Code Geass R2 Episode 11 (The Real Romance Of The Three Kingdoms)

You Should Smile A Little, It Would Look Good On You….You Know…For A Change

So a lot of things come to pass in this episode that I had forseen to some degree, but nothing I predicted with regard to the episode itself can compare to the fact that I was dead on when predicting that DarkMirage would use the Shinkirou to make himself look cooler and has in fact started referring to it as the Dark Mirage.  Mindtaking or just kind of obvious, you be the judge, either way you gotta take what you can get in this business.  I myself used Graham Acre a number of times to make myself look cooler. :p Still this pseudo newtype power to predict the behavioural patterns of people I barely even know is getting scary.  And now the episode.

Closed Captioning Brought To You By Late Nights And Lots Of Coke Zero:

You Know I’d Call “Lelouch” The Perfect Gentleman, But Let’s Hold On A Sec.  Also Good To See That Arthur Is Back Home Again


It’s The Old Bookcase As A Secret Passage Cliche.  Also Note The Label On The Book’s Spinse Which Say’s Encyclopedia Britannia Vol 5.  Somebody At Sunrise Has A Rather Amusing Parodical Sense Of Humour

Aaaahh!  It Is Sayoko With A Prosthetic Mask, Wig And Voice Modulator.  I Guess When You Think About It Then She’s A Reasonable Pick To Play Lelouch For However Long Is Necessary At Certain Points.   Also The Way The Voice Changes From Jun Fukuyama’s To Satomi Arai’s Midsentence As She Pulled Off The Mask Was Some Crazy Audio Mixing.  It Had Me Playing The Scene Back A Couple Times In It’s Whoa Factor

I Don’t Know, Is The Schneizel Faction More Of A Wei Or A Wu?  I’m Leaning Towards Wei.  Also Wow This Complicates Things A Little Eh…..

Oh But It Gets “Better”

Mmmmmmm, I Feel Like I’m Being Looked Down Upon Somehow

I Love How Laksharta Is Always Lying Down No Matter What.  It Could Be An Evacuation Call And She Probably Wouldn’t Move.  Also Not That C.C Is Missing And Cheese-Kun Is In Her Place

Whoa, She’s Got The Divergence Eve Thing Going On When She Turns Around, Anyone Remember That Show?  No?  Good…..

Man I Think The Eunuch’s Are The First Faction I Can Safely Say Have No Real Reedeeming Values.  They’ve Also Kind Of Signed Their Resignation Letters Should They Fail to Win This Battle.  I Doubt Trying To Kill Your Empress Would Look Good On Your Political Service Record

Such Confidence…..You Know What That Means…..

Li’s Side Has Got To Be The Shu Because That Allows Him To Be Liu Bei AKA Justice And Virtue And Boy Does Li Show It In This Episode.  His Gar Points Are Pretty Much Off The Scale

The Cocky Classless Noble Versus The Virtuous Peasant, Rock On Li

Yeah Those Seventh Generation KF’s Are Kind Of A Pain In All The High End Weaponary And Shielding They’ve Got On Them.  Mass Production Types Not Quite So Much, But Still, We’ve Seen What These Vincents And Akatsuki’s Can Do On Their Own.  This Is Late Stage Tech Tree Stuff Right Here.  Also I’m Sorry But Those Seats Cannot Possibly Be Comfortable

Anyone Kind Of Turned On Right Now Raise Your Hand *Looks To His Own Right*,  Hey Don’t Do That! *Slaps Hand Down*

Yeah Mordred Is Kind Of Like A Heavyarms And Gundam Virtue Rolled Into One

It Even Has It’s Own Forcefield, But Again Has That Classic Weakness Of Most Sunrise Mecha Forcefields.  Can You Guess It? It Doesn’t Do Shit Against Slow Velocity Objects.  Kind Of Reminds Me Of The Goa’Uld Shield Devices That Only Respond When A Certain Level Of Kinetic Energy Is Applied Within It’s Effect Radius

Whoa Slow Down Their Nina, This is A Purely Interference Deal For The Wei Side

Besides Schneizel Can’t Afford To Have Blood On His Hands Here

Oh That’s It, He’s Planning Something For Sure, There’s No Reason Lelouch Would Even Ask That Question Unless He Needs The Answer On A Live Channel

I’m Not Even Sure What To Call Tristan’s Combination Attack Here.  It Has The Power Of A Hadron Cannon, But Seems Kind Of Like A Liability When He Needs To Form It.  Looks Damn Cool Though Regardless.  Feasability In Technology Really Isn’t The Issue When It Comes To Sci-Fi Mecha Series Anyway.  Exceptions Are Votoms, Mobile Police Patlabor And Heavy Metal L-Gaim Off The Top Of My Head.  Also Eunuch’s Don’t Answer That….

No! Eunuch’s Why Do You Have To Be So Egotistical, That’s Like Brutal For Popular Support If This Speech Gets Out.  Also Gotta Love How The Image Is On Anya When The Stepping on Ants Quote Is Dealt.  She’s A Lolidom Character For Sure


Garness x100

Nice Design…..

He’s Kind Of Got The Dracula Pose Going Here….It Was Not By My Hands That I Am Once Again Given Combat Potential….Hmmm…No Eh…..

Holy Crap He’s Got Uber Micro


Man They Really Love The Stomach Beams In This Series

It’s A Reflector Beam, Pretty Brutal

Hmmm, Well I Guess It Was To Much To Imagine That Mordred Would Fall That Easily

A Demonstration Of Heroism To Win The Favour Of Shu Eh….Oh And I Guess The OoTBK Is Wu, But Don’t Ask Me Why

What’s This?!  Full Scale Civilian Rebellion On Top Of Li’s Coup D’Etat, That’s Not Looking Good For The Eunuch’s

See That’s Why They Needed To Keep Quiet,  But They Are The Eunuchs After All, Never Know When To Zip It

A Trap To Reveal The Eunuchs Treachery To All Of China, And Tian Zi Was The Bait?!  Lelouch You Sly Dog, And Not Only That, But You Knew About Li’s Rebellion

What Can’t Be? Stupid Cryptic Dialogue, Argggh!

Wow!  One Wing Binder Gets Chopped Off And Mordred Falls Like A Solid Rock.  Guess It’s Own Bulk Is It’s Own Greatest Weakness Eh?


You Know, You’ve Gotta Love How Schneizel Is Such An Honorable Fellow Even In All Of His Scheming.  The Eunuchs Have Lost The Support Of The People And Thus He Will Not Recognize Them As Legitimate Represenatives.  Deals Off, No Britannian Peerage And It’s Time To Leave Since His Business Here Is Over

Again, Sometimes I Just Love The Dialogue.  This Ties Into The Whole Chess Game That Was A Prelude To This Battle Of Wits That They Were Anticipating And The Question Remains, Through It All, Whoever The Victor May Be, What Would The Emperor Have Done?  Probably Not Have Backed Down Like Schneizel.  Is Lelouch Ready To Handle Charles I Wonder….A Man Who Refuses To Ever Show Any Weakness Or Capitulation In His Lust For Power? 

Yeah Sucks To Be The Eunuchs

And Li Dispatches Justice On The Eunuchs At Last.  It’s Rare That I Lust For The Blood Of Any Characters, But They’re Degree Of Treachery And Lack Of Any Redeeming Moral Values Has No Place In This Story Any Longer

I Don’t See You Having A Choice There Lelouch.  Karen And The Guren Are On The Avalon Heading Back To Britannia And Until You Can Muster A Full Counterattack She’s As Out Of Reach As Nunally Was Before Becoming The Governor General

So It Looks Like Jeremiah Is Almost Ready To Burst Back Onto The Scene.  Apparently He’s Been Rebuilt Again As A Cyborg Somehow And Undergone Further Experimentation That Has Something To Do With Recreating C.C’s Power.  What That Means Remains To Be Seen

How About No Marriage And Just A Formal Alliance?  Stop Using The Loli Like A Damn Pawn!

But You Never Want to Use It Anymore Do You?

Hmmmm So It Seems Like Lelouch Has Been Keeping Tabs On Things Back Home A Little Through Shirley.  Makes Sense Given That Sayoko Can’t Play Him All The Time

Oh My God, Is He Asking Shirley For Advice….Looooooooove Advice…..Actually He Really Does Need Help In This Category

Shirley’s Delivery On This Line Is Hilarious

This Looks Like The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

House Calls Eh?

Hmmm So There’s A Little Bit Of Information On What Lelouch’s Real Objective Is On Gaining Power In China Other Then As A Power To Challenge Britannia…..Oh And Um Yeah C.C’s Relaxing Semi-Naked Here

Well That’s Just One Of Things He Can Confer By going Back To Area 11, the Other Is

Yeah, In Order To Get To Karen He Needs To Go Through Britannia And The Knight Of Rounds, Those Are Kind Of Overwhelming Odds For The Time Being

I Smell Suzaku Behind This One


Well it looks like the China arc is done for the time being and Lelouch is in the process of securing a valuable ally and pool of resources in Li, Tian Zi and the Chinese Federation.  Things aren’t set in stone yet though, but I think he has more then a few chits he can call in when the time comes.  The whole Tian Zi abduction thing is fully explained now (See I never called it a nonsense plot twist like others because I preferred to wait and low and behold not only does it all add up in the end, but it’s part of a multi-layered plan Lelouch thought up on the fly) and while we found out last episode that he planned to use her as a way to gain power in China, we also find out he had anticipated Li’s rebellion and that he could lure the Eunuchs into a trap by getting them to show their true colours in a faux negotation with them.  The Eunuchs are honestly comically inept leaders and it makes me wonder how they managed to keep things stable in China for so long without an uprising.  Well we sure as hell see that here once Diethard (I’m assuming) leaks their speech to the general public.

Lelouch basically played the Schneizel card of winning by not winning again which really seemed to be the overall theme of the arc and reversed the fortune of the Eunuchs so quickly and so brutally that it was pretty much over the second they started talking to him.  Of course he also needed to pull a hero bit and that is how we get to meet the Shinkirou which boasts what looks like the Knightmare Frame equivalent of a Pin Point Barrier as well as a cluster bomb type weapon that has a really wide area of effect.  It’s also boasts the neat little Druid System which seems almost destined for use by Lelouch in that it eliminates his poor ability to operate KF’s by standard control methods and lets him use a method of control he’s good with, that being a keyboard.  According to Nina this takes some considerable skill though and I have to imagine it has other uses as well for something so showy.  Oh and the Shinkirou also seems to be a transformable KF as well in that it is scene emerging in a submarine like form when Lelouch arrives back in Japan.

Despite how much Lelouch accomplished in this episode in furthering solidfying his power base, I think Li Xing-Ke honestly stole the show a bit here.  It was he who started off the gar bit by realizing that he had been betrayed and that he needed to trust in Zero who so far had done nothing to visibly harm Tian Zi like the Eunuchs were trying to, and then for him to jump in front of Tian Zi almost sacrificing his life for her was the ultimate show of devotion and selflessness for me.  Li has always been a pretty Just and Gar character, but this episode he just took it to new heights.  It was also him who did away with the Eunuchs once and for all, and I think he deserves a part of the credit for setting a lot of these events in motion.  Though if the two hadn’t worked together I couldn’t see this ending well.

Interestingly even from the beginning of Tian Zi’s abduction if Lelouch hadn’t swooped in and plucked Tian Zi away from Li then Suzaku probably would have just come in and put an end to things.  End of story, Tian Zi gets married and Wei Schneizel  wins.  Also without Li chasing after Lelouch and doing the temporary alliance with the Eunuchs he doesn’t get Shen-Hu and thus is not their to protect Tian Zi from the Eunuchs assasination attempt.  Tian Zi dies, Lelouch doesn’t get to be the hero, there is no alliance and probably no uprising either.  Wei wins again.  Only by stealing Tian Zi and provoking Li do the two seem to have a chance of reaching this happy ending where the “good guys” win total victory.  I know it’s a strange plot working, but Sunrise is full of strange plot workings.  That’s not a bad thing in my opinion though.

Other developments this episode include Karen being brought back to Britannia with Suzaku and the whole Geass Cult thing.  Firstly, Karen is out of the picture for the time being and really I can’t see what Lelouch could have done about it for the time being.  It wouldn’t exactly be a good idea to go chasing after Karen and losing sight of his current objectives, which is exactly what screwed him over in season 1 with Nunally.  Remember he’s learned from that mistake.  He has sworn to get her back though, but first he needs to head back to Japan where his main power base is, take some time off and find a way to actually do it as well as to take care of the Knight of Rounds who will be guarding her.  Also while he’s there he needs to find out more about the Geass Cult from Rolo who seems to be privy to a lot of secret Britannian intelligence.  On top of that there’s still a lot of unfinished business in the Ashford section of the story.  We till need to find out what exactly it is that caused the student body to forget about Nunally and suddenly recognize Rolo as Lelouch’s brother as well as to check up on what is happening with Nunally herself

Speaking of Ashford, I found the whole Shirley advice thing rather interesting as well as amusing.  For one it allows Lelouch to realize just how much Li is like him in his relationship with Tian Zi and allows him to develop a little empathy for the couple such that he ends up not interfering with their lives.  C.C seems to not that he has grown up a little in this regard when he starts using the power of hearts line, but what I think he really means by it is not just something cheesy, but also the power that two people can have to take on the world as he said.  That applies to him and Nunally, Li and Tian Zi and now apparently him and Li.  Worlds greatest team up indeed.  The other thing regarding Ashford is how Gino and Anya have apparently transferred there and I can only guess Suzaku asked them to keep tabs on Lelouch while he is busy interrogating Karen.  I guess if she breaks and reveals that he is indeed Zero then he’ll send the order to them to bring Lelouch in.  Talk about bringing his problems home with him.  Also, Anya shows a strange Geass like reaction when coming into contact with C.C and some memories of Marianne and Lelouch flash by in her mind as she loses focus of the battle.  It looks like there’s a lot more to her presence in the story then intially met the eye, but then again when is that isn’t the case with quiet loli types in Mecha franchises?

Anywhoo, I think I’ve covered everything other then Jeremiah’s pre-deployment bit, which implies he’s on his way back into the story, with some sort of Geass power to boot.  What is this Geass cult and what are it’s objectives exactly.  And once Lelouch finds it’s location how does he plan to take it over.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Speaking of crossing bridges when we get there, the next episode preview shows a lot of goofing running which seems to imply an episode featuring Ashford Antics ™.  While it’s obvious that there is some silly stuff going on next episode, I somehow doubt it’s going to be the sole feature of the episode.  I remember how I though episode 05 was going to be a total waste of time and boy was I proven wrong.  Of course I don’t really know if that will be the case with episode 12.  I tend to look at previews and write them off pretty quickly as few really show anything resembling what a next episode is going to be like in any anime.  Well what of episode 12 then…we’ll look at that next week when there’s some actual content to analyze.  I don’t care to speculate about that which I cannot effectively.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


17 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 11 (The Real Romance Of The Three Kingdoms)”

  1. 1 blissmo June 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    If Lulu doesn’t end up saving kallen soon I’m going to strangle him virtually 😛

  2. 2 Unentschieden June 23, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    As a whole the china ark worked out well even though they couldn´t resist to promote yet another toy. Notice how non-goon fights are never decided due to Knightmare issues but rather “Plot-Kryptonite”?

    But I liked that storyline. It actually was mostly a locical series of events. What I hate the most in this kind of show are Deus Ex Machinations. Remember Nunallys phone call? It was a thight situation for Lulu and he had to make a quick desicion for the “lesser evil” – expect that Rolo somehow could read minds or something. Honestly, how did he know Lulu needed help?

  3. 3 masterkeyes2 June 23, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    I have to say seeing the Eunuch Generals made me and my friends day. We , along with the rest of the world it seems, hated them with an undying hatred. All on all the episode felt like a transition in the second half with the exception of news on the cult. Now I don’t mean it as a bad thing, sometimes a break between plot points is needed. The whole thing with Xing and Tiazani was touching as well, also the part with Zero and him shaking hands.

    You have to admit they are incredibly similar. Both have younger girls who they are willing to risk their lives for, just to make them a bit happier. They also are incredibly intellectual, the big difference is in physical strength. Lastly both girls they have made promises for have become somewhat dependent on the people who they see as guardians.

    One thing I loved between them was the dialouge bit that tied in with episode 9: “I am beginning to understand what kind of person you are”. In episode 9 Shcnizel said it in a mocking manner, in this episode Xing said it with a certain amount of respect.

    I have to admit I am getting nervous with this Kallen getting captured thing. The way I see it, Britannia either A) brings her straight to the Emperor re-writes her memory and then sicks on her the Black Knights. OR B) They just let her rot in a cell. Either way I find it harder and harder to empathize with Suzaku, I just hope Kallen gets away I really don’t want her turning into a corpse or villain.

    Speaking of Suzaku its surprising he didn’t just straight out rush Zero when he appeared. From Episode 9 I was wondering if Suzaku is possibly learning to forgive, I remember Nina asking why he was stopping her from killing Zero…..You know I may do a character analysis for Suzaku, that would actually be fun.

    Oh and Kaoi you missed the best part of the preview though…and thats our favorite purple-haired princess coming back.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama June 23, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    @Lulu: I think he’ll be getting on that as soon as he reasonably can.

    @Unentschieden: When you don’t look at it as toy promotion and just see it as a new mecha being introduced there’s a lot less outrage I find. Being a mecha veteran to me it’s more about the robot and the fact that there’s a model kit for it doesn’t bother. Now the Pizza Hut stuff with the actual product in episode, that’s kind of annoying.

    @Masterkeyes2: Yes the dialogue can be really informative in and of itself as well as useful for getting across the themes of an arc. And Nina’s seeming a bit bloodthirsty in this arc. I don’t know if she’s just trying to hard to have a voice, but she wanted to go straight after the Black Knights (okay I know why that is) without regard for how it will make Schneizel look. That wasn’t his battle and he was merely running interference so him even lifting a finger to help is out of the question. Nina has a lot to learn about her place. Though she should consider herself lucky her immediate superior is Kanon who seems like the perfect gentleman and not somebody like Carares or Rohmeyer.

    And it should be neat to see Cornelia back if it is indeed her, but she’s not my favourite princess in the show. I’m also wondering how many people thought she was dead. I wonder where she could (have?) been and what Guilford might do if it is indeed her. Ditch Nunally and go over to Cornelia probably.

  5. 5 Haesslich June 23, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Does it count as an argument for nationalism if you’re trying to redo a shot from the Tienanmen Square protests with the students winning this time? Especially as Li Xingke could be seen as a proxy for the protesters who wanted change… if viewed through a particular ideological lens and the right biases. That, and they’ve got Xingke doing to the Eunuchs what some people undoubtedly wanted to do to certain Party leaders back when the whole mess happened.

    And Schneitzel didn’t disappoint me at all – he used the Eunuchs as I expected him to, and walked away from them once their usefulness had come to an end; in a way that the Eunuchs didn’t expect, but which was obvious from the very beginning of the arc. I will admit that I took some personal pleasure in watching them getting slashed (again), even if it’s becoming something of a signature move for Xingke (killing Eunuchs with bladed weapons).

    To be honest, I’m kinda disappointed in this arc being only two episodes or so long – I was expecting more of a break from the school comedy arc given that they’d gone to China, and this was supposedly going to be a big thing for the Knights. It was with Kallen’s capture… but outside of that, things were wrapped up too neatly, and it felt almost like a deus ex machina plot with the way the new Frame Lulu got turned the tide, by setting him up as a hero protecting Tianzi and Li Xingke. I -think- that’s what made some bloggers grumble – that things get tied up in a neat, tidy package the next episode. As has often happened in the past (Nunnally’s reappearance, the threat of Rollo-assassination, and now the China arc), things get wrapped up by the next episode, when it COULD have gone on with a little more maneuvering of pieces that would’ve explained how Lulu’s plan came together without the rather sudden reveals that seem to pop out of a magician’s hat.

    As for Anya, she’s moving away from the ‘throwaway character’ introduction she had… which is making her plot more interesting to me. I do want to see how Lulu’d react if it turns out she knows him as well as family… or if she calls him ‘nii-san’. 😉

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama June 23, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    @Haesslich: Awww Shoot! I forget to mention that. Yes I picked up on the one shot with the tank firing it’s gun to try and surpress the crowd and them retaliating with molitov cocktails. The second I saw it my eyebrows shot up as there again was Sunrise treading dangerous territory in it’s imagery again. I expected Crusader to have something to say about it being the expert on that sort of thing, but he’s oddly silent for the time being.

    And yes Weiner Schneizel is indeed a smart guy who fights wars without even lifting a finger most of the time. You’ve gotta love how he dropped the Eunuch’s just like that, I imagine an inner dialogue going something like, “Oh dear, it seems the Eunuch’s no longer have any power. Well we’re not going to be touching that sinking ship, t’was a good effort. Right then time to go home.”

    I don’t think the arc has a neat and tidy ending per se and it’s still open pending a formal treaty that makes the United States of China or whatever a reality. You’d think Lelouch would go back to his own territory at Penglai instead of all the way back to Japan. My only theory could be that he needs Rolo for something in person. Perhaps he’s the key factor he needs against the Knight of Rounds that he claims he needs to go to Japan to find a way overcome quickly and he’s come to collect him. Apparently he also needs to find the exact location of the Geass Cult, but how that relates to Japan I don’t know other then apparently Rolo knows something. Killing two birds with one stone perhaps?

    Oh and I do like where Anya is headed now, but Gino is still kind of pointless to the story unfortunately. It’s his status as a Knight of Rounds that makes Suzaku’s team a deadly trio instead of a troublesome duo that he contributes more then anything and not much else.

  7. 7 Haesslich June 24, 2008 at 12:17 am

    They’re still finishing it too fast. Most of the story arcs so far have come to a conclusion an episode or so later, with the exception of Nunally, who disappeared from the story after episode 9, and who was missing up till Episode 8 or so. It’s like they’re saying “well, we REALLY need to get back to the harem comedy, so let’s tie up this storyline pronto’ and then try to justify the quick conclusion by having Zero give his “Just as planned!” smirks as he explains his ingenious plan which nobody saw him setting up earlier, since it wasn’t ever shown on screen, thus making it appear that he’s depending on the Deus Ex Machina power too much.

    As for the Geass cult, I’m betting that THIS arc will be done by episode 13… and then we’ll have a newer, bigger threat or thing they have to find, escalating the ‘threat’ level in the process. Y’know, by say… mass-producing the Gurren and deploying a Geassed Kallen at the head of a strike force devoted to hunting down Zero, and which ends up wiping out most all of the OotBK in the process? And then Zero reveals that this was his intention all along…

    You’d think they could let the plot develop another episode or two more, for some of these things – I’m also pretty certain we’ll never hear from China again, except with a surprise visit by Li Xingke near the end of the series. It just feels like they’re pushing too fast and too far, in an effort to amp up the drama levels, but in doing so I find it less dramatic than it could be.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama June 24, 2008 at 1:14 am

    @Haesslich: We shall see…..but I still don’t see any reason why the China arc needed to go on any longer then it did. Lelouch’s aim was to make China a secure and friendly territory, which he did and it took about 3 episodes. The first arc in the series was about 4 episodes and that was the Rolo one, the next one was also about 4 episodes and that was the Nunally as governor general and Suzaku’s return one so really the average is about 2-4 episodes, which from the series of this length I’ve seen is pretty normal for your average arc in the early run of a series.

    For example, looking at Gundam 00’s first 8 episodes they were much more broken up and then followed by the HRL attack arc (2 episodes), an Allejuhah stand alone, the Azadistan arc (2 episodes), the battle in the desert (2 episodes) the Thrones arc (4 episodes) and finally the destruction of Celestial Beings arc (6 episodes). Somehow I think they are going to start getting a lot longer pretty soon in Code Geass as well.

    Now lets look at the first Geass series arcs. There was Lelouch’s battle with Clovis (2 episode roughly), a standalone episode with Lelouch testing the Geass, Cornelia’s hunt for Zero (3 episodes). A stamdalone episode about the hotel hostage situation, a standalone episode introducing Refrain, The Battle of Narita (2 episodes), The Shirley Arc (2 episodes), the Mao arc (3 episodes), Suzaku The Knight (2 episodes), A standalone episode on the island, The battle of Kyushu (1 episode), the fall of Euphemia (3 episodes), the Black Rebeillion (2 episodes).

    Yeah 2-3 episodes has always been about the standard length of a Geass arc, but I’d in fact argue that R2 has even longer and more focused arcs then R1 so far which had many standalone episodes that didn’t neatly fall into a specific arc like R2’s episodes. That’s another reason I think that R2’s arcs might get a bit longer as they already kind of are longer then the first series and the first series arcs got longer as time went on too….well sort of.

    And really I’m wondering what exactly more there could have been to do in China for the time being other then go for the Geass Cult and then make the push to Britannia without any real solid information on the obstactles Lelouch is going to be facing. I honestly never expected it to last much longer then this personally.

  9. 9 RmX June 24, 2008 at 2:49 am

    >>There was Lelouch’s battle with Schneizel

    You of course meant Clovis right? Schneizel didn’t show up until the end of Suzaku the Knight arc.

  10. 10 Camario June 24, 2008 at 3:31 am

    While I thought you were a tiny bit too harsh on last week’s episode, I think you’re being somewhat generous with this one. No problem with that, just pointing it out.

    I’d give this one a 7.5 on my scale, because we did get to see some interesting developments that might affect future events, but I really didn’t appreciate the way the China arc was concluded far too quickly and, perhaps, sloppily.

    To put it another way, I think the last third or so of this episode could have been moved to Turn 12, for starters, in order to give the battle a more proper resolution and actually do something with the mecha combat that isn’t just showcasing the Shinkirou, as awesome as it is. Would have been nice to see Kallen talk to Suzaku as well or, for that matter, some more opposition to Lelouch’s plan before he eventually won. Still, I liked his using the Eunuch’s own boasts against them. Just wish other events had been handled better.

    I tend to agree with Haesslich’s views on Xingke being pretty much out of the series for now, but not with the Geass cult thing being evacuated so quickly. Despite what I wrote above…I don’t think the Geass plot, which includes the cult one way or another, can be resolved so easily even if the staff tried, especially since it probably also ties into the Emperor’s plans, whatever they are. Undecided on what will happen to Kallen, since coming back as an enemy seems a little bit too predictable at this point, yet I’m not saying it’s impossible or anything. Just not sure.

  11. 11 Chaos2Frozen June 25, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Bah! And who says the Shirley can’t help Lelouch with his cause? Idiots, all of them! She just help averted a major disater!

    I have to say, this is the best CGR2 Ep 11 ‘summary’ I’ve seen all week.

  12. 12 No Sushi :( June 25, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    That was some nice analysis there, I must admit. I liked how you pointed out how things all fit together at the end of the arc. Also the argument against an alternative sequence of events was impressive (funny how conflict sometimes bring people together, like in the case of Lelouch an Li).
    On another RoTK related note (Nice to know that you do read your ancient Chinese work of literature), doesn’t the Brittannian-Chinese vs. Li-OoTBK battle remind you of the battle of Chibi (though on a much smaller scale). I agree with the way you assigned each factor with the corresponding factor in RoTK (the Eunuchs don’t count, since they’re just too pathetic to mention): Schneizel represents Wei, the factor with the most resources and talented generals at hand (he’s got the whole Brittanian army and the Knights of Round); Li is Shu, the honorable underdog who fights not for his own gain but for that of others (admittedly, it’s not for the people of the Chinese Federation directly but for Tian Zi, but well…); while the OoTBK is Wu, the third factor that will ally with others to achieve their own goal. So far they’ve employed less than honorable tactics (kidnapping the empress etc.)
    If you look at it strictly from the viewpoint of the Battle of Chibi, you’ll see that Li fits the role of Pang Tong, the Sleeping Phoenix, one of Shu’s advisors who pretended to defect to Wei, only to trick them into a fire trap set by Xu Zhou and Zhuge Liang. Li is also like Pang Tong in that he hasn’t got much time to live, though it is not immediately apparent with Pang Tong (he died in an ambush, not by some disease like it’s being suggested with Li).
    Anyhow, I’ll stop now, since the Chinese arc is over. Keep up the good work!

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama June 25, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Chaos2Frozen: Mostly a public relations disaster for Lelouch. Mostly he was looking for a way out of breaking up Tian Zi and Li and needed a good reason to do it that would satisfy his own side and make them think he’s fully in control of the situation and it was always his plan.

    @No Sushi: And now that I think of it, isn’t Lelouch a Zhuge Liang like figure. Maybe he should pick up a folding fan to complete the image.

  14. 14 Gsus June 28, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    @ Kaoishin:
    I’d peg Lelouch as a Sima Yi / Cao Cao. The whole “I’d rather betray the world than have the world betray me!” vibe really fits him. Charles (Dong Zhou), Xing Ke (Zhou Yu), Kallen (Zhang Fei), Orange (Lu Bu), Schneizel (Zhuge Liang), Suzaku (Guan Yu / Liu Bei). Just quick comparisons, but Code Geass and Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a bit of a stretch. Unless Lelouch usurps Charles’ position, founds his own Dynasty (Wei), China (Wu) enters an alliance with the newly-independent Japan (Shu), where Nunally in the role of Liu Bei and Suzaku and the other Britannia characters filling in the 5 Tigers of Shu role…

    Sunrise, I’m open for any offers you might be making.

    As for episode 12: Code Geass has a habit of sneaking in major plot elements in “silly” episodes. Besides the return of Cornelia (if it is indeed her), my money’s on a surprise visit by the freshly minted Governor General Nunally.
    Cue Drama (GASP! They don’t recognize Nunally!), Surprise (ZOMG! Anya recognizes Nunally!) Shock (SHOCK! Tian Zi enrolls in Ashford with Xingke as her bodyguard!).

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama June 29, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    @Gsus: Yeah they did sneak in some plot elements and then some. As I suspected the wacky antics are only a portion of the actual episode. Will cover it tonight once I get off work and Eclipse does their release.

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