Sekirei episode 2 ~ Welcome to Izumo Inn

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Musubi is very, very smart

Okay, I lied. I was just too busy last night catching up with other stuff that I forgot about this. Anyway…yay! another episode of Sekirei! ^^

Thoughts: Wow…to an anime viewer it may not seem much but because I have read the manga I can see that they are actually blazing through a lot of stuff which is rather disappointing as a lot of development which makes the characters who they are (and making them more attractive) are lost. I do wonder if they are rushing a bit too much to get to the point but on the other hand it isn’t necessarily a bad thing seen as they do keep the important events (but I want my fluff tease scenes!). Interestingly enough though, they are also changing the order of a lot of events such as Yukari showing up on the day Minato and Musubi packs up to leave for the Inn, not to mention how they also changed the way Minato find out that the place he dropped into was an Inn in the first place.

Asides from mixing up the order of events they even started adding news scenes, like what happened in episode one at the start. The scene with a guy inviting a tattered looking Sekirei in the park was completely new.

Besides the mixing and matching though, this was relatively a good episode. We are introduced to a lot of new characters namely the super-scary-when-mad landlord of Izumo Inn, Miya Asami and her two tenants; Uzume (who turns out to be a Sekirei herself who Musubi attacked because she was naive, or should I say too innocent, enough to know that she isn’t an enemy) and Kagari

Speaking about Kagari, another thing that was changed was the omitted scene beforehand of him and Minato meeting due to a friend. But apparently, Kagari is a host by day…and by night…well, you’ll see

As for Minato…he is going capture his second girl soon enough (the lolicon…).

Sekirei ED

Screencaps and wise guy comments:

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Miya Asami, landlord of Izumo Inn and very scary… 

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Kagari, a pimp host

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Uzume, “whaaaaa!!! Don’t you ever change!” girl (<3)

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Ah, it’s the censoring light again…though they never seem to make it less obvious that it is going to be saved for the DVD releases

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Yes it is but keep trying ^^

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Yukari, Minato’s imouto and someone very evil…you will soon see

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Stalker girl…don’t ask

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Musubi has no sense at all as you can see…

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Egads! she is learning! 😀

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Do I have a choice? (Scary woman ;____; )

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Kuuuuuuuu~ run! Don’t let Minato pokeball you! D:

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Go figure, Sherlock


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