Time For A Short Break From Blogging Again And Brief Battlestar Galactica Miniseries Impressions

So I’ve decided to give myself a couple weeks off from blogging and reading blogs in general.  It’s just become mentally exhausting to read and comment on my fellow bloggers articles let alone comment on them.   Mostly because there’s just nothing I find interesting or remotely thought provoking being written right now…..no offense, but I actually kind of mean it when I make those “it’s all the same comments”.  I guess I’m a little high maintenance when it comes to what I’ll read without having the urge to critique what people have written up and down the whole article if I think it’s ill-conceived.  Blame that on the Graduate effect that turns us a little snobbish.

So…..nothing interesting to read…..that and the feeling that so many bloggers have gone too damn negative again.  Yeah, about that, it feels like I’m now reading political attack ads against the very idea of certain series as if some people are being paid to do it as part of a campaign rather then indepedent anime fan blogging articles.  I’m like, “What the hell, this isn’t the run for the White House, we’re hear to watch enjoy and discuss anime, not slander the people making them”.  You know that whole feeling you get when you are avidly following a race and everything just goes totally negative out of the blue and your like, “You know I want to vote….but screw this nonesense”.  Well that’s what it’s like right now for me when it comes to having any real desire to participate in blogging.  I want to write and comment….but screw this nonsense.

This is what, the third time I’ve become disillusioned with it all?  Only this time it’s with a purpose, because I’m actually planning on enjoying part of my summer for the first time in like 5 years and nothing is going to get in the way of that this time around.  That enjoyment idea definitely doesn’t involve tussling and arguing over anime for 3 months straight I’ll have everyone know.  And of course I’ll be back sometime mid-august to pick up where I left off.  Really though, and I’ve got to be even more honest, anime just doesn’t interest me at the moment one bit.  I’m more interested in gaming and in watching my Battlestar Galactica and Stargate at the moment.

Speaking of which I saw the first episode of Galactica today, the miniseries one.  Not as good as I was imagining from what people were telling me.  I absolutely loath the President character who seems more like an allegory for the old “women can hold powerful office too” argument that might have been fresh 25 years ago then an actual character.  The Adama’s are great though and Gaius Baltar seems like he could turn into an interesting conflicted character with time.  I’m also liking Saul Tigh who you want to hate, but I also feel so for for having to make the tough decisions that Adama makes, but lacking the popularity with the crew that would see them obeyed without question.  Especially since Tigh has been right about most things so far other then flipping the poker table.

I can’t say I really find the Cylons interesting villains either.  They seem more interested in rampant destruction then reparations for their former enslavement to humanity.  There’s a tiny, ever so tiny bit of grey there, but no way am I saying they get any sympathy from me after what they’ve done.  It also doesn’t help that the sole representative seen from their race so far, or rather the highest profile one (Number Six that is) seems to have been cast for the Jerry Ryan effect.  “More sexy female aliens” (or in this case robots) as the joke about that science fiction pitfall goes.  Not very compelling…..not at all.  Aaaaaannnyyyway, I guess I can say before I take my break that the production values were at least high.  Like mainstream TV level high.  And so was the acting and choreagraphy now that I think of it.  Really though I had expected a lot more.  Maybe I’ll get it in the series proper.  I hope I do.  And now……VACATIONS ALL I EVER WANTED!


2 Responses to “Time For A Short Break From Blogging Again And Brief Battlestar Galactica Miniseries Impressions”

  1. 1 Anonymous July 25, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Stop getting butthurt. What they write doesn’t really concern you greatly so it shouldn’t trouble you at all. Unless you’ve got nothing else to do with your free time but forum whore.

    There problem solved. You write good articles; however that does not mean your butthurt attitude is any less frustrating/annoying/hilarious than the actions of the stereotypical Anime fan. Forums are generally cesspools for annoying people to band together (Anime, unfortunately, produce some of the worst people).

    First it was acceptable. Then it was just funny. Now it’s just plain sad. While I hope you do change your attitude for the better, in general people often find it hard to change bad habits so…

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama July 26, 2008 at 6:22 am

    Okay look, here’s the deal, because I don’t want any misunderstandings here. First of all let me start by saying that I’m not very impressed by the idea that anyone is trying to tell me what my attitude should be or whether the one I’m exhibiting is good or not. I think that’s my own business and not anyone elses. Especially when they doesn’t really know the full story.

    What is the full story? Well essentially I am now a full time line cook at the restaurant where I work and it’s getting very busy and hot this summer in the kitchen. Not what I consider very fun or euphoria inducing. So if people have noticed a certain grumpiness in the way I’ve talked with people over the past few weeks, that’s the reason and if I’ve been a jerk to anyone in particular I apologize.

    That’s not all though, add to this the fact that I have also not had a vacation in well over 3 years. That’s right I’ve worked at least 3-6 days a week for 3 years straight without even one weeks worth vacation. Again it’s taking it’s toll. Now add to this again the fact that in reading and blogging this summer (how I’ve spent far too much of my time by the way), the only thing I have learned is how unyieldingly awesome Kurenai apparently is (if ever there was a topic beaten to death it’s been this one) and a lot of other stuff I consider either inconsequential, not very interesting or frankly outright drivel and I hope one can see where I am coming from when I throw up my hands and say “enough….for now”.

    On a lighter note, there’s always the odd blogging article I find interesting or fresh nowadays, but it’s not nearly enough and frankly I’m not feeling very inspired to write anything when I look out on the mess it all seems to have become. Not even about my favourite shows.

    Now for a person like me who is always seeking new experiences, I’ve become very frustrated with this passtime and decided to dump it like a sack of potatoes for the time being and take up something that does interest me like gaming and Sci-Fi TV series. Especially since I don’t have a lot of time right now to pursue my interests. As one of my favourite sayings goes, “Sometimes somethings got to give”. It’s nothing personal any of this, just me being brutally honest as usual.

    I’ve given a lot in the past 3 years in more ways then you or anyone can possibly begin to imagine, and now it’s time to take something for myself. That being some time away to enjoy myself instead of having to worry about appearances or the politics of blogging. So if that’s “butthurt” or whatever you want to call it then I’m truly sorry, but I’m not going to change a thing for you or anyone so go ahead and get frustrated, annoyed and laugh it up all you want folks. It’s not going to make a difference. Not this time.

    Now what people can expect from me in the next little while is the odd musing, but I’m not really going to be active again until mid august when I have my weeks vacation from work. Yeah it’s all planned out until then so I can relax and enjoy my games and Sci-Fi series and get away from the anime drama and fans. I still like anime, still like the friends I’ve made online who enjoy it, but I need a break.

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