Toshihiko Sahashi (The Copyright Infringer?)

While I do enjoy Toshihiko Sahashi’s work as a composer in series like the Big O and Full Metal Panic, I have to laugh at how he draws his influences sometimes.  The guy comes pretty close to getting himself in hot water with the Big O’s opening themes and even his Full Metal Panic battle theme “Shisshou” sounds similar in structure to the battle theme from Overman King Gainer entitled “Tundra shelling of the Kingdom”.  Below are some of the respective songs where I think he pushes the limits.  Everybody is free to be their own judge and I don’t do this to acuse Sahashi of any wrong doing, but mostly just for the fun of comparing.

Big O Opening Theme

Queen’s Flash Gordon Theme

I think this one is pretty well known, but man are they not just the exact same song?  The remaining members of Queen could have sued if they wanted to and I think they would have won.  Sahashi must have gotten permission or something.

Big O Opening 2

UFO Opening (1970’s British Science Fiction Series)

To quote Mentok The Mindtaker from Harvery Birdman, “Same Song, Judgement is for the plaintiff”.  Really though he pushed his luck again, but this time I’m not entirely sure he got away with it.  Not surprisingly when The Big O was reaired last year it had an entirely new opening theme song called “The Show Must Go On” which sounds nothing like any popular song I’ve ever heard.  Then again, who knows, he might have gotten his “influence” from somewhere in Britain again.

Bonus Comparison:

Full Metal Panic: Shisshou

Overman King Gainer: Tundra Shelling Of The Kingdom

I don’t know, it’s not blatant like the last 2, but I personally just think they sound kind of similar at certain portions.  Then again I am a bit tone deaf.  They also both just kind of remind me of this:

FF7 Bombing Mission


2 Responses to “Toshihiko Sahashi (The Copyright Infringer?)”

  1. 1 BeInvoked June 25, 2008 at 9:38 am

    I believe the staff of the Big O did indeed say that the opening was inspired and ment to sound like Queen. It’s only one of the many nods to western pop-culture in that show.

  1. 1 Full Metal Panic Triology Review (Part 1: Full Metal Panic!) « When Anime Past Meets Present Trackback on July 22, 2008 at 10:31 pm

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