Code Geass R2 Episode 16 (Speciaru Guesto…..STINGU!)

KAREEEEEEN!  You don’t have to pilot a Red Knight!  Those days are over
You don’t have to sell your body for the fight
KAREEEEEEN!, You don’t have to wear that dress tonight
Sittin’ in that cell is not to funny
Suzaku don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right

Once there was a man who worked very long and very hard at his task.  They said unto him, “Lo, for he worketh hard and we wish him godspeed for he shall do it all the more”.  The man was happy….for a time.  It was not to be however that he should enjoy for all eternity.  And one day the work would consume him and he would know no joy.  The man prepared to give up all so that he might eek out but a little joy and it was hard.  And then came his messiah.  “Talk to me, so that I might lift thy burden for a day”, his messiah said, and the man said, “okay”.  Grateful not to waste this gift the man sought to put it to use.  This is the rest of his story….

Anya’s Been Talking Lots Of Pictures To Keep Her Memories Intact And So We’re Back To Full Working Picture Summary Status Here.  HOORAY:

So It Seems Somebody Didn’t Come Back From Their Stratospheric Vacation Last Week…..Wasn’t Me….

What’s That Nunally?  The Emperor’s Disappeared?  What Are You Going To Do About It?  I Know….

Use The Loli’s Priviledge.  That Ability That Makes You Always Right.  Don’t Have Power Over Ms. Rohmeyer And Want To Get Something Done?  Take It, You’re A Damn Loli And Everyone Will Support You Nunally.  Don’t Want Responsibility When Things Get Tough, Don’t Accept It As There Will Be No Repercussion Because Nunally You Are A Loli AND A Mary Sue.  Do You Understand The Power You Possess Far Greater Then That Of A Mere Governor?

Normally He’d Need A Geass Command To Have Anyone Do This But…..

When You’ve Got A Cowering Slave Girl Ready To Do Your Bidding It’s All Good Anyway.  And….Really :/ ….Do I Need To Point Out The Underboob And Make Some Wise Crack…..You Guys Can See It, Make Your Own Jokes

Why The Same Thing You Do By Rejecting It Cornelia.  The Power To Protect A Treasured Sibling And Avenge The Death Of Someone Important To You

And The Black Knights Are Finally Starting To Take Note Of This Rookie Who Seems To Have Way More Influence Then He Should.  I Wouldn’t Blame Them For Doubting A Leader That Entrusts A Creepy Kid That Likes To Pop Out From Behind Pillars With This Much Information They Aren’t Even Privy Too.  It’s Time To Start Asking Questions Guys.  Like Would You Believe This Very Creepy Kid Is Supposed To Be Dead On A Whim And Spawned The Massacre You Were Just On With His Independent Actions.

What?  You Want Me To Say Something About This When Everyone And Their Mother Has Already Said What Needs To Be Said……Uhhhh….Fine.  POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

Get In Line

I’m Not To Sure You Want To Be Going With Supervillain Poses For An Announcement Like This….

Man, Kaguya Is Like The Ultimate Yes Girl.  I Bet That If Zero Were To Make The Important Decision Of Whether To Have Cinnamon Toast Or Waffles For Breakfast She’d Shower Him With Praise And Proceed To Make It.  Yamato Nadeshiko Much?

Japanese Pizza Is Messed Up Man.  Did You Know They Put Mayonnaise On Their Pizza?  FREAKING MAYO?!

Man Just For A Day I Wish Canadian News And Weather Channels Would Adopt A Japanese Style….Just For One Day….

Yes Suzaku, The Boss You Are Working For Isn’t The Idealist You Are….Nobody Is…

Okay Now Your Just Emarassed That Karen Destroyed You And Are Looking To Save Face Somehow…

I loved Euphemia since I knew her
I wouldn’t talk down to her
I have to tell you just how I feel
I wouldn’t say that name so coy
I know my mind is made up
So stay away and shut up
Told you once I won’t tell you again it’s a bad way

For All The Fretting About Pretty Boy Characters In Sunrise Series Just Be Thankful This Isn’t Square-Enix In Charge. Otherwise It Would Be Gino Wearing That Outfit And Not The Oh So Easy On The Eyes Anya Earlstreim

Also That Sword Would Be Five Times Longer Then It Already Is

Well Why Not Just Give The Lancelot All Of The Guren’s Stuff There Lloyd?


Hooooooooooooooooooly Sociopath There Nina!  How Do You Plan On Sleeping At Night By The Way?

You’ve Gotta Love Lloyd As He’s One Of The Few People Suzaku And Nina Have That Are Brutally Honest Enough To Tell Them They Are On The Path To Destruction Make Their Time Hahahahaha…….What Just Happened In That Last Sentence?

Just Use The Loli’s Priviledge Tianzi.  It Works Every Time In Anime.  It Worked For Nunally It’ll Work For You……And Cover That Shoulder Up Missy, You’re About To Engage In Diplomacy…..Actually Wouldn’t That Counteract The Loli’s Priviledge?  Whatever Keep The Shoulder Bearing Outfit!

And You…..Grrrrrr….Middle Aged Japanese Man…..You Best Just Sit You Ass Down And Let The Loli’s Do The Seducing I Mean Diplomacy For You

Wow UFN With Millay Ashford Is Like JNN With Kinue Crossroad, The Just Cover EVEEEEEEEEEERYTHING

Now What Are These Two Up To Right Now……No Seriously I’m Without Context In This Scene

Taste The Rainbow

World: “Two Lolis!!!! RATIFY! RATIFY! AYE! AYE! AYE! AYE!  Motion Passed, Commence Japanese Liberation Operation” Kaguya & Tianzi: *High Five*

Love The Point.  How Is Zero So Gar

Here’s The New World Map.  Looks Like Britannia Still Has More Territory Then The United Federation But This Is Still More Then Lelouch Could Ever Have Dreamed Of At The Beginning Of The Series

But Just As Lelouch Is Rallying His Troops The Emperor Makes His Reappearance To Rally His With Cries Of All Hail Britannia And Speeches On The Zero Sum Game That Is World War

Not To Be Intimidate Todou Rallies His.  I’m Pumped Up To, Hell I Got Goosebumps From This Scene.  Heck Of A Set Up That Will Of Course Have To Wait

Ouch, That Looks Like It Would Hurt.  Man Lelouch Has Issues When Dealing With Family

Wow This New C.C Is Just Creepily Submissive And A Polar Opposite To The Old One…..Wait….Technically This Is The Real One…..Whatever, Her New Outfit Is Reminding Me Of Nina Trinity’s.

Blood On The Black King?  That’s Not Good Considering…..

That Lelouch Is About To Bargain With Suzaku For Nunally’s Protection At His Family Shrine Which Is A Big Risk

And As The Ships Continue To Close in Over Japanese Airspace To Defend Britannia’s Position It’s About To Get Dangerous For Anyone In The Area…..Area 11 That Is


Well if the last few episodes have revealed character motivations and critical backstory for some of the goings on in the series, this one paves the path for the future.  And in a big way.  The lines have been drawn on the battlefield now and it’s Zero’s United Federation of Nations versus Britannia in a winner take all out brawl.  They sure did a good job setting it all up too even if it is a bit too convienient that half the world is ready to join the Black Knights in creating a super power after just a few if major publicity and military victories on the world stage.  One has to consider that this is an anime meant to entertain and as such while no real world nation would ever just disband their military and give up their sole means of national protection to what amounts to a group of terrorists even out of desperation that this isn’t the real world we are dealing with.  It’s television where the fantastical is accessible and creativity the name of the game.  That and one has to account for time and as such some things have happened at a dizzying pace in the series.  Damn if it hasn’t been an interesting ride to this point as we seem to be setting up for the final battle 9 episodes before the finish.

Really though, aside from the fact that there’s still 9 episodes worth of final battle to be fought out, we’re finally at the end of everything Lelouch has been working for, a power to rival Britannia and to secure a safe world for Nunally and all that’s left is to do it.  The story of Lelouch has been one for the books in my opinion.  He took it from one man fighting the Area 11 government to a group of organized terrorists in the Black Knights, to becoming the leader of a nation of people right on through to becoming the chairman of a world power.  Now it’s time for Nunally to be safe right?  Only she ain’t so safe anymore AND it’s a direct result of Lelouch tempting fate and challenging his father to a throwdown, set to begin next episode most likely.

Charles now immortal is more powerful then ever before and possibly carries with him all the knowledge V.V had as well now that he has his code and now Lelouch has lost C.C’s council as she reverts to nothing more than a slave girl with the most blatant straightforward advice you can get.  And while she managed to help Lelouch think of a quick fix this time if merely by accident through her babbling, her use as a source of information and answers is all but nonexistant.  Without C.C, without Karen and without the genuine trust of anyone in his organization other then perhaps Kaguya he’s forced to fall back on Suzaku of all people to try and see Nunnally’s safety throughout the battle.

Can he be trusted though, a guy clearly not think straight that is?  Well Karen doesn’t seem to think so and has lost all respect she had for him as he waffles back and forth between following a path he knows is wrong (I mean by all rights he should be joining Lelouch for this liberation venture as it’s all he’s ever wanted about to come true, but his continued Javert like adherence to apprehending Lelouch has clouded his judgement and seemingly overshadowed all other goals in his life) and attempting to delude himself that he is succeeding Euphemia’s will.  It’s staring him in the face that Britannia is a corrupt superpower with at the very least having to consort with company like Bradley and incidents like Anya’s probable memory tampering at the hands of his immediate superior the emperor (one of the few remaining questions to be answered along with what happened to Marianne and I’m willing to bet they get answered at the same time going by their apparent connection), not to mention being asked to equip and possibly use a weapon that would destroy countless numbers of his people.  So let’s see, the guy wants to free his people from Britannia, yet is trying to arrest the person about to do just that AND is willing to kill a tremendous number of them if ordered to by the people he’s trying to free them from.  That’s not even hypocrisy, that’s borderline schizophrenia.

All in all one has to wonder if he and Nina wouldn’t make a good couple as they both share a blinding infatuation with Euphemia that leads them to do everything she would end up hating them for if she were hear to see it.  Poor Euphemia….always having he name dragged through the mud.  Either way, Suzaku is his only choice and it’s looking quite likely that Suzaku will betray Lelouch once again and try to have him arrested when they have their meeting.

Surprisingly that’s about it for the plot critical goings on in this episode, so I’ll leave everyone with where we stand.  Schneizel seems to have excerised his priviledge and taken control of the defense of Area 11 for now and rallied the troops.  On the Britannian Occupation side these include a large number of KF’s called Gareth’s (which are the mass production versions of the Gawain complete with mini-Hadron Cannons just in case you were thinking they were outright cannon fodder) and battleships (complete with ultra-patriotic soldiers) as well as the dreaded Knight of One in his Galahad which is twice the size of an average KF and boasts the comically huge Excalibur sword (man I can’t wait for an SRW to feature this guy as a boss), Gino in his Tristan, Anya in her Mordred, Suzaku in his Lancelot with the Freya bomb equipped (will he and Anya play traitor in the coming battle and switch sides?) and the loathsome Sting Luciano Bradley in his Percival which we haven’t seen yet but I’ve posted a link too.  Also Guilford is there too but judging by whatever Jeremiah told him he might switch sides to come be with Cornelia.

On the United Federation/Black Knight Liberators side are probably Zero in his Shinkirou if he survives his encounter with Suzaku without any trouble, Li in his Shen-Hu along with his generals, Toudou in his Zangetsu along with his remaining lieutenants in their Akatsuki’s, Rolo in his custom Vincent, Jeremiah in his custom Sutherland and possibly Cornelia in her Gunhaver Sutherland should she decide to fight.  Along of course with the regular Black Knight KF’s complete with….you guessed it, ultra-patriotic soldiers.  So then:

So will Suzaku come to his senses or will he destroy his own people and forsake everything as he continues his fall with narry an attempt to escape it, will Karen escape, will people switch sides.  Well knowing Sunrise (not the I’ve watched Gundam Seed/Destiny/00 and Mai Hime and insist I be declared an expert because I think I’m clever, but actually know jack shit and am blowing hot air “knowing”, but the I’ve watched like 50% of their catalogue in years ranging from 1975 to 2008 and ask to be declared an expert knowing) anything is possible at this stage and the setup is pretty solid for good old fashioned exciting television.  I look forward to it as always.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


6 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 16 (Speciaru Guesto…..STINGU!)”

  1. 1 Loligoth_Powered July 31, 2008 at 7:51 am

    There’s one golden rule of this anime: things never seem to go as planned for Lelouch

    I’m beginning to doubt the Knights will stay loyal to him for long. Even Toudou is giving him the questioning glare now.

  2. 2 EvilDevil July 31, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    “right, wear your clothing inside out and sing for me as you dance in one foot”
    would you imagine if he had said that to euphie instead of telling her to kill all the japanese?…

  3. 3 deathkillz July 31, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    The CC cowering scene has single-handedly redefined the term “Tragic Moe” for me. Amazing.

    My heart is all out there to embrace her tightly 😀

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama July 31, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    @EvilDevil & Deathasaurus: Yeah apparently the popular concensus, or at least from what I can gather is that this C.C has apparently redefined moe or something. I personally can’t see what she does differently in terms of overall moe but I can sort of say that it she somewhat redefines how one would think of a tsundere at the very least. This is one of those rare occassions where a characters tsundereism has actually been influenced by and influenced the plot and backstory in any significant way other then strictly for fan appeal. Not that she doesn’t have massive fan appeal…..

  5. 5 deathkillz July 31, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Not “general” moe mind you, Kaio (not for me anyway). The last time I’ve checked I have had a different view on “Tragic Moe” types but this incident just reinforced how much I love them :p
    And I do believe that CC has more sides than you average tsundere.

  6. 6 Gsus August 2, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    I’m still not feeling the “Suzaku HAET” that everyone seems to be feeling…

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