Code Geass R2 Episode 10 (Big Trouble In Little China)

This Makes Me Think Of A Song

As the bodies fly on a hot and confusin’ China mornin’ a poor little loli empress is almost married in China.  And the loli cries ’cause if there’s one more thing that she don’t need it’s another older man in her life in China. People, don’t you understand the loli needs a helping hand or she’ll grow to be a depressed introvert some day. Take a look at you and me, are we too blind to see, do we simply turn our heads and look the other way, oh no not Li.  Well the world turns and a lonely little girl with runny eyes is about to be married in a temple as the harsh winds blow in China.  And Li his hunger for her burns so he starts a coup d’etat in the streets that day and he learns how to think and he learns how to fight In China.  Then one day in desperation a young prince breaks away, he grabs a gun, steals a loli, tries to run, but he don’t get far and the loli cries in China.  As the Eunuch gathers ’round an angry young man named Li beats his feet down on the street with a whip in his hand In China.  As a loli cries, on a hot and sweaty China mornin’, another great big old fight is about to start in China……

Picture Summary The Second:

Uhhhh…No?  This Is No Time For Questions Li, What Happened To That Resolve?

Yeah So Much For That Whole Honorably Samurai Bit

Schneizel Makes His Getaway.  I Like The Fact That Oddyseus Still Has No Idea What Is Going On At All

3 Dimensions Of Sword Fighting For Your Pleasure

Well I Guess This Confirms There Is A Plan In All Of This

The Slash Harken Sure Is Popular These Days

And So Are These Radiation Surge Barriers.  The Black Knights Side Is Really Starting To Make It’s Case Technology Wise

SO MUCH FOR THAT HONORABLE SAMURAI BIT!  The Black Knights Really Are Dirty Fighters This Episode

Looks Like Code Geass Is A Sword Beats Gun Universe Too

Zero’s Really Got The Final Fight Villain Thing Down Now.  All He Needs Is A Float System In That Chair And He’s Gold

Cheese-Kuns Just Started Looking Like A Pacman Ghost To Me Now.  Also I Revile Him For His Marketing Tie-Ins.

You’re Sending Helicopters Against A Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame And You Expect It To Even Slow Them down?  Haven’t The Eunuch’s Seen Mobile Suit Gundam?

Awwwwwww Dude, He’s Even Working On The “Today China, Tomorrow The World Supervillain Bit”.  Seriously Next Bond Movie Needs To Be James Bond In The Brittanian Prince Affair

Tian Zi: Is It A Good Time To Mention That I’m Not Good At These State Affair Things And Just Want This Drink

Called It!


Tian Zi: Can I Just Be A Loli Now?

That’s Sunrise Giving Their Approval To Lolicon Relationships.  I Also Approve This Message….In Relation To Anime And Not Real Life Of Course

That’s Also The Power Tiers Being Obeyed, Loli Beats All, Including Strategic Mastermind, It Has No Known Weaknesses And Should Be Considered A Class SSSS Threat In All Storylines

When Is Lelouch Going To Dump This Chump?

Surprise Surprise!

Stop Screeching Already!  Man The Eunuch’s Must Be The Worst Command To Work Under In The History Of Anything.  I Think They Actually Make Jin Jeneham From Victory Gundam Look Like A Fun Commander

Yep That’s A Radiation Surge Rocket x 3 On Asahina’s Custom Akatsuki.  Definitely Standard Issue Now

You’re Talking About Metal Gear Shen-Hu?!

Does Anyone Find That Suzaku Is Turning Into A Bit Of An Inspector Javert Type Character With This Single-Minded Obsession Of Capturing Zero Or Was He Always Kind Of One?

I’ve Gotta Say, I Really Like the Design Of The Ikaruga

So Lelouch Was Planning On Orchestrating His Own Coup D’Etat (Probably Also Involving Kidnapping Tian Zi) And Li Beat Him Too It….Called It Too

This Is Starting To Remind Me Of An Episode Of Zeta Gundam Wherein Suddenly Everbody Has Drinks During Lulls In Combat.  Also Like The Choic Of Music During This Scene That Serves As An Interlude.  Code Geass’ OST Isn’t A Great One, But There Are Times When It Just Works Really Well I Find

Contrary To Popular Belief There Are At Least 3 People On This Battlefield With The Ability To Do So Zero.  Get Over Yourself Or It’ll Cost You

Hmmm Could India Be Playing Both Sides Of The Conflict Ala Anaheim Electronics For Great Profit?

Yeah Too Bad It’s Got The Same Problem As The Tallgeese From Gundam Wing.  Now That I Think About It, It Kind Of Looks Like The Wing Zero, Crossed With Tallgeese’s Lack Of A Limiter And In The Greatest Of Ironies Somehow Lacks Gundam Wing’s Sense Of Extreme Glossyness In Mecha Design.  That And Hikaru Midorikawa…..There’s No Use Denying It Sunrise

It Even Has A Heat Rod To Boot

You Know This Being Right In Line With Li’s On Foot Style Of Fighting, I Can’t Help But Think This Unit Was Intended For Him All Along By The Eunuch’s….Possibly As A Trap

Flashy Enough?

The Sequence Speaks For Itself

Is…Is She Not Wearing Any Underwear?!!!!

Why Am I Getting A Dunbine Vibe Here

Ahhh Maintenance, The Classic Evening Factor In These Situations

 Most Annoying Character In The Show

Looks Like Karen’s In Gar Mode Now

What Gave It Away?  Was It The Radiation Surge Or The Flight Unit….Oh And Called It Again

Mash The Attack Button!

Doujin Spawner Sequence!  Oh And The Way Tian Zi’s Loli Body Curves…MMMMRRRRPPPPHHHH!

What That’s It?



Phalanx Formation Eh……

I’m Sorry, But What A Time To Run Out OF Energy, I Mean How Much Of A Hog Is This Thing On Itself That It Only Has 2 Quick Sorties In It

So Apparently We’ve Learned Nothing From The Personal Rescue Mission That Always Gets Us Into Trouble Have We

Millay’s Face Is Really Distrubing In This Lockeroom Photo Of Anya’s

Ah… A Photo From Back When Lelouch Was Just A Little Girl

Well You’d Think So But….

Which Will Be There Undoing….AHAHAHAHA!

Ah The Cavalry, Still In Use In This Age Of Radiation Surges And Slash Harkens

Well I’m Guessing That The Radiation Surges Use Up A Lot Of EN, But…..

That’s About One More Shot Then Karen Fired Before Running Out, So What Gives?


I Love The Irony Of The Irrigated Land Be So Shitty Actually Aiding China In This Battle, But…..

It’s Still A Stalemate Anyway

Well The Eunuch’s Sure Are Like Romulan’s, So Predictably Treacherous….

But Without The Pride

You Eunuch’s You Let The Cat In To Catch The Rat, But Then Who’s Going To Catch The Cat?

He’s Got G-Stone Power So I Believe Him

Hello What’s This?  Another Lelouch?

Ah Britannian News Agency, How Wrong You Almost Certainly Are


Well this episode is certainly one of the faster ones we’ve had this season and quiet a few things happen while the focus is kept mostly on what’s important at the moment, it’s just that it’s also rather dull and predictable at times as a result too.  First, right from the get go we are shown that Lelouch has indeed thought through the whole Tian Zi abduction thing (he even has steps in the plan), but it’s his overconfidence like last episode that ultimately proves his semi-undoing this time around.  Before any of that happens though we are almost instantly thrown into the first duel of the episode and despite being the shortest one it’s the only one I really thought was well done.  Toudou the master squares off against his old apprentice in Suzaku and with the new Zangetsu that is on par with it proves that skill and experience triumph in the end.  Though I’m a little surprised at his using the forbidden city as a shield as I had him pegged as a more honorable fighter then that.  On the other hand he knows Suzaku well and had to have known that Suzaku wouldn’t have fired and it would give everyone the chance to make their getaway.

Suzaku really does seem to be developing a Javert like personality and his single minded obsession with getting Zero has lead to a series of losses not the first of which is his pretty sound defeat at the hands of Toudou.  It’s been a running theme in this series that those who are obsessed with grasping something seem to lose in the long run.  Either way once Lelouch makes his getaway people we finally get to hear the reasons behind the abduction of Tian Zi which turn out to be a desire to convert the Chinese Federation into a friendly territory (to him) that will be able to rival Britannia and challenge Britannia on the world stage and he needs her approval to do it.  This was made easier and harder at the same time by Li’s involvement in getting the ball rolling and doing part of his work for him by throwing the country into a revolution that will require reformation.  Of course explaining this to her isn’t exactly easy so we can see how this is going to be a problem that Kaguya will have to solve.  Very tricky and uncertain stuff, especially since right now the Eunuch General’s are firmly in control of the situation…or should I say Schneizel is.  In fact Schneizel’s involvement seems to one of a few things Lelouch didn’t count on, the others being Schneizel and Tian Zi’s absolulety childish and meek personality.

Speaking of Li, this episode marks his biggest moment in the series yet with his own mission to get Tian Zi back, and like all single-minded obsessions in the series it looks like he’s in control until he makes a slip and gets caught in a trap and to add insult to injury Tian Zi is still not back with him.  Let’s roll back here to when Li first starts his attack.  The Shen-Hu is clearly a powerful unit in it’s own right, but it seems to be for different reasons then other top class units.  Most of Shen-Hu’s success seems to come from it’s lack of a limiter that requires a pilot like Li who can handle the stresses it put on the pilot, not to mention it is convieniently tailored to his fighting style in almost every way.  I quiet liked it’s combat sequences in the episode other then the one with Karen.

The battle with Karen was was of two factors in the big battle in the second half that did not sit well with me.  For one the way it was resolved with Karen running out of energy all of a sudden with no explanation was quite lame and an outright momentum killer.  The whole duel looked like it was building to a huge battle of the Gar characters until suddenly just when it’s about to hit it’s climax it’s over like a failed orgasm for lack of a better analogy.  And really there’s no reason why the Guren should be running out of energy because while I entertained the thought that the radiation surge could be a major drain on the power source, Karen only fired one, while Li fired two and was still going pretty much fine.  Major cop out there.

The other part was the use of terrain effects again as a way to shift the momentum in the battle.  While I found it interesting that the reason that Li was able to use the land that Lelouch didn’t know about against him and the way it was used as a personal shot against the Eunuch’s, this is like the nth time in a row that the terrain has been used as a deciding factor in an episode and it’s gotten pretty old fast.  I’d really like to see something new introduced into these tactical battles as they are becoming somewhat predictable.  The way things end it seems like they are trying to portray Li as a genius, but I think that is a bit of an exagerration and it’s moreso Lelouch’s overconfidence and lack of knowledge about the territory he’s fighting in that decided the outcome.  Li has the capacity to plan, but he’s really no more or less smarter then Lelouch, but he just happened to have the home field advantage.  Now that I think about it, I find that the two share a lot in common other then their leadership capabilities.  Both were outcasts in their youth, both have a girl who they have vowed to grant a better life, both have the admiration of their immediate subordinates, and both like to use those god dang terrain effects all the time to eek out the victory.

Really though the battle was more of a stalemate in that Lelouch managed to get away with Tian Zi, but lost Karen and Li managed to get away with Karen as a bargaining chip, but lost Tian Zi.  There’s little doubt in my mind that they are trying to set up a love triangle between Karen, C.C and Lelouch now, although I’m not entirely certain if C.C is even really a part of the picture.  It still looks more like strict business with them now and that all the stuff that happened at the end of the first season has faded in their minds.  Maybe Jeremiah’s reappearance soon will bring that all back to the forefront.  Anyway this new found favouritization of Karen almost costs Lelouch bad in this episode….

For a second there I though that Lelouch was going to contradict his earlier decision to put the needs of the many over the needs of the few, which was his greatest weakness as a leader, but luckily he listened to Diethard’s advice and realized that a battle that had already been pretty much decided wasn’t worth risking even more of his people for and that the battle could be won at a later date.  That is if the reinforcements from India actually show up, which has been called into question by the realization that they are apparently playing both sides of the conflict. 

Though Lelouch may have an unexpected ally joining him next episode if the Eunuch’s betrayal is any indication.  How typically short sighted of these guys to look at the immediate coup d’etat attempt as a sign that they need to turn to Schneizel for help in dealing with the Black Knights.  While it’s obvious that Li’s truce with them was only going to last as long as he needed in order to get Tian Zi back, they should have waited until he had done that for them and then betrayed him, because now this man possessed has every reason to cut ties with them and hook up with the Black Knights to drive Britannia and the Eunuch’s that destroyed dissolved the sovereignty of the Chinese Federation out of the country.  They have a similar agenda that brings about the country they would both prefer and it’s as simple as an exchange of hostages and reconciliation that could be the start of a beautiful friendship.  I see this happening as while Li has no love for the Black Knights, he absolutely despises Britannia and the Eunuch’s and this has to be the last straw.

So while the battle in this episode was kind of ho hum it also featured some of the most interesting developments in the series in a while and I expect episode 11 to contain about just as many judging by the apparent re-introduction of Jeremiah, C.C ‘s head insignia and the doppleganger Lelouch that needs explanation, not to mention how Anya has a picture of Lelouch from when he was a kid.  Not the best episode overall with it’s rather forced battle clinchers and some of the most gratuitous usage of Pizza Hut product placements yet, but still satisfying as usual.  The fact that I said called it so many times is not exactly something I like to be able to say about an episode though.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


25 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 10 (Big Trouble In Little China)”

  1. 1 Epi June 17, 2008 at 2:53 am

    The problem with all these ‘tactics’ in CG is that they totally require you to believe that tactics were actually used. Unlike say in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, where the tactics are actually explained in detail and sound pretty cool in a ‘cool why didn’t I think of that’ kind of way because they are bounded by realistic boundaries, CG is bounded by nothing.

    Lulu and Li can manufacture any sort of outcome possible by the writers just saying ‘they prepared beforehand some ridiculous thing so there’, and of course the massively overpowered Celestial Being mecha trump all.

    At least the first season was a lot more grounded until the time that Zero got the flying mecha with the dual Hadron cannons. Now it’s just getting silly…

    I’m just hoping for more high school hijinks and crazyness (a la Euphie going insane) because the ‘intellectual’ part of this show has long lost me and I assume most of it’s audience.

  2. 2 EvilDevil June 17, 2008 at 4:33 am

    “all of a sudden with no explanation was quite lame and an outright momentum killer.”
    actually, if u remember a couple of scenes before, the machine needed recharging. one of the engineers mentioned it and was worried that Kallen took it out before they finished with it…

  3. 3 EvilDevil June 17, 2008 at 4:37 am

    “this is like the nth time in a row that the terrain has been used as a deciding factor in an episode and it’s gotten pretty old fast.”
    not for me, one of the greater blunders in battles has always been the unfamiliarity of the terrain… many battles had been lost because of such issues…

  4. 4 Geoffrey June 17, 2008 at 7:27 am

    Tactics in Code Geass are extremely dumbed down. It’s generally one side is so dimwitted that the opposing side looks intelligent. While this is really a staple found in a lot of Anime, it feels out of place that two genius’ fall for such traps like that. It reminded me of Death Note, where the mental dueling was absolutely horrendous in the final part of the show (this show is probably the Banner Bearer for JUST AS PLANNED moments).

    You’d think Sunrise, having so many Mecha shows under their belt, would at least give us exciting action scenes but it wasn’t the case here.

    I found this episode pretty boring, but then again, I’m like that – I didn’t find the Zero Suit plan exciting either. I really do hope they bring back the show to stuff similar to the glorious first dozen of episodes.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama June 17, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    @Epi: Well not all anime can be Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, but I just want to see something other then the terrain the KF’s are standing on used as a decider. It’s gotten really old fast and I’m rather frustrated now that it’s been used this much.

    @EvilDevil: Yes many have, but you’d think they’d come prepared for it now in this series judging by just how many times it’s happened, but they don’t.

    @Geoffrey: I wouldn’t say dumbed down so much as they have gotten stale and predictable by this episode. And I wouldn’t say that the action scenes in this episode weren’t exciting for the most part, it’s just the duel with Karen that felt like a cop out at the end. Most of Shen-Hu’s debut was pretty darn neat looking with him whipping the KF’s into each other and pulling some G’s. They gave us exciting action scenes this episode, it’s just they felt cheapened by the end result.

  6. 6 Camario June 17, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    This one is closer to a seven or so on my own scale, since I was bothered by some of the same issues, just not nearly as much and still enjoyed the episode.

    The thing is, Code Geass has always had a pretty rushed pace…but it seems that, in this particular episode and a couple others, there’s really not enough build-up -no need for spelling out, just build-up- for the tactics Zero or his opponents end up using.

    Some circumstances allow for that, but here that really wasn’t the best choice, or at least it wasn’t executed so well.

    Yes, Code Geass in general still dumbs things down, but sometimes it does so quite well, if I may say so, so that’s not what I’d point out.

    I’m not so much bothered by the use of terrain per se as by the way in which it came up pretty much out of nowhere this time. A better execution of the same concept, that is with a little build-up, wouldn’t even make me flinch.

    But Legend of the Galactic Heroes this is not, I’d agree, even if we just consider series length alone. That series is massive (110 episodes for the main story) and, for the most part, has a consistent, moderate pace all along.

    I suppose part of the problem is that, believe it or not, Code Geass probably won’t get a third season, as such, and the staff is trying to cram too many things in certain episodes, with uneven results. Certain battles which, in something like LOGH, could always take a little more time, end up being reduced to their bare essentials.

    I hope that the later episodes make up for it, in any case.

    On a different note, there were about three dialogue bits pretty much foreshadowing that the Guren or at least some other frame wasn’t recharged and would thus end up running out of energy. Not exactly my favorite plot device, to say the least, but it didn’t come out of nowhere. I really hope it’s not reused though.

  7. 7 masterkeyes2 June 17, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    “Code Geass’ OST Isn’t A Great One”

    Pfft not true, its one of my top ten! I love Nakagawa’s work personally so I may be slightly biased.

    At any rate I am rather disappointed that Sunrise has taken a turn to using laster cannon’s and flying mecha(again) in the Knightmare battles. One reason I liked the show so much because the Knightmare’s were essentially ground forces, like a calvary. Now they are just really advanced jet fighters and personally it takes the fun out of everything.

    I gather Code Geass is so fast paced because it needs to be. I haven’t heard a thing about a third season so I imagine this is it. Overall I liked the episode, there were a couple of interesting points for me. The top two being A) Anya’s possible connection to Lelouch, it could be a hint at that ‘shadowy past’ thats mentioned in her new type introduction, and Lelouch’s desperation to save Kallen. Since last episode I was wondering if he was beginning to see her more as then just a subordinate, which is good for me being a KallenxLelouch fan hehe.

    Though for some reason I doubt romance is ever going to be truly resolved in this show. Mostly because I believe the main character will end up dead before the end. As much as I like Lelouch I can’t see him living.

    Any who next episode looks interesting, can’t wait to see how Li manages to get out of this pinch.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama June 17, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    @masterkeyes2: Well you could sort of see the tech evolution heading in the direction of Hadron Cannon’s becoming mainstream. Basically the rules of war have changed, but the tactics for winning them haven’t at all apparently.

    Next episode looks to be a critical one though. By the end of it I can see a lot changing in how it looks like it will deal with C.C, the war in China and Jeremiah all in one. I predict a Li/Lelouch alliance, but the other stuff in the preview looks entirely new. Jeremiah is likely to be our wild card in this series just like Ali was in Gundam 00. I really hope he’s used well in that regard.

  9. 9 masterkeyes2 June 17, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    I am sick of Jeremiah honestly. The way they keep bringing him back reminds me of in DBZ a villain would never die because he would always have some “ace-in-the-hole” three times over before he would actually die. I just wish the next time they imply he is dead, he is actually dead.

    As for a Li/Lelouch alliance….I doubt it actually. Even if it does happen Lelouch or Li is going to turn on each other before it ends. The one thing the next episode may clear up is some of the mystery behind Geass. Maybe it will explain what the hell that door on Kameniji leads to.

    Also I am not to clear on the Gundam 00 references, never having watched show, so forgive me if they fly over my head.

    By the way I do like your new reviewing style. The pictures and then impressions is much better than just the plain old summary and impressions. One thing that bugs me though is why every word starts off with a capital letter in the screen caps?

  10. 10 Epi June 18, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Kaioshin, I guess I am just disappointed because the director of the show is none other than Taniguchi Goro. He’s the same guy who brought us Infinite Ryvius and Planetes, which are two of my favorite shows. Both of those shows were heavily character driven shows which also included a lot of technology in a realistic kind of way with very real world limits into what could be done. It was this respect of reality which made those shows special.

    Meanwhile CG has turned from a damn good character-driven first season mixed with decent mecha battles with some very minor ‘GSD trainwreck’ influences (such as Lulu’s super flying hadron-cannon totting mecha in the last 2 eps) into a fully blown silly overpowered mecha show in the last episode.

  11. 11 Geoffrey June 18, 2008 at 8:03 am

    “I gather Code Geass is so fast paced because it needs to be. I haven’t heard a thing about a third season so I imagine this is it.”

    If it’s 25 or so episodes and there won’t be another season, it needs to get the ball going. Pronto. Not dicking around with skirmishes like this.

    What I am worried about is Marianne, CC/VV, and the Emperor. They need to be covered adequately and while they’ve got bits and pieces here and there, Marianne has kind of disappeared off the planet considering we know next to nothing about her since the last episode of last season.

  12. 12 hyzen June 18, 2008 at 10:02 am

    True. It seems they are making plot twists for the sake of plot twisting.

    On the other hand, I love the Shen-hu. Maybe it’s the clown face. Or the RGM79 Ball core.

  13. 13 Moomba June 18, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    I have to say I’m a little dissapointed by the lack of Geass use onscreen in the past few episodes, and as far as we know, Lelouch has only actually used it once in that time.

    I hope we find out soon what Anya’s connection to Lelouch is, what with the young prince picture and all and I’m really curious how Lelouch manages to have a completely identical double.

    Big fan of the Karen x Lelouch and hopefully x C.C. triangle xD

    I really think Lelouch should team up with Li; after all, he’s really lacking in allies at the moment, especially with India playing to both sides and Rolo back in Ashford Academy. The odds aren’t really very fair with 3 Knight of Rounds and the entire Chinese army against the Order without their ace. Li might just balance it a little, especially in Shen-hu.

    Like someone said earlier, we really need to hear more about Marianne and the true circumstances surrounding her death and her connection to C.C. I actually sorta like Jeremiah’s return; I like the one sided nemesis idea where Lelouch finds him as no more than a pest. I really wanna hear more about these “tune ups” that he’s been given that make him more than a match for C.C. For that matter, I’d really like to know what the hell Code R has done to him, what his eye does etc since we haven’t actually seen anything of it yet.

    I get the feeling I might be rambling so I’mma stop typing now.

  14. 14 Kaioshin Sama June 18, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    @Masterkeyes2: The capital letter thing is a habit I have left over from the days of classic summaries because I felt it drew attention to the captions (which it apparently does) that might otherwise be skipped or go unnoticed. I’ll have to work that out of my system.

    The reason I see a Lelouch/Li alliance, is because Li is otherwise caught between a rock and a hard place with the Eunuch’s and Black Knights both after him for different reasons. Right now allying with the Black Knights looks like a good way to defend himself and they both have something the other one wants as well. It could be very beneficial and the two of them together might just be enough to take on the seemingly unbeatable Schneizel.

    Anyway, Ali Al-Sarches was basically a character that worked for nobody but himself and would infiltrate armies steal mobile suits and do whatever it tooks to keep himself on the field of battle where he could do the only thing in life that mattered to him, fight and kill. He ended up with more kills than any other character in the series (besides perhaps Alejandro Corner) before being shut down by one of the Gundam pilots before the first season finale. Though it looks like he survived, albeit it with some injuries. Jeremiah could be the same type of character.

    @Epi: No we’re nowhere near close to GSD, that series had long since ceased being at all intereting to me, while this show maintains it’s interesting qualities under different circumstances and just had a questionable episode this time around. The show still very much has it’s great character driven moments, even in this episode, but it also had it’s rather bland action sequences. I think two teams might have worked on the first and second halves action choreagraphy separately because the first halves action was great while the second halves was mediocore at best.

    I don’t think it’s possible to have a minor trainwreck either. It’s either off the rails completely (Gundam Seed Destiny, Dragonaut The Resonance, Nanoha StrikerS) or it’s on them completely. This is more like a bump in the track that only a few people notice and lecture about to the conductors at Sunrise.

    @Geoffrey: The Newtype spoilers hint that Marianne and the Emperor are going to come back into focus in the next few episodes or so. Something about when they were young.

    @Hyzen: The plot twist thing has died down a little since episode 05, now it’s mostly new developments. Though I guess the Eunuch’s sudden betrayal is a plot twist so hooraaaaaaaaaay! As for Shen-Hu I like the design a lot to. It looks more like the mask representing Drama or one of those Noh-Mask’s to me more then it does a clown mask. Gundam Heavyarms Custom’s half faceplate with more of a clown mask then Shen-Hu’s.

    @Moomba: No I pretty much think you have some excellent points. Specifically I am also a bit surprised at the lack of on-screen Geass use. It is a big part of the series (it’s in the title after all) so the lack of showing it being used is a bit surprising. Maybe they think people are tired of seeing that same old animation over and over. I know I was a bit.

  15. 15 Epi June 18, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    GSD was still a pretty good series by episode 10. Don’t forget 🙂

  16. 16 Seazn June 19, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    The Guren ran out of energy faster because it never got refuelled from its previous battle with the Knight of Rounds back in Episode… 7?

    Yeah, I know, ridiculous. Here we have the only knightmare capable of killing everything in its path and they don’t even bother refuelling it for 3-5 days. They repaired the Zangetsu instantly! It’s strange.

    But they did explain they never refuelled the Guren back when you said ‘Most Annoying Character In The Show’ ;P Pay more attention. The guy next to him tells him they never refeulled it yet and then he says ‘Don’t worry, it can beat the Rounds’.

  17. 17 Kaioshin Sama June 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    I’ve got to confess, I was rather rushed this week due to having company and thus I had to do everything I wrote in about an hour and 15 minutes so there are probably a lot of things I failed to pick up on and missed. The Tamaki thing is noted, but still what a let down of a finish. The whole energy thing is something that I know is rarely given all that much consideration. It’s relevant when it’s needed and never dealt with when it’s not, but rarely does it have the potential to effect a storyline this drastically.

    It was handled better in 00 I think where we knew that Trans-Am would leave the Gundams in a state of reduced performance such that after Exia’s final battle with the Alvaaron it was so drained that Graham’s GN-Flag could actually fight on par with it or arguably even better. That was an interesting turn of events, Karen’s sudden loss a little different without any 15 minute plus buildup to it. I think if there was more of a build up that showed her wasting a lot of energy (ala Gundam 00) I would have been more okay with it.

  18. 18 No Sushi :( June 21, 2008 at 6:31 am

    I’m not going to criticize your views on this episode or anything (though I most certainly disagree with some), Kaioshin-san, just wanted to point out a few things that a person who likes to read between the lines like you might want to know.

    First of all, considering Karen’s little energy problem in this episode. You seem convinced that it was illogical and a let down for the directors to use such an over-used plot device, but the reason is there if you look close enough. Please recall that Karen’s Guren had been active ever since the Black Knight’s excursion from the Forbidden Capital. Even though it wasn’t shown in active combat until the fight with Shen Hu, the fact remains that Karen used it in continuous flight mode until they met up with the Ikaruga, which must have taken longer than everyone seems to think here (consider the fact that the Black Knights only just arrived at the Ikaruga when the Chinese Federation caught up with them and deployed Shen Hu. All this can’t very well happen in a 5-minute time frame like the episode showed us. Hours must have passed between the Black Knight ambush on the Federation’s vanguard and the rendez-vous with the Ikaruga. Hours spent in flight mode for both the Guren and the Zangetsu.). Also, Karen deployed the radiation surge shield once against the enemy helicopters and surely must have participated in the ambush attack as well. All this adds to the heavy energy drain on the Guren, leaving it with only one radiation blast left during the fight with the Shen Hu. Hope it makes more sense now. Counter-arguments are welcome.

    Other things that seem to have irked you include the use of terrain tactics and overpowered mechas. While I’m sure everyone’s entitled to be annoyed with repetition and Deus ex machina, I feel that CG has good reason to use them in this episode, as well. Those two elements are prevalent in ancient Chinese war strategies. I don’t know the exact Chinese statements, but I can give you the Vietnamese version and translations for reference. Basically, to win a battle, you need three elements:
    “Thiên thời,
    Địa lợi,
    Nhân hòa”
    Roughly translated, you need the favour of the heavens, knowledge of the earth (or terrain to be more specific), and most importantly, the human factor.

    The favour of the heavens could come when an army is fighting for a
    just cause (well, everyone believes they fight for a just cause, so this factor is kind of meh and the least important factor) or when the weather is in favour of one army over the other. This doesn’t show much in CG ep 10, though one might say Lelouch’s cause is unjust because he seeks dominance over a country through dishonest means (taking Tian Zi hostage) while Xingke has this favour because he is fighting to save Tian Zi, a noble and just cause.

    Knowledge of the terrain is the second most important factor, and shows through Lelouch’s preparations for the ambush and the for the flood attack. What he didn’t count on was the terrible irrigation system that Xingke knew about and used in his strategy. That’s one more point for Xingke. Also, the use of a water attack is fairly common in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One famous example is Guan Yu’s use of a dam to flood Fan Cheng, thus capturing some of Cao Cao’s best generals (source: CG modified this, keeping the effect such a tactic would have on the enemy (disabling them) while simultaneously a shot at the treacherous eunuchs and their corrupt ways. I thought this was a nice and refreshing remake of a famous tactic, not an overuse of terrain tactics as you mentioned.

    The final and most important deciding factor of a battle is the human factor, or more precisely, troop morale. In Three Kingdoms, each army’s generals have a strong impact on troop morales, and some battles were decided shortly after a duel between generals, wherein the victor’s army often win. Thus, Karen’s defeat can be translated as Lelouch’s own defeat, as morale dropped immediately after she was captured, despite Lelouch’s efforts at raising morale when he decided to save her. In fact, his decision led to an even worse defeat. In episode 10’s battle, Lelouch’s army didn’t possess any of the factors leading to victory, so naturally, he lost. I’m fairly certain that was the intention of Sunrise when they made this chapter (that or they were very lucky to come up with such a story) and IMO the episode shouldn’t be taken as cliched or reliant on Deus ex machina to move the plot. Rather it’s a nice throwback to the Chinese classics, also befitting the arena. On the same note, India’s betrayal is also a reference to RoTK, since betrayal is fairly common between feudal lords of that time.

    If you want to know more about this whole mumbo jumbo I’m talking about, Kaioshin-san (there’s a chance that you already know, but just in case…), try reading RoTK or its more drastic manhua adaptation, Ravages of Time. I guarantee both are works well worth your time.

    PS: Sorry about the humongous comment, I just can’t resist rambling about RoTK 😀

  19. 19 Kaioshin Sama June 21, 2008 at 10:02 am

    @No Sushi:

    All of those things I have indeed taken note of including Li’s just cause giving him an edge here, the shoddy irrigation due to the Eunuch’s corruption (well written and executed) and the morale (everybody had there hopes riding on Karen and to see her, the most powerful pilot falter makes the lesser men now quiver before Li) as well as the energy thing, but I just wasn’t to thrilled by seeing them. It’s kind of a personal thing, technically well executed situations, but just not as well received as it could (should?) be on my end going by some reasons I’ve already listed. The low mark is actually mostly a result of the product placement in the episode getting on my nerves.

    And that rating thing you see at the bottom of each episode post might as well be interpreted as a personal enjoyment meter where 10 is me being absolutely thrilled by the end of an episode and 1 (never happened) is me ready to gouge my eyes out. It’s not a rating of the episode on a technical scale per se, but how much I enjoyed it. Since it’s almost impossible for me to rate an episode objectively I don’t really even try.

    Let me just clear one thing up though and that is that I don’t find the mecha unreasonably overpowered at all. The technology has been evolving in Code Geass and there’s been lots of good exposition of the science front of the whole series that shows that things like Hadron cannons and Laksharta’s Radiation surge system are now becoming a standard so to speak. Tech races happen in real life and that’s something we are getting in R2 a bit as we finally get to see some of the latest 7th generation frames that kicked off with Lancelot.

    Essentially the only reason Lancelot was so overwhelming initially is that it was the only KF of it’s generation with all the technology that Lloyd put into it. Now there’s the new Guren, Vincent, Tristan, Mordred, Zangetsu and Shinkirou among others that all appear to be part of the 7th generation. You know how in games like Advance Wars you have tanks all the way up to Mega Tanks now. Well essentially those 7 are like Megatanks while every other KF is like a tank and if you’ve ever played Advance Wars you’d know a tank is no real match for a Megatank. That’s how it works though because those are the breaks of technology.

    Another example, it’s like playing Civilization and having stealth bombers before everyone else is still stuck in the tank stage. The series is in a twilight now where both 6th and 7th generation KF’s are being fieled at the same time so things are a little imbalanced and you know what, I’m okay with that because it’s very much deliberate.

    One last thing to add to your comment, from everything I’ve read from the Dynasty Warriors game it seems like whenever somebody (Zhuge Liang it always seemed) wanted to use psychological warfare they’d end up burning down the food supply stocks of the enemy army and everyone over in that camp would freak out. Soldiers must have really love their food and lots of it. :/

  20. 20 Haesslich June 21, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Shouldn’t that be translated more as the “Mandate of Heaven” rather than the favor of heaven, at least that’s how I’ve usually seen it in English. It combines both ‘heaven’s will’ as well as the ‘will of the people’ in one easy to propagandize message, and affects morale.

    Kaoshin: You know what Napoleon said about armies and stomachs.

    As for this ep, I do wonder why they couldn’t have taken five minutes to refuel, given that Suzaku got a power filler during the Kyuushu invasion and topped off despite being out of power fairly quickly, thanks to Gawain’s intervention.

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