Kara no Kyoukai ~ 3rd movie ~ Another tragic character? And this time, she doesn’t feel pain!

…Or for at least part of the movie she was. Well, finally the third movie is out and I just have to say what an impressive speed on the fansub version because to be honest, I know myself that I wouldn’t have understood much besides the visual parts if it wasn’t for the subtitles so thankyou gg-TakaJun.

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Ah, you crazy so and so-

On a more important note, yes this is the third movie and it came at us with a bang. I think I may have watched too many movies lately but mah whatever, this was enjoyable for its length and I was surprised at how quickly time flew.

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A whole month? How is a man supposed to live? D:

This chapter comes after the previous one on the timeline (pretty logical right? but the preview shows that the fourth movie will be backtracking to what happened after the night Kokutou was about to be killed by Shiki so we can assume that it isn’t going to be easily predictable for those who haven’t read the novel *points to self*). The chapter focuses on the girl Fujino Asagami (who is voiced by Noto…I won’t say anything on that :x) who has a strange condition where she can’t feel pain but also possesses an ability to “twist” things, AKA humans telekinetically. Combine this with a twisted character then you will have a very messy crime scene on your hands for any future-to-be detectives out there.

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Tragic moe is tragic D:

But looking past the psychotic exterior of Fujino (mmm Psycho moe…) on the inside, she is pretty much a tragic character. Imagine not being able to feel any pain…a flashback from her already demonstrates how clueless she was towards the natural sensation and it was only later was it revealed how much of an outcast she became because of it which is why she hid that fact. Aozaki actually explains in detail how hellish that must be, to not be able to feel pain is like death in other words. Asides from this I am glad that Fujino never found out that her own father issued an order to have her killed or that would have just broke her even more. Oh and not forgetting being constantly raped for half a year…such a graphic scene too (*cough*) I think it was only natural for her to get revenge. See why I love tragic characters so much and Fujino is no different. To such characters you just want to embrace them and tell them that “it’s okay” (I must be mad).

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Well, you should have thought about that before you “screwed” her then, shouldn’t you?

The whole pain thing coming back and the cause of her insensitivity ramble was quite lengthy but I didn’t once drop off at any point…it is amazing how the movie captured my attention like this. From what came as a simple mystery turned a bit more complex, which was nice to see. By adding the twist that Fujino’s case wasn’t natural gave the whole case a bit more thought which made it just that more entertaining as well as being cheesy. Long story short, her pain just isn’t what you think it is to those who have yet to watch the movie (What? you wern’t expecting me to spoil a big part of the movie, right?).

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Even killing supernatural powers? Shiki is way powerful

The major fight scene between Fujino and Shinki was jaw droppingly drooling with beautiful visual eyecandy everywhere. Words can’t express it but I believe that it was calligraphed beautifully with Shiki showing how willing she is to sacrifice her arm (which I assume wasn’t a puppet then because she asked if Aozaki can make her an artificial one) to her overpowering Fujino by killing her “power”…still though, Fujino took out the entire bridge but it was saddening to see her all injured and blood’ed up like that.

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If that was her real arm…ouch…

This was a very solid chapter on the whole…I am still amazed by the quality and everything just seemed to perfection even if it may not be perfect it doesn’t matter if my eyes can’t pick them out (/laughs). The story is just as enjoyable as the previous two movies and it is great to see that even now, the core characters (Shiki, Kokutou) are still developing.

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Can I cry?

For Shiki, her moments with Kokutou seem so much more natural now than in previous chapters especially in the end when we can see that she is showing more love towards the lucky guy. And for her own character, she was being more merciful. Maybe she is trying to atone for her past sins? Maybe it is because se feels that Fujino deserves another chance? Maybe it was a full moon? Whatever it was though, she is growing…I admit that I really did think that she killed Fujino with the final stab but it turns out that she only killed her disease.

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Tears-like rain

For Kokutou…lets just say that he is another victim of the deadly male lead disease (common in harem series)…forgetfulness…though honestly, I believe this disease is common within the male population in real life as well seen as I am prone to forgetting things too. But the movie yet again shows his character to be forgiving and naive. But I can swallow that down easily because he is lacking one common thing…”wussiness” and replace it with “manly”.

On the whole, this was a very enjoyable chapter and I really can’t wait to see more…but it seems like there will be some wait until the next one comes. Oh, and before I forget, a quick mention for Kokutou’s sister; Azaka. Whaaaa here comes a younger sister with a big brother complex! I will be looking out for more from this fiery chick who reminds me of Akiha…

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I want moar from this girl! 😀


16 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai ~ 3rd movie ~ Another tragic character? And this time, she doesn’t feel pain!”

  1. 1 Haesslich July 25, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Oh crap… another member of the Church.

  2. 2 Haesslich July 25, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    But, to go back to the lore, someone with the Eyes of Death Perception an kill just about ANYTHING – and there was a joke in a doujin of Tsukihime where Shiki Tohno (the other Shiki) was trying to kill the ‘badness’ in the food… and in-game, he killed the vampirism disease that he was infected with at one point with a knife-stab… without hurting himself otherwise. So in this case, killing Fujino’s disease is possible for a skilled user who has the will… and I think it’s more that there’s a bit more empathy for Fujino, as you suggested, than there was at the start.

    Or else she’s just tired of killing EVERYTHING.

  3. 3 deathkillz July 25, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Lol…killing the “badness” XD

    He can cure cancer that way *rolleyes*

    But I am interested to see whether her eyes will grow anymore stronger…

  4. 4 Cat Megex July 25, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    @Haesslich (first post): …Huh?

    @Haesslich (second post): If I remember correctly, the reason Shiki didn’t kill Fujino was because her pain insensitivity had returned right at the end. (It had been shown earlier in the movie that Shiki would lose interest in killing Fujino — would actually be kind of disgusted by the fact that it happened, too — when Fujino’s sense of pain went away.) Just don’t ask me why Shiki lost interest in killing Fujino because of that.

    @The blog post: I think I know what you mean about Fujino’s voice actress…I just finished Kanokon a couple of weeks ago, myself. It kinda made things a little weird while watching the movie. (Luckily, I had previous experience listening to Noto voice a girl [Yakumo Tsukamoto], so it wasn’t as bad as if watching Kanokon was my first time hearing that voice. As well, she’s currently voicing the title character in another anime I’m watching [The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka].) I still think Fujino is moe, though, because I was able to push the Kanokon connection to the back of my mind.

    Still waiting for more Jouji Nakata-voice, though. That last little bit at the end of movie #2 just wasn’t enough….

    Oh, yeah, got a quick question: are you planning on doing a post for CG R2 episode 15? A bit of the stuff in that relates to your last CG-related post (the theorizing one). It’s not much, but it clarifies a few of the points you weren’t sure on, I think. (Or have you not watched the episode yet?)

  5. 5 Cat Megex July 25, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Woops, just noticed your previous blog post. In that case, ignore the last paragraph of my previous comment.

  6. 6 deathkillz July 25, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    You should also notice that I’m not the author of the previous post.

    *Glares sideway to Kaio*

    It’s his call…and there is no way I can do a better job at analysing CG like him…

  7. 7 Haesslich July 25, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Cat Megex: It’s more that the Church, when it shows up in Nasu-verse materials, usually equates to the Burial Agency… aka the anti-super hunter/killer types. Think a cross between the Inquisition and an ancient conspiracy of vampire hunters. They go after anything which is explicitly ‘not human’… and have a professional hate on with the Mage’s Association, of which this Aozaki is involved with. Basically, true Mages are about as inhuman to the Church as vampires and the like are… but at the same time are inhumanly powerful, which means that fighting is a losing proposition, of the ‘cities blow up’ sort of ending.

    Basically, if you see a girl in a nun’s habit in a Nasuverse-based show, novel, or game, they’re probably a member of the Burial Agency… which means they’re death on two legs, and are likely to go after anyone in the show or game who isn’t human, or who possesses inhuman powers.

    Like, say, the ability to potentially see the death of the universe…

  8. 8 Unentschieden July 25, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    It´s basically the proto-Tsukihime. There are loads of connections if you look a bit for them.

    Shiki refused to kill her since the “painless” version of this “monster of the week” doesn´t enjoy slaughter. Remember her talk about how that one guy wasn´t human during the 2nd meeting?

    I´m really impressed how they manage to portray the characters as both completely insane and yet totaly normal at the same time.

  9. 9 phelan July 26, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Everytime I saw Fujino on the screen, my mind somehow warped back to seeing Ciel in her burial robes. I’d be amused if somehow, somewhere, Asagami Fujino was another burial agent.

    The whole “bending” thing actually reminded me a lot of Elfen Lied as well. All of the diclonus (?) have their vector capabilities, so it’s like invisible arms reaching out and just ripping heads off, etc. I think E.L. came after KnK, so I wonder if it’s a nod to Nasu’s characters.

  10. 10 Cat Megex July 26, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    @deathkillz: Ohh…double whoops. XD

    @Haesslich: Ah, I see. There’s your mistake. That’s not a Ciel outfit: that’s the uniform for Asagami Academy. (This is explicitly mentioned in the light novel chapter.)

    (Although, interestingly enough, Reeze Baife is supposedly that superintendent that Azaka was talking about. [Not the Tsukihime-universe Reeze Baife, but the KnK-universe one.])

  11. 11 Cat Megex July 26, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    (Sorry for the double post, but another thing occurred to me)

    Also, just to let you know: In Tsukihime, there is a point where certain families with demon blood are mentioned; among them (there were only three named, though, I think) were “Ryougi” and “Asagami”. Also, the name of the all-girls school which Akiha attended was also named Asagami Academy.

    Nasu just loves those little connections, doesn’t he?

  12. 12 deathkillz July 26, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    You know what, the thing that hit be about the uniform was the fact how it looked just like Ciel’s outfit but like Cat has said, the church shouldn’t be in this…unless the students in the entire school Fujino goes too are “exterminators in training” ^^

    And I’m sure most of you have seen this chart, but just for the record.

  13. 13 ahlecks July 26, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    @Cat Megex: about your third post, the Asagamis and Ryougis do not have demon blood in them, those families were actually demon hunters along with the other two families (Nanaya and Fujo).

  14. 14 madeener July 27, 2008 at 3:39 am

    I didn’t like how they made Fujino out to be purely a victim in the end. The show would have benefited from some moral questioning on Shiki’s part.

  15. 15 Anonymous July 31, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Did you skip episode 2 cuzz I notice you wrote episode 1 and 3? I’m curious that all.

  16. 16 deathkillz July 31, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Yes I did XD

    Back then I didn’t have any time to write anything for it so it slipped my mind. Sorry if you were looking to read it >_<

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