Code Geass R2 Episode 17 (Musical Edition)

When Two Tribes Go To War A Point Is All You Can Score

I said I had something different planned in one of my comments the other day, and here it is.  I assure people this is purely experimental and also purely for fun and there’s no real meaning or symbolism behind the songs I chose, though I tried to match words and situations.  I’m just looking to try something new so here it is.  Code Geass R2 Episode 17: The Musical

The Day The Music Died Hasn’t Come Yet:

Pressure, Pushing Down On Me Pressing down On You No Man Ask For, Under Pressure That Burns A Building Down Splits A Family In Two Puts People On Streets

Somebody Save Me I Don’t Care Why You Do It

You Could Say I Lost My Faith In Science And Progress, You Could Say I Lost My Belief In C.C, You Could Say I Lost My Sense Of Direction, You Could Say All Of This And Worse, But Suzaku If I Ever Lose My Faith In You There’d Be Nothing Left For Me To Do

Britannia Is A Vampire, She Eats Her Kids, Let’s Hide The Bodies Under The Sea

Hey! Schneizel! Leave That Nunally Alone!


Brittanian Man, Said Stay Away, Brittanian Man, Boy Let Me Be, Don’t Come Hangin’ Around My Door I Don’t Wanna See Your Face No More

Trust? Who Do Ya? Trust?

Thanks For The Memories Of Sentimental Verse Of Nothing In My Head, And Chuckles When The Preacher Said “For Immortality Or For Worse” How Lovely It Was

Excalibur Sword Of The Kings Take Me On Your Wings Back Where I Belong, Excalibur

Welcome To Your Life,Theres No Turning Back, Even While You Weep, Suzaku Will Find You, Acting On Your Best Behaviour, Turn Your Back On Sister Euphie, Everybody Wants To Rule The World

The Deception With Tact, Just What Are You Trying To Say? You’ve Got A Blank Face, Which Irritates Communicate, Pull Out Your Eye Piece, You See Dimensions In Two, State Your Case With Black Or White
But When One Little Cross Leads To Shots, Grit Your Teeth You Run For Cover So Discreet, Why Don’t They, Do What They Say, Say What They Mean, One Thing Leads To Another…..

War War, Huh, Yeah What Is It Good For Absolutely Nothing

For The Love Of Life There’s A Trade Off We Could Lose It All But We’ll Go Down Fighting…..And What Of The Lolis? Surely They Can’t Be Blamed For Our Mistakes?

They’re The Knights Of The Round Table, They Fight When’ere They’re Able

Bad Boys Boy Watcha’ Gonna’ Do?  Watcha’ Gonna’ Do When Schneizel Come For You?

Fill My Eyes With That Double Vision, Perfect Disguise For That Double Vision

The Visions Dancing In My Mind, The Early Dawn, The Shades Of Time, Twilight Crawling Through My Windowpane

I, I Live Among The Creatures Of The Night I Haven’t Got The Will To Try And Fight, Against A New Tomorrow, So I guess I’ll Just Believe It That Tomorrow Never Comes

God Save The Queen From A Facist Regime, They Made Her A Mary Sue, But Now A Potential H-Bomb

Forget About Your House Of Cards, And I’ll Deal Mine, Forget About Your House Of Cards, And I’ll Deal Mine


Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch, my needs are not being met this shows writing is terrible blablabla same old same old…..

Actually no.  This episode was a definite improvement over last weeks rather boring and overall slow paced build up and it puts us back where we were during the Black Rebellion, only with a few changes.  First of all Suzaku obviously knows who Zero really is now and it seems all this time that he’s been looking for a)answers as to why Lelouch chose the course he did and b) a reason to reconcile and work together with him towards creating a more peaceful world.  I think he’s realized, albeit a little to late that his superiors and fellow Knight of Rounds aren’t the type of people he’s meant to be with and that he’s actually closer to Lelouch on an idealogical ground.

Suzaku sort of comes clean this episode when telling Lelouch that if he is going to lie then to keep on lying, but make them for the purpose of doing something good.  This seems like what Suzaku has been trying to do, but he knew it wasn’t working and that he can’t be like Lelouch in order to bring about change like he thought he could, going back to the Karen Refrain incident of course.  He also seems to blame Lelouch for this course because he’s unable to play the suicide by retribution from his people card he’s been trying to play all this time because of the Live Geass.  So from an idealogical standpoint Suzaku has reason enough to hate Lelouch as much as Lelouch has to hate Suzaku for turning him in and betraying their trust, but they are smart enough to realize they need each other.  Of course Schneizel knows this too and has Suzaku tailed and arrested and now it seems that Schneizel doesn’t quite trust Suzaku anymore as a Knight on some levels.

Like Prince said (okay several of them actually) this whole episode revolves around the theme of trust.  Who do ya’ trust?  Apparently like the X-Files you trust no one.  The Black Knights don’t trust Zero much anymore, Diethard doesn’t trust Ougi, Lelouch doesn’t trust Suzaku or Schneizel, Schneizel doesn’t trust Suzaku. Nunally doesn’t trust Suzaku, Rohmeyer, Schneizel or anybody in her court, and nobody trusts the goddamn emperor who’s currently sitting somewhere with plans of his own called Ragnarok.  Judging by the display on the screen it doesn’t look like he’s planning to throw a party for the world either.  More like bring about it’s destruction as Bartley hinted with his “greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity” deal.

So now Lelouch thinks again that he can’t do the trust thing he tried to start up again with Karen’s talk way back in episode 07.  And without anybody to talk him out of blowing the crap out of the Tokyo Settlement (no Nunally, C.C, Karen, Suzaku, nobody) or to stop any of his ambitions it looks like he’s about to become the Demon King.  His plan as I take it was to have his men ready their positions and hold out until he could activate the Gefujion disturbers he readied way back in episode 13 to take out Britannia’s infrastructure and while it’s the oldest most simple trick in the book made easy by Laksharta’s technology, it seems to have worked.  Not of course before the Black Knights suffered some casualities at the hands of Britannia’s Knight of One and his Excalibur. 

I’ve gotta disagree with people that he’s anymore overpowered then his title should imply.  He’s mastered his Knightmare Frame, knows the ins and outs of combat and he’s fighting soldiers who have orders to stay on the defensive until advised, of course he’s going to do some damage.  I’m actually surprised that Li held his own against the guy so well and I guess it just goes to show again that Li isn’t all talk.  Also I was right about Li and Bismarck being the matchup for this.  I wonder if I’m going to be right about the other ones as the Black Knights begin their probably invasion of the Tokyo Settlement next episode.

Also of note is that Guilford seems to have flown the coop with Lelouch in what many think is a retroactive explanation as to how Lelouch had Geassed him.  Though if people were paying attention last episode they would remember a quick seemingly insignificant scene where Guilford got a phone call from somebody portending to be Jeremiah asking him to meet at the warehouse. where of course Lelouch gave him the Cornelia Geass.  I’m wondering how long it’s supposed to last though and how Lelouch plans to keep Guilford with him once he reaches the Black Knights again.

Speaking of paying attention, if you look at C.C during her one quick scene in the episode I swear I noticed a smirk of recognition and it had her playful theme playing again in the background.  It’s almost as if she’s still there and is playing some sort of game with Lelouch or her memories as C.C are slowly resurfacing.  Don’t quote me on it, but I just find that scene suspicious.

So all in all the 2nd Black Rebellion is underway now and you know, having the intention of actually trying to enjoy this show when presented with valid reason to instead of trying to find reasons to bitch while watching it and ignoring the good stuff and all of the things it constantly gets right we have another enjoyable episode on our hands.  As it stands things are up in the air and it looks like Nunally’s about to be rescued, though it was Rolo that Lelouch sent to do it.  I have this feeling that Sayoko is probably going to be along for the ride too though, or at least in the shadows and being Nunally’s personal maid I doubt he’d let anything happen to her if Rolo tried to make a wrong move.  So the war is now a race against time on multiple fronts and failure is not an option for either side.  This is make or break it time for both the Britannian Empire and the Black Knights and what happens in Japan will inevitably shift the course of popular support around the world in the victors favour.  It’s a zero-sum game, just like real war and I love it.  If only there were more anime like this.  Anyway, we’ll have to see how it unfolds next week.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


10 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 17 (Musical Edition)”

  1. 1 Aabo0 August 7, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Yes! I’m the first to post a comment!!!
    What I’d like to know is if Karen will switch sides and join the Knight of Rounds, and see this awesome Freya in action.

  2. 2 Kurogane August 7, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Why do I have the feeling Suzaku can die in peace now? I mean, using the Freya….sounds like a means of sacrificing himself for the “Greater Good” (which in Suzaku’s case, could be anything really….but let’s hope it’s to save Japan!). I really liked the interaction between Lelouch and Suzaku. I was worried they would never get to face each other and just have a talk before they plunge into another mass brawl. I wouldn’t call this a Greek Tragedy, but there is certainly something Harmatia about both Lelouch’s and Suzaku’s actions.

    I guess Suzaku’s Harmatia might have been killing his father, whereas in Lelouch’s case, it seems a bit more complex. Perhaps, loving his sister? A lot of people would argue that you wouldn’t go on and start a mass rebellion, then create an entire superpower just for the sake of protecting your little sister.

    You also mentioned that most people think it’s unrealistic how quickly Lelouch managed to do all of this. Well, people are forgetting that Lelouch has a thing called a Geass which allows him to make people to do whatever he wants, that he is the son of a megalomaniac Emperor (and hence might have some of that in his genes, lol, ok, that was just a joke) and that this story is set in a world where people are piloting humanoid robots and have just recently discovered Atomic Bombs thanks a to a genius girl, not to mention that almost two thirds of the world are under the jurisdiction of an Empire named “Britannia “which coincidentally is not a parallel-universe version of the United Kingdom. Surprisingly enough, the UK was left white on that map.

    If people are really looking for reasons to call Code Geass unrealistic, there are lots. But does this make Code Geass a bad show, or perhaps even, a “trainwreck”? I don’t think so.
    I hope Kallen will not be swayed by Gino’s offer. To be honest, I am still waiting for almost half the characters to be of more importance, Gino and Tamaki included. And what about Anya’s pasts? You know, it is the anticipation for these questions to be answered that makes this show even more exciting. A lot of people think that this is what makes it a trainwreck because they think it’s very likely the entire story will be warped into a giant plothole of “WTF” at the end. Well, I also think these people need a healthy dose of “patience” and “optimism”.

  3. 3 xephfyre August 7, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    All I can say is, Lelouch had some real foresight, but somehow, Schnizel’s little quip at the end is making me think what he’s got planned to do.

  4. 4 Aabo0 August 8, 2008 at 12:11 am

    Well, knowing Schnizel, he isn’t a foe to be taken lightly. I’m hoping for Suzaku to turn over a new leaf..

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama August 8, 2008 at 5:04 am

    @Aabo0: Oh dear….this is the first “first” comment I’ve gotten. I’m not sure I’m ready for this…… *bites nails*

    @Kurogane: I don’t think Tamaki is ever going to be of any prominence mostly because he’s useless, and I don’t think Gino is ever going to be critical either. Anya on the other hand is going to be important. They wouldn’t have made her a loli if she wasn’t going to be. Plus we’ve got the memories storyline of hers to deal with.

    @Xephfyre & Aabo0: They don’t want to use that bomb anywhere within the area. Not unless they want a stalemate. Although I’m thinking that’s what the chess board with all the pieces but a few toppled over and blood on the black king from last episode meant. The problem is where do they go from there if that happens.

  6. 6 Gsus August 9, 2008 at 1:55 am

    You’re forgetting that Freya was engineered almost entirely by Nina Einstein. Blowing up Zero and a good part of the Japanese peninsula would be the perfect way to get revenge for Euphemia. If they could only sneak a “Freya System, materialize!” in there somewhere. Then again, the whole ” Live!” Geass on Suzaku can spoil the fun.

    Hamartia (you made me look that up, Grrr) or fatal character flaw / error of judgement is certainly present. There’s a reason why Mary Sues are frowned upon: without a flaw it’s very difficult to emphatize with someone.
    You could say that both Lelouche and Suzaku, through their upbringing, have become existential loners and consequently have developed an overdependence on themselves, to the point of objectifying other people to mere tools: Suzaku came close to using Refrain on Kallen and in the first battles Suzaku directed the Black Knights as pawns.
    The tragedy is that despite all their power, every attempt to get closer to others is cut short by forces beyond their control. Lelouche came close to joining Euphemia, then his Geass went hay-wire and Suzaku lost Euphie. Nunally was kidnapped by V.V. then put in a puppet role for Charles, Kallen got captured, C.C. mindwiped, Shirley shot / stabbed…

    It’s tragedy.

    When the feelings gone and you can’t go on.

    It’s tragedy.

    When the morning cries and you don’t know why.

    It’s hard to bear.

    With no one beside you, you’re going no where.

    Well, tragedy.

    When you lose control and you’ve got no soul.

    It’s tragedy.

  7. 7 Myssa Rei August 9, 2008 at 2:12 am

    Actually, most of the episode made sense to me, as this is the point where everything seems to come tumbling down for everyone… Except for the fact that, well, was Suzuaku ACTUALLY that naive to think that Freya was just a ‘bigger bomb’? It’s like comparing the White Base to Gunbuster’s Excellion.

    Also, there’s the fact that Lelouch sent ROLO of all people to recover Nunnally. Granted, ninja-caretaker Sayoko is there, but… ROLO! It’s like sending a starved wolf to recover a lamb, and expecting it to bring back the lamb in one piece.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama August 9, 2008 at 2:56 am

    @Gsus: And yet I empathize with Nunally despite the fact that she’s pretty much a Mary Sue.

    @Myssa Rei: Sending Rolo to get Nunally would not have been my move. Personally I would have sent Rolo with Jeremiah. Even Sayoko can’t really protect Nunally if Rolo decides to try and kill her, but Jeremiah both can and will do everything in his power to protect her, being Marianne’s daughter and all.

  9. 9 Myssa Rei August 9, 2008 at 3:29 am

    There’s also the question as to WHY Rolo was sent instead of someone else. This is the psychopath that killed Shirley on the mere MENTION of Nunnally (of course, there’s also the whole ‘knowing too much’ thing)… The Bro-con in this one is too dangerous, and I’m sure that Lelouch not thinking this decision over will cause him much grief.

    As for Orange-kun, well, isn’t the fact that he’s mostly cybernetic one of the reasons why he WASN’T assigned to chaperone Rolo, since those disrupters installed on the trains would shut *him* down as well? It didn’t go particularly well when he confronted Lelouch, as I recall.

  10. 10 Haesslich August 9, 2008 at 3:50 am

    Myssa Rei: Yeah, that’s probably the main reason that Jeremiah isn’t along for the Rolo Death Ride… since I expect Sayoko to kill him during the course of the mission, as otherwise Nunnally is dead as soon as Rolo gets within shooting range.

    At least Jeremiah would’ve been able to protect her from Rolo, having both the ability as well as the motivation to do so. Ah well – maybe Nunnally will die when Suzaku drops the bomb, and in doing so wipes out a good part of Tokyo if not Japan, including Ashford Academy. That’ll further traumatize him, as well as serve Schneizel’s needs (if he convinces the OotBK that Suzaku and Lulu were working hand in hand, they’s probably hand him over… and then get wiped out once Schneizel had what he wanted).

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