Code Geass R2 Episode 14 (The Spirit Of Euphemia 2008)

Japan Reminds Us For The 59953424th Billion Time Not To Screw With The Lolis……

Quite the beginning we have here.  Other then the pre-title sequence with C.C there’s not a moment in the episode that doesn’t have some important plot detail in it and the late trend of more answers or lead-ins to answers continues from last week.  New perspectives abound and whoops it’s time to begin….

Their Will Be More Then One Black Ribbon Hanging Above Before This Picture Summary Is Over:

What’s This? C.C And Marrianne Together.  So They Did Know Each Other.  Also I Love The Scenery Here And The Music Choice Only Serves To Enhance The Beauty Of It

A Very Unusual Beginning Here With The Scene Taking Place In A.T.B 1997 .  The Dialogue Seems To Indicate That Charles Has Just Been Made King, But His Wishes Are Not Panning Out

Those Wishes Seem To Have Something To Do With Changing The Course Of History And Improving Mankind.  It Would Certainly Be Inline With What He Is Doing In The Present Day As The Emperor Of The Most Powerful Nation On Earth.  Also The Destroyed Architecture Here Seems To Indicate That Some Form Of Devestation Took Place At This Location.  Could This Have Been The Domain Of The Gods?

The Pact He Made With V.V Comes Up Again.  Apparently They Are Supposed To Be Brothers, But Apparently V.V Also Had The Power To Grant Charles Something In Return For Destroying These Gods.  It Seems That That Gift Is As I Have Previously Suspected The Throne Of Britannia And That In Return Charles Is Now Supposed To Help Him With Research Into The Geass…

Yes It Was Rolo.  Of Course It Was Rolo.  You’ve Gotta Love How He Plays It Like Nothing Is Wrong.  Perfectly Calm.  Textbook Sociopath

And How Lelouch Quickly Regains His Composure So He Can Play The Loving Brother.

But Just In His Dialogue Alone You Know All Bets Are Off Again.  Last Time He Did This He Fucked Everything Up Though.  Is He Ready To Not Screw Things Up This TIme…I’m Not So Sure

“The eyes are likened to the windows of the heart” – Mark 7:20-23.  Tell Me, What Are You Seeing Right Now?

Yeah The Britannian Royal Family In General Really Has A Thing For Sibling Relationships.  V.V With Charles, Cornelia With Euphemia, Lelouch With Nunally….But It’s Not Without It’s Rivalries Either.  How Will Lelouch And Schneizel And Carline And Nunally Settle Their Differences?

Whoa….What Is That Supposed To be?

Shirley Is Dead And Like Euphemia The Truth Is Being Kept From Suzaku And The World.  She Was Quiet Important To A Lot Of People Just Like Euphemia As Well….

You Know It’s Nice that All The Representative KOR And Student Body Are Here To Pay Their Respects And I Know That Anya Loves To Show Off The Midriff, But Yeesh.  Can’t You Cover Up Girl?

Meanwhile Ground Zero In Dallas

Nina Is Coping With The News.  Her Former Security Blanket Is Fraying At The Seams, But Kanon Looks Like He Is Ready To Step In And Mend The Fabric.  He Really Seems Like A Good Guy And The Two Look Like They Are Headed For A Relationship.  If Schneizel Tries To Do Anything I Think He Will Stick To The Path Of Justice And Rescue Nina From Walking The Path Of Doom So To Speak

It Seems That Penglai Has Now Officially Been Named The Temporary Capital Of The United States Of Japan Instead Of Me Just Assuming It Was

All This Talk About Pacts….I Really Wouldn’t Be Surprised To Learn Her Name Was Morgan And She Is A Deceiver On Some Levels.  After All She Still Hasn’t Told Lelouch About His Mother And She Obviously Knows The Truth

Again All Bets Are Off In Case There Was Any Confusion. No Firm Diplomacy, No Mr. V.V. No No Mr. V.V, No No No No Peace For Japan And The World

Again I Always Love The Visual Symbolism In Geass.  Here We Have A Chess Board With The Pieces All Strewn About And In Disorder.  As If Somebody Just Decided To Say, “Too Hell With Playing You Game And To Hell With Strategy” And Just Flipped The Board Laying Waste To The Playing Field.  Foreshadowing Much?

Rolo Can’t Count Himself As Safe.  Need I Stress Again That Lelouch Has Returned To Not Trusting Anyone But Himself Anymore. And Why Should He?  It Seems The Only People He Can Trust Are His Three Court Ladies.  One Has To Ask The Question, Have The Order Of The Black Knights Exceeded Their Usefulness?

If He Could He Probably Would

He Has Abandoned The Idea Of Cooperation For Now, But Unlike The Black Rebellion Disaster, He Remains Smart And In Control.  As I Suspected Lelouch Is Finally Asking Questions.  Such Questions As Pertaining To Just What Exactly His Pact With C.C Entails.  She’s Never Explained Up To This Point

And If He Can’t Get The Answers From C.C, He’ll Get Them From V.V By Using Jeremiah’s Secure Channel.  Very Super-Villainy Introduction As Well.  This Is The Suave In Control Lelouch I Imagine A Lot Of People Have Been Missing

Lelouch Is On Top Of Things For Sure.  He’s Not About To Let V.V Destroy Everything He Planned Again.  If He’s Going To Walk The Path Of The Warlock He Seems Ready To Do It On His Own Terms

V.V Has Indeed Had His Hands In Lelouchs Affairs For Too Long.  It Seems Like While Lelouch Has Put His Own Agenda Ahead Of Everyone Elses Again That He’s At Least On The Right Track This Time.  He’s Also Bringing The Posse As Well.  Another Question.  Can He Make The Order Of The Black Knights Goals His Goals?

Does That Answer Your Question?

Whoa, I Can Honestly Say I Didn’t See That One Coming, A Makeshift Set Of Lelouch’s Room.  Perhaps V.V Ought To Have Triangulated His Position Instead Of Making Assumptions.  They’re Also Mixing Up Lelouch’s Battle Plans A Little Now.

Lelouch Channeling His Inner Stone Cold Steve Austin

So It Turns Out That Jaburo Wasn’t Destroyed In U.C 0087, It Was Just Moved To China……In Another Dimensioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon….Okay I’ll Stop Now

Really, Is This Just Smack Talk Or Am I Missing Something Here

Good Old Nunally.  She Didn’t Seek Power, Power Sought Her And She Tries To Use It For Good.  It’s Not Enough Though And Really She’d Give Anything For A Normal Life.  I Strongly Doubt Any Hidden Evil Personality That People Are Suspecting, She Really Does Just Seem Like A Genuinely Good Hearted Girl

Note That Suzaku Is Referring To Karen By A Number, Something He Claims To Despise In How The Japanese Are Referred To By The Designation “Eleven” Under The Britannian System.  Suzaku Continues His Fall.  He Is Not At All In Control Of The System, The System Is In Control Of Him And I Fear He May Never Realize It

And Nunally Is Sharp.  She Picks Up On The Fact That Suzaku Just Referred To Her Friend By A Number And In Fact Knows Her Name Is Karen And The Look On Her Face Shows She’s Hurt By It.  I Think She’s Starting To Realize That The Suzaku In Front Of Her Is Not The Person She And Lelouch Grew Up With

Speaking Of Everyone Questioning Their Beliefs This Episode, The Black Knights Are Starting To Doubt What They’ve Been Told As Well.  Lelouch Is Going To Have To Answer Some Questions About This Slaughter As Well

A Lot Of Questions…..

Such As The Company He is Keeping, Because If We Are To Judge Suzaku’s Actions We Must Also Judge Everyones Equally.  Such Is The Concept Of Justice And Equality

We Bid Goodbye To Bartley Now, Ever The Loyal Servant Of The Empire, But One Who Would Also Ask Some Questions About Whether What He Was Doing Was Right

Before He Dies Though He Recognizes C.C, The One He Was Planning To Offer Up To Charles.  The Pieces Surrounding The Geass Are Slowly Starting To Come Together For Me

I’ll Let This Screencap Speak For Itself

C.C Seems To Express Regret For The First Time We’ve Seen…..

Things Seem To Be Going Very Well For The United States Of Japan

Very Well Indeed.  It Looks Like They Are Well On The Way To Becoming A Superpower Now

One Has To Wonder Whether The Black Knights Are Going To Allow For These Secrets Much Longer.  Didn’t He Promise To Be More Open With Them.  Doesn’t Look Like It’s Happened

And Diethard Seems To be Worrying That Ougi Is Plotting A Coup.  Could It Be True?

Viletta Seems To Be Making Her Escape Now Too.  After All, Nobodies Watching Her.  Looks Like She’s A Patriot Before A Subordinate Of Jeremiah

The Children Of The Damned

Christopher Reeeeeeeeeeve?  Where Are Yoooooooooooooou?  Little Help?

Here’s Ol’ Teleport Hax Rolo Again

Brother Rolo, Meet Sister Loli

Rolo Really Is Out Of Control Now.  He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

And Lelouch Knows It’s Time To Take Him Out Because Of It

You Know What, I’ll Give The People Who Complain About Yaoi Implications This One

Draddle Draddle Draddle, I Made You Out Of Clay……

So It Seems V.V Really REALLY Hates The Name Marianne….You’re Really Fitting The Pieces In For Me Sunrise

You’re One To Talk

And Rolo’s Geass Weakness Is At Last Revealed.  Considering How Many Times He’s Used It I Think He’s Close To It Not Restarting Next Time

And There Goes Vincent For The Time Being


And Siegfried Falls Again Under The Combined Firepower Of Shinkirou And Gunhaver

Jeremiah To The Rescue

Man Sunrise Really Loves Blowing Up Unground Headquarters

More Hints That Put The Pieces Together.  Almost All Of Them Are Assembled

Special Guest Director Michael Bay

Suzaku Desperate For Answers Is Ready To Stoop To Anything.  Meanwhile Lelouch Is About To Get The Real Answers

Can I Just Get This Article Over With So I Can Start Trying To Put The Pieces Together For People?

Thoughts: None, I’ve put my major thought for this episode in the summary itself.  I plan to go a step further and speculate about the key mysteries of the story.  If people would be so gracious as to follow me to my next article I will take a stab at it.  I wouldn’t follow the link if you at all think I could be right though.  I’ve given it quite a bit of thought so it’s up to you the reader.  Carry on if you wish.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


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