Sekirei episode 6 ~ I am your waifu!

From completely tsun to completely tsun…

Now isn’t that a twist for all you anime watchers? One moment we have Tsukiumi trying to kill Minato for being the fithy Sekirei harem ashikabi that he is and the next moment…she is trying to kill him for being the filthy Sekirei HAREM ashikabi that he is.

This episode finally finishes off the next phase of Minato’s harem as he captures the heart of yet another innocent soul. This is one aspect of what makes Tsukiumi attractive to her fans, I suppose. Her character is just what you would expect from a serious but somewhat “airheaded” person as proven through her fierce attitude towards making sure that only Minato sees her as his wife (which completely fails mind you, which is why it is so damn funny to see her try) and her denseness to only see things at face value (how the heck she didn’t recognise Kagari is beyond anyones imagination). I also have to give props Marina Inoue for doing such a great job on voicing Tsukiumi even if I had been somewhat disappointed that the role wasn’t given to T Rie (that would have automatically made her my favorite character in his series).

But whilst the most part of this episode did focus on the beginnings of a great relationship for Minato and Tsukiumi (And I say that Tsukiumi’s loyalness makes her a great wife indeed), we see another relationship unfolding. In some weird twist of fate Minato’s sister, Yukari is also pulled into the game by the bishie Sekirei, Shiina.

The story is coming together though. They did skip a mini arc with the black sekirei but it seems like they will do a U turn with that and come back on it judging from the preview (and this is one scene you guys do not want to miss).
As usual, the comedy is still entertaining and who doesn’t find Ku’s whimpering like a savage beast toward Tsukiumi’s taunting words absolutely adorable might need their “moe meter” fixing.

Screen picks and “wise guy” comments:

Okay Seo, I know you are a pimp but not in front of the little ones

I said not in front of the little ones! GAHHHHHH!

Tsukiumi is also ashamed of his attitude…

Uhoh…seems like the pimp also wants to increase his harem

Sweet, sweet karma though

And just as one battle finishes another battle begins…

Welcome home everyone!

This is personally a first for me. I have never seen a fangirl nose bleed…never!

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Battle commence!


3 Responses to “Sekirei episode 6 ~ I am your waifu!”

  1. 1 Yamato August 28, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    HAHAHHA…..same here, same here….ive never seen a fan girls nose bleed either!!!lmao!!…..hahahah….i thought i was alone in that….but aparently not….hahahahah

  2. 2 Null_Shock January 27, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    You watch anime and have never seen female nose bleeds…..I’ll be back in a bit with a list of decent Anime. I warn you it will be eechi I’m sure you know what that means but just in case you do not study the language or watch subbed anime it means (you pick up, learn to use/not use, several words and phrases that way. However if you plan to study the language if you aren’t already anime wont cut it solo,but I can help you with an excess of free materials/tutorials words that way.

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    Gran hallazgo. Gracias.

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