Strike Witches episode 4 ~ The silent type eh…

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Seems like “someone” needs to learn a thing or two

I think I have only one word to describe this episode; cheesy…but before you get the wrong idea I also think that it is good cheese.

Thoughts: Continuing with the introductions of the whole team as expected, Gertrud Barkhorn gains some development in this weeks episode. She has a simple and cliched background but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t enjoyable. It was pretty evident that Gertrud became all stressed out because of the uncanny resemblance Yoshika had compared with her sister, Chris, who she was unable to protect from a Neuroi attack and is now in a comatose state.

This fact begun to distract her concentration on the battlefield which ended up getting the girls into quite a pickle when a Neuroi attacked. This however was all part of the “plot plan” and we soon get a predictable scene where Yoshika’s pep-talk was able to snap her out of her clouded phase and realise her job. The same old “believe in yourself” thing that I pointed out in episode 2’s summary.

Even though I say it is predictable though, I still found this episode to be very enjoyable. It has slowed down a bit but I am also expecting these introductions to last a few episodes more but so far I have been impressed with the quality and story telling. It is also a good thing that the moans about the intended service is now but a thing of the past (now lets not go back there).

Asides from the main development story in this episode, I was also amused with the side story focusing on Perrine and her mishap adventures concerning Yoshika and her yuri urges towards the major. Delicious moe scenes much? Gosh Perrine is such a tsundere. But despite her high-pitched screeches and somewhat meddling personality, I have also grown to love her character for being the jealous moe type. Her dere moments is indeed very moe (oh and she even thanked Yoshika…that is some serious plus points there).

And the preview? It’s a beach episode so what will you expect? I will shoot anyone who moans about too much skin being show considering how heavy the censoring fog was in this episode, blah blah…

Screen picks and “wise guy” comments:

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This is a sad break-up-flash-back-type scene. Roll in the corny storyline

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A lesson to be learned, when a loli orders you to feed them, you better get along with it otherwise face absolute “death by moe” 

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Indeed, who the heck here slurps English tea?

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Perrine…you are thinking too much again ^^ 

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Just for the record, the current pound to yen exchange rate is 1.00 GBP = 216.444 JPY…gosh that is some seriously messed up economy…I better stock up on more Japanese products then before it hits 

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She is really thinking too much ^^

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For those wondering why the random image…I’m a T Rie fanboy

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And if the next line isn’t “no, I can’t do that”, then I’ll be damned

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A serious picture to end this entry methinks

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