Code Geass R2 Episode 15 (Wait….Code Geass Is Actually A Legitimate Concept?!)

So somebody asked today if I could do my little spiel about Code Geass R2 and I said “I’m on vacation”.  Then Deathasaurus asked if I could do it and I said……”do I have to?”  Well I guess I’d be letting some people down if I didn’t and I swore I wouldn’t give in this time, but…..argggggh just one more and that’s it okay?  Please?  Alright here we go…..just don’t go expecting this to be anything grand this week.

Anya Is In Fact My Operative.  She Takes The Pictures In The Episode And Relays Them To This Blog For Posting.  Unfortunately She’s MIA As I Had Hope To Be And Her Replacement Is Doing A Poor Job.  This Is All I Can Offer:

So The Terrorist Organization Has Apparently Found It’s Moral Centre……HUH?!  I Don’t Think These Guys Quite Understand Their Purpose.  There’s Really No Room For Mercy Here And It’s Not Like They Haven’t Gone Rambo Before…..


You Know…..Bridget Syndrome Even On His Death Bed….

I Tend To Agree With Calawain On This Subplot.  Of All The Subplots Introduced In This Series It’s Easily The Most……….Visual Novel Adaptation Like…..

Huh…..Well I Thought As Much.  More On The Idea Of Life & Death Later

Give It Up For Nunally The Human Lie Detector.  Just One Of Her Many Talents As A Mary Sue

Now Get Down On Your Knees And Grovel!

Ohhhhhhhh…..These Never Go Well……

Ugggghhh….Can Someone Remind Me When And Why This Character Became So…..Prominent.  I’m Really Not Interested In The Adventures Of Sayoko The Ninja Maid

You Must Worship The Loli…Worship Her Is Say.  Only Then Will You Find True Salvation.  Ohhhhhhhh Lord Let Us Pray!

Hey Look, It’s Animebloggers Official Stance On How To Deal With It’s Problems

Yes…..Well Fool Her Twice…..YOU CAN’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

May I Have This Dance?

The More I See Him, The More I Think Kanon Is Legit.  He Just Seems Like A Geniunely Morally Grounded Guy Who Happens To Be Work With Some Very Amoral People.  Kanon, Take Nina And Run.  NOW!

Is This A Good Time To Plug Roots: The Miniseries?  Seriously If You Have Any Desire To See A True Triumph Of The Human Spirit, Go Check It Out


Well then, this episode puts the focus back on C.C for arguably the first time since the beginning of the series and it’s probably just about the right time to start coming clean on all the series secrets.  It also proves that I was dead wrong last time when I tried to solve the puzzle, but can anyone really blame me for trying?  Anyway, this time we actually find out that there is a literal “Code Geass” that acts as some sort of passed on gift (or curse) of immortality depending on how you look at it.  The key as everyone probably knows is that the person with the Code can give the gift of Geass power to someone and once that Geass becomes strong enough they can transmit their Code to them and give them their immortality.  Apparently it can also be forcibly taken as well as Charles and V.V’s situation hints.  This also sort of explains the existence of the Geass cult.  Everyone in there seems to have been a potential pawn/tool for taking the Code one day.  V.V had to go and turn it into an assassins guild for his brother though.  Speaking of which, finally how they can be twin brothers makes sense.  V.V used to be human at one point, but somehow got a Code from somewhere or someone and became immortal and unaging.  Charles would eventually grow visibly older then his elder brother, but of course that doesn’t change the fact that V.V was born before him in reality.

Also with this episode we can sort of pin C.C’s origin to some time in the dark ages as coincides with her previous story that she told Lelouch way back in season 1 when she claimed she was a witch.  At first I thought this was a total contradiction with what happened in this episode, but I think she more considers herself a witch in how she basically is a crime against the very laws of nature.  A women impersonating an immortal goddess who first bewitched everybody into loving her and then became an undying being who would eventually have to watch everyone around her that she cared about fade away.  C.C really seems to have drawn the short stick in life.  First she was a starving slave girl who was probably beaten by her master, then she was deceived by the nun who she thought cared about her only to find she was using her to get rid of her Code, then she had to live the curse of immortality up until this very episode.  C.C raises an interesting point asking Lelouch whether living without the possibility of an end in eventual death can really be considered living.  After all, we only perceive life because there is an alternative in death, and without that differentiation for her, what can we really consider her existence as?

Anyway, now she seems to have lost her Code and reverted back to her pre-C.C state as an uneducated slave girl (Meaning people may eventually get their wish in finding out her true name should she decide to utter it).  Why she didn’t die I’m not sure, but perhaps Charles was interrupted when he was trying to finish taking her Code or doing whatever it was that was supposed to grant her wish.  This puts an end to her assistance to Lelouch as an adviser and confidante for the time being and for the first time since the start of the series it seems like he is all alone.  No Nunally, no Karen, No C.C……wow this really sucks for Lelouch.

Speaking of things sucking for Lelouch, he’s now just had to watch his chance at beating Charles go up in smoke.  It seems like right now his only option is to strengthen his Geass to the point where he can take Charles own code like Charles did to V.V, who is now most certainly dead it seems.  Betrayed at last by his own brother for what seems to be the crime of lying to him to much.  Can’t say I’ll miss the kid much.  C.C hinted that eventually his Geass will become to strong for the contact lens at some point, and I think by that time he might be ready to confront Charles once and for all and complete his revenge for his mother.  The question now is whether it is possibly that she really wanted to die.  I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that she was in fact a Code carrier and that day allowed her Code to be taken by someone.  Again who I’m not going to guess like with who V.V could have gotten his Code from, but that’s my guess anyway.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is the whole World of C.  Finally it seems like we have an explanation of just how Charles could have been talking to Clovis in season 1.  From the looks of it the Sword of Akasha is at the very least a way to peer into ones own or someone elses mind and to cut through possible self-deception to the very truth of something.  Charles must have been talking to Clovis in his own memory to come to some sort of conclusion.  As a result of this we also have to consider that the C.C Lelouch was talking to wasn’t the real C.C, but a representation of her concious memory, and that the masks we were seeing were Lelouch’s own self-deceit before they turned into multiple representations of him.  You know….going by the whole Shirley thing and how they keep playing up masks as a representation for lying.

Anyway, going on to some minor character developments this episode, Rolo’s characterization is rapidly following out of favour for me.  Mostly because once the novelty of his crazy personality wore off, he’s really just kind of one note in a sea of much more complex characters.  His entire character right now can be defined with the desire to kill and his obsessive infatuation with his brother.  It’s creepy, but he reminds me of Charles and V.V’s now anulled brotherly love.  Then there’s Sayoko…..we aren’t even going to talk about her.  Ougi seems like he’s fallen so madly in love with Viletta that he’s going to become a security risk or potential traitor to the Black Knights solely for her sake.  That is if he’s alive……which he is.  Habeaus Corpus folks.  No body no death.  Nunally is starting to show some doubt as to her position and realizes at long last that Suzaku isn’t giving her the full story about what’s been going on and she also makes her position clear with Rohmeyer as to who’s in charge.  As she continues to work at making Area 11 into a vassal territory instead of occupied land (Schneizel might as well have been wearing a mask when he told her that……will those glasses suffice?) things are starting to look too peaceful in Japan.  Which means something bads gotta happen.  Weren’t Carine, Guinevere and Bismarck supposed to be starting trouble there soon?

Suzaku proves my theory that he’s turning into a Javert type character who’s single-minded obsession with capturing Lelouch has caused him to all but abandon his moral code and adherence to justice.  It doesn’t matter that he ended up not comitting the act of drugging Karen, the very fact that he had the Mens Rea has ultimately destroyed his moral fabric and he knows it.  It doesn’t seem like he cares anymore though as he has become Javert……just like Sisko did in that one episode of DS9….also to apprehend a dangerous terrorist who claimed to have a noble cause.

Is that it?  I think that’s everything.  Surprisingly quick episode this week.  Probably because of all the revelations.  Other then some animation oddities and some weird choice of music it was a damn solid episode, though not as interesting overall as the past two have been.  Which brings me to one last thing to say and that’s that it’s funny that when people demand explanations of the whole Code Geass concept for so long and complain about not getting them, when they finally do those exact same people can be found complaining about the animation.  Well duh the animations going to be a little on the lax side in a dialogue driven episode taking place in somebodies static memory dream world as opposed to the action episodes we’ve had recently.  Of course it doesn’t excuse some of the character design issues, but come on folks, it’s what you wanted right, revelations?  Sometimes you’ve gotta give one thing up for another if you want to see some major progress.  At least that’s what I think.

Either way the situation reminds me of something I read that Lyndon Baines Johnson said and that’s, “If I woke up the next morning and walked across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read, President can’t swim”.  Sometimes I wonder if if the next episode of Code Geass were to somehow contain some of the greatest animated action sequences ever to make up for this episode that the animeblogger headline would read “Sunrise can’t keep progress up, goes for action instead. Lol”.  Really they can’t win with many because of the way things are right now in the anime community, but with me….I’m still happy enough.  Happy enough to give a…….

Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten

Kaioshin:  Now if people will excuse me I quite literally have to get ready to leave in thirty minutes.  It’s time to spend some quality time with the old parents on a boat trip.  See you all tentatively August 11th where I’ll be doing a two episode catchup of this very series.


6 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 15 (Wait….Code Geass Is Actually A Legitimate Concept?!)”

  1. 1 Var July 26, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I like how they brought C.C. back for an entire episode, then sidelined her again for likely over five episodes, if not all the way till the very end of the season. With how they’ve been wrapping up characters with centric episodes, this felt, in some ways, as a wrap up to the character that is/was C.C..

  2. 2 Unentschieden July 26, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    For me it was a “finally got rid of these plotpoints”. Most of the ocurances we had seen coming right from Ep1.
    With Immortality its always: You don´t have it -> you want it.
    You have it -> you want to get rid of it.

    They finally explained the “code” in Code Geass. Ougi-Villeta couldn´t have “ended” in any other way. Nina building the nuke was foreshadowed by he last name alone (a shame imho – I relly hope they manage to redeem her character)

    I think they will let Lulu pay for being his “dirty tricks and Terrorist acts” everyone criticizes him for not playing “fair”.
    Even the emperor is more angry at Lulus means than his goals.

    I was really suprised and actually hoped they would make a huge plottwist by killing the Emperor. Schneizel could easyly taken the mainvillan role (still possible) and it would have really suprised everyone.

  3. 3 deathkillz July 26, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    A ha! It worked :p

    The downside of this epsiode for me was that the revelations around CC just came about a tad rushed. The mystery and buildup that has been up to this point felt somewhat wasted with one moment rather than reaching it’s full potential. Yes, I expected a bit more suspense and DRAMA but that isn’t to say this isn’t good either. It was just that it could have been better with the execution.

    On an offtopic note though, I hope you enjoy your boat trip ^^

  4. 4 Gsus July 27, 2008 at 1:54 am

    @Deathkillz: Keep at it. He won’t be able to pull a C.C. on us 😛

    There were already hints to C.C.’s past in previous episodes: memories of being burnt at the stake, the Geass symbol hewn in stones), but this is the first episode where it is revealed. I agree that with her mind wiped, she is of little use to Lelouche, then again… I’ve got a hunch the Geass Canceler in Jeremiah will have its work cut out for it. Of course, not before we’ve had a couple of episodes at C.C.’s expense.

    And on Suzaku: The cracks in Suzaku’s moral code were already showing, but he is the only one who’s shown a refusal to go through with his “crimes”. Suzaku could’ve killed all the Zeroes in Episode 8, he could’ve drugged Kallen, he could’ve taken Todoh down when Tianzi was being kidnapped: in all cases he didn’t go through with it. If there’s on Javert character in Code Geass, I’d have to point to Lelouche: He has consistently shown being willing and able to do horrible things in his “single-minded obsession with avenging Marianne / Nunally / Shirley has caused him to all but abandon his moral code and adherence to justice”.
    And despite what some religions preach, the intent of committing a crime / sin does not constitute a crime / sin in itself. I’d be serving multiple life sentences for every time I came across a internet troll, idiot, noisy neighbour, etc, otherwise.

    In closing, this episode had a distinct bizarro world flavour for me. The Black Knights turning into the Britannian army ethically, Lelouche saving C.C. instead of the otherway around, a wounded Ougi in the care of Viletta (my hunch)… Being right in predicting the future is fun, but being wrong and getting hit in a sideways plot collision is much more interesting, don’t you think?

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama July 27, 2008 at 9:11 am

    Back again for just a sec. Wow just in general this week it looks like I’m the only one who wants to do a blog article on Code Geass without spamming gay jokes and fabulous all over the place. I’m all for having fun while blogging, but this is just getting lame with the same 3 jokes over and over. If the shows been slightly below my expectations for it (mostly when Sayoko’s around) then the blogging which I thought was going to be rather productive and interesting on the show has been an outright let down in ways that defy explanation.

    Well I’m happy (or is that displeased?) to announce that I’ve since given up reading other blog articles on Code Geass altogether as frankly they aren’t exactly helping to inspire me in anyway like they are supposed to. I’m just going to keep going it my own way.

    Now then:

    @Var: If I had to make a list of actively developing key characters then they would be Lelouch, Karen, Suzaku, Charles, Anya, Nina, Schneizel, Nunally, Ougi and Viletta for the time being. Those are the ones who seem to be the key players right now. Don’t ask me what happened to Li, Rolo, Gino, Carline, Bismarck, Guinvere, Oddyseus and Toudou in all of this. They seem to have been all but sidelined among the actives. C.C remains an enigma. I fear they are going to end up playing her for moe antics in the next couple or so episodes and I’m not going to like it very much.

    @Unentschieden: No I would have been disappointed if Charles hadn’t made it through. They’ve been playing him up as a major villain for so long and now it’s time for him and Lelouch to settle the score. Whatever that is exactly….

    @Deathkillz: It was actually just a one day thing on the family houseboat. Nothing big.

    @Gsus: I still think that Suzaku is the better Javert. Lelouch isn’t really trying to bring anybody to justice, he’s just out for revenge, and he doesn’t really struggle with his moral code at all. Suzaku shows that like Javert he’s having a hard time abandoning it altogether.

    Also keep in mind what I described about the opening and how it hinted at a sort of reversal of fortune and attitude with the characters in one of the shots. It seems to be coming truer and truer with each passing episode. I don’t think the plots twisting inwards and outwards so much as pulling a U-Turn down a different road.

    And with that I’m off again until summoned by something.

  6. 6 bank January 5, 2012 at 7:24 am

    you want progress .. you have to hold a mirror to our failures.. you dont achieve progress by beating your drums.. politicians do that all the time.. to achieve progress you have to stop sweeping things under the carpets.. hindi cinema has always been about positivity and happiness and love and all thats right with the world.. what has it changed? dont just get defensive.. think about it.. if a change has to be sought hyou first have to have the balls to bare your ugly side and say thats me and then take a step forward to change it and that will become the story of positivity, thats why i always say to all the naysayers.. dont just talk.. go out, get out of your comfort zones and do it..dont sit here and talk of what it is all about.. i buy arguments from people who lead by example and not just conversation.. i know a lot of people on this forum and what they have stood for so long.. i will buy from them who i know mean it.. i dont buy from those, who just argue for sake of arguing because they want to win it.. i say prove t by action.. i can throw a million times the number of people who just love to talk..saurabh..we all like progress and yes like smile pinki SDM is also a film about hope.. its similar in the way that it is also a story about hope in misery and poverty.. have you seen it.. obviously no.. budhya story is also being written and being made.. but not by you.. i know the people who are doing it and no.. mr. mitra and you or anyone is not supporting it.. we are.. so guys stop talking out of your ass.. go do it.. then talk.. what is the difference between smile pinki and SDm.. spirit is the same.. SDM is a film about hope. Mitra has been in the industry for long time, he has never supported an unsafe project.. i say walk the talk and stop bullshitting yourself..

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