Code Geass Episode 10-13: Anticipation Somewhat Low (Contains Newtype and Other Magazine Spoilers)

The Spoilers Cometh, And Confuseth As Well

So yeah episode 09 of Code Geass left me all psyched for the next one as they usually do and then I went and read the Newtype and other magazine teasers for the episodes and my only though was…..Oh……. Yeah 10-13 (not so much 10) don’t exactly sound (key word being sound) like particularly new ground for Code Geass either in terms of plot progression or in terms of anything that we haven’t seen before.

Li’s Mobile Suit The Wing Gundam KF Shen-Hu Is Finally Set To Make An Appearance Which Should Prove Interesting

Actually Episode 10 sounds interesting enough,  apparently in retaliation for the abduction of Tian Zi, Li’s faction is suppose to take Karen hostage as well.  (So there’s that “Full Metal Panic counter-hostage situation” Jason Miao said he thought would spice things up and make it interesting [if he can actually be believed in any respect], of course now that it’s actually probably going to happen it’s going to be Sunrise stealing ideas from Full Metal Panic cause it’s Jason and he needs to spin it so he can do his trainwreck thing.  Hooray for predictability!) Okay, sounds neat, but then that pretty much confirms that Lelouch didn’t think this through much as his abduction of Tian Zi really has put his forces in danger, especially his closest one(s).  Then again maybe that’s the point and they wanted to show that Lelouch is as inexperienced and brash in dealing with things outside of the Japanese setting as Schneizel hints he is, who knows.  Now this one sounds interesting because it also seems like they are actually going to develop Li’s character a bit further now which is great because the series has done a lot of jumping around between factions and I’ve been pretty patient in waiting for this, but I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in the grand scheme of things because…

Is This Stuff Necessary?

Apparently it’s back to Ashford Academy in Episode 12 (No spoilers for 11 which could provide the bridge to this one) for Millay’s Graduation where she’s throwing a Cupid Day party featuring her, Shirley and other girls dressed in skimpy clothing for something called the dazzle club which is apparently supposed to confuse Lelouch or something going by the articles.  The episode is also called Love Attack and for some reason all I can imagine is some weird eroge situation where all the girls are trying to test Lelouch how long he can resist getting it up or something.  Very strange vision of the episode I know, but this is coming from a guy that has played more then his share of Rance and Doujin games.  The fact that this is coming at the halfway point of the season doesn’t seem to bode well for the flow of the story either.

What Importance Can Jeremiah’s Reappearance Have On The Plot?  Is There Any Way To Further His Character?  Does Lelouch Need Him As An Antagonist Again To Grow Somehow? I’m Honestly Unsure

Then episode 13 is supposed to feature the return of Jeremiah who’s apparently been sent to hunt Lelouch and is targeting the school.  This means that for at least possibly 2 episodes we’re back in Japan and that’s 2 episodes that seem to be spent on stuff that I think we don’t really need to be dealing with right now, or at least that’s how it comes across in the Newtype spoilers.  If this is how Jeremiah is going to be used as a comeback character then I’m not sure it was really a good idea to go with V.V rescuing him. (Keep in mind he never actually died no matter what Jason or any other blogger would try to tell you when they think they are watching Gundam Seed Destiny)  I had visions of Jeremiah suddenly coming to screw up a plan in the middle of a huge battle between Lelouch and Schneizel rather then an Ashford Academy attack.  The one thing I am least hoping is that it brings Rolo back into the plot and furthers his character a little too as he hasn’t really been that important in the last 2 episodes.

The real question I as is does any of this really need to happen? Really all of this just sounds like it would serve to do little but get in the way of the plot progression (and there is actually one no matter what other bloggers might try to claim and if people need it explained to them then they probably shouldn’t be watching Code Geass as it should be pretty evident by now) and shout filler.  Of course there’s no way of me knowing this, but that’s the way the spoilers make it sound.  Of course I’ve had feelings that episodes of this series were going to be weaker then they actually were (episode 05, episode 07, episode 08 ) and they turned out to be not quite so true.  If this turns out to be the case again then I say fire the guy who’s writing the spoilers, but still, I go into this episodes a little confused and unsure of what to expect so if I seem a little less chipper and a little less on firm footing with what I talk about when I actually go to blog them, don’t be too surprised.  Perhaps following the Newtype spoilers wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Either way, keep in mind this is all just speculation based off of limited information, but this is the first time I’ve had bad vibes about what’s coming in this series so far and that kind of freaks me out just a little bit.  I can’t help but wonder if I should interpret this as a sign that the series has been given an extension for a third series because the pacing seems to indicate it.  Thing is unlike most bloggers I actually have faith in Sunrise’s ability to finish the series well so either there’s something in the works somewhere or I’m completely off the mark on what the future of the series holds.  Perhaps again that’s a good thing, but it sure is scary.


14 Responses to “Code Geass Episode 10-13: Anticipation Somewhat Low (Contains Newtype and Other Magazine Spoilers)”

  1. 1 Ozymandias June 13, 2008 at 8:53 am

    “Is This Stuff Necessary?”

    Do you even need to ask? Of course it is!!

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama June 13, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Hahaha, well I’m in a devil’s advocate kind of mood today so I thought it might be fun to play the skeptic for once. Though I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t at least feel somewhat uncertain about the next few episodes in the grand scheme of things.

  3. 3 Blue_Mercy June 13, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    We also have to remember that despite knowing some spoilers about the episodes, they still manage to surprise us. I’m probably the worst at predicting anything involving Code Geass, but Lelouch’s and Rolo’s goal was to protect the academy, as soon as that was said I got a feeling that the academy would get destroyed. Even during the Black Rebellion it never took any damage, now with Millay graduating and Jeremiah knowing Lelouch is Zero blowing his cover he’s trying to keep up, there is becoming less and less reason for it to have “plot armor” so to speak.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei June 15, 2008 at 11:27 am

    While Xing Ke’s actions make sense (and would make a perfect stage to present the fact that Zero isn’t ALWAYS on top of things, and makes rather painful tactical blunders) as an inevitable result of Episode 09, the following episodes (judging by the spoilers), frankly don’t make any sense, plot-wise. Yes, I’m afraid they look filler-ish, and break up the median-to-fast plot pacing we’ve seen so far.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama June 15, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    @Myssa Rei: The only reason I can think of for Lelouch to go back to Japan would be to defend his friends at the academy from Jeremiah who’s threatening them to lure him into some sort of trap. Even still though it seems wholly unnecessary. I’m afraid there’s really no reason to bring Jeremiah back as far as I can tell other then for fanservice. I just hope it doesn’t take time away from other more important stuff in the grand scheme of things. If I find myself saying that x could have been given more time and then think of the Jeremiah thing it’s going to be coming off the final score for the series when I do my full review. And I hope I’m not being premature about this and the Jeremiah thing ends up as an important springboard to V.V or something.

  6. 6 Geoffrey June 16, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Code Geass created a hook with the first season. Now to attract more fans and sell more goods, what else can you do but give the Japanese Otaku what they love best: high school mayhem, fanservice, and more fanservice.

    Of course it doesn’t need to happen, but it attracts viewers and attention. With a cast that is fairly female-dominant, it’s probably irresistible to not make use of it. If you make stuff akin to Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the average Joe won’t be interested or willing to talk to anyone about it. All of this is obvious to you, but there is a reason they do this.

    One thing I really, really, really wish is that the writers could produce actions scenes such as the one between Cornelia and Darlton. That scene may have only lasted 2 minutes, but it is my favourite scene in the whole of Code Geass – it was completely planned from an episode or two away, was dramatic, and barely tested your suspension of disbelief. Not to mention allowed us to squeeze some juicy plot development afterwards.

    Oh yes, Newtype spoilers were never the greatest judging from the ones I could find. Their fanbase are all (mecha) otaku. They like this shit.

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