Kure-Nai ~ Episode 11 ~ Castle siege

Before this turns into a Code Geass blog I better put something in to break the chain XD

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A car that flies

And so the castle siege begins. I was expecting this episode to include fighting, fighting and yes, more fighting. Surprisingly where there are some series which doesn’t live to expectations of a good fight, Kurenai is proving again to be different by giving us the good O’ heave-ho “slog” action. I was wondering though, wouldn’t it be easier if Benika just brought some firearms but despite going against normal “gangster” logic I respect Benika for not going for the easy option. She is just lucky that the enemy is as honourable as she is (bah! Honourable XD).

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What do you mean they’ve found our secret tunnel O.o

The episode did have a lot of fight scenes but they where strangely enjoyable to watch. This is where the realism seeps in again as besides from Shinkurou’s protruding horn, everything was pretty much realistic to the character’s capabilities (yes, Benika didn’t sprout wings and fly).

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Flashback for Ryuuji, so it appears that Benika saved his worthless butt before

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Lin remains an awesome psychotic-bitch type character but it seems that she does have a bit more reason to be so good at fighting. This is all implied by me but I suspect that she wants to challenge her skills against Benika for the particular reason that her martial art skills are the same as Benikas. What makes it more believable is how she wanted to fight Benika throughout the episode and indeed she does but if it wasn’t for Ryuuji, she would have lost already.

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I’m sorry for Yayoi but I just have to love Lin’s personality XD

Fight scene!

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I have nothing good to say about this one…

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But here is a surprise, apparently Ryuuji can fight. Yes, he isn’t as useless as he looks but he does reveal that it was in fact Benika who taught him how to fight (shock). This should be a lesson to Benika, be careful who you teach otherwise they might just one day come back and backstab you. From this I also suspect that it may have been Ryuuji who taught Lin how to fight (and now Lin is trying to prove herself to be the better of her master’s master ~ how complex).

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That is a sly sneak attack

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Damn him

Even so, Ryuuji is still a character I just feel like puking every time I see his face. His attitude is disgusting and just downright rude, if you are wondering why there is this scene where he cackles like the twisted freak that he is. Someone should give him a good caning lesson.

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Lin gets “bitch slapped”

But if that wasn’t enough, it seems like he was successful in turning Murasaki into a puppet. When Benika and Shinkurou finally find Murasaki in the inner sanctum (Ryuuji was there too at the time) I was surprised to hear Murasaki’s stern face and lifeless voice. She tells Kurenai Shinkurou-dono to go home. Come again!? O.o

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Don’t say such things!

I was in disbelief that she actually said such a thing and wondered if she has really let her heart die in this godforsaken place. But when the fight got started and Ryuuji took Murasaki away from the action I can see that she was only suppressing her real feelings. It was probably Ryuuji who told her what to say when they arrived possibly something along the lines of “if you do as I say then they won’t have to die”. That sly…

Shinkurou on the other hand is still at a total mess. No, he didn’t use his horn throughout the episode and yes, it did come out unintentionally…and no, he still didn’t use it because Benika pulled him away. But looking at it realistically, I really wouldn’t have expected Shinkurou to charge in there and use his horn in the first place. I think it is unreasonable to think that he is being pathetic because he didn’t use a power that he possesses. But alas, there seems to be some who thinks so.

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Don’t expect him to use that everytime, seriously don’t

Let me get this straight though, Shinkurou is a young man and a rather real person coming from this series. He is in a moral dilemma here and there are some problems that just can’t be solved so easily without going through challenges and whatnot. There isn’t a set reason why Shinkurou didn’t use his horn but does it really need one? There are some things that you do without reason so I think it is just unfair to criticize his “growth” because he doesn’t pick, what seems like, the right option. He is trying his best to save Murasaki but there is a limit on his own abilities. I won’t expect to see him use his horn until it is the worst case scenario i.e if Murasaki was about to be killed. I think some people are taking it too lightly the meaning behinds using the horn; it isn’t a good thing at all to be throwing out carelessly.

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Get off her!

And by the end of this episode we have Shinkurou going back to the mansion himself. Yayoi is battered up but she will live (thankgod) but what is going to happen next will be explosive. The grand finale for this series and I will be eagerly waiting for a second season.

Oh, and a moment of silence please for the maid who served Murasaki (and her mother) who was killed by Lin.

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