Is Sunrise Perpetrating Anti-German Propaganda? (A Shin Oiakamas Article)

Heeeeeeeeeeey…Yooooooooooooooooou….Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! Shin Oiakamas here again while Kaioshin’s off studying the FOF system in Tales of The Abyss, which I’m sure he’ll never get. So I’ve noticed that of the two female characters that people seem to hate the most these days, both are from shows Kaioshin’s blogged, both have the same name spelled a different way and both are produced by the same company.  This is why I think that Sunrise is perpetrating a hate campaign against Germany.

Consider that when you think about it Nina’s (GRRR BLOODY TABLE HUMPER! DIE BITCH!) last name is Einstein and Einstein was a very famous German scientist who is world renowned for his contribution to the study of physics and the knowledge that helped create the atom bomb.  So why then would Sunrise knowingly attribute this name to a character that has shown racist tendencies towards Japanese people and who is shown to be mentally unstable when she constructed a bomb to blow up Japanese rebels in Code Geass.  I’m starting to wonder if Sunrise is trying to make light of Einstein’s theories and by corrupting the name of a revered German physicist with the actions of Nina Einstein is secretely and sinisterly promoting the idea that German scholars are all insane.  Such racist anti-german propaganda doesnt’ stop here though.

Consider how in Gundam 00 there was a character named Nena Trinity who went on a death from above rampage in her Red coloured Gundam Drei and slaughtered a whole gathering of peaceful wedding goers without a hint of caring or restraint.  I can only imagine that Sunrise was trying to liken Nena Trinity to German Pop singer Nena Hargen (GRRR UGLY CHARACTER AND STUPID ANNOYING VOICE) *Arrow Shoots By*….WHAT WAS THAT?! I’m practicing with Natalia Kimlasca-Lanveldear’s Star Stroke, sorry I didn’t here anything about Rie Kugimiya having an annoying voice, it was an accident….what are you doing over there anyway?  Are you making stuff up about propaganda in Code Geass and Gundam 00 and twisting facts again? Oh no….not at all I swear…. Anyway so Nena Hargen, who sang the 80’s mega-hit Ninety Nine Luft Baloons, because as we can see Nena’s Gundam is also red and floating over the building in a red object.  Sunrise must be trying to corrupt the message that Nena Hargen sent in her music with images of Nena’s callous slaughter and by doing so is trying to paint German popular culture as one that promotes the slaughter of innocents.

That’s not all though, consider that both characters have the exact same first name only spelled differently, which when combined with the obvious Anti-German propaganda behind both characters would serve to remind the viewer of the other one and enhance the effect of this brainwashing.  And Sunrise foolishly thought they could hide the fact by changing one letter, ha.

So people can continue to watch and enjoy these shows as they forge forward in second season production, but just be aware that you may not be unlike those who would enjoy films like The Spirit of ’43 or Der Fuehrer’s Face.

Kaioshin: Hi everyone.  In case nobody picked up on it, this was in fact a parody of Crusader’s article that I mentioned last time that is meant to highlight the fact that with a deliberate desire to interpret something a certain way and with a fixed kind of logic it is easy to interpret almost anything these two shows or almost anything at all portrays as trying to promote a certain unsavory idea.  I stand by absolutely nothing I said before the red text nor do I believe any of it to be true in any sense and fully intend for it to be intepreted as the parody it is.  Thank you.


9 Responses to “Is Sunrise Perpetrating Anti-German Propaganda? (A Shin Oiakamas Article)”

  1. 1 Ozymandias June 12, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    lol…….well, we know shin Oiakamas, don’t worry.You’re evil twin is hilarious, you should invite him more often.

  2. 2 Unentschieden June 13, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    I usually enjoy your content expect when you start rambling about other bloggers. Really what is the point? It´s fine to contest or disagree with them but do you have to keep acting so childish about it? I seriously think that you are overreacting most of the time with this issue.

    Keep analyzing the series and bring up your founded arguments. Have some trust in the readership to make their own opinion.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama June 13, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    @Unentschieden: Actually I was more just goofing around then trying to rail against anyone. Ocassionally I do like to fool around when inspired despite my reputation as a no nonesense blogger. Still I think you’ll be happy to know that my next bit is more in my usual stable of discussion.

  4. 4 Ascaloth June 15, 2008 at 7:14 am

    This article is a perfect example of the following:

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama June 15, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    @Ascaloth: Until you actually bring up a point that he’s made in his article (if there’s one that isn’t subjective) and defend it instead of just worrying about what I’ve said I can only laugh at this wiki quoting and say I don’t really care because I know it’s just you doing your thing. Or perhaps the honest part of you (the part that doesn’t say “argue whatever side Kaioshin is against” ) is actually afraid to officially take his side because you know that there’s absolutely no way to prove what he’s said and thus the only other option is disproof by default. 😉

    Edit: You were warned Ascaloth. Do not test my patience with your nonesense and one sidedness. Any further such comments will be disapproved unless you bother to show that you are doing anything other then trying to disrupt. Read his article or mine and then make some points on the argument itself in the appropriate venue. I do not tolerate off topic comments as anything other then spam, especially when there’s a counterarticle I wrote myself where you can be making these types of comments that you have ignored. That’s number 2.

  6. 6 Ascaloth June 16, 2008 at 2:37 am

    Ho ho ho. Censorship izzit? So tell me, how is this different from banning me from this site altogether?

    Again I gave you perfectly good advice, and again you choose to ignore it. Suit yourself, I’m not the one going to lose out here.

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama June 17, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    @Ascaloth: What part about what I’ve asked do you fail to understand? And all you’ve offered so far to anything I’ve posted to date is schlock that is crapping up my comment box. That’s the absolute last warning.

    And when I see good advice I take it (See above with Unentschieden). You have not offered good advice despite what you seem to think. All you have offered are smug one liners and wiki quotes and you have not contributed anything to date that deals even loosely with something I have written, instead chosing to focus on the person behind the writing. That constitutes spam to me and that is where your post ended up. And frankly if I weren’t in such a good mood today where the one I am responding to now probably should. Now low content comments may fly on other blogs, but I would prefer that people stay at least close to the topic I am writing about when commenting or offer constructive criticism of my blogging style or thoughts. This you have yet to do.

    I’ve been extremely patient in this regard with you and I would ask that you try and respect what I think are rather reasonable rules for commentary here.

  8. 8 Ascaloth June 18, 2008 at 4:14 am

    The part where you said you’re not going to listen unless I actually follow the boundaries you set down? Screw you, I don’t play by your rules, bitch. Live with it. I already said why I don’t see the need to defend what is basically a literary interpretation on Crusader’s part for him in the comment you so conveniently deleted to make yourself not look so bad.

    It’s interesting how you think it’s perfectly alright to ridicule some other guy’s opinions, yet it’s not alright for someone else to point out what is basically your attempt to ridicule someone else’s views because you can’t argue against it. So go ahead and ban me like you said you won’t ever do, hypocrite.

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama June 18, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Except for you know the fact I wrote an entire response article to it which Crusader even read and you could be putting all of this, but you aren’t because as you said you refuse to respect the very simple rules I lay down out of what? Pride? The guy that wrote the very personal “The Meister” articles that I laughed off is upset about a parody (not at all an attempt to ridicule) of somebody elses article who himself doesn’t even seem to mind at all?

    So I think what I’m going to do is put you on the awaiting moderation list as result of a string of comments that are unrelated to the articles themselves (on top of pushing buttons) rather then ban you permenantly so when you actually do offer up something worthwhile in relation to an article I can fit your say in. Otherwise since you clearly refuse to actually look at what I’ve written (a 2,000 word counterpoint to Crusader’s article that isn’t a parody) and can be found at:

    You have basically proven a desire to annoy and upset rather than to read and comment. Sorry, but that is spam.

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