Code Geass R2 Episode 12 (Paro Paro Geass)

A Bad Sign……

Before we begin, a lament if you will.  A lament for a word that has tragically passed it’s time in our modern internet based society.  A fine word it was, but a word no longer, an unword now is all it shall be.  Used then abused, and ultimately just misused, the life was sucked dry from it’s disastrous meaning.  Fear not though,  for while the meaning hath passed, the word itself remains, though weep I shall for the hollow shell that but remains.  That shell that carries with it but any meaning it wishes as a new age dawns, but empty it remains, begging, hoping, wanting for itself to have but one meaning and no other cast upon it’s name.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I commit thee “Trainwreck” to the graveyard of words, destroyed by the internet and those that would call it home.  May thee find eternal rest with thy brethern in “Epic” “Quality” “Masterpiece” and “Writing”.  Now let us begin.

Pictures Mean I Don’t Have To Cry With Words:

The Official Spelling Is In Fact Arlstreim….That’s Arlstreim.

So Apparently Sayoko Made Dates With All The Girls That Have The Hots For Lelouch Without Asking Questions Or Bothering To Consider How Soul Crushing That Might Be For Him

Shirley Laments Lelouch’s Avoidance Of Her.  Also Some Classic Geass Music Playing Here

Meanwhile Millay Laments That An Era Is Coming To An And.  Her Favourite Era As The President Of The Ashford Student Council….

And It’s Right About Here My Eyes Glazed Over

So Lelouch Has To Apparently Date Several Girls, Rush Back And Forth Between The Chinese Federation To Affirm Some Treaty And Then Be Back In 6 Hours…..HUH?!

Yeah I’m Sorry, I Don’t Care What Japan Claims, There’s No Such Time As 24:02.  Also Fear The Wrath Of Shirley

Oh But He Lies, That Is Indeed Him.  Also Anya Got Friendly With Lelouch Ridiculously Fast

Yo Dude, Like Totally Take Me There So We Can Catch Some Checkmates Bro!

And It Appears Rolo Is Jealous…..

And Lelouch Can’t Even Take On Shirley.  Seriously She Knocked Him Flat

Kill Me…..

*Looks Up From Playing FF Tactics A2*…..Guh What?  *Goes Back*

*Snaps To Attention* Whoa, What *Closes DS* What…..Oh….So Ummm…This Is Our First Glimpse Inside The Heart Of The Britannian Momeland, Most Notably It’s Appropriately Named Capital Pendragon. I Actually Pictured It Looking More Industrial….

And Here We Have Knight Of One Johann Gambolputty De Von Ausfern Schplenden Schlitter Crasscrenbon Fried Digger Dingle Dangle Dongle Dungle Burstein Von Knacker Thrasher Apple Banger Horowitz Ticolensic Grander Knotty Spelltinkle Grandlich Grumblemeyer Spelterwasser Kurstlich Himbleeisen Bahnwagen Gutenabend Bitte Ein Nürnburger Bratwustle Gerspurten Mitz Weimache Luber Hundsfut Gumberaber Shönedanker Kalbsfleisch Mittler Aucher Von Hautkopft Otto Von Bismarck Of Ulm Relaying An Order From Charles To Take Those Sons Of Bitches From The Chinese Federation Down As “Revenge For Slighting Oddyseus

I Like This Carline’s Style Already

Does Guinvere Look Evil?  I Think She Looks Evil….

An Overstretched Empire Is A Weakened Empire

Yeah Speaking Of That One……I Don’t Think She Likes You Guys Anymore, Just A Hunch

Schneizel Reveals A Bit More Of His True Colours Here.  It Seems His Winning With Out Winning Strategy Also Involves Threats And Intimidation.  I Also Think He’s Overconfident Here

And Thus Charles Tells Us What He Thinks Of Some Of His Children….Psssst…..I Think Schneizel’s His Favourite *Winks*

Whoa….Look Who’s Back.  It Seems Cornelia Has Made Her Way To China On Her Own Now And Is Waging A One Woman War Against The People That Indirectly Brough About The Ruin Of Her Beloved Euphemia.  Cornelia Is To Gar To Die So Easily

So It Seems Suzaku Has Made His Way Back To Japan Now.  Guy’s Been Pretty Good At Keeping His Promise

Yep Lloyd’s Got The Guren After All.  So Much For Those Upgrades Laksharta

And Nunally Is Looking After Karen Now.  No Torture For Her It Seems…..Ah Nunally’s So Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad….

So Apparently Cupid’s Day Is Somehow More Important Then Lelouch’s Lifes Goal. WHAT THE FU………

*Eyes Are Glazes Over Still*

Anya’s Expression Reminds Me Of My Own Right Now….

Apparently There’s Some Bonus On Lelouch’s Hat?  *Bangs Head On Table* GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

And Rolo Has Geassed The Students To Prevent This From Happening.  Why This Is All So Terribly Important I Have No Clue……

Rolo And Lelouch Are Trapped In The Closet…Now He’s Closing The Closet…closet…oset…..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m Done With This Part……

So Cornelia Has Met Up With Bartley And He’s Ready To Make A Run For It.  Apparently He Believes He’s Been Roped Up In The Biggest Crime In History And Explains To Cornelia That His Father Brought Them There.  Now He Fears That They Are On The Path To The Worlds Destruction And Asks Cornelia To Save Them…..And Now Back To The Bullshit…..

Bwaaah Horrible Voice Acting For The Steal…..

So The Geass Is Apparently Fine With Lelouch For None Screw Up The Rest Of Your Life Events…..I Guess That Makes Sense With His Changes Of Heart…..Perhaps That Has Something To Do With A Certain Someone….

Duhhhhh….Sure Thing Midge….Errr I Mean Millay….We’ll Durrrr Get That Hat From Him….

Fungah Foiled Again!

Oh My God….Wait…..Wait….Whoaaa….Whoaaaaaaaa…Are They Doing A Parody Of Lelouch’s Strategizing…..Okay That Is Actually Kind Of Funny….Sort Of…..

And Thus We See The Entirety Of The Sexy Whatever The Fuck Club From The Newtype Spoilers…..Tch Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…..





Okay Now That’s Bloody Dangerous…..

Anya’s Fun Is Over

So Millay Apparently Planned This Event To Hook Lelouch And Shirley Up

And Now Millay’s A Weather Woman….Fucking Advertising

FUCKING ADVERTISING! *Throws Keyboard At Wall In Fit Of Rage*

Rhe One Chamce Rhey Had To Redeem Rhis Episode And Rhey Fucked It Up Wirh Bad Arr For Rhe Graduatiom Phoro….Rhe Ome Rhing Rhat Would Have Made It Meamimgful

So Jeremiah Is Back In Japan With Orders To Muck Up Zero’s Plans And He’s Tested His Geass Canceller Ability On….

Shirley, Who Now Remembers Everything About Lelouch, Zero And What He Did For Her….


Hahaha….hahaaha YES YEESSSSSSS IT’S OVER!  OH MY GOD!  First I though I would have to lower my expectations a little, then people who watched the raw claimed this episode wasn’t as bad as it seemed from the preview.  Oh but it was…..

Now I get the whole idea here, which was to give Millay a send off for her graduation, but they couldn’t have pulled that part off worse.  For one her graduation is pretty much glossed over in a series of still images tainted by the likes of Biglobe whoring themselves out AGAIN, and then she is given what must be one of the worst drawn still images of the series for her graduation photo, which to me taints the whole event.  The animators could have at least put some effort into making the photo look good, which would have given the whole Ashford set of scenes some meaning and provided some decent closure.  Instead I’m left with an empty hollow feeling out of this….like none of it mattered.

Speaking of which, I realized partway through that the whole Ashford scenes were supposed to be like a self-parody of Lelouch’s battle tactic thing, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s utterly irrelevant to all but one romantic subplot, which is now in jeopardy anyway.  I don’t normally enjoy slapstick antics either and this was no acception.  It honestly felt like I was watching an entirely different series for the most of this episode….like I had accidently downloaded the latest episode of To-Love Ru or something.  Speaking of which, that new girl with the horrible voice acting courtesy of some Idol I care nothing about reminds me of Lala a bit.

Anyway, so there were a couple none throwaway scenes in this episode.  One was the scene where Cornelia confronted Bartley and he confessed to her that he is involved in some horrible doomsday bringing scheme set up by the Emperor.  My guess it that it has something to do with V.V and Charles agreement.  I’m guessing that some time in the past V.V helped Charles gain more power for the empire or helped him take the throne (perhaps he’s the first of a dynasty) and in return Charles promised to provide manpower, test subjects and science to whatever it is he’s planning with his mission to destroy god.  Yeah this definitely involves the contract.  Speaking of Cornelia, I have to wonder how she made her way all the way to the Geass cult, even managing to find the location of it that Lelouch is even having trouble with without tipping off anyone of her whereabouts, cross an entire desert to get there, and then somehow have enough strength to take down the entire guard surrounding the place and make her way in.  That’s pushing it a little even for me.  It’s obvious Cornelia is out for revenge against the keepers of the Geass who were indirectly responsible for the death of Euphemia, but we’ll just have to see where that goes.

Other then that we have Jeremiah back who’s path you can sort of piece together up till this point.  After the battle of Narita he passed out in front of the truck that was operated by Bartley’s people, and with C.C now gone and there mission to recreate C.C’s power still on the table, they decided to use this fine specimen as a test subject.  Fast Forward a little bit and we see Jeremiah breaking out of his bacta tank thingie prematurely to go combat his hated enemy Zero who is somewhere in the area.  He loses, goes down to the bottom of the sea with C.C and is brought back by V.V to complete his rebuilding. (How C.C got out is anyones guess)  From that point he was given this Geass Canceller (symbolized by an upside blue Geass symbol appropriately enough) that apparently has the power to undo any Geass that has been used.  That means that the test that affected Shirley has unraveled Lelouch’s forget command and apparently the Emperor’s memory rewrite (yes we see an image of him in there which leads me to believe it was indeed him who somehow geassed all the student body of Ashford to forget about Nunally) and she now remembers everything he did to her.  I guess the new relationship is off.

One other development was the introduction of Carine, the anti-Nunally who loves war and hates piece, Bismarck the Knight of One who shows he is fiercely loyal to the Emperor, Guinvere, the other somewhat war hungry princess and all of their intentions to conquer China by whatever means necessary for their slight of Oddyseus.  Schneizel wants to go the path of least resistance as always, but I’m seriously thinking he’s underestimating the newfound will of the Chinese people to stand up for themselves.  We’ll see, but I think he might be overuled on this one in the end by all the others present during the meeting.

So really no idea what Shirley is going to do from her, or Orange-Kun or anybody for that matter…..okay some idea of what the Britannian Royal family is up to, but that’s not saying much as it’s pretty obvious.  Not enough was really developed on in this episode to speculate or think about much.  I’ve enjoyed the series a lot up till now and feel I will continue to enjoy this series after this episode still, but this in my opinion poorly executed and wasteful episode with it’s lazy animation, ruddy advertising for Biglobe and Pizza Hut, Off kilter voice acting, absurd self parody and just…..well bloody bizzareness in general does not work for me.  Code Geass R2 Episode 12 comes in at a……

Rating: Three And A Half Out Of Ten


33 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 12 (Paro Paro Geass)”

  1. 1 L.L.LelouchLamperouge June 30, 2008 at 5:30 am

    You think the third season, if there is one, will be name Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revelation

  2. 2 Camario June 30, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Meh, it wasn’t that bad for me. But maybe I wasn’t expecting anything serious in the first place and could still somehow enjoy a few parts of it. No, not most of it (that idol hurt my ears), but enough to keep me decently entertained (even the “ninja” maid, at times).

    I wouldn’t immediately know how to score it, that’s admittedly a tough one depending on your priorities and expectations (I’m seeing both extremes right now, at other sites…), but I guess it’s a good thing we will not be seeing this sort of thing again and that some bits of development managed to crawl in. Still, unless next week’s episode is great, which is possible though not set in stone, the first half of the season will be a 7 as far as I’m concerned.

    And yeah, it could have been better to see more of Milly’s graduation as such. But maybe it’s just me…this episode, for all its madness, did give her a thematic send-off if nothing else. She meditated over Nina’s words, she had her fun and made Lelouch suffer, in a way…you could even argue it was all an elaborate tease for, say, not being part of his erstwhile “harem”. No, that’s not really too serious a comment, though also not entirely a joke, but the episode isn’t either.

    Whatever the case, things should progress in more interesting directions soon enough, given what happened to Shirley and all.

    L.L.LelouchLamperouge: I wonder…or not.

  3. 3 shrike June 30, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Ah the Anti-Geass…I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time seeing it would be the best option to kill off Suzaku and finally use Shirley’s knowledge of Zero/Lulu, but I never expected them to actually do this. It still reminds of something you’d find in Fanfiction, but at least we’re getting the ball going.

    I didn’t mind this episode that one reason – it’s a small hint we haven’t completely derailed from the main plot. Now hopefully we’ll actually learn more about the Geass/CC/VV now instead of leaving it in the dark.

  4. 4 blissmo June 30, 2008 at 8:59 am

    I didn’t like this episode … lack of Kallen and no CC ;_;

  5. 5 hyzen June 30, 2008 at 10:14 am

    I actually quite like this episode, if only for the return of Cornelia and General Bartley.

    The Anti-Geass however might cause some major plot holes. According to VV, it destroys all Geass; so logically it would destroy the Emperor’s memory Geass on the Student council as well. It would also be interesting to see how Rollo’s Geass would fare against it. Perhaps the Geass fields clash like beam sabers?

  6. 6 Aabo0 June 30, 2008 at 11:22 am

    The episode was good in some way, I found it funny and Millay-worthy although the graduation photo was very un-Millay I was expecting something crazy. It didn’t do her character justice at all.
    The other stuff that happened was nice like Cornelia, the Knight of One, and the Geass Canceler.

    One thing I noticed is Bismarck’s, The Knight of One’s,eye. When I saw the pics that were released before R2 I thought it was battle scarred but here it looks sown shut. Is there a Geass hiding underneath that?? Just speculating, although I’d like to hear Kaioshin’s and others comments.
    The royal family looked like a lot of recycled art to me.. It was really disappointing; Carline the non blind and wheelchairbound Nunally, and Guinevere the pale, bloodthirsty, and Vampire looking Cornelia. Not sure about the other two though..
    On a final note, I’d like to say, that this is where some stuff around Lelouch starts to fall apart; Jeremiah’s Geass Canceler, Shirley’s memories, Kallen’s fate, the war on the Chinese Federation, Lloyd is getting even with Laksharta for stealing the Druid System by stealing her Gefjun technology after analyzing the Guren, another Seigefreid created, V.V. targeting Lelouch…. Hmm I dunno it all seems that way…
    On a happier note lets expect a new opening and ending by episode 15 or before, yay!!

  7. 7 Aabo0 June 30, 2008 at 11:25 am

    One more thing, I did enjoy how Sayako handled Lelouch’s life! That schedule did make me LOL for a bit. I was hoping for something when Anya showed Lelouch his old pic…

  8. 8 Blue_Mercy June 30, 2008 at 11:27 am

    I only have a problem with this episode if the ending is a thrown together, explain all the plots and sub-plots in a few episodes ending. If they do that then it will become clear that they created a stretched out series with no idea of how they wanted to end it. I’m not really sure why you were surprised by the advertising in the episode, since a “filler” episode was bound to have some.

  9. 9 goog June 30, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    I guess I liked this episode- the development of lelouch and shirley pairing was good- he even admitted he liked her which is unusual- maybe he said that before and I missed it. Personally I think Cornelia is waaaay better now- she lost her huge baloon like ego(that really ticked me off) she has a new hairstyle(thank god!) and well again her personality is better. Orange kun ticks me off the most like seriously he’s like an annoyance always coming in- he’s always like messing with Lelouch like take a break already! I hope he dies because he’s annoying and C.C and V.V when are they going to meet? I want to see that!

  10. 10 CJ Blackwing June 30, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    … ‘kay, I’m not un-dropping this unless we get moar Kallen and CC next episode. >__>;;;

  11. 11 Gsus June 30, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Well, Code Geass didn’t spare the sudden plot hooks here.

    While the episode in itself isn’t that bad (Sayoko-Lelouche taking on the entire Academy was funny, then again… Taste differ and a deus ex machina), did they have to add Bismarck (I spy with my little eye… Boss battle), Bartley’s Doomsday device, Jeremiah and his Anti-Geass, SPs (What? Sayoko reveals herself as one, and it has some relation to Geass) AND Shirley’s Geass recovery?

    Of course that last one is prescribed by the anime law “Male protagonist and his love interest will never hook up before the series finale, unless it is followed by tragedy”, but the rest…

    Some interesting consequences from this episode though:

    – Shirley: She knows. Will she try to confront him? Or, more likely, ask for an explanation, slap him but still confess her love for him… then take a bullet. Suzaku had his Euphie moment, Lelouche gets his Shirley moment. Who knows, that might even lead to a bond of some sorts.
    – Bismarck. The Eye. If he rips out the stitches during a climactic battle to reveal something… Eww.
    – Nunally’s talk with Kallen. Can Kallen resist the power of the blind wheelchair-bound loli?
    – The contrast between the conduct of the Area 11 Administration and the Main Britannia politics is interesting. It could be an interesting source of conflict and a cheap source of drama (countrymen vs countrymen), but… Foreshadowing, in my Code Geass?

  12. 12 Kaioshin Sama June 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    @L.L.LelouchLamperouge: I don’t think so.

    @Camario: Well there’s supposedly a date with Shirley next episode that involves Suzaku also taking along it looks like. I hope it’s used for drama instead of goofiness though. Speaking of Shirley I think the only part where I laughed in the whole episode other than the mini strategizing parody was when Shirley knocked Lelouch flat down on his arse. Just goes to show that it pays to be athletic in some ways.

    @shrike: Actually it’s more like something you would find in a sidestory or game. However, look at it this way though, if C.C and V.V (who apparently is actually somehow Charles Twin Brother after all and don’t ask me how that works cause I don’t know) have been fighting a proxy war with chosen pawns, then Lelouch with the Geass is C.C’s current chosen one and now finally V.V has succeeded in creating a chosen one with the anti-geass. It sort of works when you think about it as now they can go toe to toe with each other.

    @blissmo & CJ Blackwing: Yes no C.C at all. I had expected that there would be a scene showing C.C as Zero working the black knights while Lelouch was gone to make it look he had never left (cause they freaked out last time that happened), but instead we get the somewhat overkill scenario of him jetting back and forth between Japan and China to take care of both sides. Still feels so much like I was watching a different series last night…..

    @Aabo0: Well I think the part that ruined much of the school portion of the episode for me is how the glossed over the graduation. Nary a speech, pomp and circumstance nor a real tearful fairwell. Mostly just a “I set you two up, oh look I’m a weather girl, let’s eat Pizza and watch and NOW the graduation photo”, which was very poorly drawn in my opinion and spoiled the moment. I believe that Taniguchi mentioned Bismarck’s scar as being a scar of war to show his experience, but he has had a way of misleading people at times. That doesn’t say it’s not a Geass eye so I say 50/50. And who do you believe Carline and Guinevere are recycled designs of?

    @goog: Cornelia does indeed seem like she’s going to be a more sympathetic character this time around. I guess losing the thing that matters most in your life forces you to put everything else into perspective. I wonder what’s going to happen if she runs into Lelouch. Will she blame him still or side with him against their common enemy. That should be interesting to see.

    @Gsus: Well even when Code Geass is doing these episodes it’s still not your typical anime. The series doesn’t really work like the staff are saying, “Okay here’s your hot springs episode, here’s your school festival episode, here’s your trip to some place episode, here’s your conflict resolution episode” type thing. There are always other subplots continuing or starting up in episode. I guess the problem with that is that a lot of them are dead end jobs in the long run or red herrings.

    And I don’t think Nunally is the type to try and dominate Karen. There’s no real power to resist. Also after this episode when the main Code Geass homepage was updated they removed the captured designation from Karen. I think that means she might be free to go or under house arrest. Still I can’t see Nunally even doing the latter by force. She’s kind of a Mary Sue a bit in that she is just to perfectly nice, like she’d cry over the death of an ant.

  13. 13 C.I. June 30, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    This episode = Proof beyond ALL doubt that Rollo is Gay for Lelouch.

  14. 14 Aabo0 June 30, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    As I mentioned, Guinevere is Cornelia, and Carline looks exactly like Nunally when she was a kid,except with straight red hair and bad taste in fashion…
    I think that Guinevere is what would’ve eventually been Cornelia if she hadn’t turned over a new leaf, and as you mentioned before, Carline is the Anti-Nunally. I’d like to expand that statement by saying she’s also the polar opposite of Nunally in looks and personality and notice that her face is similar to Nunally’s, this is also hinted when Oddyseus mentions that they’re both the same age. Adding these two characters is a necessity since they showed us the Homeland and people would expect to see more of the other imperial princes and princesses. It would’ve been enough to show a family tree or something, but that would be a waste.. What I’d like to know is how many wives and kids Charles had to make Lelouch the 17th in line and Nunally the 40th!!
    Anyway sorry for making a simple question into a huge rant, but I’m the type of person who has a lot to say.. so bare with me..
    Thanks for taking your time and reading this.

  15. 15 Aabo0 June 30, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    C.I.: I think that the “brotherly love” Rolo has is because someone for the first time in his life cares about him and is overwhelmed with the emotion he’s feeling… but yeah it does seem a bit gay, especially that scene with him all pissed at Sayoko… ROTFL!!! You should google his name in the image search and look at the fan art..

  16. 16 Markwar June 30, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Two words my friends….Slut Club… What the F@#*$. Seriously, by the time those horses ran through the background, I was already dead inside. Of course, I am still eagerly awaiting episode 13. Call me a hypocrite, but I just can’t get enough of this show, if only for the sudden loss of any logic.

    ….Pizza Hut.


  17. 18 Kaioshin Sama June 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    @C.I: It’s a brotherly love type relationship like Aabo0 said. Seriously, people are so quick to cry Yaoi. It’s like they want it to be true or something. Hmmm……

    @Markwar: It was the horses that did it for me too. Once that happened is when it just entered the surreal typical highschool antics level of anime. Like I said, I felt like I could easily be watching an episode of To-Love Ru or one of those acid trip style scenes from Clannad. If there are to be any more chases I hope it’s a life or death Knightmare Frame chase.

    @Teeif: By overusing it as a catch-all term for when people can’t think of what it is they are trying to say. It’s too ambiguous a term now for it to really be considered a definable word.

  18. 19 Camario June 30, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Gsus: SP seems to be short for “security personnel” or “security police”, unless otherwise explained. Kind of makes better sense that way too.

    Markwar: If by that you meant this episode or other similar scenes, I’d understand. But even the China arc, as bas as I think it turned out in the end, did have some logic, and I can see how the overall story could still be salvaged in some fashion without too much trouble, even if hurriedly.

    Teeif: Abuse and overuse? At least that’s what made me stop using it.

  19. 20 Myssa Rei July 1, 2008 at 12:39 am

    Oh, it wasn’t too bad, and I wound myself positively tickled by the madness in the episode… But I do want to see some of the plot threads resolved. This is, what, the halfway mark already? And only Milly’s story has been resolved. We still know NOTHING about the Sword of Akasha, the Jovians, and why the heck Charles wants to bring down the divine order, and yet they add more stuff, in this case Orange-kun and his Geass canceller.

    I know I have no expectations when it comes to anime, but honestly…

  20. 21 deathkillz July 1, 2008 at 12:51 am

    I didn’t find it too bad myself but the ending was what ultimately saved it from being “just medicore”.
    Damn you cliffhanger!!!

  21. 22 Haesslich July 1, 2008 at 1:07 am

    Well, Nunally may not do anything to Kallen, but Ms. Lohmeyer ‘I want to be the next Euphinator’ may, and do it behind Nunnaly’s back. Remember that she seems to be more Nunally’s keeper than her aide, with only Suzaku being the brake between Lohmeyer and a massacre during the Million Zeros episode.

    As for Lulu, I think he’s mostly jealous in the way that younger siblings can get jealous if their other family members don’t pay attention to them… and with six month’s worth of dates, Lulu would[‘ve had his hands full, but for Millay’s intervention and Shirley’s mercy.

    I do like how they brought in a FEW usable plot hooks though – Orange’s Geass-killer means that Lulu no longer has an easy ride, and Cornelia’s return means that Guilford may himself have a crisis of faith if he ever discovers his Princess is now working solo or possibly against Britannian interests. It means he’ll have to choose between his vows to his commander and Lady or his loyalty to the State he’s served with great pride for years. That, and I don’t see why she couldn’t blame Lulu AND the Emperor both; the former for Geassing Euphie, and the latter for setting up the situation that got her killed in the first place as well as his plot to (maybE) end the world. She could cooperate with Lulu to take down Charles vi Britannia, and after that’s settled she could take Lelouch on after they’ve eliminated their common enemy, with the understanding that it WILL happen. I don’t think Lulu would discount that possibility, and prepare for it.

    Sayoko is, however, very efficient. I wonder if this schedule of dates (she does know him well enough to probably understand that his lack of a love life is a conscious choice) is a way of twitting him for having gotten her into the impostor role in the first place.

  22. 23 The Animanachronism July 1, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Heh. I anticipated before reading your post that you might not like this episode. As you yourself said, though, there were odd scenes of substance. Plus the closing cliffhanger is a good one, and in traditional Geass style.

    As for the rest of it . . . it worked for me, but then I don’t have great taste. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order some DELICIOUS PIZZA.

  23. 24 masterkeyes2 July 1, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    I actually liked this episode, then again I grew up watching slap-stick and over-the-top humor so thats probably why.

    Moving on alot of things happened this episode that caught my eye. One was the showing of the Imperial Capital which is called Pendragon, it caught my eye because in the Stage Novel (According to Wiki) the Holy Empire Capital is called Neo-Wales. I am not well versed in Japanese either but also on Wiki it said the translation was Imperial City and not Imperial Capital for Pendragon.

    Something else that I found interesting was Oddyseus- I actually pegged him for the laid-back kinda of guy, which he is, but I didn’t peg him to be a pacifist. I thought he was the kind of guy who simply didn’t care at all about the empire but he seems to be somewhat aware of his nations political stance and the implications of war.

    Speaking of war it was rather surprising to see the Emperor condemn war and not encourage it. It actually rather contradicted what he says, then again maybe he is acknowledging himself, his ways, and his nation as foolish. It wouldn’t be the first time that an antagonist acknowledges how wrong his ways are, doesn’t mean he will stop though.

    Maybe that is why Charles wants to destroy the Gods and the world. He might feel that he is stopping humanity from plummeting further into turmoil.

  24. 25 Emily July 2, 2008 at 9:51 am

    With the Cornelia thing- Lelouch has only just had his memory recovered while Cornelia has had over a year for her investigations.

    But I agree, this episode was completely awful. It’s quite annoying, that such a great series with such a fantastic storyline, is just completely ruined with the advertising, fanservice and the filler-stupid-*throws keyboard at wall* episodes such as this. They provide a few lulz for the fanbase, but it’s what’s stopping Code Geass from being epic.

  25. 26 Gsus July 7, 2008 at 1:20 am

    After watching episode 13… Regarding my Shirley comments:

    OH SHI-

  26. 27 Aabo0 July 7, 2008 at 8:01 am

    I really feel robbed of my experience in Episode 13…. There was a certain detail that was leaked prior to it which made headlines in other forums… literally. WOULD ANYONE NAME A THREAD’S TITLE A SPOILER!!! Of all the {insert swearwords} out there who would do that!!!

  27. 28 Kaioshin Sama July 7, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Actually I think it was a TV Guide in Japan of all things that was the first source of the leak. This one referred to the spoiler by name while the other ones used the designation “important person” to describe the victim.

  28. 29 Haesslich July 8, 2008 at 1:53 am

    Yup. Shopping trips in Sunrise shows should be categorized with “pineapple salad” in Macross series.

  29. 30 ananimaas July 8, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    looks like james orenji bond has taken the `james bond villan`s side 😀

  30. 31 Joe Bob February 1, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Funny how so many people love to rip on Code Geass, picking at tiny, insignificant details. They only do that because they expect perfection when watching this shows, which is why they can watch many other, lower-quality shows without ranting on about their flaws. If you just took the show slightly less seriously, or at least acknowledged that its writers are as human as anyone else, you’d recognize this show as the future classic that it is.

  31. 32 Sally October 15, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    See this episode proves Shirley’s crush on Lelouch was just a plot device and that if she actually got together with him it would only end in diaster because she wouldn’t be able to hanble all the lies and fighting also if Lelouch ever becomes empreror Shirley couldn’t and wouldn’t handle the responsibility given to her by being Lelouch’s wife.

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