Koihime†Musō Episode 1 (Romance Of The Three Kingdoms For Otaku)

Oh Shit….I’m Glad I Don’t Actually Have To Play This Scenario And Can Just Watch.  This Looks Like The Start Of One Of Those Unwinnable Battle Scenarios That Are Timed And Still Hard As Hell

So what do you get when you take Romance of The Three Kingdoms and turn it into an eroge and then eventually by the laws of anime nature it’s anime adaptation counterpart.  Why Koihime†Musō of course.  That’s right, that’s Koihime†Musō with the cross symbol in the middle or it doesn’t count.  I actually ummmmm have this game on DVD, but never bothered to install it because I heard the battles sucked the big one and that it was mostly and ADV disguised as an SLG, but whatever, this is the anime version.  Men do exist in this series, just not in any important capacity.  As people will see, all of the important figures of the classic Chinese story have been turned into female characters ala Ikkitousen and drawn in the moe style with lots of lush colours (mostly the popular turn on colours of Blue, Red, Pink and Purple).  In fact I might have mistaken it for a sneak Kyoani entry into this season if it were a little more Orange as the character designs have their feel to them.  Anyway let’s have a quick looksee here.

If You Were Playing An Eroge Then This Would Be The Style The Story Was Presented In:

Ah, It’s The Old Mysterious Traveller Versus The Bandits Demanding Passage Fees Scenario….


Correction, It’s The One Hot Chick Versus Nameless Bandits Scenario.  Well That’s Not Fair For The Bandits Since This Is An Anime That Obeys The Character Power Tiers Law

Three Pictures To The First Panty Shot.  That’s Gotta Be A Record

Four Pictures To The……WHAT THE HELL?!!!!

See I Don’t Know About That Whole Jumping From Comedy To Drama To Comedy And Back Again Bit.  It Just Sort Of Seems Awkward.  Sure Is Popular In Eroge Adaptations Though

Teeheeheehee heeheeheeheehee Piggy!  *Giggles Uncontrollably*

Every Village Needs A Good Loli Gang Terrorizing It.  Look At That One On The Left, She’s Even Got The Inverse Cross Leg Sitting Position.  Very Threatening

And The Ring Leader…..Wait Is That A Loli Or A Shota?!!!!

How Do You Make Up For A Lack Of 18+ Rated Scenes In An Eroge Adaptation.  Going Chibi Seems To Be The Popular Solution

Hey There’s Some Male Characters Again, But Wait, What’s This?  They’ve Got The Shifty Eyes And The One On The Right Has The Evil Moustache.  These Guys Are Not Important It Would Seem…….

So Here’s The Part Where I Am Not Sure Whether Kyoani Isn’t Secretely Involved In This Series.  Random Displays Of Showy Visual Effects Are Their Speciality After All….

A Warrior Kanu has Encountered The 3 Lolis And A Fat Boy.  I’d Down The Fat Boy (He’s The Weakest And Don’t Question Me On This) And Run For My Life In This Scenario

You Fell For The Trap.  CG Picture Acquired.  Current Status is 5%

Now The Dialogue Before This Is Talking About Peeing On Her Before Leaving And Girly There Is Lifting Up Her Skirt.  That’s Kind Of Fetishy Don’t You Think?  Watch Out Strike Witches, Koihime†Musō Is Coming For You

You See She’s Really Talking About The Character Power Tiers.  See In This Situation The Only Character Type That Could Possibly Beat Her As The “Teenage Girl” Is The Loli And She’s Just Come To That Humiliating Realization.  Also I Like The Soft Visual Effect Of The Tree Branches Casting Shadows.  It’s Not In My Face And Just A Nice Touch

Work That Arced Back There Rin Rin

I See Rin Rin Is Using The “I’m Wide Open” Battle Stance And Kanu Is Using The “I’ve Got My Spear Facing The Wrong Way” Stance.  This Should Be An Exciting And Long One

Now We’re Getting Into The Orange And Typical Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Exagerrated Strength Style Duels……Where Have I Seen This Scenario Before Though……


Rin Rin Obeys The Character Power Tiers And Overpowers Kanu, But Then Also Obeys The Lolis Can’t Be Evil Law And Starts To Cry Instead.  Also Note That The Cat Decoration On Her Head Is Changing Form To Cry With Her.  I Knew She Reminded Me Of Sumi From Moetan Or Wade The Duck From Orson’s Farm.  Wait….Could The Pig Be Orson?

And Bathtub Scene


I Like The Implication Here

I Don’t Wanna Know

The Key Battle Of Kanu Rin Bathtub From Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Is About To Begin

Well This Is A Familiar Conversation.  Will Japan’s Otaku Community Every Get Tired Of This…..Tired Bit Of Dialogue.  Should I Even Be Asking Such A Question?

Jesus Christ She Wasn’t Kidding.  Either Those Are The Size Of Her Head Or Something Isn’t Properly To Scale Here

Okay! First Put On A Shirt Though Rin Rin

Some Yuri Tension Apparently Never Hurts When Dealing With The Otaku Fanbase

And The Classic Travelling/Goodbye Scene.  At Least We’re Clothed Now……

It’s About This Time I Got Bored With The Scene And Started Trying To Poke Rin Rin’s Nose With My Mouse Cursor.

And Possible Future Opponents Including, Cao Cao.  Yep That’s Cao Cao….DOES ANYBODY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!

Sun Quan

Yuan Shao

And Future Allies Like Zhao Yun

Ma Chao

Satoko Hojo Zhuge Liang

And Loli Yuri Fiend Huang Zhong

Whatever The Case Guan Yu And Zhang Fei Continue On Their Journey Feet First

Unfolding The Fan:  So that’s the first episode of Koihime†Musō as presented in it’s adaptated form.  The male hero from the game is gone in this making way for Guan Yu/Kanu of Shu.  While I still have yet to grasp the popularity of this Guan Yu in Japan, at least this version is better in both design and overall characterization then the utterly bland Kanu Uchida from Ikkitousen whose popularity I will never get much like Cima Garahau from Gundam 0083.  Anyway, can’t say I’m to surprised that they got rid of the male lead.  The target audience is most definitely not around for the male characters.

So then what are we left with.  Well it’s nothing new as far as eroge adaptations go, but it’s definitely watchable.  The opening is not at all to my tastes (I’d swear it’s KOTOKO, but apparently it’s not), but the animation is fine, the colours are lush and the character designs pleasing to the eyes (especially Rin Rin).  Plus compared to say Prism Ark, which was an absolute abomination of storytelling and narrative with it’s half-assed attempt at combining it’s story with the prequel game Prism Heart and still trying to keep thing coherent, it’s a change of pace for the action/comedy/eroge adaptation genre and not half bad.  It’s not to over the top and in your face with it’s comedy like I often found something like Clannad to be either.  It’s simply a show and it’s good enough for what it is.  It’s not winning any awards for originality or breakthrough storytelling though, that’s for sure.

I guess there are a lot of people who are going to have problems with the way Romance of The Three Kingdoms is being repackaged for the Japanese Otaku market, but it’s not like there aren’t any precedents.  Obviously there is Ikkitousen with it’s twelve panty shots per second, and Japan has also shown that it doesn’t find itself above mocking it’s own historical legends in games like Sengoku Rance.  Speaking of which, what is it going to take to get a Rance adaptation anyway.  And I’m not talking about that crummy OVA from 1992, I’m talking like Sengoku or Rance VI.  I’d love something like that and for the longest running eroge franchise in existence it’s long overdue.

Anyway, this is like Slayers Revolution a perodical look type deal, where every now and then if I feel like it I’ll cover an episode or two, so don’t count on anything consistent.  Watch this show if you are interested in Romance of The Three Kingdoms and/or Loli character designs (the show leans more towards focusing on the latter), but otherwise it’s easy enough to pass up without regret.

Rating: Five And A Half Out Of Ten


6 Responses to “Koihime†Musō Episode 1 (Romance Of The Three Kingdoms For Otaku)”

  1. 1 Animefig July 16, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    i fans of Romance three kingdoms and this anime will be my fav.

  2. 2 sam D January 16, 2009 at 1:25 am

    I saw the whole series and can i say
    it was satisfying…
    if you know what I mean…

  3. 3 WatashiNoNamae July 8, 2009 at 4:14 am

    I always thought she looked like Satako, too. And the one with purple hair looks like Takano Miyu.

    Anyway, this is a pretty good anime. It’s only about twelve episodes so it won’t take a huge amount of time. It’s cute and funny and sometimes the story gets interesting. I’d recomend watching it, just don’t expect anything great.

  4. 4 Mickey June 21, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Erzähl doch bitte nochmal ein wenig ausführlicher.

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