Sekirei episode 4 ~ Wagtails, scary masks and death cannons

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Kuu chan is so cute. It is like an acid attack @_@

Wagtails. I love them, don’t you too? Okay seriously though, this was yet another good episode (as far as expectations go seen as you’ll feel as if deja vu has hit because you’ve “read this somewhere before”).

Thoughts: But if you compare this to the manga it is easy to see that a lot of things have been mashed together in a not so chronological order. In fact, if memory serves me well they swapped around a few of the chapters but the end result is the same and I suppose that is what matters the most. Personally, I don’t mind that much as long as the content of the plot remains intact, makes sense and without lacking too much in the original feel of the manga. Unfortunately though, some content were taken out (some “important” and some…not so important) and some new ones were added in. Whilst the new scenes are welcomed, the missing scenes are somewhat of a disappointment (yes, I really wanted landlady to slash Minato for kidnapping Kuu). But even if I say this, it is just a minor nitpick…well…not if they continue to burn through the chapters at this current pace and end up rushing through things too fast.

It is also sad to note that there is a high chance of this series going for only 12 episodes…based on some sources; Moonphase.

Enough of my ranting though, back on the episode. So! the mystery of Izumo Inn turns out to be Musubi. She is another Sekirei who has taken a liking to Minato even though knowing that he is a “no good third rate repeter”. Well, that didn’t stop her from trying to blast Musubi to kingdom-come whilst trying to steal Minato after putting much thought into her body…I mean feelings.

One other interesting event to note is Kagari going into a limousine where a super hot woman was waiting for him. For those who hasn’t made the connection yet, the woman is the same person who was injured whilst protecting Kuu in her flashback, but she also drops another big hint to her identity through the picture on her cellphone…have a think about it.

Together with the usual fluff and jokes, this was an enjoyable episode for both manga and first time viewers (or…it should be).

Oh and before I forget again we also have the introduction to Kuu’s other half who turns out to be a super hot bishie who gets kidnapped by Minato’s sister. Honestly though, I won’t mind being kidnapped by her either but I’m not a bishie D:

Screencaps and wise guy comments:

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Well…at least Musubi is being Frank

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Despite the poor animation quality, this scene was pretty badass (and I mean for the landlady ^^)

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Haha, funny faces

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Yes, you shouldn’t, let that be a lesson for you!

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Moar funny faces

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No U! I saw him first! T_T

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Death cannons only from the best

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Musubi ^^


1 Response to “Sekirei episode 4 ~ Wagtails, scary masks and death cannons”

  1. 1 EvilDevil July 27, 2008 at 6:24 am

    “Kuu chan is so cute. It is like an acid attack @_@”
    kuu-chan is soooooooooooooo adorable…

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