtoME, now THAT was one cringe-worthy confused mess of an anime. Too much going on, too many characters, and way too many stereotypes competing for screentime in a relatively limited setting.

    While people might think otherwise, I *think* that the new series will be somehow connected to HiME-Destiny (whose characters like Mayo have already appeared in SiFr). Then again, Sunrise has a thing about proving me wrong (sometimes pleasantly, sometimes hooooorribly).

  11. 11 Myssa Rei June 4, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    LloydB: Oh God, please, before anything else throw the Full Metal Panic novel readers a bone. A Very Dancing Merry Christmas, Continuing On My Own, Burning One Man Force, and Tsudo Make My Day are MORE than enough material for a 24-ish FMP season. Sheesh, I guess general failure of sales in the NA region for Second Raid hurt, but c’mon, that was years ago…

    THEN we can talk about possibly sneaking in a Haruhi sequel. Nevermind Lucky Star or CLANNAD.

  12. 12 Camario June 4, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    LloydB:”I’m sure Code Geass will have another ’season’. It’s too popular and profitable for any sane company to not milk it for all it’s worth (this is just the truth whether you wish to believe it or not).”

    I’m not so sure about that. I could see a spin-off or two, for “milking purposes”, but I don’t really think an entire new season of the whole Lelouch saga is going to continue.

    Especially since, unlike what happens with most Gundam shows (outside of UC, I guess), Sunrise has to pay additional money to the director (Taniguchi) and main writer because they came up with the main concept and have the rights to it, supposedly making the show more expensive than Gundam 00 for that reason. In other words, there are certain limits.

    Then again, the “truth” is not determined by what YOU believe but by whatever actually happens, so there. If you happen to be correct, congratulate yourself. If not…then your words will be pretty empty. Time will tell.

  13. 13 Kurogane July 13, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Do not despair. Sunrise is also doing Tales of the Abyss. I know that game adaptations tend to be bad (mostly because it is hard to please both people who have and who haven’t played the game), but Tales of the Abyss is so good that it can’t be that easy to mess up. I think this new Mai Hime addition might be just a gimmick. Hopefully, they will use the profit on Tales of the Abyss!

  14. 14 Kaioshin Sama July 14, 2008 at 6:45 am

    I’m rather excited about Tales of The Abyss. Not only do I love the game, but the anime looks like it might actually be decent based on the promos. Phantasia and Symphonia were write offs as 4 episodes OVA’s that barely carried the narrative and felt like quickie cash-ins on the license and Eternia was good, but more of a sidestory then anything. Abyss has been alloted 26 episodes however and it looks like they put a lot of effort into the animation as well.

    Funny that a company that so many people seem dead set on believing is specially in it for the money (in reality every anime studio is in it for the money, but only some are willing to spend more money to make more of it….*Glares at Toei for being the antithesis of this philosophy more often than not* ) should commit so much more to this adaptation then anyone else has ever thought to. In fact Abyss looks to be the least cash-inish of them all. There’s money going into this one, I can see it.

    Tales of The Abyss is in good hands, though I’m sure there are those out there that will still go after Abyss anyway for all the things it is certain to do much better then it’s predecessors. If I hear one complaint about it being poorly written, jumpy or “made up as it goes” then I’m going to do a comparison post for sure to show people what could have happened. Yes Phantasia is just that poorly handled in my opinion.

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