Goro, I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle (My Code Geass Plot Speculation Theory)

After Episode 14 aired suddenly it all became clear to me.  At least it seems that way.  I think I’ve finally gotten to the root of the mystery of the Geass, the overarching plot element of the entire series.  I’m going to try and piece it all together within the article itself so continue from this point at your own descretion if you think I could conceivably be correct.  The date Is Thursday July 17th, 2008.  The time, 5:05AM. Here goes. 

A Statue Of The Gods Lies In Ruin.  Charles And V.V Are The Likely Culprit

Theory: First let us talk about Charles and V.V’s pact to destroy God.  I have been puzzling for the longest time as to how this could fit into the series, and then it hit me.  It’s a metaphore.  Charles pact with V.V was not to destroy God in the literal sense, but organized religion.  Why would they want to destroy religion and why does Charles believe it to be the worlds lie.

4 People Gather On A Day That Will Change The Course Of History.  All Of Them However Have Different Goals.  They Are C.C, V.V, Marianne And Charles


C.C The Persecuted Witch

C.C The Tortured

C.C The Branded

C.C The Leader Of Her People

C.C The Immortal Witch was one.  Having been persecuted all her life for what she is (and that I remain unsure of) she formed the Geass Cult as a means of protection and sought to live in secrecy.  She would influence history when she felt it would ensure the safety of her people and would even be photographed inteverning in World War I, but other then that she was purely reactive, despite all the suffering she had to endure at the hands of religious persecutors.  She would give the gift of Geass to those who she would take in to her organization, but otherwise it was for preservational purposes.  They would remain in hiding in the for many years, always in fear.

However not all of her followers were satisfied with this and some even sought revenge and influence.  Among those forerunners was V.V, brother of Charles who was in love with Marianne.  All of them would form a close bond….or so it would seem.  C.C eventually saw the danger of V.V and his rising influence among the Geass users and the upheaval he was causing in Britannia itself, but by the time he had taken power from her it was to late.  She was driven out and fled into the Chinese Federation (where the Geass Cult had relocated to) and was looking for a way to stop him.

C.C Meets Her First New Disciple As An Outcast

Eventually she would run into Mao and try to strike up a bond with him and have him be her piece in stopping V.V.  He would end up a failure in this regard though and his becoming driven insane by the voices in his head would cause C.C to become bitter and to lose hope in the beliefs she had been fighting for in vain all these years.  The belief that the witches and warlocks could one day coexist with the people of the world.

C.C Watches Over Her Friends Son

Charles And V.V Had Been Aware Of C.C’s Initial One Woman Resistance All Aong And Were Working To Capture Her Before She Could Interfere In Their Plans.  They Would Fail In This Endeavour And Eventually V.V Would Appear To Pay The Price

C.C Is Forced To Confront The Reality Of Her Situation In An Accidental Mind Meld With Suzaku

C.C Returns To The Place Where It All Begun And Is Forced To Right Their Wrongs Despite The Pain It Causes Her

She would eventually make her way to Japan and watch over the son of her friend as he came of age.  V.V would catch up to her in the meantime though and have Charles invade Japan in order to find the one person that could ruin their plans.  Eventually she would be captured by V.V and offered as a gift to his brother Charles, but not before being saved by a chance intervention by the Japanese Liberation Front.  She would meet Lelouch Vi Britannia, the daughter of her best friend and realize it.  From there she knew they had similar goals and would try to help them both realize them.  Her cold attitude towards him is not one of disrespect, but one of necessity, for she knows that to think for one second that she is using the son of her best friend to destroy the organization, the family she had attempted to create and still cares for would be to much to bear.


V.V. The Warlock

V.V was once C.C’s most trusted disciple as a member of the Geass Cult, but he did not believe in her policy of hiding in fear, self-defence or even the thought of coexisting with the rest of the world.  He sought plain old revenge for the persecution he was forced to endure at the hands of religion and sought to destroy it.  While C.C most likely did not agree with this sentiment she turned a blind eye and V.V eventually sought out the noble Knight of Round named Charles who V.V and Charles himself claim to be brothers.  Charles had ideals for changing the corrupt Britannian Emprie for the better and V.V convinced him to help him bring an end to this religion as the best way to do this by helping him claim the throne. 

V.V’s Geass Cult Has No Qualms About Intervening In The Politics Of The World Wherever It Suits Them

V.V used the influence of the Geass Cult and it’s assassins to help him achieve the throne.  Unfortunately this didn’t not change anything as both of them came to realize and they noted that humanity still remained the same.  V.V wanted more action and sought to further his revenge possibly seeking no more then the blood of all humans to be spilt for the tortures he endured a long time ago.  However Charles was no longer interested.  He had met the love of his life in Marianne and together they would try to further the interests of the people of the empire through there position. 

V.V Is Obsessed With The Bond He Shares With Charles

V.V Belies His Scorn For Marianne To Jeremiah.  He Continues To Despise Even Her Name To This Day Even Though He Killed Her Long Ago

Marianne became greatly admired by the people for her gentle nature and compassion and had no known enemies, but for the brother of her Charles himself.  V.V would soon become jealous of Marianne for not only stealing his “brothers” attention away from him, but also ruining the plans he needed Charles influence as Emperor for.  She needed to go and so she did when he ordered the Geass Cult to unleash a surprise slaughter at her estate that nobody saw coming or could defend against.  She was murdered, her daughter Nunally maimed and her son Lelouch traumatized by the incident.  From there V.V would lie to Charles about the incident and convince him that he must have revenge.  C.C would be driven out of the Geass Cult or perhaps leave on her own to try and find a way to stop V.V and find a way to look after the children of her friend and possibly avenge her. 

Eventually V.V with the help of Britannia’s resources would build the Sword of Akasha to “Destroy God” and bring us to where we are today.  What they will do remains to be seen, but it has been stated by those who bear witness to his plans that it could be the greatest crime ever perperated against humanity.


Charles, The True Patriot Of Man

Charles desired change within the empire much like Suzaku as a former Knight of Rounds.  He heard the story of what happened to C.C and V.V, the latter being his brother (or so he claims) and saw the true nature of man and religion as unjust.  He sought to rectify this and agreed to a pact with V.V to help him claim the throne of Britannia so that he could change the empire.  A deal with the devil that would not pan out as he planned.

Once he got their and despite his efforts to abolish religion, he saw that humanity hadn’t change at all.  He felt that V.V had deceived him and what’s more, he had fallen deeply in love with Marianne his fellow Knight who would become his favourite Queen.  He felt that together with her they could try and change the empire and for a time it seemed to be working as tried to return to the path of light.  However V.V was not content and still wanted his revenge and would order his Geass Cult to assassinate Marianne.  It would be the final straw for Charles.

Charles The Conqueror

Charles was distraught over the death of his beloved Marianne and would become vulernable to V.V lies again who would use it as an example to show the true nature of man.  Charles would then become embittered and start to believe in V.V’s cause that mankind needed to be changed through force and would become a brutal tyrant.  Invading as much of the know world as he could he would impose a belief in social darwinism, the polar opposite of faith and religion in order to try and expel that which he believe to be evil.

Charles And V.V Stand At The Sword Of Akasha

Even His Own Children Are Considered Obstacles To Him Now

Nothing would stand in Charles way anymore, V.V now had his ear.  He would send Britannia’s greatest minds to the headquarters of the Geass cult to help V.V in his plans and his own progeny would begin to question his actions.  First would be Lelouch who sought answers but was banished from the kingdom instead with his sister.  Later would come Clovis, Euphemia and eventually greatest of all Cornelia.  It didn’t matter to him though as his plans with V.V are nearing completion.  Bartley now warns before his death of the greatest crime in history that is about to be perpetrated against humanity.  Will C.C, Lelouch and possibly Marianne from beyond the grave be able to stop him or make him see the truth?

Perhaps He Has Started To Catch Onto V.V’s Deceit

Is He Ready To Carry Out His Plans And Judge Humanity, Or To Redeem Himself

Only time will tell.


Marianne The Compassionate

Marianne With Her Friend C.C

Marianne Shows Her Gentle Nature

Marianne the former Knight of Round would fall in love with her comrade Charles and become close friends with an acquintance of Charles Brother V.V.  That was C.C and both believed in a policy of peace and that humanity while it had the capacity to persecute, also had the capacity for love, justice and tolerance.  Marianne upon becoming Queen her best to make the better traits of humanity more widespread.  Soon she became beloved by nearly all, but V.V grew jealous and saw her as a threat to his plans for revenge against humanity.

Marianne Is Murdered By The Geass Cult

The day came when V.V sent the Geass Cult to eliminate her as a threat and C.C warned her of this.  Believing her fate inevitable she had her guard reduced to the bare minimum that night to prevent unnecessary loss of life, asked C.C to look after her son and daughter and resigned herself.  Her death would have lasting repercussion on the very fabric of Britannian society, but the change she desired would not come about.  Her death would in fact result in the opposite and Britannia would soon become a brutal empire.

Marianne Through C.C Will Not Allow Any Harm To Come To Lelouch

C.C Meets Lelouch Who Is Now All Grown Up And Is Saved From Capture By V.V And Charles

From beyond the grave she has apparently managed to maintain contact from C.C in some manner.  She wishes to rectify what she can through C.C and her guide her son to the path of virtue that she so strongly wished for everybody to follow and has made C.C promise that she will do everything in her power to make sure he is protected. 

Conclusion: The battle between C.C/Marianne and V.V continues to this very day with Lelouch and Charles as their chosen proxy pieces.  The fate of the world may hang in the balance as these two titans reach the peak of their power.

Keep in mind while I sound absolutely certain of this theory, I have just written it as such for force of effect and am in fact not entirely certain.  Nobody can ever be certain of the future, but nonetheless this is my theory as I gather the pieces and try to put them together.  There are anamolies of course.  Fore example I am not sure as to how V.V and Charles are brothers as V.V should be many many years older then Charles.  Perhaps that is the first lie he convinced him of among many others.

What I am almost certain of however is that Lelouch is now walking the path his father walked many years ago and is now becoming like him.  Karen played Lelouch’s Marianne and tried to bring him back to the path of light, but Rolo ruined it for him now by killing Shirley and now he seems to have abandoned his principles once again.  Charles appears to have had seesawed back and forth too between very good then somewhat evil, good then very evil.  The problem is that if Lelouch does go down the path of the warlock then V.V all but wins in his attempt to paint humanity as brutal persecutors.  It’s all getting really interest and so many plot threads are overlapping and coming together to paint one hell of a complex picture.  Only time will tell what becomes of it all, but for now I believe I know where it all began at long last.


32 Responses to “Goro, I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle (My Code Geass Plot Speculation Theory)”

  1. 1 ZeusIrae July 17, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Impressive.It makes a lot of sense.

    “Fore example I am not sure as to how V.V and Charles are brothers”Perhaps we shouldn’t understand it in the litteral meaning of word.It could be a code word for their pact, brothers share the “same blood”.A “blood pact” makes two people “brothers, V.V and charles are bound by a pact, so they are brothers.

  2. 2 Gideon July 17, 2008 at 10:03 am

    If it all turns out the way you just wrote here, I would be pleasantly surpised by Sunrise’ writing staff. It would be a great story, that actually makes sense.

    You’re probably not far off (or at least should not be as far as Im concerned), but I still believe Sunrise will suprise us all with something silly.

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama July 17, 2008 at 10:44 am

    @ZeusIrae: The series homepage claims them to be twin brothers related by blood, but that could be another red herring. This series is known for them.

    @Gideon: And I say you are being rather pessimistic. Why do you think that anyway? Be aware that I am of the belief that the idea that Sunrise is incapable of writing a good coherent story is trendy nonesense and am looking for something concrete. Also what would you judge to be something silly? My ears are open, but so are my logic centres. Think carefully about it.

  4. 4 miasmacloud July 17, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Marianne wasn’t really some overbaringly compassionate and gentle person like you’re making this sound. She was a fun person. This carries over into death as she teases C.C. about Lelouch from the World of C.

    As for C.C. being captured in Area 11, that was truthfully Clovis’s (or Bartley I guess) doing. V.V. did not orchestrate that. Think about ep 14. Lelouch says he’s going to use Clovis’s method (see: gas capsule C.C. was being held in is being carried around the Black Knights). Then near the end of the episode, V.V. remarks that he now knows a way to capture C.C. The Geass Cult itself apparently isn’t very good at this science mumbo jumbo: V.V. summons Schneizel’s buddies there to fix up Orange-kun and Siegfried. So, V.V. was talking about the capsules.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama July 17, 2008 at 11:41 am

    @miasmacloud: Yes, and who has Bartley been working for. While I think he was officially attached to Clovis, I also thinking he was always unofficially attached to V.V and the Geass research. It was his team after all that recovered Jeremiah after his fated battle at Narita and in time he became a disciple of V.V in an attempt to get revenge on Zero.

    V.V seems to have his hands in everything and has been attempting keeping tabs on C.C as early as their conversations in the early episodes of Code Geass R1.

    I think it’s safe to speculate that he was involved in the capture of C.C. In noticing I totally messed up the placement of one of my pictures I also added in my support for this while fixing that mistake.

  6. 6 miasmacloud July 17, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Bartley has been working for Clovis, then Schneizel. There was no link between V.V. and Bartley at all until V.V. decided to AoE Teleport him and the others to China. Granted, a V.V./Schneizel hidden link isn’t all too unlikely, since Schneizel has been shown to know certain things~ But still, V.V. to Bartley? The most you’re going to get out of that is, assuming the V.V./Schneizel link is true, then you can indirectly link them Bartley to V.V. by association.

    And early episodes of S1…? Uh, I think the earliest CC/VV World of C convo is in episode 19. That doesn’t strike me as “early S1”.

    You can’t safely assume V.V. was involved with the inital capture of C.C., or he wouldn’t have exclaimed, “Oh hey, now I know how to capture C.C.!” in R2 14.

  7. 7 Gideon July 17, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    @Kaioshin Sama

    Easy, easy 🙂 I don’t think Sunrise is inacapable of coherent storylines. Not at all actually. Overall storylines are general well plotted out. It is the minor details where Sunrise tend to overshoot with something they can do without, but that is just a personal opinion. Like Aeolia Schenberg still being alive in his pod in Gundam 00 (might be a bit unfair as that show is technically still running, so a good explaination might still be given).

    Sunrise is more than capable to plot out the story you predict but as far as I am concerned, they tend to overshoot certain aspects. Which results in something absurd and hard to believe. For instance; the origin of Geass. If they don’t ignore it completely; good chance it is something silly (and Jupiter related).

  8. 8 Ruvixur July 17, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Many parts makes sense, but:
    1. C.C. herself said that she was the master of Geass Cult, but she was only puppet.
    2. Marianne wasn’t a Knight of Round. She was just a Knight. Don’t read badly translated spoilers.

  9. 9 lelangir July 17, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Some people earlier were talking about the necessity for some epic space battles, considering it’s Sunrise and all, and plus, I don’t get where the ‘random’ images of Jupiter come into this, and the bluish looking people. Although if the space battles were to be realized, it was predicted, a third season (thus the milking) would have to take place.

  10. 10 Soldierofdarkness July 17, 2008 at 3:17 pm


    It could also be that Marianne’s death was the only way she knew to get Lelouch and Nunnally out of the cult’s way?

    With the two exiled to Japan (legimately and out of Britannia’s reach), they would be much safer than they’d been back home.

  11. 11 Kaioshin Sama July 17, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    @Miasmacloud: I still think that V.V had his hands in what Bartley was doing since day one, whether he knew it or not. I don’t think he also said anything about knowing how to capture C.C in episode 14. I believe he did say something along the lines of “We should never have laid hands on that woman”, but nothing about capturing.

    @Gideon: Aeolia Schenberg is dead I believe. As for the Jupiter thing, that’s one of thsoe puzzle pieces that has yet to fit in. Though nobody ever said the witches and warlocks had to have been from Earth initially.

    @Ruvixur: That’s another part that makes me believe she was probably betrayed by V.V. She was the master as everyone calls her that, but she believes V.V fooled her and stole the real power when she should have realized what he was doing. We’ll say Marianne was a Knight though until something is confirmed.

    @Lelangir: Oh there could still be space battles. Whether they’ll come sooner or later like in a season 3 remains to be seen. And if they decide they truly need a third season to finish the story then I wouldn’t really consider it milking. Milking would be something like Mai Hime’s endless series of medicore spinoffs and sequels.

    @Soldierofdarkness: That’s also a possibility.

  12. 12 Aabo0 July 17, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Kaioshin Sama, once again I have to applaud you for that amazing insight of yours, the article was absolutely outstanding!

    I’d like to add that, The V.V, Charles, and Marianne triangle was mirrored in the Rolo, Lelouch, and Shirley triangle. It’s really obvious when you think about it. Rolo/V.V. was threatened by Shirley/Marianne who loved Lelouch/Charles and then killed her.

  13. 13 The Animanachronism July 17, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Possible, and in parts quite plausible. I’m not sure I’ve got the mental energy to guess where Geass is going. The organised religion thing strikes me as odd, as it hasn’t really been a big feature of the show so far. But then I would say that about what happens in the last arc of, for example, VOTOMS, so what do I know?

    @ Gideon: ‘Aeolia Schenberg still being alive in his pod in Gundam 00’ . . . it’s all in the Seldon Plan, I’m sure.

  14. 14 miasmacloud July 17, 2008 at 8:28 pm


    V.V. remarks around ~17:30 in R2 14 that he NOW knows how to capture C.C. I’m saying, if he had been working with Bartley from the start, don’t you think he would’ve known before R2 14? :p They’re the ones who developed the Gas Capsules which held her in the first place.

    I’m guessing that Clovis and Bartley started off by themselves, then Schneizel likely working behind the scenes w/V.V. dropped by, picked up Bartley and the gang, and gas capsules were never brought up by the scientists due to attn being on modifying Orange-kun.

    Of course, this opens up a world of questions about how the hell Clovis got involved in this shit to begin with, and I see why we would want to make a V.V. link there as he has motive to influence people to go get C.C. But then that loops back to what I said above: If V.V. was working with these guys from the beginning, why the hell did he not understand/realize/etc how to get C.C. until R2 14? Unless he’s talking about putting pizza under a trap…

    tl;dr = If there is a link between the two, it’s not a direct one, which I feel you made it sound like it was.

  15. 15 Enact July 18, 2008 at 12:11 am

    In regards to the Sunrise bit, it’s not Sunrise doing the writing. The staff for Geass and Gundam 00 don’t work for sunrise and are freelance scriptwriters, so I Think that the internet kinda needs to be reminded that anime is made by people, not a “name brand”. As for the “overlooking little details”…In the case of 00, they don’t. Everything has been laid out, we have just yet to see all the pieces fall together. But people are quick to judge.

  16. 16 AGear2Ax July 18, 2008 at 2:21 am

    All these assumptions are interesting, but I suggest you think about this:
    1 .- Charles and V.V. have the sword of Akasha to slay the gods, but don’t where the gods “hides” and C.C. knows where these gods are. (C.C. knows that because it was a god who gives the immortality to she)

    2 .- Marianne perhaps was another candidate for leader of Worship. (Very unlikely)

    3 .- Marianne feigned his death to protect herself or had a Geass that allowed such a thing.

    4 .- You miss to consider the role played by Anya and her conection with Geass.

  17. 17 Gideon July 18, 2008 at 9:50 am

    @Kaioshin Sama

    Yeah, I should have written ‘was’ alive, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say in any case.

    But if warlocks and witches turn out to be from outerspace, you have your silly aspect (imo) right there. We still have ten episodes to go and I am very curious how jupiter and the other space-related images fit into the story.

  18. 18 Aabo0 July 18, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    True we seem to be forgetting about Anya… AND another thing which is: In the 24th or 25th episode of R1, after Lelouch geasses Cornelia, we learn that Marianne’s Grave is empty and The Emperor instructed Scheniezel to move her body… To where? That leaves us with three options:
    a) She’s alive, which explains how shes talking to C.C. but leaves us with how did she survive… The only possible answer is she possesses the same healing abilities as C.C.
    b) Her body is being used as the power source for The Sword of Asaksha.
    c) Charles cremated her and scattered her ashes in the ocean.

    As for the Jupiter and freaky looking girls images…. I’d LOL if Sunrise reveals it was just for cinematic effects. XD

  19. 19 Kaioshin Sama July 18, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    @Gideon: In my case it would just give it more of a fantasy flair then it already has.

    @Aabo0: I’ve entertained the idea that Marianne is also a witch and that’s how she’s such close friends with C.C. As for Anya, she’s sort of become the outfit service girl a bit after her quick revelation that she knows Lelouch. When she’s not in something like she was in episode 05 she’s always got a full midriff bearing outfit and is just staring blankly into space.

  20. 20 AGear2Ax July 19, 2008 at 1:29 am

    Maybe Marianne has a connection with this(they aren’t of the Geass Cult) and as for Anya, she cries when piloting Marianne’s Knightmare Frame, Ganymede.

  21. 21 AGear2Ax July 19, 2008 at 1:32 am

    Sorry I don’t put the right link, is this.

  22. 22 Kaioshin Sama July 19, 2008 at 2:31 am

    @AGear2Ax: Wait, what do you mean. Anya’s never piloted a Ganymede let alone cried when piloting one. Her unit is the Mordred and I can’t recall her ever crying period either.

  23. 23 miasmacloud July 19, 2008 at 5:25 am

    Your Geass Supplementary Material Fu is weak. :3

    However, the Sneaker magazine which talks about her piloting Ganymede (tbh, I believe she was piloting one of the twin models, the Europa, not Ganymede) has questionable canon relevance.

  24. 24 Gsus July 20, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Right, episode 15 is out now (and I smell a weird coincidence with Animesuki’s forums being down…).

    Time to wrap up all this speculation and…

    Hit it with a baseball bat for a home run.

  25. 25 Kaioshin Sama September 5, 2008 at 4:42 am

    Hmmm…looking back at this I got part of Charles ambition right and that killing God was just a metaphor for killing a religion/way of life. I also had that he believed god to be responsible for the worlds lies. Though I had the whole Social Darwinism as a proactive tool against religion thing wrong. It was just a jaded and bitter man talking about how he knew the true nature of humanity when they hid it from themselves.

    I also got V.V’s as Marianne’s murderer right, but parts of his goal in everything wrong. I was right about the jealously of her stealing his brother from him, but wrong about him wanting revenge from humanity as a result of persecution. It wasn’t revenge for persecution, but revenge for lies and the murder of his mother for the purposes of pursuing power.

    I also got the whole persecution of C.C right, but got the period of her being loved and the period of her being loathed inverted. I had that she fled from Charles and V.V’s plans right, but the reason for it was somewhat wrong in that she wasn’t driven out, she left on her own and was only subconciously thinking of a way to stop them because she still wished to die.

    The only character I seemed to be dead wrong about was Marianne, although I guess her act was that good. I had a feeling she and Charles were geniunely in love and working for what they thought was best for the world, but never suspected that she was a willing accomplice in the darkest of deeds, though I did have her pegged for “coming back from beyond the grave” in order to have some role in the execution of the plan.


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