Code Geass R2 Episode 19 (Rolo’s Song)

Fox New Only Wishes They Could Have This Story

Well to be honest I’m kind of tired and just a touch surly tonight, so this probably won’t have as many pictures as I normally put up.  My arms are aching from hours of swimming up at the cottage too so I also do this one at extreme personal expense to myself with the PAIN and the HURTING and the OWWWW!  So lets get……serious?  Well serious enough to make a focused article…..

I Wonder If That Targeting Computer Anya Has In The Mordred Is Actually A Camera Too:

Hello Knight Of Twelve, How Long Will You Be Staying With Us?  It Certainly Can’t Be More Than A Couple Of Episodes

Nice And Neat, Just Like Haesslich Promised….

Now Do You See What You’ve Done?

Todou: “I Don’t Know….Er Uh….You’re On Sound Only…..”

Awwwwwww…She Didn’t Run Away After All…..How Touching……. :/

Witty Barbs Or Not, You Were Asked To Stay Put…..You’ve Been A Bad Girl Cornelia

Ahhhh The Time Honored Tradition Of The Envoy.  Peace Brokering Is At Hand Folks…..Code Geass Style

You Can Say All You Want About Schneizel Being A Schemer, But You Can’t Deny He Has Guts…

Meanwhile Back At The Rear Batallions the Goa’uld Ha’tak Cruisers Are Preparing For An Assault….A Ceasefire?

C.C Ver. Moe:  “I Tried Out For Tonari no 801-chan But They Rejected Me….That’s How I Ended Up Here Serving You….True Story”

Whats With The Sudden Honesty Lelouch?  Also 1st Cheese Kun Appearance In Ages….

You Know I Do Feel Somewhat Bad For Nina In Getting Suckered Into All Of This, But I’m Also Not Going To Let It Slide Either Because She Still Agreed To Make The Bomb.  If There’s One Element Or Story Arc I Will Not Allow To Pass, And God Knows I Don’t Demand Much In This Series, It’s One Where She Is Made To Truly Go Through Mental Hell In Order To Serve Pennance For This.  Even Then She Can Never Be Forgiven For Those, But Likewise Only Then Will I Accept That She Can Move On With Her Life.  Don’t Let Her Pass On This One Okuchi, Let Her Suffer

You Know I Completely Forgot That Ougi Wasn’t There For This One And For Someone So High On Morals As Him This Must Come As Quite A Shock.  Still I’m Surprised Nobody Has Thought To Tell Him About This Before Now.  I Guess Question Fearless Leader Hasn’t Been In Vogue Until This Day in Geass….

A Loli In Position Of Total Power……..YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn…..Any News?


Todou, I Know What You’re Thinking Now, And It’s Not A Good Idea…..

…….Dangit Todou……

Come Now Schneizel, Do You Really Find Sport In Confusing The Mentally Challenged?  I Am Disappointed….

HAHAHAHA!  I Love Good In Jokes!

But One Of Many In This Series

Ashford Academy…School, Home, Indestructible Bomb Shelter, Relief Centre,  A Pillar Of The Communitry

This Is One Of Those Kinds Of Scenes I Just Kind Of Like On A Humanity Level.  It’s Good To See The Two Pals Reunited In This Time Of Tragedy.  Gives Them Hope…..Hell Gives Us Hope That Somebody Might Actually Still Be Alive By The End Of This Series


Nice Come Back Diethard.  It Shouldn’t Matter What Race He Is, But What He’s Done…..


OH SNAP AGAIN! TAMAKI……WHA?!  Tamaki…..With The….Common Sense…..Argument?  Seriously?!

OH SNAP AGAIN AGAIN WITH OUGI SUPPORTING SCHNEIZEL’s CLAIMS!  Must Have Heard It Through The Grapevine…..Or From Villetta And Asahina

Yes Diethard With The Practical Applications Argument

No Cornelia With The It Works Both Way Argument

Wow Tamaki’s Really Carrying The Zero Defence Side Of The Argument…..

Alas Hard To Argue Documented Evidence That While Circumstantial…..

Rings True To A Certain Group Of Individuals

*Whistles* Nice Scare Tactic Schneizel, You Could Even Be In The Bush Adminstration With That Degree Of Talent

And He Could Have Even Prevented That If He Wanted To?

I Like Ougi.  The Damage Is Done, Zero Is Most Certainly At Least Partially Dangerous In The Black Knights Eyes Now, But He’s Still One Of Their Own.  The Price Needs To Be Right If They Are To Relinquish Their Greatest Ally In Fighting For The Liberation Of Japan.  There Needs To Be A Compromise….

You Know, Code Geass Isn’t The Most Poignant Story Ever Written And I’ll Agree It Can Be Over The Top At Those Times, But This Is One Of Those Scenes You Get Every Few Episodes That Just Hits The Right Tone Perfectly.  There Is No Healing From This Despite C.C’s Best Efforts To Comfort Lelouch

A Shame As They Were Just Starting To Like Each Other Before She Got Captured

All Alone Now…..Sort Of

Okay Wow Now He Is For Sure

Lovin’ Diehard’s Cheesy Character Specific Lines Here

And Karen Steps Up To Be The One Person Left To Defend Lelouch

But Lelouch Made Her Cry And Leave Him To Die

Oh Yeah And Of Course There’s Rolo To Keep Him Company In His Exile….

Uh Oh….This Is Character Exit Dialogue

Exit Stage Left For Rolo.  Although I Find One Thing Interesting Here.  Lelouch Is Basically Doing What Suzaku Suggested And Using His Lies For Good Instead Of Evil.  He Did It With Karen Earlier In Order To Cast The Doubt Of The Black Knights Off Of Her And He Did It Again Here In Allowing Rolo To Die Happy

This Is One Of Those Scenes That I Would Swear Is Of The Connected Conciousness Type Scenes That Sunrise Loves To Use.  Although I Don’t Know If Suzaku Is Supposed To Be Laughing At The Idea That Lelouch Finally Did What He Suggested Or At The Fact That They Both Have The Same Curse Now.  You Know…The One Where Anytime They Try To Seek Redemption In Death Somebody They Care About Ends Up Dying?

So You’re…..Acting Out The Mythology Of Ragnarok…..Is This About The Lies And Charles.  Are You Worried About Lying Again?

Favourite Line Of The Episode


So another episode where the situation from the previous one just gets flipped on it’s head.  If Lelouch was at the peak of his power last episode then this episode ends with him near the valley of it again.  An emperor, general, whatever you have is only as strong as the army he leads, and while he isn’t quite as bad off as he was at the beginning of R2 with his memories all out of whack, he’s lost the trust of much of his core army.  He still continues to fight though (pun intended), but where to even start.  Where do I start for that matter…..

Well….as we now know the curse of the Geass has kicked in yet again wherein whenever either Suzaku or Lelouch tries to seek redemption or a peaceful end to conflict via surrendering themselves to what should be fate, the Geass will mess it up and kill somebody they care about.  In this case it’s Rolo’s Geass being spammed over and over again resulting in his death by cardiac arrest in an attempt to save Lelouch.  I’ve got to say, I like how the Rolo character was handled in this series.  He was never as ambitious as most of most of the characters in the Black Knights group and was always honest about his intentions once he became Lelouch’s “brother” yet he managed to stand out just the same.  Think about it, his character changed but a little, but changed in a fairly believable fashion.  That is, while he managed to leave some aspects of his former assassin life behind as he settled down in his new role as a student, and lieutenant/brother to Lelouch/Zero he never managed to leave behind that tendency to act on impulse. 

What’s perhaps worse (in terms of a character flaw and not his characterization) he even developed he new trait, that being jealousy.  He wouldn’t let anybody get to close to Lelouch and he was really creepy about it too, always eyeballing people who badmouthed his “nii-san”, hiding behind pillars and getting stabby when they did manage to get to close.  He even killed Shirley which made Lelouch, who never cared about him to begin with, go from indifference to hatred of him and Lelouch even admits to the kid he tried to kill him many times already.  Still when it all came down to it he was the one person (other than Karen who’s help Lelouch rejected) that was their for Lelouch when he needed an ally the most and even layed down his life for Lelouch, the “brother” that rejected him.  That’s some dedication.

Love him or hate him (mostly hate him), I still liked his characterization (a damn lot been than the likes of Gino the Inconsequential that’s for damn sure) and if I have one problem in the way his death was handled it was the choice of accompanying music.  Not the right pick audio department.  That song should have gone to Shirley or been used in a touching moment with one of the female characters later on.  It just doesn’t fit the heroics of Rolo’s final scene.  What I liked though was the irony in that Lelouch in the end got what he wanted.  He did use Rolo like a rag until he dried up completely.  Of his own will no less.  I bet Lelouch feels real proud of himself right now……. :/

Anyway there were other character moments in the episodes as always of course.  For example, in the case of Nina many people have called her stupid and ignorant for just now realizing the extent of the damage her bomb can do.  While this is somewhat true, I’m going to look at things from another angle like I always try to do.  From this perspective I’m thinking it’s more that Nina has never actually seen the result of one of these bombs outside of a controlled test that is the difference maker for her.   Like I mean really seen the results in a way that would wake her up to the reality of the situation. I recall hearing that the scientist who supervised the creation of nuclear bombs of the kind that would eventually be dropped on Japan in WWII was all Gung Ho about winning the war for America at first and threw himself at his work with a full vigour.  He was all for it……until he actually saw the carnage and aftermath of the nuclear explosion. Then he was seriously tramautized by what he had unleashed upon the world and felt he had a moral duty to keep control of the monster which he had helped create lest it destroy the entire world in the end.  In short he only came to realize the result of all his enthusiastic research after the fact.  Lloyd tries to give her a little bit of advice in this regard and is becoming something of a father figure to her that I thought Kanon was supposed to be.  Kanon though….now that I’ve sat down to think about it he really was just filling her head with the thoughts she wanted to hear, lying to her and flattering her so that she would remain loyal to Schneizel.  I really though he was going to be a good guy for a while.  Honest.  I guess I was wrong though.

Anyway, like the scientist example, the same example goes for all those vets who went through basic training, learned to kill and to survive, were all ready to fight for their country etc. etc. and then went to fight their war and ended up coming back with PTSD and never wanted to talk about any of it with their families ever again. Now those people were soldiers who know all about what they are getting into down to the very last detail as they are drilled on the art of war by skilled instructors.  They thought they could do it all and cope, but even they cracked.  Imagine now that instead of a hard-boiled soldier type you have a budding scientist with confidence issues, one who is a social invalid and a coward at that, one who is being lied to by their superiors, flattered and kept in the dark about the true nature and goals of the monarch and country she serves, and one who is normally found working in a lab in the safety and comfort of her homeland.  Now all of sudden sit her on the viewing deck of this massacre and have her witness this level of carnage for the first time with her own eyes. Even if she knew the results in numbers, seeing it in reality is most certaintly an entirely different situation.

The people that believe she is some sort of psychopath would assume she’d cackle in glee at all the carnage, but I still think she’s been mislead and is still pretty naive for someone who is such a genius in other areas. She built the bomb in the name of science and patriotism just like Oppenheimer, but also like him has seen the price first hand and is now ashamed. There was no hiding the reality of the situation from herself this time.

The other character dilemma this episode is in the issue of the Black Knights betrayal of Lelouch.  In this case I’ve noticed a tendency to call the Black Knights retarded all across the board (or rather mostly across it) and that there’s a general lack of acceptance of the process by which they decided to sell out Zero.  Well….here’s my opinion on the matter…..

The Situation: Schneizel showed up as an envoy after a fierce and mutually destructive battle and announced he had no intention of fighting although he did have the threat of a bomb on his side that could be dismissed as protection by mutually assured destruction considering he’s putting his life on the line here. In the interests of diplomacy it is proper to receive the dignitary with the appropriate honours, even if they are from an enemy nation. And not to mention that they might as well hear him out before taking the next step in escalation right? Think about where this can go from here for just a second after 10 million have just been killed and 25 million wounded or missing and another bomb is still ready to be fired. Not a pretty picture eh? Plus, for all they know he was there to broker a peace treaty after losing much of Britannia’s garrison and the ability to maintain Area 11 as a territory in the last battle.  What do they have to lose by at least hearing the man out?

The Talks: Schneizel brought them evidence that cast reasonable doubt upon Zero as having any real intention of helping them liberate Japan, and also informed the Black Knights senior leadership that he knew about Freya ahead of time yet did nothing to stop the damage to their territory. For the longest time they genuinely believed that Zero cared about their struggle for independence and was helping them realize it, only to learn firsthand (while at the very least starting to suspect much earlier) that he was very likely (and in reality honestly) using them as pawns in his own scheme. The man is not even Japanese like they thought and while that didn’t matter to Diethard, all of the strange behaviour they’ve seen him engaged in like bringing Jeremiah and Rolo on board and somehow magically convincing Gaohai into granting them sanctuary is finally starting to make sense to them. What do you do in this situation if you are Ougi/Todou etc. You regret the circumstances, but you also get rid of this dangerous man who would sacrifice you all for his personal causes and banish him from your ranks, but wait……is that the right thing to do or is their a way to make it right?

The Deal: Now comes the deal making and diplomacy. Schneizel asks for Lelouch to be handed over and do the Black Knights just do it? NO! That would be stupid to not ask for something in return.  So Ougi asks for Japan back. It’s all he and the Black Knights have ever wanted afterall. The Black Knights were devious, they sold out Lelouch for their own cause just as he had sold them out on numerous ocassions for his cause. It may be eye for an eye justice, but the Black Knights were not stupid at all in this. They met Schneizel and showed they that could match his presence and clout (even Tamaki surprised me personally) and just may have bargained themselves a free Japan if they can somehow catch up to their disgraced former leader and pony up on their end of the deal.  Of course there’s the chance that Schneizel might be lying to them about turning over Japan, but if you have to get rid of a rogue leader anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try and bag two birds with one stone.  If Schneizel is lying at least they got rid of this dangerous man.  

So there is of course still the idea that without Zero the Black Knights crumble, but keep in mind they have just become a super power now and have the likes of talented individuals such as Li, Todou, Kaguya and Ougi on their side.  Lelouch has set them up as a decent organized fighting machine, all they have to do is find the will to believe in themselves in the way they believed in him and make things work.

Before I go tonight there’s another thing I hope to see.  I hope to see Kaguya, Karen and C.C move to still stand behind side at this point.  He needs somebody, some people to believe in like he found he had when Karen pulled him out of his depression and told him to work for another cause.  Even though he never truly embraced the Black Knights cause like he claimed he was going to he has still changed and he has shown an ability to trust more people now.  Hell he didn’t even see the Black Knights betrayal coming, he thought he was in the clear and that he had everybodys trust until Schneizel came in with his “check”.  Run to him Three Court Ladies, your king needs you now more than ever.

Rating: Seven Out Of Ten


29 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 19 (Rolo’s Song)”

  1. 1 masterkeyes2 August 18, 2008 at 6:00 am

    Well I disagree with your posts in several ways. One is that what are the “numerous times” that Zero has “sold out” the Black Knights? If you can name them, even from there perspectives if you have too, then go ahead. The only time I can think of is the first Tokyo Battle.

    Another thing is I do believe this is a foolish move on the Black Knights. I mean for one this is Schnizel we are talking about it, I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this guy has a way with words. Its kinda of like how Xinge commented at the end of episode 10…

    “To have asked for foreign aid…For Britannia Aid in this Chinese Fedeartion and that is the Alavon! Don’t those Eunuch generals understand what they are doing?! We are dealing with the man who capture half of the E.U.! Second Prince, Schinzel.”

    Even if they get Japan back it will be with plenty of strings attached

  2. 2 Kris August 18, 2008 at 6:55 am

    I like reading your summaries. You covered things very well, but I do have one complaint. You almost completely skipped over that Kallen was willing to die with Lelouch, but he played the villain by acting the hero. He saved Kallen, and right before he died he passed his last words to her so she would understand what he’d done. If he hadn’t she could of died with him. That was surprisingly romantic of him. Not that I know that was his intent at all. He didn’t have to say anything to her.
    Not to mention Lelouch actually apologized to Kallen for not coming sooner. When was the last time he apologized for anything?

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama August 18, 2008 at 7:25 am


    – He almost sold them out one time when Nunally rejected him this season and he went into a depression leaving to die while he selfishly stalked the streets feeling sorry for himself.

    – He led them through a massacre at the Geass Cult that forced them to give up their values and just trust in him when he was really just on a personal vendetta against V.V. To me that counts as selling them out and putting his interests ahead of there’s when he is using them for a battle that has absolutely no benefit to them.

    – He all but sold out Karen when he let her stay captured and assured people that he was working on her rescue when really he was working on a way to get Nunally back from Tokyo. He probably planned to rescue her as soon as the time was right, but boy did he wait long when he assured the BK her rescue operation was right around the corner.

    – He stopped listening to Todou entirely this episode and kept trying to order people on a suicide mission into Britannian occupied territory to look for Nunally.

    – He eventually entered a period where he kept everyone out of the loop the whole time while he kept his own circle of favourites, most of whom were considered outsiders and untrustworthy to the Black Knight regulars who made up his base and were also extremely loyal to him despite this.

    – He essentially lied to them for the entire the entire time he led them. “Don’t worry this SAZ will be good for the people.” “I just had to take care of some things.” “I support Japan’s cause wholeheartedly.” “I believe in justice, fairness and equality for all members.” All of it was a lie.

    – He sold out Rolo who is technically also a Black Knight when he tried to use him as a suicide bomb on V.V.

    Essentially Lelouch has always come first and everyone in the Black Knights second and they frankly have every right to be this upset with him even if I think they took it too far with this eye for an eye style of justice. They believed in him so strongly and when it backfired it was like the worst betrayal they could possible imagine. Like every episode the core theme applies to more then one character.

    I agree for sure though that in the end it was the wrong decision in the long term to drive Zero out even if it was reached for the right reasons…if that makes any sense. I don’t know what else they could have done in that situation though. What would you do if you now realize your leader is a megalomaniacal former Britannian Prince on a personal revenge quest against his family that might very well get everyone killed for nothing? A man who you can no longer trust at all and is a danger to everyone?

    @Kris: A little technique I use in blogging, always leave something open that you haven’t covered so that you can discuss it later on and prolong the discussion. I think that Karen is one of the few people that Lelouch would never betray entirely and always place his faith in. The others were of course Nunally, C.C and probably Kaguya, although we’ll have to wait on that last one to see what she does. I seriously can’t see Karen, C.C and Kaguya suddenly turning all against Lelouch and going after him now. Those three were as I said his court ladies and way to close to him versus the Black Knights. Karen was of course the first person Lelouch ever recruited, C.C his very first ally period and is now his servant and Kaguya was one of his childhood friends.

  4. 4 No Sushi :( August 18, 2008 at 7:41 am

    @Kris: I think you meant he played the hero by acting the villain. Anyways, It could just be Lelouch’s guilt talking. He did the same thing before with Suzaku and his accusations, taking in the sins that he did not directly commit. Lelouch must have felt guilty that he dragged Kallen down all this way with him, and did not want her to die because of her trust in him.

    Lelouch actually apologizes for a lot of things. He did make plenty of excuses while still in Ashford to get rid of people’s doubts. I think I remember him apologizing to C.C when she lost her memory too.

    @Kaioshin: I certainly agree with you on the Nina matter. Her reaction in this episode brings back what Suzaku said in the last one: “You not only have to have the will to fire it (FLEIJA), you must also have the will to not fire it”. Nina definitely lacks the understanding of the destruction FLEIJA could bring. Knowing exactly what would happen and still firing it would take a monster. Suzaku is not that monster, but he has no control over his actions. I’m afraid he’s snapped for the worse at the end of this episode and that he’s laughing at how his ideals and his world are crumbling despite his best efforts (or because of his best efforts) to prevent it.

    Have to disagree with you on the subject of the Black Knight’s future without Zero. They may have talented leaders (Well you could count Ougi as a kind of public figure type leader, not a military one. We all saw how useless he was in Tokyo [or maybe he was too preoccupied with Viletta’s situation, who knows]) but they are no longer held by the strong symbol that is Zero. The Black Knight’s main body (Toudou, Ougi, Kaguya and the other Japanese members) have their own agenda while Xingke has his (that of protecting Tenshi and China… scratch that he just wants to protect the loli… shame on him). There is no greater cause they can unite under and I think the alliance will crumble before long. Japan might be a crucial strategic point earlier but now its centre is no more than a smoldering ruin (well, not really, it’s quite clean cut, but still…), its people demoralized and I don’t think liberating Japan right now will serve to convey as strong a message to the people of the world as before. That is not to mention despite Brittania’s failure to crush the rebellion completely, the Black Knights haven’t won either. Meanwhile, major Brittanian forces are supposed to have launched their attack on numerous countries belonging to the United Federation, and that is not to mention Charles’ plan to carry out Ragnarok.

    Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

  5. 5 Haesslich August 18, 2008 at 8:24 am

    Schneizei has guts… and a nuke-equipped Mordred backing him up; if anything happened to him, bye by OotBK. Courage helps, but courage and overwhelming military force helps much more.

    Of course, the OotBK has conveniently forgot that they weren’t accomplishing much until Zero showed up, and the year he was missing they were losing badly at that. And of course, they’re willing to trust the guy who sold out Zero without thinking he might doublecross them later.

    … yup, they’re the OotBK that we grew up with. At least someone died happy in this episode. Even talented individuals can do little when faced with nukes.. and Kaguya, I’m sad to say, isn’t exactly my idea of a ‘great leader’. Zero’s yes-man, surely… but not a great leader. We don’t know how Li Xing-ke will take this either; he may dump the OotBK since they’ve basically accepted the same deal the Eunuchs did (turn over the Empress, you’ll get to keep your country with yourselves in charge and we won’t invade you).

    Toudou and Ohgi… are likely going to live long enough to regret their deal… or perhaps die regretting it, especially if Schneizei gets to go through with his pants for deposing his father. At that point, he doesn’t need to follow the terms of the deal he set (which basically have the BK’s with Japan but he basically controls their economy by buying Sakuradite at the market value, leaving him with the profits without the costs of occupying the country).

    What’ll be REALLY fun is if they murder C.C. for being a Lulu collaborator, and turn Kaguya over to Britannia so they can get back to being terrorists.

  6. 6 Haesslich August 18, 2008 at 8:27 am

    His plans, even. Must sleep.

  7. 7 inCLYNEd August 18, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Not bad…

    Although it’d be nice if C.C. could regain her memory…

    Agree with Haesslich that Xing-Ke might give up on them.
    Also, in the preview of the next ep, see alot of symbols and lines drawing towards Japan. Probably end up attacking Japan.

    Also, Jeremiah probably told Ougi why he was fighting with them and left to find Lelouch. Just a guess.

    What I don’t get though is why there are spears pointing at the Knight of Rounds, forgot his name, in the second last scene of the preview.

  8. 8 Orange August 18, 2008 at 10:53 am

    There’s an unspoken law in anime industry wich would be “with higher animation quality come better storytelling pace & more”, proven once again with this ep. From Lelouch despair over Nunnally’s fate to the BK’s betrayal, there were a lot of intense parts. About the BK’s betrayal I’m surprised they even need to remind us about the Cult incident since it pretty much served no purpose in the end. Some characters get to stand against their ordinary characterization, Nina being broken over FLEIJA, Tamaki’s loyalty toward Zero, Ohgi facing the truth about their leader and Suzaku’s conclusion… I have the feeling that Kallen is somewhat becoming Shirley like around her feelings for Lelouch, to die for him and his objectives is a thing, to die with him when there’s nothing at stake for her require a lot of resolve. Finally, Rolo’s death, while the escape scene was moving, the conclusion was pretty (unjustifiedly?) peaceful. Oh and did they cut some frames to C.C.’s reaction to Lelouch’s outburst ?

  9. 9 Blue_Mercy August 18, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    I also have to disagree, despite the points you made. Let’s not forget that if it wasn’t for Zero, the majority of the people who turned on him excluding Diethard would be dead. Executed and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. Then suddenly a few words from Schneizel, a few papers, a recording, and its mutiny. Now the people that I have cheered on throughout the series have become people I want to be taken down, and Schneizel as well.

    Did we forget that Xinge is going to die of an illness soon? Then who are you left with to match up with Schneizel? Todouh? Ougi? Tamaki? Give me a break. Now that Lelouch has escaped, the Black Knights are screwed once again. While this works out perfectly for Schneizel. The one person who could challenge him is now an exile from two super powers.

  10. 10 Zack August 18, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    @inCLYNEd: About the Knight of Rounds with the spears pointed at him? That’s Gino. I would guess (Pure guess mind you) is that he questions what Britannia is doing and is punished for it. He’s shown interest in a normal life (Or at least seeing what it’s like sort of) by going to the Ashford Academy. He wanted to see the events they held and etc since he was a noble. He also talked to Kallen when she was held prisoner showing pictures of the school and asking things about it, talking about how she could be a Knight of Rounds if she used her Britannian name.

    Hence when FLEIJA was used and the Academy barely escaped the blast radius he was quite … annoyed to say the least. “The academy is alright… But this is no longer a battle.” Those lines convey, to me at least, that he’s severely questioning what Britannia was thinking by even using such a weapon. Then again, that’s just purely a guess, I don’t have much to base that off of besides looking at previous episodes and the things he’s done/said.

    I loved the way they did Rolo’s death scene. To me, for a character who so many people hated, it brought him a little redemption. Talking to a lot of my friends, they hated Rolo for no reason other than killing Shirley without even looking at his character. After this episode they felt kinda bad for hating him. Since they kind of realized what kind of character he is.

    I think the ending part of the episode with Lelouch at Rolo’s grave was done very well as well. Not only what he said, but the way it was presented. I actually had someone ask me if that was the finale for this season he thought it was done so well.

    What crossed my mind though, was it possible that the FLEIJA bomb on Mordred was a bluff so that they wouldn’t harm Schneizel? It seems unlikely that he would take such a weapon with him. I guess the most likely thing is he did have one there, but I thought it could be just a bluff. I’m guessing he had the bomb just in case he was killed, but it just seemed like a bluff to me. Ah wells.

  11. 11 Gsus August 18, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    “Hamlet: I cannot live to hear the news from England;
    But I do prophesy the election lights
    On Fortinbras: he has my dying voice;
    So tell him, with the occurrents, more and less,
    Which have solicited. The rest is silence.” Hamlet

    The further Code Geass progresses, I honestly can’t see any of the “main” cast surviving. Suzaku has either gone nuts or started to take his own advice of living out his lies (oh the irony), Lelouch is up against formidable odds and his only ace (Geass) has been revealed, C.C. is playing Lady Macbeth. Kallen and Jeremiah, maybe the last ones on Lelouche’s side, are between a rock and a hard place: either follow the Knights and go after Lelouche, or desert and get both the Britannian Army and the Knights after them. The Black Knights themselves have sold themselves out, while on the Britannian side Gino is having doubts, Anya is none to pleased with being used as a human bomb, Charles is stuck in the villain role and Schneizel is far too smart to be happy playing second fiddle (natural succession is out of the question).
    Though it would make for a nice ironic twist of Charles’ philosophy if the meek indeed inherited the earth.

    @Kaioshin: Lelouche has played the Black Knights as pawns, but not to the extent Schneizel makes it look like. He could’ve Geass’d all of them, but, in a nice display of shifting the blame, they conveniently forget that in fact they choose to follow Lelouche, THAT was the extent of the symbolic power of Zero. Oh, Christ, stop this thought before the inevitable Godwin’s Law.

    @No Sushi: I think the United Federation was done for the moment the Black Knights “expelled” Lelouche. Remember, they’ll all handed over their military power to the Black Knights. With Lelouche gone and Japan practically held hostage by Schneizel, their an opposing force to Britannia in name only.

    @InCLYNd: I think those arrows are part of the Ragnarok plan. It looks more like normal lines, power lines, creeping up to Japan, or Japan’s Sakuradite deposits to be more exact…

    @Orange: No idea, I was too busy facepalming at the *ahem* dubious attempt of C.C. to console Lelouche.

  12. 12 Kris August 18, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Well, we were never really told as to what extent Lelouch and Kaguya knew each other.
    I’m curious now as to what Kallen and C.C. will do together. I’m guessing that Kallen is now in charge of her. Here’s hoping for a dialog scene between them. I’m a little disappointed in this episode. Kallen spent so much time out of the story. I was hoping that now she’s back she would get a little more screen time.

    I did love that moment where Kallen thought C.C. and Lelouch had been fooling around, sexually, while she was in jail. She seemed so indignant. Also seemed surprised how fast Lelouch reacted. Like a boyfriend who’s girl has had a misunderstanding.
    If C.C. calls Lelouch, “Master”. I wonder what she would call Kallen?

  13. 13 AGear2Ax August 18, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Hey the BK do a bad thing this episode, they where’re completly wrong. They are part of the UFN and with that Zero/Lelouch must face a fair trial, they acted without the autorization of their superiors, I mean the leaders of the UFN and mostly of Xing-Ke who perhaps could know about Schneizel true intentions, I mean, -Xing-ke: “if he have a geass why he didn’t use it on Tianzi or on me?”-, and about geass, did you forget about how Zero almost surrender to Euphemia and he was telling the truth when, pufff, Geass went out of control?.

    The BK are fools, Schneizel have Freya, with that the winner of the war it’s clear, there’s no reason for him to hand over japan. If you remember is the most important point of this war, because if they get japan back, the other areas will be against Brittania, I mean, the BK almost forgot that area 11 isn’t the only area in battle, because as the knight of one said, the other knight of rounds and nobles are fighting the UFN too.

    But well, thanks to the foolish BK, we’ll be able to see a new Lelouch that has lost everything and still doesn’t give up, he has by now clear his mind, his objectives, knows what to do with his life.

  14. 14 point09micron August 18, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    I just have one point to make. You said “The man is not even Japanese like they thought”, but this actually isn’t true. The original group (Kallen, Ougi, and Tamaki) found out he wasn’t Japanese in episode 12 of the first season. I’m not sure when specifically the others learned of this, but at the very latest it would have been in episode (either 18 or 19) when he’s explaining the new command structure of the Black Knights. One of Toudou’s men (that prick Asahina IIRC) asks why Diethard is there if he’s Britannian, and Zero says something to the effect of “As you all know, I’m not Japanese”.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama August 19, 2008 at 12:33 am

    I’m thinking that if Li turns on the Black Knights, then they are in trouble, however if he stays with them then they still have a fighting chance. I also agree with Blue Mercy that the main threat right now is Schneizel. Nobody but Zero even has a chance of outwitting him and even he still hasn’t managed to do it.


    The Emperor’s New clothes eh…..

    @Zack: I’m thinking it might have something to do with whats happening with Suzaku. Suzaku probably in a lot of trouble and I’d think Gino would likely stick up for him and now they are both in a lot of hot water. I’m thinking they might be leaving Britannia soon. Suzaku has nothing more to gain by trying to fight with them. Then again it is Suzaku so he might just end up being stubborn and trying to be a He-Man again with his ideals.

    And Gino has very little characterization up until now, but I think that he has a strong code of chivalry. He loves his duels as well. To him things like Fleija aren’t like true combat and so he’s probably more then a little disgusted at what happened.

    @Gsus: Yes indeed. I’ve seen a lot of speculation on whether we will be saying, “Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” by the end of this series. And you’ve pointed out a reason why Anya might also end up leaving as well. Of course if Suzaku and Gino take her since I believe she is incapable of actually making any significant decisions on her own.

    @Kris: They were childhood friends since she was Suzaku’s cousin. They met when they were kids.

    @point09Micron: I think it’s partially the fact that he’s part of the royal family they’ve been fighting against that casts confusion and doubt on his true intentions. He never said he was Britannian, nor that he was a prince to any of the main members other then I believe Karen.

  16. 16 Haesslich August 19, 2008 at 1:00 am

    The OotBK have always been terrorists.. and short-sighted ones at that. This episode merely reinforces it – they didn’t have any real hard-set goals when they started and only a nebulous idea of a ‘free Japan’ which they would win by killing Britannians and Elevens collaborating with the enemy. No strategy, no objectives to accomplish to move towards the end result they were aiming for, etc.

    At this stage in the game, nobody in the OotBK is willing to point out what has happened in the past, and what is likely to happen now. Turning Zero over might be a good idea as far as trying to free their country goes, but they’ve no proof that Schneizei will keep his word after doing so. He doesn’t have to keep his word to win, after all – he’s got FLEIJA and enough units to probably take out the Black Knights without issue. Plus they’ve forgotten that the Britannians are STILL on their way (per the Emperor’s announcement) with reinforcements, and Schneizei may point out later that while HE promised them that they’d have Japan and that he wouldn’t attack them, that he can’t speak for the Emperor who is the ultimate authority, then happily bomb them into submission.

    Still, at least Rolo got his happy ending, which is more than anyone was expecting after the way Lulu cracked last episode. I do hope to see C.C. get tortured to death, if only to hammer home the point to Lulu that there’s no going back, and to show Kallen that she may not be on the side of the angels after all (given they were into bombing children and women way back when ANYWAYS).

  17. 17 ZeroSama August 19, 2008 at 9:27 am

    Well i’m surprised you never said anything about how foolish Rolo making his escape by air over the Tokyo settlement was.

    First of all in Ep 17 the OotBK made it within striking distance of the Tokyo settlement and then managed to hang around undetected until Zero used the G-trains. Were all naval forces under Bismarks command at the western front?

    Secondly by escaping over the Tokyo settlement he had to engage the bulk of the Britannain forces as well as the pursuing order forces, while evading both radar and visual tracking.

    Finally Rolo knows that the Shinkiriou can turn into a sub, and he can use its keyboard based setup to some degree. Why in the name of God did he not escape under water avoiding the need to spam his geass repeatedly? The Morderds Hadron Cannons won’t be effective against a target underwater and its not designed to follow, the mass produced Akatsukis broke spectacularly when they hit the water, the Portman MK2’s were deployed at the shore of the settlement far away from the Ikaruga and they are much slower than the Shinkiriou because they use a proppeller system as opposed to the Shinkirious custom underwater float system, the Wards have the same problem as the Akatsukis and the Britannian aerial cruisers can’t submerge.

    All he had to do was maintain his geass long enough to stick his brother in the cockpit and vammose and while they are all still confused from Shinkirious disappearence he can high tail it out of there. This was ridicuolous from my perspective, i aknowledge from the stories perspective Rolo needed to die to both atone and leave lelouch alone but still they need some reason why he didn’t do it. It wasn’t even damaged in battle, only the disco ball of death got nerfed. If i see Lelouch making it undetecetd to kaminejima by using the sub mode next EP i will scream.

    Oh and while a lot of people go on about how Lelouch being sold out by the OotBK was Karma and poetic justice, the ootBK have now left themselves open to the same thing. The deal brokered was for them to hand over Zero in exchange for Japan, nowhere did it stipulate peace with the UFN. The OotBK allied themselves with the UFN in exchange for money and resources and now they must either fight against them or remain neutral if Britannia invades them. If Zero(1 man) betrayed the Japanese(1 nation) in there eyes, then the OotBK(a group) have betrayed the UFN(a collection of nations). They are now just as bad as Zero.

    I believe that Xinge Ke will now leave them high and dry. He had trouble believeing Zero would’ve ordered a ceasefire, he owes him for saving Tian Zi and dealing with the Eunnchs, is smart enough to see through the holes in Schenziels arguement(why wasn’t Tian Zi made to marry lelouch, how could they betray him if he forced them to follow him etc, why did he make a democratic alliance of nations rather than a dictatorship.)

  18. 18 Gsus August 19, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    @Kaio: This might just be nothing more than baseless speculation, but we’ll see how the following analysis turns out.

    Schneizel’s smart. Really smart. By revealing Lelouche’s heritage and powers he has both destroyed the leadership of the Black Knights (and the Federation) and sown the seeds of suspicion and doubt. Giving and following orders will become impossible. “Has he been geassed?””Why am I following these orders?”.
    Li has no time to deal with this: he’s got Britannian forces at China’s doorstep and his main ally has just retreated from battle. His main priority is the loli back home and he’ll probably be halfway the Chinese Sea before the accusations of “HE’S BEEN GEASSED!!” come flying.

    Oh, and here’s a thought / plot hook:

    In the left corner, wielding immortality, Ragnarok and Akasha (?), the undefeated ruler of the world, CHARLES VI BRITANNIAAAAAAAAA!
    In the right corner, the challenger, wielding lolis, FLEIA and Japan, the White King, SCHNEIZEL VI BRITANNIA!!
    In the right corner,

  19. 19 masterkeyes2 August 19, 2008 at 4:37 pm


    “He almost sold them out one time when Nunally rejected him this season and he went into a depression leaving to die while he selfishly stalked the streets feeling sorry for himself.”

    You will probably dismiss but he did come back didn’t he? I was asking for times he fully sold them out and left them to there deaths-I mean where they actually died. I agree he was having a pity party but I can hardly count that as selling out when he corrects his mistake in the end.

    – He led them through a massacre at the Geass Cult that forced them to give up their values and just trust in him when he was really just on a personal vendetta against V.V. To me that counts as selling them out and putting his interests ahead of there’s when he is using them for a battle that has absolutely no benefit to them.

    No benefit? Are you kidding me? One of the most powerful weapons in the world of CG has now been reduced to a couple of users. One contractor and 2 users before episode 19. Whether this was a personal vendetta all the way or not I will leave that up to you but Geass was a dangerous weapon. I would rather have it in a person like Lelouch who is willing to die in the end then in the hands of a huge cult that is just going to keep chugging out the users.

    Thats not to say that Lelouch didn’t go overboard but I have to say no benfit sounds a little lacking to me.

    – He all but sold out Karen when he let her stay captured and assured people that he was working on her rescue when really he was working on a way to get Nunally back from Tokyo. He probably planned to rescue her as soon as the time was right, but boy did he wait long when he assured the BK her rescue operation was right around the corner.

    What the hell was he going to do? Walk up to the Governors office and say “Hi my ace pilot has been captured by you guys and I would like her back soooo please?”. First off he had no idea if she was in the mainland or Area 11. Second off he said on the way back he had to find a way to deal with the Tristan and Mordred.

    – He stopped listening to Todou entirely this episode and kept trying to order people on a suicide mission into Britannian occupied territory to look for Nunally.

    I will give you that one I guess. Then again I didn’t see any forces in that area so I don’t know about calling it a suicide mission.

    – He eventually entered a period where he kept everyone out of the loop the whole time while he kept his own circle of favourites, most of whom were considered outsiders and untrustworthy to the Black Knight regulars who made up his base and were also extremely loyal to him despite this.

    He kept them out of the loop of Geass matters yes. What would happen if he told them? “Btw guess I have mythical mind controlling power hope that doesn’t bother you.” Even if came from his mouth rather than Schneizel the result would have been the same.

    – He essentially lied to them for the entire the entire time he led them. “Don’t worry this SAZ will be good for the people.” “I just had to take care of some things.” “I support Japan’s cause wholeheartedly.” “I believe in justice, fairness and equality for all members.” All of it was a lie.

    On the former two quotes I am a little fuzzy. At any rate I’d like to think Lelouch was just as upset about Japan being conquered as the Japnese were. After all that place was where he met Suzaku, made his first friend, and actually found a small place of happinies for himself, Nunnally, and Suzaku.

    – He sold out Rolo who is technically also a Black Knight when he tried to use him as a suicide bomb on V.V.

    To be honest I hardly even like Rolo but I guess you kinda have a point on this one as well.

    “What would you do if you now realize your leader is a megalomaniacal former Britannian Prince on a personal revenge quest against his family that might very well get everyone killed for nothing? A man who you can no longer trust at all and is a danger to everyone?”

    The problem with this is they took it on the word of the OPPOSING FACTION. I mean God would your enemy ever lie to you? The one proof they have is the voice recording, but they should of at least tried to get there leaders side on this. Like I said I just think it was silly to trust Schnizel like that. He has a friendly face on the outside but he is shown to be cold and ruthless on the inside.

  20. 20 Kaioshin Sama August 19, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    @ZeroSama: You know, that’s a really really good point. I have not idea why he didn’t use the sub system. Unless it’s a locked function that only Lelouch can use he should have probably been able to figure it out and escape underwater. That’s what it’s meant for after all.

  21. 21 Zack August 19, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    @Kaioshin: Good point. I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind. He does come off as a chivalrous person who would stick up for his friends. I can easily see that being the case now that you bring that up.

    About not using the sub system, maybe it’s just kind of a human element to it? Maybe it was a more of a “I have to save Nii-san” thing and he just tried to get away as fast as he could without really thinking of the best way to escape? Basically where he saw he needed to escape with Lelouch, it wasn’t planned so he took the fastest route possible he could think of at the time? At least that’s the way I saw it, combined with the OoTBK members doing something sort of similar.

    They had certain doubts about Zero and when they thought they might be under the control of his Geass, they rebelled on him. Logical thinking would be that they can’t exactly rebel against him if they’re under the command of his Geass if he ordered it, but they were shocked about the information they learned and let their common sense be overtaken.

    At least that’s the way I saw and made sense of it. All he was concerned about was getting Lelouch out of there, how he did it didn’t matter, but rather that he just got him out of there the fastest way he could think of. That it didn’t occur to him to use the sub system. They are still human so they can make mistakes as well. My thinking might be totally wrong though, I’m known for seeing things in the total wrong way at first.

  22. 22 Kaioshin Sama August 20, 2008 at 9:17 am

    It’s also possible Rolo went on a deliberate suicide run as some sort of gesture to Lelouch. Like not only am I going to save my brother, but I’m going to die like he wants me too. If that’s what was flashing through Rolo’s mind then he just may have truly been Lelouch most wholly loyal and actively devoted ally in the long run tied only with Karen.

  23. 23 masterkeyes2 August 20, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    On another note did anyone feel the whole scene about Zero being a Prince and having a Geass was a little…I don’t know..unsubtle? I just felt that the bombshell after bombshell confessions came a little to forced.

  24. 24 Kaioshin Sama August 20, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    @Masterkeys2: You mean Zero’s confession? He wanted to die at that point since he wasn’t getting Nunally back anyway. It was a pure attempt to provoke the Black Knights into opening fire. This shows had a couple suicide attempts recently. Add that to the controversial material they’ve been pulling this season.

  25. 25 masterkeyes2 August 20, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    No no I meant just how all of the facts about Zero came out at once to the Black Knights. I felt it would have been better to have build doubt and suspicion, kinda of like how they did in Season 1. Instead they just had Schniezel come in with a recorder and some government papers. Felt kinda of cheap to move the plot forward but maybe I am asking to much.

  26. 26 Kaioshin Sama August 20, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    @masterkeyes2: Time issues probably.

  27. 27 masterkeyes2 August 21, 2008 at 5:28 am

    Most likley, it just seems like that it was hinted since 14 so why not use those 5 episodes to install more doubt? Well 4 really since one was taking place mostly in the World of C.

    Btw where did the name World of C come from anyway before R2 rolled around? I know people were calling it that before season 2 started but I saw no hint of it in the anime what-so-ever. (No hint of its actual name I mean.)

  28. 28 Dani August 23, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    How do you get the pictures from the anime?

  29. 29 bubbles July 25, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    what is the name of the song that was played when Rollo (delibertaly) killed himself… Rollo died 4 Lelouch! just putting it out there…

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