Code Geass R2 (A Promised Land Of The Japanese To Be Sure)

Changes Abound….Including The Title Card Bridge Theme Itself

I find this episode’s plot logically defective but the character interactions melodramatically delightful, so on the whole the episode is sufficiently entertaining. Hey, it’s like I just described 90% of Sunrise’s works. -Darkmirage

Actually it’s more like you just described 90% of anime there Darky.  Nay nay, the book hasn’t been written on this episodes events yet until the arc is over. 😉

But seriously, this episode has got to be like every Japanese otakus wet dream…..perhaps literally.  Odysseus is without a doubt the envy of every lolicon otaku out there right now, and his story is just one of the many character plotlines that are featured in this episode as people run into past acquaintances and what should be a “joyous” occassion/reunion ends in a state of turmoil and broken vows for almost everyone involved.  Then again things rarely go as planned in Code Geass.  Let’s have a look.

First off let me say, that I am starting to wonder at why the anime blogger community always tends to dump the responsibility of being the one to read between the lines of the dialogue, connect the plotlines and character interactions and just generally explain all of the theoretical and symbolic stuff that happens in Code Geass week after week while they go off and simultaneously engage in the usual blogging cliches of “Facepalm.jpg’ing”, “I loled at’s” and “I have a hard time taking this seriously and watch it for the lulz’s”.  Oh no guys, don’t you know…go worrying your heads about having to think about this stuff and just shirk the responsbility by pretending there’s nothing to think about in the first place when you…you know don’t get it and stuff, I’ve got you covered as always.  *Is somewhat bitter*

In realizing that picking up the slack has basically become my job as a blogger of independent and often alternative analysis, I’ve decided that on this first birthday of Anime History I will be taking a new approach to episodic blogging by forgoing the usual full episode summaries of series I cover and instead trying to go over the things I think the majority have missed while lol’ing themselves silly.  Let this be the birth of a new blogging style for me and I hope it works out:

Code Geass R2 Episode 09 In A Snapshot Or 40:

My God, Even Without The Subtitles There’s Far Too Much Text On The Screen.  Anyway, The Basic Overview Of The Chinese Federation Is As We Already Pretty Much Know It.  The Sovereign Empress While Officially The Power Behind The Government Of The Federation Is Actually A Figurehead Of The Eunuch’s Who Are A Greedy, Self-Indulgent Bunch Of Former Gentleman In Her Court.

And Of Course The Populace As A Result Is Rather Impoverished, Powerless And Rendered In A State Of Hopelessness

Now Something New Has Happened That Heralds Change In The Chinese Federation With The Arrival Of The 1 Million Strong Japanese Who Are Seeking A New Land To Call Their Own.

The Man Made Island Penglai Is That Place.


New Mechs Abound….That One Has Todou Written All Over It….Actually It Is And It’s Name is Zangetsu

And Our First Glimpse At Zero’s New Personal KF The Shinkiro Or Mirage.  Odds Are Darkmirage Tries To Use This KF’s Convenient Colour Scheme And Name To Try And Make Himself Look Cooler By Association.  Yami No Shinkiro?  I Think Not….

I Know You’re Getting A Little More Comfortable Around Lelouch/Zero Now Karen, But Your Attempts To Become Less Formal Seem To Have Go A Little Overboard :/

Karen Really Was Worried About Lelouch Back Then.  She Seems To Have Him on The Brain So Much That It’s Making Her A Little Ditzy These Days….I Mean If That’s Not An Air Headed Expression What Is?

You Know In Most Anime You’d Have A Situation Where She’d Be Slapping Him Upside The Head.  Now When Your Dealing With The Averag Sunrise Series Where The Men Are Rarely A Total Waste Of Neurotic Life And The Women Rarely Defined Solely By Impulsive One Track Mindedness You Get This Situation Where They Just Try To Casually Brush It Of Like It Never Happened And Indulge In The Moment.  You Know….Like Normal Level Headed People.

You Ever Wonder What She’d Do If She Didn’t Get Her Way With The Pizza?

Gotta Love The Ultra Melodramaticness Of These Scenes.  Yes Tenshi Is Indeed Set To Be Married.  The Lolicons Are Going Ballastic.  Also The Black Knights Battleship Is Called Ikaruga And One Better Hope It’s Set To Absorb The White Bullets Right Now As Britannia Is On The Scene

First Heir To The Throne And Nobody Cares…Kind Of Like Charlie Windsor There

Hmmm I Wonder If The Mention Of This Plan Might Become Important In The Near Future.  I Better Keep That In Mind. *Flashes Peace Sign*

Man He Really Is Dim And Dull Looking Isn’t He?

I Was Kind Of Expecting The Bridge Bunnies To Be Ditzy Fanservice Characters, But Instead They Just Come Across As Concerned And Dutiful, Just Like The Macross Breed

Yes Indeed, The Eunuch’s Plan To Offer Up The Black Knights To Britannia As A Dowry….Who Could Have Organized Such A Dastardly Agreement?

DUH DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  The Fact That The Soundtrack Actually Does Indeed Do The Classic Dramatic Exposition Tone Is What Sells This Scene I Think

A Crying Loli….It’s As If Thousand Nay A Million Daggers Have Been Thrust Right Through My Heart And Pulled In All Directions….And All Oddyseus Can Do Is Grin And Laugh Stupidly (Though The Ballroom Music Adds Some Pomp And Circumstance To The Event)

All The Bigshots, Including Even The Representatives From Japan, Have Shown Up For This Event Ready To Party, But None Have Clued In On The Bigger Picture Here…..Kind Of Reminds Me Of Anime Blogger And Code Geass In General….Hey Suzaku, Do I Need To Go There To Explain The Situation To You Too?!

Once Again The Curious Observer Will Note Lloyd’s Facial Expression And The Angle Of His View

Millay Is Here Too Along With Lloyd And According To Lloyd Their Engagement Is Still On.  You’ve Also Gotta Love How Millay Can Play The Classy Proper Lady When In Public.  She’s A Lot Smarter Then A Lot Of Viewers Give Her Credit For

Kanon’s Only Been Around For 2 Episodes Now And Already His Gentlemanliness Has Made Him A Favourite Of Mine.  He’s Also Apparently An Earl Like Lloyd

But He Can’t Compare To The Suavest Character In The Show.  I Love How As They Announce Schneizel’s Arrival “All Hail Britannia” Starts To Play.  Also Have To Love How He’s Such A Gentleman As To Assist Nina In Getting Up The Stairs In This Dress of Hers.  I’m Just A Total Sucker For This Classy Bourgeoisie Ball Type Stuff….Sometimes I Wish Western Society Could Be A Little More Like This

Of Course The Britannian Elite Give Her A Rather Hard Time For Just Being A Mere Commoner In His Excellencie’s Service.  She Sure doesn’t Seem Happy To Be There Either….

The Observant Viewer Will Also note that Nina’s Feather Dress Is Very Similar To The One That Euphie Frequently Wore In Season 1. I Think That In Some Weird Twisted Way Schneizel Is Trying To Turn Nina Into Euphemia As Would Probably Be In Line With What Nina Would Want Anyway, And In Doing That Also Using Her For Something More Sinister.  Perhaps She Is Building Him Some Sort Of Super Weapon With Which To Take The Throne?

She Sure Perks Up When Seeing Milly Though, One Of Several Reunions We See In This Episode

Li And His Men Are Now Ready To Stage A Coup De E’tat To Stop The Eunuch’s From Selling Out Their Own Country

Tianzi Decided To Pardon Li For A Crime Warranting Execution And Take Care Of Him In Their Past.  Now Li Is Indebted To Her And Has Sworn His Life To Her As Well.  What A Lucky Guy To Not Only Witness The Greatness Of A Loli, But To Owe His Very Existence To One.  No Man Is As Great As The Loli Who He Swears By – From The Book Of Kaioshin

Mmmmmmmmmm To Loliriffic To Handle, WHY CAN’T I BE LI?!  (Also What A Nice Looking Background Don’t Ya Think?)

You Know, I Really Don’t Think This Is The Way That Traditional Retainers Handle There Vows…..Then Again…

If Samurai Warriors Is To Be Believed, Jive Talkin’ And Homey Handshakes Are Indeed A Part Of Bodyguard Culture, So Anything Is Possible

Everything Seems Carefully Arranged….But Someones Here To Crash The Party

Obviously She Doesn’t Mean That Sexually, But I Guarantee Somebody Takes This As Lesbian Talk.  Remember, Just Because You’re A Yuri Fiend Doesn’t Mean it Was The Writers Intention

Nina Bears It All To Millay

If He Actually Had Balls To Be Kicked I Wish Tian Zi Would Take A Leaf From Kagami Kuro’s Book

Is It Just Me Or Are The Chinese People REALLY Short!  No This Isn’t An Animation Flub As He’s Still Just As Short In A Closeup Compared To Schneizel And Kanon

The Pose, The Point Score Against Suzaku In The Victory, The Innocent Loliness….It Suddenly Feels A Lot Hotter In This Room….Excuse me….

Rather Than Brutish Fighting, The Method Of Settling Things Is Through A Gentlemanly Game Of Chess.  The Stakes, Zero Get’s Suzaku To Give To Kaguya So He Can Geass The Room Without Having Suzaku Kick The Shit Out Of Him If He Wins, If Schneizel Wins, Lelouch Removes The Zero Mask.  High Stakes Indeed

Illegal Maneuever Or Symbolic Gesture?

Whoever Let Nina Get Her Hands On A Knife Is A Fool

Cue Ultra Gar Speech By Li Xing-Ke!

Should They Be Playing The Imperial March Theme Here? *Looks At Li’s Soldiers*


Tian Zi Invokes The Pinky Promise.  I Swear Lolis Have The Power To Motivate And Give +100 To All Stats Just By Doing Stuff Like This

What Villainy Is This?!

The Jeremiah’s Return To The Combat. (Play Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Away To The Newtype For The Super Famicom If You Want To Get That Reference)

Popular Analysis:


Alternative Analysis By Kaioshin:

So things did indeed move to the Chinese Federation as I expected last episode and before Zero and the Black Knights can even get settled in they are forced to deal with a crisis that could leave them trapped and in Schneizel’s grasp.  Schneizel demonstrates to us this episode what he was talking about when he mentioned winning by not winning last episode.  His goal to gain much of the Chinese Federation as a territory by enticing the Eunuch’s with promises of further wealth and luxury and peerage in the Empire are a prime example of attaining power through cooperation.  To do this he uses the plan of the good old political marriage with his brother and Empress Tian Zi as unwitting pawns in the scheme he and the Eunuch’s have organized.  This is the difference between him and other commanders like Clovis, Cornelia and Carares who have always tried to pacify Japan and other areas through brute force rather than through the consent of the people, which allowed the sparks of rebellion to burst into flames upon the arrival of the charismatic Zero who would unite the isolated dissidents as one new nation and ultimately lead them to this new land.

Essentially while the likes of Cornelia etc. have been all about trying to achieve power through total dominance, and thus never really have true power at all so much as in their ability to force the people to co-operate through whatever military force they can muster to control them, Schneizel has been about trying to obtain true power, by winning the hearts and minds of the people by not utterly dominating, but greeting them as if they are equals who could stand to benefit with citizenship in the Britannian Empire.  When you have won the hearts and minds of the people, then you will have more power over them then even the strongest military force in the world can ever grant you, because you face no resistance.  It’s this ability of Schneizel’s to sell Britannia’s cause versus his peers that makes him a dangerous Machiavellian type character and Zero’s greatest foe to date as they share the same line in thinking and are thus worthy adversaries.

Of course as of this episode Schneizel still has more experience compared to Lelouch in the mind manipulation game as is evident in their chess game, which also goes to show Schneizel’s talent for manipulating people into a position where he has total and true power over them.  First, Lelouch knows he asked to act or face being trapped in a nation that will become formally friendly with his enemy and adopt their interests as well….namely his Order of The Black Knights elimination.  He has to act fast and as a result makes hasty actions that are also hindered by his ability to try to make the most of whatever he can salavage from a situation Schneizel is in total control of.  In the end of their encounter this episode he comes up with the idea of a chess match to try and settle things quickly.  During this match Schneizel makes a move that is technically illegal (one cannot enter into a position that puts their own king in check).

Once again the symbolic point in the bigger picture of the overall story of Code Geass is more important however, and both characters know it.  Essentially, by Schneizel inviting Lelouch to declare victory over him by accepting his illegal maneuver as a way to win and avoid a threefold repetition, he has put him in a position of submission as a leader.  If Black King’s pawn takes White King (Notice that Lelouch is playing with his colour [black] again and Schneizel with Britannia’s [white], nice touch) then Lelouch will be playing to Schneizel’s tune an be no different then a leader who does anything in their power to win.  Essentially it would be a hollow victory, which Lelouch cannot accept.  By moving his King back however, he still plays into Schneizel’s hands, by allowing Schneizel to tell him that Charles would have taken the win, and thus call into question Lelouch’s ability as a leader.  Essentially this is more of Schneizel winning by not winning and getting people to buy into his idealogy.  Really the whole chess game was actually just a symbolic front for a war of ideals between the two half brothers shown in a rather poetic manner, and as such the rules no longer really mattered once the match and tension hit that point and neither side could win anyway.  In case nobody guessed, this was my absolute favourite scene in the episode.  And people say this series is only about action and lulz that doesn’t invite anything in-depth thought.  Pah….they’re just not trying at all is really the case.

Anyway, then we have the scenario at the end with Li’s massacre and Zero’s kidnapping of Tian Zi.  I think what’s happened is Lelouch has entered a Plan B mode here.  He always wanted to have Tian Zi as a source of power with which to use the Chinese Federation as a power base from the moment he got there, but Schneizel got in the way with his wedding scheme.  As a result he had to take some desperate measures near the end, which indeed resulted in the kidnapping of a loli at gunpoint after allowing Li to take care of the dirty work and get rid of the Eunuch’s.  I think Lelouch is essentially placing his faith in Kaguya’s friendship with Tian Zi and the chance that she might be willing to trust him because of it, though I think he underestimates her attachment to Li.  Either he’s got something else in mind or he plans to fight his way out of the wedding hall and think something up later.  In the immortal words of Indiana Jones “He doesn’t know, he’s just making this up as he goes”, but if anyone has the cunning to actually work miracles on the fly it’s Lelouch Vie Britannia.

On the character front we have Nina meeting up with Millay again, which immediately goes sour as she chews her out for not respecting her and such.  Euphemia’s death and her time with Schneizel really have clouded her memories as to who her true friends are and I still see her as the victim of tragic circumstances that have warped her mind even further then the idolization of Euphemia that lead her down this path initally.  Rather then following Schneizel’s twisted plans to become her, I think what she really needs are good friends like Millay and Karen to help her find some closure and realize what Suzaku did, the need to forgive Zero for her death and continue on with Euphemia’s true ideals, which are most certainly not Schneizel’s.  Rather then hate her, I pity her and hope she can find a resolution to her storyline that isn’t tragic.

Tian Zi and Li’s story also has some light shed on it in how he ended up becoming sworn to her and the relationship they share.  Both clearly care for each other a lot and would do almost anything for each other.  That’s why I think Lelouch will have to carefully consider Li’s standing in Tian Zi’s eyes before he can make any headway in convincing her to be his ally.  Helping in the Coup d’etat might be a way to get that ball rolling and then turing her over to Li with apologies could seal the deal, but who knows what he has in mind.  Right now the ball is so much in Tian Zi’s court on what’s going to happen next that I think she’s without a doubt a key character for the time being.  I think she’ll make the right choice though and trust Zero and Kaguya.

And so I think that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell.  The Chinese Federation is certainly a clusterfuck right now, and this before any mech combat has even taken place.  In fact this is the third episode in a row without and Knightmare Frame action, which makes me wonder just how much the “only” focus of Sunrise in this is action and lulz for the sake of selling model kits.  Next episode looks to have KF action again though, and perhaps we can even expect Jeremiah back on the scene in his newfound servitude to V.V.  I’m sure we’ll get the low down on what happened to him between C.C’s last battle with him in the first season and now soon enough.  See ya…….

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


24 Responses to “Code Geass R2 (A Promised Land Of The Japanese To Be Sure)”

  1. 1 Anonymous June 9, 2008 at 4:34 am

    The chess game could actually have some goddamn consistency with the chess pieces multiplying, unless I am blind, after Schneizel does his illegal King move. Which I had nothing against since Schneizel was obviously being a smartass and all, to put it bluntly.

    A little pet peeve I had with this episode was that after that occurred, Zero decided it would be cool to take someone hostage at gunpoint. I can’t really buy your explanation, and I just feel it kind of contradicts the chess scene.

    Alright episode, though Geass isn’t one of my more enjoyable shows since symbolism, and the majority of pretentious fans who love this stuff, tend to annoy me and I’m no fan of the fanservice/loli/COOL EPIX PLANS displayed here.

    Oh just throwing it out there, does anyone actually like the Knightmare Frames? I mean the grunts are pretty cool and all, but the rest of the suits presented I find disgusting compared to stuff like the Valkyrie, the HRL Mobile Suits, and the Scopedog.

  2. 2 Anonymous June 9, 2008 at 5:05 am

    “First off let me say, that I am starting to wonder at why the anime blogger community always tends to dump the responsibility of being the one to read between the lines of the dialogue, connect the plotlines and character interactions and just generally explain all of the theoretical and symbolic stuff that happens in Code Geass week after week while they go off and simultaneously engage in the usual blogging cliches of “Facepalm.jpg’ing”, “I loled at’s” and “I have a hard time taking this seriously and watch it for the lulz’s”. Oh no guys, don’t you know…go worrying your heads about having to think about this stuff and just shirk the responsbility by pretending there’s nothing to think about in the first place when you…you know don’t get it and stuff, I’ve got you covered as always. *Is somewhat bitter*”

    We as people dislike being incorrect and since *pretentious* people tend to like picking apart people’s arguments, people tend to keep their thoughts to themselves in an attempt to prevent themselves from looking like a fool. I know you probably wouldn’t do that, but from reading the Animesuki board, such hostility from being marginally incorrect in analysis does occur sometimes.

    While I commend you for being able to do this since it’s all fantastic stuff, you have to understand not everyone is as interested in this type of stuff like you are and/or prefer to stay shallow since they’re scared of being wrong.

    Remember those English Essays you had to write in senior school? Remember how you basically just wrote what the teacher expected instead of writing your own opinion on the matter? Kind of the same situation here really.

  3. 3 Anonymous June 9, 2008 at 5:18 am

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Forgive shitty ‘shopping.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama June 9, 2008 at 5:35 am

    @Anon the 1st: I see….I’m sorry, I didn’t really look at it that way before now, I’ll keep that in mind.

    @Anon the 2nd: What am I supposed to be looking for here?

  5. 5 hyzen June 9, 2008 at 8:21 am

    Nice post! AnimeHistory is always a good change of pace compared to other lulz blogs.

    Anon #1, I quite like the KF’s. I find them quite interesting and pleasing, especially the Tristan. And I like Scopes and Tierens too.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama June 9, 2008 at 10:15 am

    @Hyzen: Somehow I think that other Code Geass bloggers are under the mistaken impression that if they don’t put the “lol @” in the article then it doesn’t count or something.

  7. 7 Myssa Rei June 9, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Hyzen: Well, not exactly a change of pace, but a different perspective on the same show. While Kaio has a tendency to overanalyze the stuff he watches (“inability to turn his brain off” in his own words), his observations do put into focus the stuff the other bloggers either miss or unconsciously ignore due to their own genre biases.

    That said, he does take this stuff a little too seriously noh? 😉

    And now some non-serious observations of my own concerning this episode:

    a.) Egads, Millay’s dress was as revealing as Cecille’s, and yet Lloyd treats it casually. Oi, there’s a limit to the amount of skin one can expose while wearing ‘formal’ wear.

    b.) I know it wasn’t the intention of the producers, but Xing Ke’s yubikiri with the child empress made me unconsciously facepalm; if Millay’s conversation with Nina might be misconstrued as yuri by the unobservant and apathetic, then what then of the Tian Zi and her loyal retainer? Stripey (of be proud I think…

    c.) Making things up on the fly does not properly decribe Zero’s action’s when he crashed the wedding. I know he was forced into a corner, but really, shouldn’t there be a BETTER way, since his actions essentially alienates the Chinese dissidents who support the empress as well?

    d.) Anyone wonder where the heck C.C.’s getting her pizza’s? Is there a Pizza Hut in China as well (very likely, but the delivery bill to the Black Knight’s stronghold must be ASTRONOMICAL)…

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama June 9, 2008 at 3:05 pm


    Yeah, I can be a bit serious and quirky, but only because I’m trying to find that blogging style which I can tell myself is uniquely me in someway.

    a) I think everytime everybody ends up in formal wear from hear on out it’s just going to be a cleavage outfit. For some reason they really like having those in Code Geass.

    b) I more found it a little oversold then facepalm worthy, but then again I don’t find anything facepalm worthy. As I pointed out it reminded me of the goofy ass scene in Samurai Warriors 2 where the two guys start talking like harlem homies and engage in a secret handshake of sorts. The outside world most certainly does not engage in pinky promises as Li claims, I think they just did it to please the part of the crowd that likes that kind of stuff because it’s “moe”. Not to mention her jumping up and down like a lunatic with her pinky thrust up in the air screaming “Xing Ke” with a smile on her face that is sure to entice the lolicon crowd. Okay maybe just a little facepalming is in order. I think I’m starting to get what that means a little….on the other hand, since I technically am the lolicon crowd….naaah, it’s still to pandering.

    c) Well he said early in the episode that he was planning to control Tian Zi before even arriving in the territory so it was probably always part of his plan to do something with her. That’s why I think he improvised a Plan B to get at her when Schneizel’s intervention became clear. Or I can just be totally wrong and it’s something else entirely. It’s the fact that that was the cliffhanger part of the episode (cause like Gundam X they have to do it every episode or it doesn’t count) that makes it so hard to nail down the motive.

    d) Isn’t it obvious, before they left Japan C.C put in an order for tons of Pizza and they froze it in the giant ice glacier that was the ship. She’s just thawing it and eating it as she goes. I’m not even sure if I’m kidding about that either.

  9. 9 Unentschieden June 9, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Code Geass isn´t really subtile enough to warrant analyzations, most Bloggers apeal to the comedic aspect – what´s wrong with that?

    I think that CGs Chess metaphors are too forced, they could have done the “chicken” kingduel over entirely valid turns as well but addmitedly that would have needed more screentime.

  10. 10 Aabo0 June 9, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Just one comment about the picture with the KFs after Toudou’s, if the gold one is Zero’s it’d be really stupid for him to use it since he’ll stand out in the battlefield. Is that really his?

  11. 11 Gsus June 9, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    @Aabo0: There’s probably a shitload of literature that debates which type of leadership is good / the best: leadership from afar, or leadership by example. By showing yourself willing to put your own neck on the line in the heat of battle, there is a bit of morale boost for the troops.

    Anyway, I’d elaborate more on this episode here, but I’ve got a football (soccer) to go see.

    Something along the line of Turn 10: The Rise and Fall of the Lamparouge dynasty.

  12. 12 Gaia June 9, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Aabo0, he’s been using standout KF’s since the first series. He’s never hidden which KF he’s in. He believes in leading from the front and not hiding amounst the crowd except when it’s part of a plan.

  13. 13 masterkeyes2 June 9, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Myssa Rei@: Personally I am glad doesn’t see Code Geass as a series full of “lulz” so if Kais wants to over analyze it be my guest.

  14. 14 John June 9, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    It’s interesting to know what happened to Lord Jeremiah (Yes I respect him and I’m not calling him Orange-Kun). I think that V.V. revived him or maybe the experiments done on him enabled him to survive the ocean pressure. Well, we will see later, won’t we?

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama June 9, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    @Unentschieden: So then what was it I just did with my alternative analysis bit? I argue that the show does warrant some careful anaylsis, but other bloggers either don’t want to do it, can’t see it, or refuse to do it because that might mean actually admitting that a Sunrise show has any depth to it, which is a huge no no in the other parts of the blogosphere.

    @Aabo0: I don’t think he’s worried about that right now honestly. The guy just kidnapped the empress of China and is about to have both Britannia and Li’s forces after him for the time being. His concern is surviving long enough to convince Tian Zi to help him, though her being a loli and all I’m not sure that’s all that hard since they always seem to end up trying to avoid bloodshed where possible as an archetypal behaviour. Also I’ve noted that loli characters often seem to end up siding with the main protagonists in the end too. If Lelouch can convince Rolo then he should be able to convince her. (relying on a few anime cliches here so don’t quote me on that) Besides, she’s already shown her capacity for mercy and understanding in Li.

    @Masterkeyes2: I’ve got to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what lulz really means other then turn off your brain or something. :/

    @John: I like to call him Jeremiah too. Mostly because the Orange-Kun thing has become to overused in my opinion.

  16. 16 Haesslich June 9, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    I rather enjoyed Millay’s dress, but that’s because I’ve always liked her.

    As for my thoughts on the Chinese Federation – the eunuchs want more power, and they don’t want to risk it by fighting Britannia, given that they’re effectively surrounded with Area Eleven being the newest Britannian base to their lands. So, by selling the Empress out, they get shiny Britannian titles, and hope for more. What they’re PROBABLY not counting upon is Charles vi Britannia not being bound to that promise by anything more than whim or convenience, so that when the Empress is safely ensconced elsewhere, and the military forces mustered, he will take over the Chinese Federation without a fight, or at least in a very decisive way.

    They’re about as bad as the Manchus towards the end, from what I can see, with regards to their insular nature and inability to see the world in an objective way. They expect things to go a certain way, and are incapable of conceiving that they are not the center of teh universe… and thus may very well be destroyed even as they seek to avoid destruction by prostrating themselves before the Emperor of Britannia.

    This also reveals that Li isn’t exactly a patriot… but he IS a believer in China as an independent nation, as well as a royalist, and maybe a lolicon. I suspect that the kidnapping may have been planned, to give the Chinese a reason to persecute Zero, and thus avoid charges of collaboration (again), while extracting Tianzi from Britannian hands. But I could be completely wrong, and Zero may very well be an idiot.

  17. 17 EvilDevil June 10, 2008 at 4:26 am

    I been trying to figure out why whould those eunuchs would want peace with britannia. during the begining they talked about the possible danger of political defragmentation, as well as how the population is suffering in extreme poverty… and then i remember in the old eps when the Emperor’s speech about how the chinese federation was practicing a form of socialist or equal distribution of wealth (a form of socialist/communist economy?) makes me wonder how much the eunuchs control the country’s wealth… so does that mean the eunuchs are seeking titles and wealth to protect their own self interest?… but does that also imply that Britannia has a different sort of economy? maybe a merchantilist or a form of capitalist market? (how much does the Emperor of Britannia has control over its market?). Since the emperor talks about Darwinism and superiority over the weak, it could imply their market reflects that kind of ideology… whatever their reasons it seems like they dont want to start a war with Britannia…

  18. 18 Sol Falling June 10, 2008 at 6:18 am

    I approve this new format you’ve adopted. The episode summary via screenshots and captions works well, as I don’t really want to be reading through extended descriptions of stuff I already know. The captions also allow you to take on a bit of a more humourous tone which makes going back over the events of the episode fun. Then in the end, in the ‘alternate take’, you can provide any of the deeper points of analysis you dig up.

  19. 19 dragon June 11, 2008 at 6:18 am

    oh wow. a lot of people would kill me if i posted my analysis here. ^_^ i dont have any pictures to the episodes but i bring up a lot of references and subtleties most people might miss. i was posting on other sites yesterday about cg in general and where it was going. but i do think cg is pretty in depth despite its thin surface. i love it.

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