Code Geass R2 Episode 08 (To The Fabled Land Of Yapan….Or Something Like That)

Is It True That There’s An Ocean In The East?

Is It True That The Ocean Is Vast?

Is It True That The Woods Foster Fish?

Is It True That The Ocean…..Is It True That The Ocean Is Filled?

Possibly with many born again Yapanese?  We’ll find out on this episode of Code Geass R2.

Special Delivery!

Yeah Your Screwed Villeta, Just Go With The Flow

Kaguya Tries To Use Her Submission Hold To Bring Lelouch To His Knees As Punishment….It Doesn’t Work. (By The Way, Who Does Lelouch’s Manly Casual Indifference To A Girl Clinging To Him Remind Me Of?  Black Jack?  Uso?  Certainly Not Guy Cecil From Tales Of The Abyss)

A Miserable Pile Of Secrets?????

Summary: The episode begins with Zero being delivered to the Order’s submarine and Suzaku (with Anya and Gino behind him who I don’t recall being present at the end of the last episode) still in disbelief at his sudden cooperation with the Special Administrative Zone (henceforth SAZ).  Meanwhile Viletta (with much embarassment and regret it looks like) is calling off the search for C.C and orders the remaining search party to let the BK’s submarine leave the area.  On the sub the atmosphere is even more serious as Toudou states to Ougi that if Zero’s decision to join the SAZ doesn’t benefit the Japanese…. (I’ll let the readers finish that sentence).  Just then Zero enters the room and Kaguya is overjoyed to see him and is all for the surprise decision he just pulled, but the rest of the group has more then a few questions as to his motives.  Zero’s reply is to ask if there’s an end or a meaning to their fighting and when questioned whether he fights for the independence of Japan, he asks Toudou what he feels it means to be Japanese.

It’s Going To Take More Than Pretty Words To Bring About This Miracle Of Millions….

Propaganda…A Time Honoured Tradition….Look How Happy Thos People On The Poster Are….Do You Want A Happy Meal With Extra Big Ass Fries Too….Or Perhaps Prescription Drugs?

Ummmmm I’m Confused…All I See Are Possible Tetris 2 Block Patterns

Nunally Needs To Lay Down the Law Herself.  I’m Hoping For Some Possible Voice Raising Or Wheel Chair Smashin Later On

Every Time I See Her Now All I Get Is Goofy Making His “Gawwwwwrsh!” Exclamation

Meanwhile in the civilian areas the people are worried about the prospects of another massacre princess, but at the same time want to trust Zero.  As of the next day the news stations are still reporting no active participants in the SAZ.  Nunally has been a governess to oversee her actions (just in case you thought she wasn’t a figurehead) and this governess name Rohmeyer is laying down the law in her office by requesting that she read from the script this time.  Nunally tries to protest a little that she’s a Governor General, but Rohmeyer again retorts that she is just the King’s representative in this region and not a Queen.  She says that the Britannian establishment will do what it can, but that Nunally seek consulation from the homeland from here on out.  Suzaku meanwhile has been recalled from school to oversee the ceremony.  Shirley asks if there’s anything that can be done about Karen and Lelouch (as in ask for amnesty as Rivalz puts it)  goes into a speech about how friends and family should be more important then world peace at a time like this.  In fact why not let Lelouch call her up like last time as Lelouch asks and try to negotiate….but wait, wasn’t that a mistake.  Everybody shares a laugh, but for Suzaku who just smiles.  (Nice to see Lelouch screwing with Suzaku a little here)

Ohhhhhh…..He Looks Terroristy

The Live Geass, Gift Or Curse?

Like The Subtle Sweatdrop…..Kind Of Makes It Seem Like He’s Finally Being Challenged A Little…..Also Brings Back Memories Of The Original Gundam Series

Among Other Things This Look At The Chinese Federation Seems To Hint At It Being The Location From The Opening Where Lelouch Is Riding On His Horse And The Harbour Looks Like It’s Being Invaded.  Oh Yeah And Diethard’s There…..

The “Brothers” Make Their Final Vows…..I Wonder If We Can At Least Consider Them Sworn Brothers At This Point Then

Suzaku wonders to himself if this is Lelouch toying with him or whether it’s just a coincidence and as he’s distracted outside a military base he comes under attack from a knife weilding assassin ready to kill the traitor.  Apparently he was realy close to death as his “Live” geass activates and he subdues the assassin with superhuman reaction speed.  As the sweat drips from his face Suzaku ponders some more about him and Lelouch and how he desired the punishment of death, but Lelouch cast that live Geass on him to make suicide even by proxy impossible.  In the Chinese Federation Diethard has sent Sayoko over to Japan and Lelouch praises him over the phone for what he has done, saying he has no peer in what he does. (Flattery apparently works very well on Diethard)  After he get’s off the phone he reaffirms to Rolo that they will protect the Academy and the life Rolo has now with Lelouch and the students, but Lelouch says that he will not accept the false rule of Britannia.  in other words Rolo will be branded a traitor regardless.  At this time Viletta enters (very submissively now) and asks what Lelouch wants.  Lelouch apparently wants to offer her the chance to meet Ougi.

Next Episode We Meet Schneizel’s Other Manservants Klan Adder, Aero, Prana T. Ian, And Buster Littleton

…..Subtle…..God She’s Dressed In Pseudo Bondage…..

Well She’s True To Her Office That’s For Sure

At the Dallas Laboratory in Britannia Nina (yes that one) is doing some research when Prince Schneizel and his assistant return saying they have made peace with France.  Nina wonders why they didn’t just conquer France with the power they had, but Schneizel says that winning to much will mean defeat eventually awaits them, but keeping hope alive by not “winning” has it’s benefits.  Meanwhile back in Japan such “Not Winning” is going as good as it can the night before the ceremony and Suzaku appears before Anya in his Japanese Gi.  when she asks him if it brings back memories of Japan he says he doesn’t know.  (This scene also confirms for me that what I thought was a glitch in the Audio in an earlier episode is just a tense jump in the BGM)   The two are eventually approached by a knight who asks Suzaku to sign the death order for the man who tried to assassinate him.  Apparently among other privilidges the Knight of Rounds have is the power to instantly condemn any person in custody to death.  He can’t decide….

You Know If Dallas Actually Looked Like That Then I’d Visit

Man This Gives Me Some Turn A Gundam Flashbacks…..Only In A Sunrise Series Or Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Will You Find A Victorian Era Wagon Alongside Futuristic Technology

You Know, I’m Actually Hoping That Nina Will Receive Some Redemption By The End Of The Series.  Somehow I Think She Can Be Saved And There’s Not That Hints At Inherent Evilness In Her Being So Much As Susceptability To Propaganda And The Tendencies Of A Royal Watcher To Believe Anything They Say

Because You Aren’t As Smart As You Thought You Were

Anya Was Cold As Ice, Too Willing To Sacrifice A Soul

For You?………..Maybe (Yeah Deathasaurus Is Kind Of Expecting That Response, Wouldn’t Want To Let Him Down)

Might As Well Add Lying To That List Of Sins

Meanwhile back in Dallas (which looks more like Victorian New England) en route somewhere in Schneizel’s private carriage, Nina relates the story of how she tried to take revenge for Euphy by blowing herself and Zero up with the Atom Bomb (see R1), but it failed to go off. (Thus so much for her being an Einstein) Cecile and Lloyd managed to talk her out of it during and afterward and that was that.  Schneizel says that he understands her actions and how Euphemia died in an unfortunate manner, but that he would like Nina to keep believing in Euphemia like he and the others who were there did, despite the mark her name left on history.  Back in Japan (man these day light transitions are funky when your dealing with different conversations half way around the world) Suzaku continues to hesitate until Anya gives her signature instead.  She asks Suzaku if he’s a masochist and took the Area 11 assignment as a way to be judged (being the traitor and the one who turned Zero the Hero in).  Suzaku claims he isn’t worried about such things anymore after the one person he felt understood him was taken away and that he was a sinner from the very beginning and will be till the very end.  Just then Gino comes to fetch the two for Zero’s conference call.

Anya=Disinterested, Gino=Cocky, Lloyd=Bored, Suzaku=Impatient, Cecile=Dumbfounded, Rohmeyer= Cranky

She’s Got A Point….Cecile, You’re Retort?

*Claps Slowly*

Exodus Movement Of Jah people!

Present are all the Knights of Rounds in Japan, Lloyd, Rohmeyer and Cecile and Rohmeyer isn’t having Cecile’s choice of dress.  Suddenly Zero is connected to the TV and he asks why the governor is not present.  Lloyd wants to know if he’s the same Zero as the last person, but Zero says that the concept of Zero should not be measured by his person but rather his actions.  He says he’s organized 1 million people to participate, but requests exile and thus exemption from prosecution for his crimes.  The group is surprised that he would betray his own organization to them and wonder at whether they can even agree to such a thing, but Rohmeyer says it’s possible via a special order by the Governor General.  Gino says that this could put an end to rebellion if the leader is believed to have abandoned the cause and all agree (though Anya finds it an anti-climax) except Suzaku who wonders if they can let such a “criminal” run free.

Ahem….*Coughs* Yes It’s Kind Of Humiliating When A Blind Girls Handwriting Is Actually Better Than My Own

The Um…Massacre Or The Merciful Stuff?  By The Way That’s A Really Nice Looking Scene If You Ask Me


Okay This Guy Just Lost Some Points With Me.  Man Gino, I Thought You Were Different



Would You Trust This Face?

So If They’re Really High Up And Not Drawn In Massive Detail, Does That Mean It’s Cheapy Animation Or Just Drawn To Scale And What One Might Make Out From That Point Of View?  See Episode 08 Of Another Series I Put A Lot Of Time Into Looking At For What I Mean


After the break Nunally and Suzaku are holding a brief honorary ceremony for Euphemia’s first attempt to start an SAZ where they have placed several candles in a pool (the ancient tradition is to send the lit candles out to sea) when Suzaku notices a candle that neither of them placed.  Nunally is very happy about this and as the POV cuts away to Lelouch (I think you can guess who it was that placed the candle by now) he tells Rolo he’s ready and has no more attachments to this place.  The next day at the ceremony, sure enough Zero has delivered a million people and the Britannian establisment is debating what to do about such an unexpectedly large number.  Gino is itching for some sort of action that will give him reason to “purge”, but knows enough that he can’t be the one to fire first.  Even Li is there with one of his people to look out for the Federations interest in all of this, but he seems to be ill somehow as he coughs up a bit of blood.  Nunally begins her speech and Guilford (who isn’t looking so well either) has his men get ready for anything.  Rohmeyer announces the pardons for all criminals below Class C (Don’t ask me what that means) but that Zero’s various crimes will result in his exile.  As the Ashford crew starts to wonder about whether Zero is running away, he makes his appearance on the video screen. 

Man This Pose Is So Ridiculous And He Doesn’t Even Realize He’s Talking Himself Into A Trap….Not Suzy’s Best Moments

Nerve Gas?  No It’s…..

No Shit Eh?

The Ashford Crew Understands I See

Viletta Special Mask Inspector!

He cuts Suzaku off in his requests to personally escort him and asks Suzaku what Japanese are exactly.  Land, Language, A Bond of Blood?  Suzaku says it’s heart (typical Suzaku response) and Zero agrees, stating that therefore no matter where a Japanese person lives, if they still possess the beliefs and standards of their culture, they will still be Japanese.  As if this were a code phrase, Karen and the BK set off some smoke bombs which cover the area in smoke, which Guilford takes as a sign of revolt as he orders his men to fire.  Suzaku orders them to wait, saying they haven’t done anything yet.  As the Britannian’s wait for Zero to present himself for his punishment, he does….or rather a whole lot of them.  Suddenly the Zero on the screen calls for the Zero’s present to accept their exile, that no matter where they are they will still be Japanese.  How will they do that, why on a glacier ship (Project Habakkuk Much?) of course that Laksharta (as Zero) says will be perfectly safe for them to travel on.  Millay while watching comments on how Zero has reduced himself to just a symbol and as Viletta makes to have some take off their masks, one of them moves to shoot her.  Averting disaster Ougi steps in and protects her with an order to stay any violence.  When Viletta asks if he’s Ougi though he answers that he is Zero.

Remember When People Used To Think Anya Might Be Nunally…Or When Rolo Was Nunally….*Runs Off To Laugh*

True, Very True


And Now He’s Thinking Like Lelouch Too :/

Underground Nunally wants to know what is happening and Anya says that she’s been brought to safety and that Suzaku and Rohmeyer are taking care of things.  A difference of opinion between the two emerges as Rohmeyer wants to start firing at the exodus of able bodied workers.  Suzaku shouts to the Zero on the screen to order everyone to remove their masks lest they be slaughtered and Ougi ponders at this ridiculousness since nobody really knows what the real Zero looks like (besides Viletta and him).  Lelouch and Suzaku have a brief psyche out where Suzaku seems to realize that Lelouch has granted him a way to forgive Lelouch while allowing for no bloodshed and the need to stain Nunally’s hands.  As Suzaku realizes Nunally’s and Euphemia’s desire to forgive Zero after a little persuasion he steps in to stop Rohmeyer from firing at the Zero’s at the last second.  They argue over the situation a little and Suzaku states that they have to honor their promise lest they lose the trust of the people.  Rohmeyer wonders why they should care so much about Eleven’s and if he’s just being sentimental because he’s a number, but Suzaku asks her what the point of it all is if they have nothing but dissidents in the region by the end of it all.  As a last goodbye for now, Lelouch and Suzaku ask each other to take care of the Japanese (under Lelouch) and Elevens (under Suzaku) as a duty and the Zero’s begin to board the ice ships as Lelouch at last removes his mask.

At Last He No Longer Has To Carry The Mask Alone And Can Remove It As He Pleases

The March Of The Zeros?

And Lelouch And Nunally/Suzaku’s Touch To Symbolize How The Two Came Together To Bring About The Miracle Of Millions And Euphemia’s Legacy.  Perhaps A Dark Chapter In Their Relationship Has Closed? Perhaps Not?

As Lloyd marvels at how nobody will credit Suzaku for saving these one million Japanese, Suzaku states that his archrival knows him well, and as the Zeros sail off into the distance Lelouch thanks Suzaku for understanding Nunally and Euphemia’s will and says he will hold him to his promise.

Thoughts:  Phew, so much happened in this episode that I think last episode was the event that Taniguchi stated needed to happen before the story could begin in earnest.  And what a kickstart it was.  Let’s just start with the character stuff.  First we meet Rohmeyer, who is Nunally’s Governess and she seems like the type who wishes (and possibly thinks) that she was/is in power.  I think she underestimates Nunally’s resolve as she does Suzaku’s commitment to at least uphole his promise to Lelouch to protect her (though she doesn’t really know about the latter).  She certainly has the casual brutality that seems typical of Britannian Governor General’s who weren’t part of the royal family and right now I think she poses the greatest threat to Nunally of anyone.  She showed this episode with her readiness to shoot the Zeros that she is perfectly willing to take matters into her own hands and should Nunally eventually try to break from Rohmeyer’s plans I worry that she may try to hurt or even off her.  Suzaku better remain vigilant and cut the idealism if he wants to be able to protect her like he promised.  Though I think he’s on the path to opening his eyes by the end of this episode.

Yes Suzaku seems to realize at least a little that he’s worked himself into a petty revenge quest against Zero over Euphemia’s death, without realizing what Nunally seemed to be trying to tell him, that Euphemia always wanted to forgive Zero.  Through his talks with Nunally and witnessing the actions of his peers a little I think he realized that he was about to allow the same thing that happened last time to happen again, only this time rather than an accident, it would have been deliberate, and Nunally’s hands would have been stained with blood.  Thankfully Suzaku seems to have come to his senses for at least the time being and was but one of the contributors to the miracle of millions.  Nunally and by proxy Euphemia were among the others for even organizing all of this.  Really she took the first step and the Lelouch helped her carry it out as he swore he would.  More on that a little later as I get to one more thing about Suzaku, and that is his conversation with Anya.  Anya asks Suzaku if he’s come to Japan to be judged by his own people for his actions and he claims he hasn’t and has put his worries about having people understand him behind him, but that seems like a lie.  He really seemed to not want to do anything to stop the person trying to assassinate him and wouldn’t even sign the mans death warrant, almost as if he thinks the person was within his rights.  He’s trying to take the easy way out and give up, but almost as if by luck Lelouch’s geass is preventing him from doing just that. (who is trying to help him now that he’s helped himself) Suzaku is going to have to own up to his consequences and try to make amends somehow and let a fair judgment be passed on him through whatever actions he carries out from this point on.  He’s in this till the end whether he likes it or not, and perhaps that in and off itself is the greatest punishment of all.

Nina is also reintroduced this episode and we see that she indeed almost try to set off her bomb.  Unlike some people who are calling for her dismemberment, I’m hoping she can maybe find some sort of redemption.  Since a running theme for this season seems to allowing people second chances at their lives goals (Rolo being the first to have such a chance granted in his new life at the academy), I see no reason why she shouldn’t have that chance.  She doesn’t seem to have an inherently vicious and evil nature and rather seems to be so socially inept by virtue of her choice to study constantly that she’ll believe anything that the Britannian propaganda puts out.  Either that or their is some legitimate reason in her past that would cause her to have such hatred for Elevens.  Really, since Suzaku seems to have forgiven Zero at least for now and realized that Euphemia desire that forgiveness, I see no reason why Nina and Zero/Lelouch might not be able to eventually come to an understanding and that Nina can be saved from her path of self destruction just like Rolo, Lelouch and possibly now Suzaku.

She’s also hanging out with Schneizel who makes an interesting point about the importance of “not winning” and how it factored into him making peace with France in the EU.  He states that by winning they crush the ideal of hope, which might keep people pacified and bring about an easier peace rather than inspire hatred and dissent among the populace towards the victors.  Coincidentally the same scenario is playing out in Japan as he says that (if the camera transition didn’t give it away) and Lelouch in his new found desire to work together with the Elevens rather than just for himself and Nunally, manages to sore to the absolute peak of his influence to date and outwit and humilate the Britannian army without firing a single shot.  He also manages to earn the right to remove his mask and bring about the reality that it is no longer an identity for him to carry alone, but a symbol anyone can carry by invoking it.  He also manages to prove a philosophical point in that the people who are leaving can now reassume their title of Japanese (after all the title Eleven only refers to Japanese living in the territory) because they carry that which makes one Japanese in their hearts.  Where they will go who knows, but I know that the philosophical and political, idealogical points that are proven in this episode (such as the idea that Area 11 is now secure now that all of the dissidents have left it and the submissives remain) coming to pass so effectively far outweight whatever qualms I might have with the realism of a million people suddenly donning Zero suits and heading on an Exodus.  Sometimes a director has to make certain concessions when attempting to convey his vision to the best of his ability, and considering how well I felt it was carried out, I will vouch that Taniguchi made the right choice.  The 1 million people agreeing to carry the Zero symbol is a powerful scene indeed.

Where they will go next week I do not know, but I know two things.  One is kind of unfortunate in that this scene proves that a substantial number of people were always there and ready to openly support the rebellion.  Perhaps if Lelouch had played his cards better the first season and made certain concessions, or just trusted people a little more then a lot of the tragedy (such as Euphemia’s death) could have been averted.  The other thing I know is that the spirit of Euphemia is at work in Nunally and guiding people towards a little bit of happiness.  Perhaps she keys into that whole Prism of Glass thing who knows?  Actually I lied, I know one more thing.  That when Lelouch and Suzaku come together they can make miracles happen, and those two candles with Euphemia’s name on them joining as if to combine the three wills made a miracle happen today, just as the title said their would be.  What a powerful scene and boy am I glad that this isn’t going to be one of those series that needs to have a mecha battle every episode like I thought it would.  Not a single shot was fired despite all the attempts at one and it was beautiful, but for a few animations inconsistencies.

As many know there was a special that aired this Sunday that featured a Japanese Comedian, Japanese Idol Jun Natsukawa as well as some new cast members or something.  It strikes me as an attempt to try and draw some mainstream attention to the timeslot, but I’m not blogging it.  The reasons are simple in that to me Japanese Comedian either means loud obnoxious guy shouting in a goofy tone and bouncing off walls, or man who thrusts pelvis in other peoples faces while making silly noises.  Yeah not my cup of tea.  Likewise I have no interest in seeing Jun Natuskawa smile awkwardly while a bunch of flashbulbs go off around her as per the norm of such events.  And lastly I’ll get to hear these new VA’s when I see their characters.  Sorry, I’m sure Japan will tune into watch it and love it and it might even fix the ratings issue, but I hold no interest.  Let’s just leave it at this….

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


5 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 08 (To The Fabled Land Of Yapan….Or Something Like That)”

  1. 1 Amuro1X June 2, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Heh, I enjoyed the King Gainer reference at the beginning. I didn’t really like this episode at all, but eh, different strokes right?

  2. 2 Haesslich June 3, 2008 at 12:03 am

    You missed one screenshot: the iceberg itself. And the accompanying caption:


    Second: I do like the attention to detail here, such as giving Nunally her speech in Braille and also putting even the dog in a mask, even if the gesture is superficially silly. As pointed out by Millay, who is indeed a smart cookie, Zero was always something of a symbol as well as a terrorist… and now that symbol will spread out into the wider world, where I expect most of them will be killed by Britannians.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama June 3, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Somebody else will take care of the Nice Boat thing I’m sure. There’s no shortage of bloggers ready to bust a meme when the opportunity presents itself. I’m not one of them.

    The way I think he’s handling things is to leave things in Nunally and Suzaku’s hands and allow Japan to become a secure zone (for as long as that might last) while he gradually tries to make his way to the Momeland and cut the head off the serpent in the form of Charles…..but then he’ll find out about V.V being the shadow emperor more or less. I wonder though if the news in Japan is going to even cover his exploits in the outside world for the Ashford crew to see or if that will be Diethard’s job. Speaking of which there’s still the matter of their memories. There’s a lot to cover now.

  4. 4 脇汗黄ばみ November 6, 2016 at 10:06 am


  5. 5 手汗 January 19, 2017 at 9:11 am


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