Sekirei episode 5 ~ Water master, Tsukiumi…Peeking master, Matsu

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Dammit! I can’t see them D:

Ah Matsu, you somehow never fail to surprise me in the most pleasing way. This was yet another Sekirei-esque episode so your expectations from the pervious episode shouldn’t stray far from this one. Like the title says, this was basically a Matsu and Tsukiumi introduction episode and guess what…Minato is out there to “catch ’em all” again.

Thoughts: Like usual some stuff were rearranged whilst others were completely skipped. Matsu being winged was later than usual but it still came in the same fashion as the manga. What was disappointing to see was how this episode completely skipped over the scenes with the “black Sekirei”…none manga readers will not be too stressed about this but for a manga reader, I would say to look out for more scenes from the Sekirei at the very start of episode 1.

Back to Matsu. It turns out that she was the ghost that Kuu saw during that night (don’t worry Kuu, I believed you) and she lives in a hidden room because she is somewhat in trouble with the MBI. It is also revealed that Landlady’s late husband was also a worker at MBI (so go figure for the connections). She also has the tendency to want to experiment on “things” and is also bisexual (look at the screencap below). She is Sekirei number 2 so we can also assume that she is the “smartest” out of the Sekireis…but with great knowledge comes great responsibilities…Matsu lacks the latter trait unfortunately.

And when I was just about to moan about how they also seem to skip a lot of the scenes with the chairman…he appears right on cue (maybe I should moan more often ^^).
Well, even from the short scene we can still see that he is pretty much a wacko.

Secondly we come to Tsukiumi. Now this is one feisty Sekirei. I guess one reason why I like her so much is her explosively, uncontrollable temper and a tsundere mannerism. In fact, she reminds me most of Gin sama for some reason…I really haven’t been able to pin point why yet but I suppose it has something to do with their willingness to kill and abusive nature (you monkey!). So, she is number 9 Tsukiumi, a water pokemon sekirei. Luckily for Minato she is the next sekirei to react to him…unluckily for Minato though, she also doesn’t like Ashikabis and swears to kill those who she reacts to.

R.I.P 😀

Screencaps and wise guy comments:

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Seriously…Musubi is too innocent for her own good, thankfully Landlady knows a lot more on manners 

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The ero master is at work…be fearful of her grubby hands!

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I Take that back…I fear the katana way more…

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*Shrugs* Moving on

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Ah finally a fight scene although somewhat short. And to anime viewers, you should get ready to say goodbye to the sekirei with the whip (as the manga scene they skipped this episode should be coming around in about one or two episodes)

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“I’m on the top of the worldddddd!!”

I’m sure you are Mr Wacko ^^

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Operation capture Tsukiumi with a masterball commence!

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