Code Geass R2 Episode 13 (It’s A Depressing One…..And Don’t Call Me Shirley)

Man, This Particular Shot Of The Tokyo Bay (Britannian Quarter) Combined With This Particular Portion Of The Song By Flow Featured In The Opening Really Gives Me Goosebumps.  One Really Has To Appreciate The Extent Universe They’ve Created Here, Even If They Don’t Like The Things That Happen In It

So thanks to a rather stupid TV Guide gaffe people probably already know one of the major details of what is going to happen in this episode.  Though even without it there were enouch warning flags to signal the oncoming…..tragedy.  Yes tragedy, because trainwreck and tragedy are indeed entirely different concepts.  Who knew?  Obviously not the internet.  There’s also as usually an overriding theme to the episode and events that make the title ambigious but oh so fitting nonetheless.  Let’s have a look.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut firrrrrrrrrrrrrst the new opening.

World End By Flow

I don’t know, they seem to have gone for the whole make it look as cool as possible deal with this one kind of like what they did with the second opening of R1.  There doesn’t seem to be much symbolism here but I’ll try to find it anyway. First there was the fact that I noticed a map of the world, all the national flags we’ve seen up until now, and then a quick cut to the lost graphic we’ve seen on the strategy boards.  It seems to imply that the concept of the factions we’ve seen up until now, or perhaps even the Geass world we’ve known up until now is about to come to an end.  It sort of fits the name of the song.  The slow pan-by of all the characters showing their usual personalities and then donning expressions that one would imagine as out of character for them also seems to imply change.  Nunally throwing the paper crane and it turning into a rainbow is anyones guess, though I guess (haha!) that when we see Charles then Schneizel standing on the world map casting a dual coloured shadow over parts of it (ominous looking much?), followed Lelouch casting a rainbow shadowed one over all of it, it’s meant to imply that Lelouch will somehow inherit the world and she’s the one that launched him on the quest. But we know this already so eh…cool factor….or Mary Sue factor, one of the two.  There’s also the disturbing bit where Cheese-Kun and the Karen mascot thingie (both representing C.C and Karen respectively) bump into Sayoko causing her to change into a weird ass costume.  I’m guessing she’s Lelouch’s mascot.  Well I’m going to deal with her later.

For now I must say I really enjoy the new opening song.  It’s quite catchy and along with growing on me more and more every time I listen to it, it totally clashes with the atmosphere of this episode, thus highlighting it a little bit better in my opinon.  This is like a norm for Sunrise. They love bookending doom and gloom series with ultra light hearted theme songs ever since…..ever.  They also almost always seem to have my favourite openings.  Anyway…..wait did I just find symbolism where I claimed there was none?  Or am I deluding myself.  Okay for real now….

If Anya Were Blogging This Episode I Think It’d Go A Little Something Like This:

Hmmm, This Whole Pre-Title Bit Has A Sort Of Fatalist Feel To It.  Whether That Well Continue To Be The Dominant View Of Events In The Series Remains To Be Seen.  It’d Be Nice For A Change Since Anime Seems So Afraid To Explore That Possibility As A Reality

Oh Shirley, You And Your Athletic Club…..

Holy Smokes, Shirley Is Being Intimidated By The Woman She Shot

I’m Liking The Visual Imagery Of Opera Masks To Signify Deceit And Hidden Intentions That Shirley Is Now Coming To Realize.  Well Not So Much Deceit As The Truth.  When They Fall Off Is When Shirley Realizes The Truth This Episode.  I’ve Really Gotta Hand It To The Screenplay Writers On This One, And With No Regrets Either.  It’s Very Effective

All The Students Have Masks Too, Though Not Of Their Own Volition

Shirley: “Surely This Face Is An Honest One?”  Lelouch: “No…..And Don’t Call Me Shirley…..Er Shirley”

Not Precious Lelouch Too!!!!!

Shirley Figured It Out In But A Few Seconds…..The Advantage She Has Over Suzaku Is She Doesn’t Know About The Stuff With The Emperor, Which Actually Allows Her To Clue In More Then He Is Right Now

And The Best Part Is….While It Was A Dream…..IT WASN’T! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Nice Melancholic Eyes By The Way

Things Are Going Well In China With Li On Lelouch’s Side. 

Kaguya Kind Of Seems Overly Talented…..But Then When You Consider That She’s A Loli I Guess It Makes Sense.  Karen Is Damn Handy Too With Her Combat And So Laksharta With Her Intelligence.  Toudou Is Suitably A Fucking Beast And All His Subordinates Are Average, But Rather Low On Loyality.  I Guess They Really Just Follow Him.  Tamaki Is No Surprise.  I Wonder Why He’s Even Kept Around……

The Goal While He’s Gone Seems To Be Mopping Up Resistance And Re-Organizing The Federation Under A New Banner.  I’m Guessing That Banner Is Tianzi.  Every Country Needs It’s Loli Head Of State In Anime….

Establishing Shots Are Rare In Anime, But Here We Are.  It’s Arthur Yawning Before The Scene Transition

Uh Oh…..Shirley’s Starting To Ask Questions…..And We All Know What Happens To People Who Ask Questions In Sunrise Anime Don’t We?  Also This Is A Silly Question.  I Explained This Two Captions Prior Shirley

Oh Sorry, I Almost Didn’t Recognize You With Those Shades On……Chiba Mamoru Is It?

It Seems Villeta’s Loyalties Are Somewhat Circumstancial

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Stand In This Jeremiah Gottwald’s Way…..

Except Ninja Maid’s That Are Prolonged To Fits Of Prolonged Airbornness

Truth Be Told, This Image Many Have Probably Seen Circulating The Internet Is But One Frame In It’s Entirety.  I’ve Got To Assume It Was A Practical Joke Meant To Sneak By When Viewed On Television As It’s Impossible To See Without Pausing It Right On The Exact Frame.  In Fact It Took Me 6 Tries Just To Find The Frame

The Exposition Of The Geass Cult Contiues Without Lelouch And Under Cornelia’s Watch.  What’s All This Talk About Gods?

Cornelia Isn’t One To Mince Words It Seems And Creepy Cult Leaders Are Welcome To A Dagger Right Between The Eyes….Even If They Look Like Kids

Just What Are V.V And C.C Other Than Witches And Warlocks Anyway?  His Dialogue Hints That He’s Against These Gods, But He Certainly Seems Abnormally….Unkillable.  Maybe The Geass Cult Leaders Are Enhanced Humans Somehow.  Those Types Of People Are All Over The Place In Sunrise Series.  I Think We’re On The Cusp Of Finding Out

A Reasonable Plan

It Just Doesn’t Have The Same Effect When There’s Shoes And They Are Over 14….

You Know, Jeremiah Must Be The Luckiest Unlucky Guy In The History Of The World

The Anti-Geass Seems To Be An Unconcious Act

You Know, I’m Kind Of Glad That Sayoko Has Finally Been Shut Down.  There’s Been Way To Much Focus On Her Over The Last Few Episodes And It’s Time To Tone Down The Combat Maid Stuff.  Besides Noble Knight > Ninja Maid Any Day Of The Week.  Ninja’s Are Just An Overrated And Unwarranted Fad Anyway

Well Rolo Is Pretty Much Useless Without His Geass

Viletta Seems To See Jeremiah As Her Way Out Of This Blackmailing.  Rolo Seems To Have Been The Real Deal Though

Slightly Awkward

Well Now I Feel Kind Of Bad For Her….I Guess Sayoko Is Pretty Loyal And Noble Too.  She Just Happens To Be A Ninja.  Man I Remember When They Legitimately Were Cool Before Everyone Started Obsessing Over Them Even In Mainstream American Culture.  After That The Novelty Died

The Border….Quite A Nice View.  Suzaku Still Seems To Insist On Getting Rid Of It.  I Say Let Nunally Handle That

Surely You Aren’t Going To Kill Yourself….And Don’t Ca….*Is Shot From Behind*

I’m Alright….It Seems I Might Be A Member Of The Geass Cult Without Knowing It.  Oh My….I’m Feeling So Whoozy It Seems Like I’m Having Flashbacks To Jurassic Park Trespasser Now

Oh Surely….You And Your Athletic Midriff Body…Hang In There

Lelouch Contiues Down The Path Of Giving A Damn About The Consequences Of His Actions….Though That’s No Escape From Them As We’ll See

Err….No Actually


You Know, I Think He’s More Like His Father Then He Imagines

Nobody naw give you no break
Jeremiah naw give you no break
That old Knight naw give you no break
Not even you idren naw give you no break

By The Way, Sayoko Isn’t Looking To Good

Something Tells Me Lelouch Has Plans The Audience Doesn’t Know About

Wow I Guess There’s Really Nothing That Can Stop Him So Easily…..Oh Well I’m Convinced.  JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!  (Always Wanted To Work That In)

Lelouch Is Setting A Trap Again

I Can See This Picture Becoming A Meme Somehow

Something Like That…..

He’s To Stubborn To More Like It

Knight Of Seven Powers Ladies And Gentleman

Hmmmm, I Get The Sense Some Reinforcements Might Be On The Way To Tokyo

Man These Cops Are Really Ineffective

Clear The Area With A Smoke Bomb And Deploy His New Technology (I Think This Gefion Disturber Is The Same Thing The Guren Has) Was The Plan.  Looks Like Jeremiah Is About To Be Shut Down Literally

Well Sakuradite Seems To Have The Same Weakness The Shizuma Drive Has In That Everything Apparently Bloody Well Uses It

Well If That Isn’t A Hint On His Future Plans I Don’t Know What Is

Wow He’s Still Coming……JERRY! JERRY!


That Lelouch?

Well I Can Sort Of See How You Might Want To Make Sure……

You Know, Jeremiah Has Always Been A Character I’ve Liked For His Adherence To Duty.  I’m Glad He Didn’t Lose That After All Like I’d Thought At The End Of The First Season.  Guess Those Readjustments Helped Get Him Back To His Senses

It Looks Like Jeremiah’s Loyalty To Marianne Are Greater Than Any.  The Individual Over The Group Or Nation.  A Common Theme In This Series

I’m Not Exactly What Shirley Would Be Able To Do As A BK Member Though….

Oh Dear…..Rolo, What Have You Done?!

She Regained Her Memories Only To Die A Tragic Death…..Shirley Really Drew The Short Stick In Life

This Is Junk….JUNK! Happy Relationships Still Have No Place In Sunrise Series It Seems

Lelouch Tries The Geass Even Though It’s Futile.  You Kind Of Wish It Would Just Work Though.  Unfortunately The Geass Is Not A Belief Based Universe, Nor Is Code Geass As It’s Misleading Change In Atmosphere Comes Crashing Down With A Realization I Will Discuss Later

So Mamoru Miyano Or Jun Fukuyama For Best Agonized Scream Of The Year?

Ali G Project Song #56362462

There’s not much to be said for the new ending.  It’s an Ali Project song.  I should have just posted a Rozen Maiden song and seen if anybody noticed the difference.  Clamp artwork is also just that.  What were you expecting me to say “Clamp Artwork Is Clamp Artwork”?  Pah, in my world there is no such sentence structure as Subject copula Subject.  That’s more of a meme type thing.


Wow, so a lot of stuff happened in this episode, especially compared to last week.  Let’s start small.  First of all, Karen, C.C, Anya, Gino and none of the Black Knights but two appeared in this episode.  That’s good because I’ve noticed that this show likes to jump around a lot between character normally and it’s good they kept the focus in this episode because otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been as fitting a character exit.

On the continuing plot side of things are the Black Knights campaign in China and Cornelia’s struggle to bring down the Geass Cult, which looks like it’s about to become an armies struggle.  Firstly, everything seems to be going well in China and it probably won’t be long before the Black Knights find the Geass Cult headquarters and Zero returns to lead them in bringing it down.  Though there’s likely to be an extractation plan for getting him there given what’s gone on in this episode.  Cornelia is also working against them and encounters V.V on her way down in what can only be described as a creepy bit of dialogue.  V.V proves that he has the same capabilities as C.C by withstanding a killing blow to the head in the form of a dagger.  He also talks about his mission to kill god and I’m starting to wonder if he might be delusional or there really is some sort of godlike entity out there.  The Code Geass universe has had a strong fantasy element in the form of the Geass so I can possibly see that happening, though I’m sure there’s a more rational explanation for it then literally killing god.  Either way it’s hard to say if he’s been captured by Cornelia, the other way around or what.  That particular situation sort of fades to the main plot arc this episode.

That of course is Shirley’s struggle with her regained memories as well as Jeremiah’s assault.  The Assassin by the way can refer to several things in this episode.  The first is obviously Jeremiah who has come to Area 11 under the auspicion of dispatching Lelouch/Zero for the Geass Cult.  The second is Rolo who is almost certainly the culprit of a great crime this episode.  The third is Lelouch’s own actions in season 1 coming back to destroy everything he had hoped for in the end. And The fourth is Cornelia coming back to try and fail to take out V.V.  Shirley’s story in this episode was impeccably handled in my opinion, from the whole symbolic mask thing, to her trying to help fix the problem instead of trying to shoot people again.  At first she reacts rather dramatically and tries to comitt suicide when she realizes just how far the deceit runs and it scares her beyond belief, but she soon realizes that maybe she can do something after Lelouch and Suzaku rescue her.  She tries to talk with Suzaku a little, but a lot of people have tried that and I’m not entirely sure it’s even what he wants.  He seems stubborn enough that he’d rather take death before coming to terms with the fact that he has screwed up horribly.

Lelouch is about to come to terms with this, but unfortunately in the most tragic way possible.  Shirley is of course eventually killed (99% likely by Rolo) this episode, and Lelouch is as much to blame for her death as anyone.    He started the whole chain that went into this easily avoidable tragedy by first leading his rebellion at Narita that resulted in the death of Shirley’s father.  Once she found out about him he of course tried to gloss over it with a Geass rewrite in the first season as well.  This season in the early episodes and in his hubris, he brough the obviously unstable Rolo into his circle, believing he could be controlled and later tried to move down a path towards forgetting about the Geass and his personal grudge and towards trying to be a better leader (R2 episode 7).  That didn’t mean that Rolo had tried to change at all as well and unfortunately one cannot escape their past quiet so easily with just words.  It’s like the new opening describes in it’s lyrics.  “Can’t live at all just sugarcoating things, Can’t heal anything with just kindness”.  Lelouch has to face his past actions now, and this is another turning point for him.  Will he return to the path of destruction or continue down the path towards redemption like Shirley is hinting at him to do.  I think Suzaku has already made his choice, but I hope, really hope that Lelouch will make the right one and use Shirley’s strength rather than abuse it as a reason to go on a killing spree.  Regardless, that prism of glass probably has enough cracks in it to shatter forever with just one wrong move.

I’m really going to miss Shirley though.  I liked her character a lot and especially in the episode with the “SUGOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII POWA!” line.  Not every character get’s a happy ending though so it’s something I think the viewers are just going to have to accept.  I felt her exit was well handled though with some good acting and suitably depressing music.  Though I was kind of hoping for the song Stories, the sombre sounding violin piece did the job.  I continue to be happy that Sunrise sticks to orchestra pieces for their series music because it works so well in carrying the atmosphere.  Never change that.  Please.

If it’s any consolation to us, it looks like Lelouch’s plans are moving at long last.  Although Jeremiah came with the apparent intent to kill Lelouch, once he figured out that he was the son of his beloved former master, he saw the chance to correct his past mistakes and took it.  Lelouch, I would be taking notes from Jerry if I were you.  Anyway, this is good as Jeremiah has always seemed like a noble character to me, and this is his chance to return to doing what he always wanted to be doing in the first place.  Maybe he’ll bring Villeta with him.  Speaking of Viletta, while she seemed to have had some doubts this episode, I think Ougi and Jeremiah combined will be enough to convince her to join the Black Knights cause for real.  As for Rolo, I’m not sure what’s going to happen to him, but it’s looking like his time may be coming to an end as the rag almost certainly seems to no longer be needed, and after Lelouch finds out his true colours and what he did to Shirley, the false brotherly love, the lie that was one of many that killed Shirley and could kill anyone he loves, will be gone and it will be time to discard him…..permenantly.  One order to Jeremiah and that Geass won’t protect him anymore.

And we’re left on reasonably stable footing at the end of this episode as well.  Cliffhanger as always, but a less confusing one.  Lelouch seems to have plans for starting some trouble in Tokyo with his Gefion Disturbers, and he is about to launch his attack on the Geass Cult.  I can see it going well also.  First though he’ll have to get out of that mall that Suzaku is sure to come busting into any moment.  I’m assuming Suzaku has also called Anya and Gino so this could be trouble.  Luckily for Lelouch his Black Knights seem to be on the way to rescue his ass.  No mask though……hmmmmmm…this could be tricky.  Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I have nothing really bad to say about this episode and only good things really.  There was some great story progression, the resolution of several ongoing character arcs that were even tied together well with past events, the near resolution of some plot arcs, and for once more questions answered then new ones raised. Also it was just generally solid screenplay, I don’t care what anyone might say about “bad writing” or whatever their definition for “good writing” might be.  The fact that there were no advertisements or any product placement in episode and everything was so on focus also makes me happy to grant the episode a rare score from me.  I give lots of 6’s-9.5’s, but the 10 is reserved for episodes that I found my expectations were exceeded on almost every level.  This is one of them.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


18 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 13 (It’s A Depressing One…..And Don’t Call Me Shirley)”

  1. 1 Haesslich July 10, 2008 at 7:27 am

    one quick note: if Jeremiah Gottweld is truly loyal to his Empress, whole Suzaku proclaims loyalty to his dead princess but merely is self-serving, will Guildford go the Jeremiah route or the Suzaku route should he discover Cornelia’s current situation?

  2. 2 ZeusIrae July 10, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Jermiah route obviously.

  3. 3 The Animanachronism July 10, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    Great story progression (in wacky Geass style) indeed – and a quiet echo of the progression from school festival hijinks to excrement hitting the rotating ceiling-mounted cooling device in the first season’s episodes 21 & 22.

    As for the ‘killing the gods’ thing, obviously we’ll have to wait and see. I was imagining it as some kind of metaphor, but as you say the show has that supernatural element (I’m recalling C.C.’s witch-persecution memory montage). If we’re really, really lucky and the writing staff are feeling kind, they’ll make it a little clearer what relationship, if any, there is between the geass and the mythological geis.

    (I’m pretty sure I saw a Pizza Hut screencap from this episode, but then I quite like the product placement.)

  4. 4 masterkeyes2 July 10, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Well why it certainly isn’t my favorite ones for obvious reasons there was some cool things that happened. For one Jeremiah “converting” so to speak. I have to say that was something I saw happening from the moment he started asking “why did you turn on your motherland?”. Mostly because the Picture Drama’s gave me the idea that he still held loyalty to Lelouch or Marianne.

    Another thing was the Gefion Disturber linked to the railways. I imagine that is going to be the new “pull the floor out from under you” trick in the season finale.

    And then of course there was Shirley..which well the entire internet seems to believe it was “good storytelling” and “plot progression” so why bother arguing?

    At any I give this episode a resounding “~feh” in my book. I use a word sound because I don’t believe I can sum up my opinion in numeric expression. I give it a “feh” because it simply wasn’t entertaining. I’d rather be watching the product placement, school antic’s, wacky Code Geass because at least its entertaining and not depressing.

  5. 5 Kurogane July 10, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    Oh, yeah, I loved this episode. I didn’t like Shirley that much, but I thought her death was quite tragic. It could have been Rollo, it could not have been Rollo. I am kind of intrigued by the happy Rollo in the opening (seeing that he “might have” killed Lulu’s beloved in cold blood), but as Kaioshin-sama said, this might just be another paradox not uncommon to this production company. Not that I delve all too deeply into the romantic aspects of Code Geass, but I think both Kallen and C.C seem more suitable for Lulu. Both are also quite tragic, bearing in mind Kallen’s past (her mother’s hospitalisation and her brother’s death) and C.C has got Medea written all over her face (not that I am saying C.C is another Medea; their plight is quite different, but equally tragic).

    I read somewhere that Code Geass will end with R2. I think that’s good news since an R3 might just be prolonging the inevitable. I don’t think that Code Geass has ever created a true “filler episode” but some arcs did seem quite superfluous (thinking of Mao’s revival; Mao’s first appearance did well in telling us more about C.C and her past, but his revival after being shot like, what, a hundred times…..). Goro Taniguchi has promised to wrap everything up and I can’t help but believe him. I don’t think that all of the questions that are left cannot be answered in 12 (or was it 13?) episodes. If you think about it, this will just mean we’ll have 12(or 13, too lazy to check) episodes of fast-paced story-telling with no time wasted. Like this episode. And it worked well for Mai-Hime. Why shouldn’t it work well in this case too? I do think it could go bad…..I mean, we could have a sudden U-turn that throws all of the previous development out of the window and leaves black holes of almost galactic proportions in the whole plot. I can think of a few animes that did that (definitely not just Sunrise ones, even a Bones one, which doesn’t tend to screw up at all). I don’t think Taniguchi-sama would let that happen (orz) though, so just calm down guys and swallow some of that bitter pessimism of yours. Perhaps you will actually be able to enjoy anime again, lol.

  6. 6 FlareKnight July 10, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Pretty impressive post on the episode that’s for sure. When I heard the ED I instantly thought Rozen Maiden. Oddly enough wasn’t a big fan of that song for some reason, but did like the images being put out there and the possible symbolism going along with it.

    I still think there is still time and a chance for Suzaku. Certainly has to break through his stubbornness and a complete story would also be handy. Do want to hope that Shirley could at least help push Lelouch and Suzaku in the right direction. Enough cases to think the two aren’t absolutely locked into being enemies that hate each other. But will all depend on what happens in the rest of the series.

    First things first, those cops get fired. If they can’t even keep tabs on one person they don’t deserve to keep their jobs.

    Got to love Cornelia throwing that dagger into V.V.’s head :D. She just cut off his speech to shut him up. Too bad it didn’t work, but a pretty funny moment.

    Sad to see Shirley go, but that’s how it turned out.

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama July 10, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    @The Animanachronism: I think at the same time we figure out the truth behind the “gods” we will also learn the secret of the Geass, if not even next episode. I can see Lelouch having more then a few questions for C.C now if she’s still in this show.

    @Haesslich: Guilford would have every reason to follow Cornelia and none to follow the nation. He’s always shown his loyalty to be greater to her then even to his duty. I mean the guy keeps a commemorative plate of her in his office as a gesture of his loyalty, and I’m sure unlike a standard picture of the Emperor that would be required that it means a lot to him as does she.

    @MasterKeyes: Hmmm…don’t ever watch a Key adaptation, that’s for sure. They tend to be even more bi-polar. One episode it’s happy smiley cutesy girls and the next…..well…..

    @Kurogane: Sokou No Strain is my favourite example of a series that ignores it’s own plot progression. That and Dragonaut.

    @Flareknight: The way Suzaku and Lelouch were laughing together makes it seem like they do indeed want to reconcile. It’s just stubborness keeping them from doing so as has been pointed out.

  8. 8 Anonymous July 10, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    A massive problem with this episode:
    It requires you to have watched the DVD Picture Dramas to actually know WHY Orange did all of that. Otherwards, you’re in the dark and calling this a trainwreck.

    Of course, I don’t watch the DVD Picture Dramas because I don’t like Geass that much to warrant spending time watching what I thought would be the typical fun DVD specials (having watched the School Bath and Suzaku/Lloyd ones, one would think that). Who would have figured that they put important information in them, eh?

    Technically rough and definitely not perfect, but it gets the ball going in the right direction.

  9. 9 masterkeyes2 July 11, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Hmmm…don’t ever watch a Key adaptation, that’s for sure. They tend to be even more bi-polar. One episode it’s happy smiley cutesy girls and the next…..well…..

    I have seen Clannad, does that count? But then again they haven’t started on the After Story but I have read the spoilers for it so I get your point.

    I guess what I was trying to say earlier is that there are other ways to make a good story without a chalk-load of death to progress the story. At any rate it doesn’t matter now, maybe something cool will happen next episode to make me happy.

    One thing I noticed in the episode by the way was Jeremiah addressing Lelouch with the “Yes Your Majesty”(The common phrase when talking to the Emperor), you gotta love the world-play in this show.

    Also another thing was when Lelouch said “Because I am Lelouch Vi Britannia.” It kinda of shows how he is actually be more true to himself.

    At the start of the series he acknowledged that his name, and history was a lie. That is Lelouch’s Lamperouge’s history, so maybe now he is starting to shed the cloak of lies and become his own person.

    Oh and since you brought earlier what is your opinion of the OST Kaio?

  10. 10 Amuro1X July 11, 2008 at 1:58 am

    “So Mamoru Miyano Or Jun Fukuyama For Best Agonized Scream Of The Year?”

    More like: Eclipse for the most useless, pointless, and intrusive subtitle of the year.

    Seriously, somebody please enlighen me as to why we need a subtitle for a scream.

    “Wait, what was that? Let me check the subtitle…Oh, he screamed in agony.”


  11. 11 Haesslich July 11, 2008 at 4:05 am

    Amuro1X: Yeah, that subtitle was a tad excessive, especially as they didn’t do similar to Shirley’s screaming earlier that episode.

    Kaioshin: We’ll see. He has every reason to go down the path of personal loyalty, just as everyone else has so far (Kallen, Toudoh, and now Cornelia)… but he might just surprise us.

  12. 12 hyzen July 11, 2008 at 11:00 am

    I had this crackpot theory where the ‘gods’ VV is trying to kill are in fact the witches… so VV wants to kill himself. And CC.

    This seems to have come from somewhere. Maybe I’ll need to read books again.

  13. 13 Kurogane July 11, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Oh, and for anyone that claims that Clamp only contributed to the character design of Code Geass.

    “During these early planning stages, Kawaguchi contacted the noted mangaka group Clamp, which was the first time Clamp had been requested to design the characters of an anime series. Clamp signed onto the project early during these development stages, and provided numerous ideas, which helped develop the series’ setting and characters.” (Quote taken from Wikipedia)

    So I think it wouldn’t be too farfetched to draw parallels between CG and a few of Clamp’s other works.

  14. 14 C.I. July 11, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    @Flareknight: ED’s by Ali Project, that’s probably why.

    Also, it was a pain to see Shirley go, she genuinely cared for Lelouch and her character will be sorely missed because of that sole aspect of her.

    And Jeremiah possibly kill Rollo? My speculative interest has been piqued.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama July 11, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    @Amuro1x: I don’t know, I’m kind of partial to GG’s, “Fuck Ali Project” right before the start of the song as the most unnecessary subtitle. It also comes right around the same time as Eclipses too.

  16. 16 deathkillz July 11, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Ye ouch of an end here.
    I just had that bad feeling when Shirley picked up the gun and pretty much so it had to happen. With this though, I see swarms of anti Rolo popping up everywhere whilst Shirley fans mourn for their lost princess…

    Now I’m depressed 😦

    The other shocker also being Oranji revealing his true purpose. But I can’t shake off the feeling that V.V would let him go so easily…

    In other news, cornelia…

  17. 17 Gsus July 13, 2008 at 11:28 pm


    Well, yes, GG’s “Fuck Ali Project” is probably the most unnecessary. Then again…

    Listening to Ali Project is quickly becoming the same as trying to follow a flea that’s been shot full of cafein, jumping on a hot plate that’s being balanced on the back of a chihuahua.
    GG’s sub is voicing my sentiments, and I can’t blame them for that.


    Well… Let’s save that for episode 14, shall we? 😉

  18. 18 Sally October 15, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Poor Shirley!!! I liked her character just not her with LuLu. but her and Lelouch being together would only spell doom and tragedy.

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July 2008
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