The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #5

It’s time to get rid of this backlog once and for all.  Let’s get controversial with #5 on the list.

Alfimi From Super Robot Wars

Alluring Quality 10/10: Hey, Kyosuke can’t resist the calling of her voice, so why should we be able to.  On top of a deadly combination of gothic lolita, stone cold pink eyes and platinum blue hair, Alfimi’s got the full package when it comes to being irresistable.  Plus the happy smile and eyes with soothing voice when she’s rendering your mech to pieces with her samurai sword is a sight to be hold.  You just can’t not love her.  Perfect marks.

Callousness 8/10: Well she starts off by casually dismissing the known universe and wishing to create it again with Kyosuke as her Adam and her as the new Eve (I’d have taken her up on that offer), but once she realizes humanties potential she switches sides and becomes a valued ally and then depending on the canon of the game she either dies, or dies and is reborn.  So while she is without remorse for most of the game, she does eventually gain some redemption in the end.  Thus an 8/10.

Power 10/10: Alfimi pilots the deadly Persoenlichkeit which on top of being extremely resilent, capable of self-healing, capable of instantaneous teleportation and ultra-high speeds, is nearly god like in it’s ability to apparently regenerate itself from an atom.  This along with her piloting skill, seeming immortality, and the ability to alchemize countless numbers of Einst instantaneously to protect her makes her a demi-god of sorts and a definite 10/10.

Lolidom 8/10: She has a thing for Kyosuke and seems to enjoy playing mind games with him and she has an attack where she impales her opponent on her samurai sword a proceeds to wiggle it around causing spurts of oil to come flying out of the mech, all while giggling and asking if it feels good.  If that doesn’t get you some points then I don’t know what does.  Too bad she ultimately had to lose it by going soft and wishy-washy near the end.  Thus only part marks.

Loliness 7/10: How loli can a girl with arcane knowledge a desire to mate with a much older looking man and one who spouts dialogue like, “I can see you…..and your fate” be.  Just a little, but mostly by her sheer appearance alone.  Definitely the type that just happens to be taking upon herself a loli appearance and thus only a 7/10.

Overall 43/50: 16 down, 4 to go.  To me Alfimi is the most crotch stomping loli in all of Super Robot Wars even if Latooni is my favourite and without a doubt the most popular overall among the fanbase.  I have to admit, as hacknyed as her reappearance in OG Gaiden was, I was very happy to see her have a less tragic fate in the OG canon and for her redemption to continue as no longer just a mere ally of chance, but an ally by will.  I look forward to seeing #5 on this list in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 3…whenever that’s coming out.


2 Responses to “The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #5”

  1. 1 Astranagan August 3, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    Kaioshin Sama I noticed a small error in the last part: she isn’t in alpha gaiden but in OG gaiden.

  2. 2 Guest house knysna August 26, 2011 at 4:30 pm

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