Code Geass R2 Episode 18 (Big Trouble In Little Tokyo)

Man, Lelouch Is A Legend At Griping.  Wonder What It Will Take For Him To Finally Wake Up

It’s been about 20 episodes, but we are finally back to where we were near the end of Code Geass R1.  Lelouch’s army is stronger, but so is his enemies, and he’s going for the quick checkmate.  Nunally is the key, the flag, and getting her means winning the battle in Tokyo.  That’s of course easier said than done and it turns out that things are always more complicated then the trivial issue of the day that Lelouch is focused on.

More Anya’s Means More Pictures:

Just When You Thought 5th Generation KF’s Couldn’t Get Any More Obsolete

Tsk Tsk, Abduction Of Enemy Leader’s Even If They Are Your Sister?  How Low Will Lelouch Go?

Well Then The Answer Should Be Obvious….

It’s Curious That All Of A Sudden Knightmare Frame Pilots Have Come To Be Referred To As Devicers….Whatever, I Like That Nina Thinks She Can Pilot A Knightmare Frame.  Remember How That Went Last Time?

Well Considering That’s How It’s Been For A While Now I Think You Should Know What To Do With That.  It’s Also Just Sort Of Occured To Me That Lelouch Took Care Of His Plan To Find A Way To Deal With The KOR Back When He Said He Would.  The Reason He Had To Return To Tokyo Has Become Evident And It Was To Set Up The Disturbers To Force Them To Fight His People Man To Man Instead Of With Support And Interference.  That’s A Lot Of Forethought And Pre-Planning….And A Lot Of Faith, Both In His Plan And For The Audience To Remember That Little Tidbit

Will It Seems That The Disturbers Range Of Effect Is At The Ground Level As Jeremiah Doesn’t Seem To Be Experiencing Any Technical Difficulties.  Also An Orange Tinted Viewscreen?  Hasn’t This Joke Gotten A Little Old

Wow…..Does That Thing Look Like The Hyper Mega Launcher.  My Mecha Fan Senses Are Tingling…

For Princess And Country Of Course

It Was About This Time That I Would Have Disconnected My Uplink To HQ If I Were Suzaku.  Such An Argument As Disinformation And Inaccurate Intel Would Have Sufficed

This Sutherland Sieg Kind Of Has Dendrobium Properties Don’t You Think?  Either Way, Isn’t That Pretty Close To The Ground.  Does The Sieg Shield Jeremiah From The Disturbers Effects.  I’d Have To Think So

Well Looks Who Is Finally Back In Action After So Long.  Didn’t Miss A Beat Either It Seems.  Come On Gino, Do Something Useful….Oh….You Are….HOORAY!

The Bloodening Begins Anew

Ohhhhhhh…..Man You’d Think Lelouch Would Have Picked Up On This By Now.  At Least He Sent Sayoko In With Him Too.  All It Takes Is For Her To Sneak Up Behind Him Before He Can Use That Geass And SLRRRRRRRRP!  Off With His Head

I’m Guessing That’s Karen.  I’m Sure Karen Would Love To Learn That She’s “Priority Item No. 3” Now.  I’m Curious As To What Number 2 Is Then

Have You Thought To Ask Him Why Specifically That Is?

Man It Kind Of Depresses Me That The Noble Guilford Has Been Reduced To A Toy For Lelouch To Use At His Discretion.  If Only He Knew Just How Close The Real Cornelia Really Was.  Oh Well, At Least We Get To See Some Old Fashioned Knightmare Frame Weaponary Before The Knight Of Rounds Really Get In On The Show

Man Why Does She Have To Do That To Me…..Arrrrgh So Aggressive, So Confident So Brutish…..*Passes Out*

Hmmm So Nunally’s Being Evacuated Pretty Early On Into This And As Soon As Those Gefujion Disturbers Are Deactivated She’s Out Of Her, But Why Isn’t Rohmeyer Getting On The Craft?  And What’s This Talk About No Knightmare Frames To Deflect Attention From The Craft?  Hmmm…I Should Make A Not Of This

Hey, I Remember That Outfit

BOOM!  There Goes The Disturber Field And Powers Back On.  That Means Nunally’s Ship Should Be Leaving The Area Right Now

Look Above You Dumbass


Ok This Actually Does Remind Me Of Gundam Seed.  The Forced Acronym Usage……Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah….Also This Is One Hell Of A Messed Up Patched O.S To Display Both The Black Knights Startup And Britannian Startup Screen

No Gundam Never Looked Like That Though.  I’m Sorry Folks Who Complain About The Upscaled Mecha In This Series, But I Love Every Bit Of This Design.  My Mecha Fan Senses Are On Fire Right Now

YEOWCH!  See Those Are The Kinds Of Killing Blows I’m Talking About!

Whoa….GN Drive?  I Mean How….Fast…..

The Valkrie Team Wants To Be The Yazan Gable Team With There Harpoons, But I Think They Are About To Become Less Than The Shrike Team

Jerid Messa > Patrick Corlasawar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tamaki Shinichirou

There’s To Many Cool Mecha Weapons In This Episode.  Luciano’s Even Got The Gyan Thing Going On With A Missile Shield And Stabbing Weapon….Only Like 10x Cooler

Well Goodbye Valkyrie Team.  And Wait….That’s Gotta Be The New “MARIAAAAAAAAA!” For The 21st Century.  Kewell Soresi’s The Guy From The Purist Faction That Died Way Back In The Beginning Of Season 1 And At The Hands Of The Guren Mark II As Well.  I’m Guessing This Was His Girlfriend?  Small World Eh….

……Cool………..I Need A Break To Replenish My Inner Mecha Fan For This

Is That The Thing That Makes It Go Crazy Fast?

Did Sunrise Just Pull An Itano Circus On Us?  Crazy……

And It’s Got Wire Guided Hands Ala The Zeong Now Too?  That Could Be An Advantage

A Fitting End To….What The….David Bowie?  Whatever, Having Your Own Cold Words Shot Right Back At You For Your Final Moments Has To Be The Most Humiliating Way To Go.  And Isn’t Karen Gar.  My Friend Always Said She’s The Manliest Character In The Show And Now I Definitely Agree

You Kind Of Get The Sense That Karen Needs To Get Rid Of A Little Pent Up Rage And Battle Lust.  Okay, Not Kind Of…..Just Have At Em’ Then Karen

*Looks At Right Arm And Notices It’s Clenched In A Flexing Position*  Wow….That Hasn’t Happened Since Gurren Lagann Ended.  This Is Like Gaogaigar Levels Of Manly Mecha Action.  Welcome Back Sunrise.  No Seriously.  Now Give Me Some Actual New Gaogaigar!!!!!

…..Is Kanon Doing The Bright Point?

OK Seriously,  You Need To Tone Down The Gar Dialogue, This Is Too Sudden For Me.  Man I Thought You Guys Had Lost That Touch

What’s This?  Treachery Afoot?

So Apparently Cornelia Is James Bond Now And Had This Escape Device All Ready To Go.  Seriously Though, Who Leaves One Person Tied Up By Only One Arm Even If They Think It Might Be Broken

Here Comes Nunally’s Escape Craft.  Wait….Shouldn’t That Have Long Since Gone After The Disturbers Were Disabled.  Hmm….

Cecil For “Stop Trying To Get Yourself Killed To Atone For Stuff”

Do I Really Even Have To Say Anything About The Guren Anymore At This Point

Suzaku: “Hold On Nina Let Me Just Try One More Thing.  My Patented Spin Kick Of Death Shall Win The Day! Im…Impossible, She Defeated The Spin Kick?!”

Wait….So She Is On The Ship Obvious…..But Wait….Why Is Rohmeyer Seemingly Not Responding To This Intrusion?  Is She Even There?  And How Did She Go Right Past Rolo Before He Could Kill Nunally And Not Even Have Him Tag Along Or Argue With Him Or Something…Something Doesn’t Add Up…..

Ohhh….God…….Suzaku Just Own Up To Your Crimes And Go On Trial Or Something

See You Can’t Die Like That And Now You’ve Made Things Worse….Fucking Idiot…….Oh…Ummm…CAN YOU HEAR ME TOKYO!  THE KNIGHTMARE OF BRITANNIA IS BACK!

And In The End

The Love

You Take

Is Equal To The Love You Make


Wow….that was one for the books.  First let’s start with the obvious in that I felt the mecha action in this series rocked and made up for the lack of it we’ve seen throughout most of the series.  Not that I felt those episodes needed it per se.  The Guren Seiten Hachi had to be the highlight of the mecha featured in this episode for me and while some might call it hax, I’m of the opinion that not every mecha series has to feature ground-ridden ultra realistic projectile based weapon combat.  If I want that I’ll watch Votoms or Patlabor of course as Geass R2 has established itself as a universe where the 7th generation Knightmare Frames are that much of an advancement over the older ones, and honestly if you were in a military position would you decide to scrub your advantage and go back to using ground based weapons when you’ve got something far more powerful?  I’d say hell no, but other fans have protested otherwise.  I say fudge it, war isn’t fair and it’s a zero-sum game so if you’ve got what it takes to win you should use it.  Plus as one can see the old 5th generation units have a massive drawback in their unprotected power source that Laksharta has been able to take advantage of.

Boy is the new Guren strong though as Luciano and almost Suzaku meet there end at it’s hands….quite literally too.  I’ve gotta say that Luciano put up a pretty good fight this episode though and showed us why he was chosen as a Knight of Round in the first place, but of course not all named characters are there to be developed and play a huge role and one this black in his personality wasn’t about to last long anyway once things got to hot to handle….again literally.  Still Percival was a pretty nifty unit while it was around and that drill seems to have done substantial damage to the Shinkirou’s weapon and defensive system along with Anya’s short lived applied pressure (god I love that girl).  Luckily for Lelouch Anya suffered another of her anxiety attacks and lucky for him again that Karen was freed by Sayoko moments before Luciano came on the scene. 

Karen just gets right back into things to and adapts to Lloyd and Cecile’s upgrades to the Guren quickly, which include a wire-guided arm that still can shoot long distance radiation surges and a pair of honest to god cool looking wings that somehow make it accelerate like a rocket.  That last part is the only thing that I feel really tips the scales in combat as to date no other Knightmare Frame has ever been able to move that fast, and it makes the new Guren all but unhittable now.  And of course it’s still got all the old gizmos and gadgets as well.

The other Black Knights do their part well enough as well and Todou seems to have done well as usual in his Zangetsu and is currently making a beeline for Schneizel’s craft as well.  Can the Avalon really defend against the Zangetsu and Todou’s men?  Well we don’t find out this episode because the battle which came to a quick start and heated up fast also cooled down fast thanks to Suzaku.  Looking for death at the hands of Karen Suzaku’s live Geass again became a curse and motivated him to do something he would normally never do.  Fire Fre….Fley…Fleija???? THE FUCK?!  Okay never…never mind, he fired the WMD under the Geasses influence as Karen was about to put him down and from the looks of it he took out much of the Tokyo Settlement including the Government Building, Asahina, Guilford (who died somewhat happily thinking he was protecting his princess), Rohmeyer, Sayoko, Nunally, and 10 Million+ other people.  How’s that going to look on Suzaku’s record I wonder.  Can he even maintain the Knights position after this?  Does he care about what he just did?  I would think so on the latter, but not on the former.  Suzaku may just finally get the judgement passed on him he is looking for.

And what of Lelouch.  He thinks he lost everything he was ever fighting for as well and looks ready to go ballasitc next episode, but as far as his Black Knights are concerned they one the battle, the Britannian occupation is in tatters and all that’s left are some unattached KF’s, the Avalon and the Emperor’s flagship which is just outside the area.  Although….there may be another ship hanging just outside the area as well.  I’m talking about the ship with Sayoko and Nunally on it.  You see Klashikari Guile mentioned that there was something odd about the whole ship set-up with Rohmeyer and Nunally when he watched it, and from looking at the scenes again, I think she pulled a decoy maneuver and Nunally’s ship was actually just outside the area of the explosion.  Here’s why:

– Sayoko’s team had gone in ahead of Rolo’s by the 3:58 time count and he was planning to rendevouz with Sayoko after finding Nunally

-By the 7:00 time count Rolo had still not located Nunally

-At the 7:30 mark Rohmeyer is having Nunally forcibly evacuated

– When Rohmeyer is having Nunally loaded on to the ship despite her protests she mentions something about sending Nunally on ahead of her as per an order by Schneizel in one of those general evacuations of high ranking officials.  She also mentions something about a lack of KF escorts so as to not draw any attention to the ship.  We never see Rohmeyer board the ship Nunally’s on and she mentions that as soon as the Gefujion disturbers are taken care of that Nunally’s ship will leave the area.  This happens at 9:30.

-At 10:00 Sayoko has released Karen and is moving on to rendevouz with Rolo

-At 10:30 the distubers are disabled which means Nunally’s ship should be taking off like a rocket

– No later then 8 minutes afterward at 18:10 “Nunally’s ship” with Rohmeyer “on it” appears to “STILL” be in the docking bay as Rolo approaches it, and there also appears to be a complement of KF’s ready to take of to escort it, which Rohmeyer said was not going to happen with Nunally’s ship.  Rohmeyer is also sitting in the right hand seat.  How could Britannia screw things up this bad and appear to take so long?

– At 19:20 Sayoko barges in on Nunally with a complement of men.  Rohmeyer doesn’t appear to respond to any sort of intrusion if she were there and one has to wonder why Sayoko didn’t rendevouz with Rolo as they should have passed each other on the way to the ship by this point and met up in the hangar.  No recognition that they met up at all.

– At 20:20 Rolo’s in one of the KF’s for gods sake.  What’s he doing in that.  Ready to shoot at the ship Rohmeyer’s in?  How did he and Sayoko not see each other.  Anyway it’s at this point the kid definitely makes a run for it.

– At 20:37 Sayoko is standing beside Nunally.  Rohmeyer still appears to not have responded and…..she isn’t even in the right hand seat…

– At 20:41 Rohmeyer is in the right hand seat, still hasn’t responded to any sort of intrusion and looks toast.

– At 21:40 Rolo claims to Lelouch that Nunally is dead.

So what the fuck eh?  How does this make sense when there’s so much contradictions.  Well my theory is simple actually.  After Sayoko rescued Karen she went on ahead to find Nunally and to try and Rendevouz with Rolo and found the ship Nunally was on.  Around the same time the Gefujion disturbers were disabled and Nunally’s ship left with Sayoko and her men aboard.  She never passed Rolo because he hadn’t even reached the hangard yet.  Eight minutes later Rohmeyer is on a decoy ship with KF’s to make it look like the governor general is aboard and Rolo walks in to find the ship, assuming reasonably that Nunally is on it he commandeers a KF to try and blow up the ship and kill her.  Meanwhile Sayoko barges in on Nunally in the ship she’s really on and Rohmeyer doesn’t respond at all because she’s actually on the decoy back in the hangar.  Nunally’s ship is probably just outside the area by this point.  When the bomb goes off Rohmeyer is caught in it in her decoy ship and goes up in a ball of flames.  Rolo has run away once he thinks he knows what’s going on with Fleija (whatever it’s called) and somehow made it to safety.  How I’m not sure as that thing had a pretty big blast radius.  So when he reports to Rolo he talks about the ship Rohmeyer is on and really isn’t lying when he says Nunally is dead, because he honestly thinks she is.  In reality I think she’s okay and with Sayoko elsewhere.

Well that’s my theory and for now it seems to make sense at least to me unless I missed something.  Hopefully it’s true as I really don’t want to see Nunally dead, but unfortunately if it is then that means Sayoko is alive too and I don’t much care for that rather annoying character.  Whatever the case thinking she’s dead will be the event that casts all of Lelouch’s actions up to now in their true light.  Depending on what he does next it will demonstrate once and for all what parts about what he has done were for just causes and what parts were selfish lies, which is something we couldn’t really find out last episode in his discussion with Suzaku where he just told him what he wanted to hear.  The result will now define his actions, the man himself, and give reason to why he chose his path as opposed to the usual cliche of giving reason and then choosing his path like a bad J-RPG plot where people all sit around and talk about “Why do I fight?”  More of that patented turning the laws of storytelling upside down from Taniguchi and Okuchi. 

In any case the episode ended in pure mayhem and was as I said one for the books.  Exciting all the way through and with excellent music to boot.  The R2 OST might actually be worth picking up now.  Yeah….actually that had been one of my few major gripes during this series.  Sunrise usually has good music in this series, but I haven’t been feeling R2’s music at all up to about 3 episodes ago and they seemed to be overusing that one piano track all the time along with recycled R1 music.  Glad that seems to be fixed.  The animation level was also upped for this battle quite a bit when it had been rather weak recently and I’m glad to see that as well.  Really I loved every bit of this one and I think I want to give it a 10.  I really can’t think of anything bad to say about it that wouldn’t seem forced.

There’s just one more thing I want to do before I sign off tonight:

#1: Half Right #2 Right #3 Wrong #4 Wrong #5 Wrong #6 Right On The Traitor Thing #7 Right

So three for seven more or less.  I’m not impressed with myself right now.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


38 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 18 (Big Trouble In Little Tokyo)”

  1. 1 No Sushi August 12, 2008 at 6:51 am

    If your deductions are right, then this means more Ninja maid madness? Noooooooo…. I hate that gimmick.
    I don’t mind Nunally back actually, but I know someone who would. She has a thing against idealistic, weak and naive characters…

  2. 2 Itadakimasu! August 12, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Yeah about your theory… there’s something odd about where all the key players are, Rohmeyer and Sayoko. They cut pretty fast with the scene switches so its hard to tell. Meh they achieved the shock value though whatever it is that actually happened. Good episode

  3. 3 RmX August 12, 2008 at 7:36 am

    >> It’s Curious That All Of A Sudden Knightmare Frame Pilots Have Come To Be Referred To As Devicers

    Actually that was somewhere early in season one, but nobody really remembers that far back.

    >> Also An Orange Tinted Viewscreen? Hasn’t This Joke Gotten A Little Old?

    Never will.

    I’m glad to say that my interest in Geass has been rekindled by this episode. Let’s see where the roller coaster takes us next.

  4. 4 Rising Dragon August 12, 2008 at 8:09 am

    I should point out that the Devicer term was used way back in season 1. But then it just kinda went away, so I’m surprised they’re using the term again.

  5. 5 Myssa Rei August 12, 2008 at 8:40 am

    Do take note that, as of today, most of the characters caught in the FREIJA explosion are tagged in the official site as ‘MIA’, with the exception of the Knight of 10, who like V.V. is tagged as ‘Dead’.

    As for Nunnally, there is a distinct possibility that this is merely a MASSIVE mindscrew by the directors (an admitted Sunrise trademark), but for now it’s having it’s intended effect: Lelouch is in shambles emotionally, and this will inevitably cloud his judgement for the next few episodes, possibly contributing to the hastening of the betrayal of the Black Knights. It’s all coming apart at the seams.

    Strangely enough, no seething rage at Nina, Kaio?

  6. 6 Myssa Rei August 12, 2008 at 8:49 am

    … By the way, was I the ONLY one who mentally shouted ‘Shin SHIIIIIIIIIIIINE SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ku’ when Gurren accelerated like a comet? As cool as Gurren’s new upgrades are though, it brings up a little inconsistency… Quite frankly, the G-forces the Gurren generated should have crushed Kallen in the cockpit. And let’s face it, it’s currently more than ten times stronger that Xing-Ke’s KMF EVER was, and look what it’s doing to him.

  7. 7 Cat Megex August 12, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    @Myssa Rei: …Kallens boobs provide protection against G-forces? >_>

  8. 8 Kurogane August 12, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    “And let’s face it, it’s currently more than ten times stronger that Xing-Ke’s KMF EVER was, and look what it’s doing to him.”

    You are right, but hey, let’s wait until the next episode to see if she’ll be coughing blood or not. Then we can complain. I was too much in awe of the new Guren as well to find it really that over-exaggerated. Suspension of disbelief, lol?

    I love the music for Code Geass (those castanets….) though I guess it would have been better if they had used less recycled tracks. It fits anyway and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had stored the best tracks for the best parts. It certainly magnifies the wow-effect of certain important scenes.

    And Tokyo has been Freija-ed! Well, I don’t think Nunnally is dead but her “apparent death” will definitely serve as a catalyst to whatever had been stirring in the background for quite a while (reading the title for upcoming episodes has certainly elevated my sense of dreading premonition). We have been told since R1 that a Geass-user will walk a path of solitude and so I have long stopped praying for Lelouch’s happy ending.

  9. 9 Kurogane August 12, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Excuse the double post, but I forgot to mention that episode 26 is gonna be a whole hour long! I wonder what they have in store for us….

  10. 10 Camario August 12, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    While I did like the mecha action in this episode much better than what we’ve seen lately, no question, part of me still longs back to the more ground-based combat that dominated the first season of the show, at least until well into the second half. Or perhaps more than that, when the battles had a little more tactical or strategic depth, period. Still, awesome is awesome.

    I also noticed that the animation was quite uneven overall. Very good where it needed to be, the new Guren’s debut being the most important example, but below average at other moments, especially those involving characters and not mecha.

    As for Nunnally’s survival…I’m already more or less certain of that, so this theory of yours is interesting but, even if the details differ, her return won’t be that surprising. The how, of course, should make a difference.

    “I’m Guessing That’s Karen. I’m Sure Karen Would Love To Learn That She’s “Priority Item No. 3″ Now. I’m Curious As To What Number 2 Is Then”

    Actually, I understood that as No. 2 being Kallen and No. 3 being the Guren.

    The acronyms…I could do without, definitely.

    And yes, the Devicer term has been used a few times before, back in season one mostly.

    @Kurogane: Sorry for the questioning…but do you have anything official backing that hour-long “26” stuff, or is it just something from a certain set of questionable “spoilers” that have been proving to be wrong lately…and their episode titles (summaries as well) conflict with the official ones released by magazines not that long ago (and with the details in another set of spoilers that does seem more accurate).

  11. 11 Kaioshin Sama August 12, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    @No Sushi: I wouldn’t say Nunally is weak. I mean she has shown that despite her handicap she can stand up for what she believes is right and try to make a difference. Personally I’m wondering if Rohmeyer was starting to have some respect for her and that’s why she set this whole thing up, but we’ll see.

    @Itadakimasu!: Yeah just don’t be surprised if a lot of the people who we thought were dead end up being alive after all. It’s hardest of all to tell who was caught in the explosion and it’s overall radius, but apparently it stops just short of Ashford Academy.

    @RmX & Rising Dragon: Well I had to do Meister somewhere inbetween there so perhaps I knew and forgot. More likely is I just missed the devicer term though. 😦

    @Myssa & Cat Megex: Well now that you mention it, the scene does have that Shin Spark feel to it. I knew I’d seen that flying ball of light bit in a mecha anime before. Though we didn’t get a black and white graphic novel style tracing of Karen screaming her lungs out so it doesn’t really count.

    Also Karen’s breasts would be more likely to make her lose her centre of gravity then anything. More likely the Energy Wing thing Cecile put on the Guren focuses the G forces behind the machine somehow. Personally it just seems like another Minovsky Drive to me, but whatever the case it’s not your standard propulsion mechanism.

    @Camario: You should definitely check out Votoms or the upcoming MS Igloo 2 if you want to have some good ground based battles. As for the hour long finale thing, that’s what it says on ANN and it was also mentioned in some sort of unofficial spoiler blog of some kind if I recall, but I haven’t heard anything official. I hope it’s true though and I think if it is then we would then know where all the money is going.

  12. 12 Camario August 12, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been thinking of watching VOTOMS for some time, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Still, it’s on my list.

    MS IGLOO 2 sounds interesting as well so I’ll wait until it’s out.

    You might want to check ANN’s episode list for R2 again. There were error reports on that page before, and they seem to have been resolved today.

    As I recall, from Animesuki posts, there are several different spoiler lists. One from a Korean blog, yes, which seems to be mostly right, and a bunch of *other* things that have been less than accurate, to be honest. Including the one with the episode “26” stuff.

    It’s a bit difficult to keep up, but it’s clear that not everything that claims to be a spoiler is going to be right.

  13. 13 Haesslich August 12, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Now that Guren Seitan has Wings of Light, I wonder what’s left to upgrade? Imagine how quickly the Black Knights would’ve been beaten if Suzaku had (wisely) taken the upgraded Guren Seitan into battle instead of his trusty, nuke-armed Lancelot. But, alas for Tokyo and himself, he didn’t.

    Still, this will be a good emo-trip for both Suzaku and Lulu now, as well as putting paid to any hopes of an alliance between the two; Suzaku will never forgive Lulu for the “Live” Geass now that he nuked Tokyo (that, and he had the option of running save for the fact that Kallen’s Guren Seitan moves faster than Lancelot does)… and Lulu won’t forgive Suzaku for shooting a bomb at the government building, presumably attempting to kill Nunnally, rather than aiming for the Black Knights or Kallen. And Kallen’ll have to live with the fact that, because she WASN’T being professional by taunting and playing with Suzaku rather than just frying him the way she did StingLuciano. Of course, the people who REALLY paid the price were Britannian’s Area Eleven occupation force as well as ten million Japanese.

    One note, per a screenshot at Random Curiousity, the FLEIJA’s status show it has three zones of effect: 1300m from the epicenter of the blast (or about a mile in radious) everything gets fried and then imploded by the bomb – that’s the zone which got scooped out around the government building. Up to 3000m (or a bit over 2 miles) there’s the ‘super blast by Void Drag effect’… which sounds to me like ‘shockwave knocks things down’… meaning that anyone in that zone of effect would either get crushed or battered, and buildings are likely to collapse.

    There’s also a third zone of effect from 5000-8000m (up to five miles) which wasn’t shown on screen… and that would encompass Ashford Academy. In other words, Milly and the others may not have made it through the bomb after all. Suzaku may have done in a lot more people than were in the initial 1300m radius of effect… and sure did in his own army. Schneizel’s probably quite content with the outcome, even if he is nominally the loser – he can destroy the UFN and Lulu’s links to the Black Knights by suggesting that Suzaku was geassed to bomb Tokyo.

  14. 14 Haesslich August 12, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Ah well – at least Guildford followed his heart and his loyalty to the Princess. If everyone there died (and he’s listed as KIA), at least he died happy. I do wonder how the REAL Cornelia’ll take the news.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama August 12, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    @Haesslich: If you really want to know the blast radius of the FLEIJA then go here:

    That’s the extended preview for episode 19.

  16. 16 Kurogane August 13, 2008 at 1:21 am

    @Camario: Well, I found it on I don’t really check out the spoilers since it kinda ruins the excitement. But you might be right. This could be wrong. I was intrigued but not enough to take it with a pinch of salt……

  17. 17 No Sushi August 13, 2008 at 3:21 am

    @Kaioshin: I meant physically weak. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    @Haesslich: Actually, Milly was shown covering the event somewhere quite close to the battlefield. It’s possible that she died in the initial explosion as well, or if not, maybe crippled ala Louise (Gundam 00).

  18. 18 Haesslich August 13, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Kaoishin: We know what the weapon monitors reported – 8km total radius, or 5 miles.

    If you want to see how big five miles is compared to Tokyo, try going to the following site ( and punch in 139.46 for the longitude and 35.40 for the latitude, then use 328 KT as the yield for the nuclear bomb and look at the large ring on the outside for the total effect radius. The inner ring is approximately (about 400m/0.25 miles) wider than the primary effect zone for FLEIJA was, while the secondary blast radius (3km/1.86 miles) or the second ring is the ‘super blast effect by void drag’ that the display talked about.

    That’s quite an affect area. Nothing compared to 5Mt thermonuclear weapons, but still.

  19. 19 Gideon August 13, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Interesting episode,

    It packed quite a punch. I wonder who won the battle for Tokyo though, seeing as the preview for next episode looked peaceful (Suzaku found time to lament in this giant hole). Nunally probably isn’t dead. Don’t know how it all went down, but by anime-law Lelouch should have *felt* her death.

    That is why we know Guilford is dead, since Cornelia looked mighty troubled with her hair dancing in the wind and all. Poor Guilford. Why did he had to go? Answer: not troubled enough. The man (not a teenager with issues) had his life figured out, so he wasn’t a character the target audience (teens) primarely related to. Sigh. No chance of Cornelia x Guilford epicness now.

    As for FLEIJA. I hate clean weapons as I find them a perversion of reality. All it left was a neat little hole, perfect for lamenting. Ashford academy, a couple yards away from the edge of the blast radius is still in perfect condition with windows intact and the gardens still green. I know big explosions (implosions, whatever) in japanese cities is a touchy subject, but if you want to go there please go all the way. Keep the hole, but add fire, blood, ashes and death.

  20. 20 masterkeyes2 August 13, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Its funny in this episode I was actually happy all the way throughout. Mostly because I have no really sympathy for Nunnally, my only regret is Sayoko- whose character I actually like. Also Bradley died and I love the crazy mecha pilots, mostly because they are so fun to write as villians in fanfiction. Ironically I think all the characters that I have cared about that have died are the ones people lease care about. Those characters being; Urabe, Darlton, Senba, Clovis(kinda), Shirley, Bartley,Sayoko,and Bradley.

    I of course like most miss Euphie and Nunnally but not as much as the previous mentioned characters. Truthfully I hope Nunnally stays dead, even if it means the supermaid is gone.

  21. 21 Haesslich August 14, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Gideon: Like the ruins we kept seeing in the OP animation for Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny? Or perhaps Macross Frontier’s aftermath in Episode 2, where we saw wreckage, saw fire trucks (Destroids) putting out fires, burning scenery, and Alto throwing up at the sight?

    masterkeyes: Alas, the fact that her death would have the most impact probably means she didn’t die… else Sunrise couldn’t pull off a ‘oh, she returned’ thing. But this would be a GREAT way to go R&J on everyone… ending with Nunnally wheeling up after everyone else is dead, and then wondering where nii-sama is.

  22. 22 Orange August 14, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    This is a very detailed theory about Nunnally survival, plus it makes a lot of sense, to use a red herring all along, very neat, it prevents some shitty theories (Nunnally in another dimension ? Charles pulling out a save-the-Orange-and-Siegfried move to use Nunnally against his son?) from happening while giving material for a realist explanantion latter on. It was bugging me to see Rolo using a Sutherland out of the blue just when he was thinking about killing Nunnally…

  23. 23 Kaioshin Sama August 14, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    @Haesslich: If you are talking about the death of Shin’s sister then we saw it several times. Okay like I actually lost count. If Fukuda was trying to dull the impact of that initial scene by repeating it every other episode then mission accomplished.

    @Orange: I just have to laugh at the other dimension theory because it requires one to acknowledge a bit of Engrish on a video screen that is most likely inconsequential science fiction babble anyway. Plus it reminds me of when I used to watch the DBZ Dub as a lad and everytime somebody died it was that they’d gone to “ANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHEEEEEEEEEER DIIIIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEENSION!” Okay maybe not that exagerrated, but you get the point. It’ll drudge up bad memories if it’s actually somehow true. Which I’m 99.9999999% sure it isn’t.

  24. 24 Gideon August 14, 2008 at 8:28 pm


    Can’t recall (claime to have seen) it all, but it is a start ^^

  25. 25 Haesslich August 15, 2008 at 3:04 am

    Kaioshin: No, I’m talking in the credits for SEED where we saw the ruins that everyone stood around dramatically in, as well as later things (like going aboard a deserted colony to harvest supplies after leaving Joshua/whatever that station was), or how Berlin was burning after Destroy was done with it. Those incidents weren’t just magically forgotten, or didn’t leave a lot of clean battlegrounds free of debris and corpses.

    Gideon: I think everyone BUT Geass has left wreckage around, or deals with the aftermath of the battle still being around later on. Orb’s lack of a catapult was why the Earth Alliance forces in SEED had to recapture one in Africa (IIRC), and in Macross Frontier they’ve been undergoing rationing after the devastation caused by repeated Vajra attacks on Island One (the main bioship).

  26. 26 Gideon August 15, 2008 at 11:11 am


    That is what I am talking about 🙂 In my opinion Code Geass (for a show with a great focus on war and combat) pays to little attention to the aftermath and the humanitarian aspect. Take for example the civil war in China, all we got to see where some exploding KMF and territories changing colour on a map. A bit more human suffering would add to the realism.

    Now I know Code Geass isn’t that kind of show (realistic war etc.), and I enjoy watching it for what it is. There are even some in-universe reason as to why for example tokyo is always neat and tidy. It is a symbol of power for the Empire in Area 11 and as such can never be left damaged for to long. We haven’t seen the Freija aftermath either, so maybe there will be some suffering on the ground which we were unable to see from that one aerial screenshot.

    Next episode will tell if Code Geass remains the unrealistic action show it is (which is okay with me for other reasons), or if Ashford has a huge plotshield while the rest of the Geass world suffers as the real world after a war.

  27. 27 Haesslich August 16, 2008 at 7:11 am

    Given the 8km effect radius, and that Ashford was just outside the 1300m-radius hole… I suspect that at the very least it has some broken windows, if not serious damage due to the ‘void drag effect’ listed in zone 2.

  28. 28 Kaioshin Sama August 16, 2008 at 7:30 am

    @Haesslich: We’ll share a laugh if it’s not, I’ll promise you that. 😉

  29. 29 blake steel August 16, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    I have to apologize for criticizing the sunrise company for it’s ideas of character roles in their shows.

    To be honest I was criticizing the sunrise company at xebek’s blog on the episodes of Xenoglossia and I am very sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.

  30. 30 Aabo0 August 17, 2008 at 6:09 am

    This episode is what I’ve been waiting for! It seems that with Code Geass Sunrise always keeps the good stuff for last, I’m hoping to see how is Lelouch’s reaction to Nunally’s “death”, hopefully not, look like. I wonder what Todou is gonna do about Aasahina’s sudden statement… More Anya!!

  31. 31 Haesslich August 17, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Ep 19 is out.

    … unexpected things happened.

    Also, Kaioshin: it’s time to start laughing madly. The windows aren’t even broken.

    Now, we do mad cackling on the count of three… one… two…

  32. 32 blake steel August 17, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    It’s just like sunrise to be so unpredictable on the shows they make.
    Oh and Kaioshin: The canadians won 4 more medals yesterday(one gold and 3 bronze medals).

  33. 33 Kaioshin Sama August 17, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    @Haesslich: A ha ha ha, a ha ha ha….ohhhhhhh…..I don’t know why Geass has this animation oversight. I really have to say that they aren’t putting in the maximum effort in that department. Gundam 00 would have had broken windows in this scenario. I virtually guarantee it. Hopefully the episode is still good on the character and suspense front like it usually is. That’s all I really ask.

  34. 34 Haesslich August 18, 2008 at 12:56 am

    You can see the hole end JUST outside Ashford, and it’s well within the ‘super blast effect from void drag’ radius… and the windows are intact, the buildings aren’t knocked over, and the paint job isn’t even marked.

    Hell, they could’ve at least shown debris like at Louise Halevy’s wedding when Nena wiped out the wedding guests…

  35. 35 Haesslich August 18, 2008 at 12:57 am

    .. and worse yet, there’s no signs of structural weakness to the buildings, even though the foundations are exposed and the land would NORMALLY start crumbling as supports would be missing, causing buildings to sag. And it’s like someone took an ice cream scoop, leaving a neat cross-section of the corridors and sewers under Ashford.

  36. 36 Kaioshin Sama August 18, 2008 at 1:03 am

    @Haesslich: At least there’s no colony sticking up straight out of the ground after being dropped…..wait…..

  37. 37 Keadun July 31, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    If you watch the last 3 episode of code geass you will find out there were two ships and the first one made with Nunnally on it got away as Schneizel planned.

  38. 38 Aruvinu February 20, 2010 at 5:17 am

    gurren’s hands makes you go trans-am…see it on the upper side where gurren ignites the robot w/ its hand

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