Sekirei episode 1 ~ Sekirei project

Finally it is here! This is the series of this season I have been waiting for, though being a bit biased because I am currently reading the manga for it, nonetheless though for a first episode it was pretty good (but some things were changed here and there).

Thoughts: Well, the series started with a bang (and a rather loud one if you consider those girls already at each other’s necks with thunderbots or whatnot. I must say though, it was pretty surprising to see such a big spoiler being revealed right off the bat as the episode started. Even if it won’t mean much now to anime viewers, for the manga readers it has already raised questions as to why such a scene was shown so early (as if I remember correctly it is a flashback that should have occured well into the chapters and no less after chapter 15, and I am willing to bet more if that).

Another strange occurrence was how this episode somewhat jumbles up the first chapter of the manga and even changes some of the events that happens. For one thing the anime shows Musubi gaining her Sekirei wings during the fight but that event should have happened the day before (and so this led to a rather confusing jump between scenes which was rather naff in my opinion).

Nonetheless though, I enjoyed the first episode of this but I do hope that Seven Arc doesn’t mess it up like what they did with Nanoha StrikerS…yet they have already started with some original scenes…*shrugs* I will contiune to hope…

Oh and I probably won’t be writting long summaries for this series seen as it is pretty likely that Omni has it covered (and I know that he can do a better job on it than me by a mile ^^). So rather than that I would probably be looking for and pointing out the differences between the anime and the manga.


2 Responses to “Sekirei episode 1 ~ Sekirei project”

  1. 1 C.I. July 2, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    I’m in it for the fanservice.


  2. 2 Beta July 4, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    I second that!!!!

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