Kure-Nai ~ Episode 10 ~ Unerasable Memories

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Isn’t this just terrible?

Just one word before I start this entry; damn!

Well as far as a predictable plot can be, this episode sure takes the cake (in a good way mind you). I’m sure that ‘most’ of you can see where this episode was heading from the preview but to have watched it believing that it won’t be anything special besides the usual “hero becomes depressed and tries to find his way” plot, this sure was a big surprise for me. By all means that it is still the cliché storyline but the content was absolutely delightful.

Being famous for its storytelling I am once again delighted to say that this episode has been great to watch. The complex development being slow yet not too slow as to make me wonder what I am going to have for dinner tonight was just amazing. Can I say that I can’t love this series anymore? 😀
Okay seriously now this episode had quite a few significant scenes. I’ll start off with Shinkurou’s end first. Life for him tries to return to normal after the kidnapping and we can see how much Shinkurou is trying to avoid thinking too much. The funny thing is that most old things never change as Yamie manages to con him out of his money yet again.

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“Take this and buy the finest meats”

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“That Bi*ch”

Whilst Shinkurou was shopping though, he unconsciously begun to think about moments he has shared with Murasaki which actually happens quite frequently throughout the episode. Surprisingly, Yayoi also approaches Shinkurou and after a quick sparring scene (just to show that they are good fighters but can’t do anything at all towards Lin in the previous episode) they sit down and chat.

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Nostalgic moment 1

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Nostalgic moment 2

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See? Now why didn’t they do that to Lin O.o

Yayoi talks to Shinkurou about how even she has experienced failures in the past and through quite a dramatic flashback where she failed to protect a person (the guy was shot in the head). Shinkurou asks what Benika did and Yayoi tells him that she was told to forget this case and to just move onto the next one.

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Yes, the guy got headshotted

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And as if she didn’t think about having him stand next to her…

I think the message here is clear to Shinkurou that there is no use to dwell on a failure and it is better to just move on, forgetting the past. Put we see that Shinkurou is reluctant to even move on from this failure, let alone forgetting moments he has shared with Murasaki. So with this I believe that it is safe to assume that Shinkurou is still concerned about Murasaki but dams his own inability to protect her back then (and I am just screaming for him to stop thinking and just charge in, gun blazing into the Kuhouin family).

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The usual Ginko

Later Shinkurou meets Ginko at school who also notices something weird about Shinkurou when he told her that he was looking for a new job. I guess that the perceptive talent of Ginko sees right through Shinkurou but she really does stick it into him in a harsh was (praise the tsundere). Yuuno gets a more insignificant role as Shinkurou insists to her that he is fine.

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Stop cleaning damn you!

Back at home we see more of how Shinkurou can’t live without company, Murasaki more specifically, now that he has formed that bond. His friends ditch him and he begins to clean finding nothing else better to do (dammit boy! Go save Murasaki!).

Benika pays Shinkurou a visit and tells him to prepare for the next job. Shinkurou remains hesitant but he does not object, like a good boy, though it is clear that a lot of things are on his mind.

Over the dinner table an argument breaks out and wow, the amount of emotion these seiyuu put into their lines is quite “wow”. It feels really genuine that a fight was about to kick off though understandable. Shinkurou telling the girls that he will be moving off to do the next job didn’t go down well with Tamaki as she criticises him for running away. And like a textbook scenatio, Shinkurou denies of all charges.

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Tamaki losing her appetite after that little argument

After that little episode we get another moment of Shinkurou to himself thinking about the good o’ days. It was heart clenching to see him reflect on what he must do. He wants to treat this as a failed job because he is a professional but it is clear that he does have feelings that can’t just be erased.

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More emoness…

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“You lolicon!”

Calling up Benika to come he tells her that he wants to continue with the job. Benika obviously opposes and another argument kicks off. Here’s an interesting fact, during the argument Benika called Shinkurou a “lolicon that wants to die” (or something like that). But in the end the sheer persistence and stubbornness of Shinkurou wins the argument.

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Stare off!

You know, the only thing disappointing about this episode was the lack of facial emotions shown from Shinkurou during the argument. I blame it on the budget.

Though Benika gives up and decides to help him, I do suspect that this is the outcome that she wanted to see in the end.

So after this war we move onto the next. Yamie and Tamaki both give him items as a sort of “good luck” charm from what I can see and we get a nice bonding scene.

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Hey! it’s tickle Shinkurou day!

Character growth wins? Of course it does.

But on Murasaki’s end it is less of a happy story. Back at the beginning of the episode the bastard brother laughed at Murasaki’s insolence for walking even a few steps into the house. Apparently, she is unworthy to see the high and mighty father (screw Ryuuji seriously, if nobody does it I will with my fist).

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;_; x 2

Kazuko also yells at Murasaki who was cleaning up a spillage she made herself. This was because she remembers the lesson Shinkurou has taught her that she should clean up her own messes and we get a sad scene with her remembering back to that time. Things may not look too good but I can definitely say that when it comes to it, Murasaki will be voicing her own opinions.

I am expecting a tear jerking reunion.

Preview: Full out siege of the Kuhouins and the bastard loli-paedophile T_T

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Shinkurou meat wall

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