The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #3 (Part 2)

This one should hopefully make all the sense in the world to those in the know.

Number 3: Kagami Kuro From Kodomo No Jikan

Alluring Quality 10/10:  Long flowing black hair, a pentient for dressing up in the cutest outfits, cocky poses and an ego far far far outsizing her pipsqueak stature make her the center of attention among her equally loud friend in Kokonoe Rin.  Did I mention she’s like rail thin?  I don’t know about other people, but for me shes’ getting a 10/10

Callousness 9/10:  Kagami just sort of seems to hate everybody other then her closest friends and thinks because she comes from a rich family she’s better then everyone else in her school.  Violent as well she even likes to beat up on people for dubious reasons and teased Rin for being quite before she became her friend.  She yells at her parents, yells at her teachers other then one, and tortures Aoki both mentally and physically.  For a girl with no real reason to be so cruel, she’s pretty damn horrible.

Power 6/10:  She’s just a normal girl, but the points come from the fact that I’ve never seen her lose one of her scuffles with anybody and she’s able to make Aoki reel in pain and collapse with one of her patented kicks to the groin.  Don’t underestimate her.

Lolidom Factor 10/10: She’s literally a crotch stomping loli who beats up on her teacher Aoki everytime she gets and has fun doing it.  Not giving a 10/10 would defy the very existence of this list.

Loliness 10/10:  You only have to look at her to give a 10/10 in this category.  She’s been of short stature most of her life and is probably going to look similar to the picture above by the time she’s in her late teens too.  Kagami also has a childlike obsession with her friend, is at times inexplicably giddy and likes to wear cat ears for whatever reason.  Once you’ve seen her rolling around on her bed like an idiot and her fascination for ice cream, you’ll give a 10/10 too.

Overall 45/50:  Kagami being on this list makes all the sense in the world, but she’s only good enough for a bronze medal.  WHAT THE HECK EH?!  Well this leaves things wide open for a surprise upset.  So then who wil take it, who’s crotch stomping loliness will reign supreme.  Only 2 more to go.


1 Response to “The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #3 (Part 2)”

  1. 1 EvilDevil August 5, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    she is so cute yet terrifying… MOAR
    yes, i am sick puppy…

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