Sekirei episode 8 ~ Chi, Chi, Chi ~

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Yes Kuu…you are very, very cute in that mouse costume

Apologies for the skip from episode 7 to 8, but last week (and this one as well) was really troublesome for me…I won’t get into that now…

Thoughts: So, this episode introduces some new characters and the revealing of the mysterious (*cough* yea*) veiled Sekirei assassin. The first new couple we see here are a pair of elopers who are trying to leave the city but are unable to due to the pesky MBI blocking up the whole city faster than Minato is catching his pokemon Sekireis and a sort of, grim reaper type Sekirei who anyone can guess is another MBI dog, getting the way of these two lovely couples.

Asides from this? Not much happened in this episode and it remained fairly boring unless you are easily entertained by bounching boobs or panty flashes.

We do learn more about the Sekirei who is currently camping at Yukari’s place. But as we can probably have guessed by now through all the hints that Shiina was looking for Kuu before landing in such an unfortunate situation (and trust me…it is scary to be locked up with a crazy fan girl who frequently nose bleeds at the sight of your lush, innocent body).

Another revelation? TADA! Uzume turns out to be the veiled assassin Sekirei but that isn’t without good reason. After a few scenes with her and her Ashikabi, it is easily to conclude that Uzume is a tragic character (which is why I have taken a liking to her). Her Ashikabi is sick and so Uzume is being forced assassinate other Sekireis by an evil person assuming that the evil person able to keep Uzume’s Ashikabi alive.

Minato also gets some, or rather was forced, development with Tsukiumi which was easily the highlight of this episode for me. Tsukiumi’s unique tsundere style is really fun to watch as it usually makes her do the wildest things. When I grow up, I won’t mind a waifu with such a personality either.

Musubi on the other hand…is learning a thing or two from Landlady.

Screencaps and “wise guy” comments:

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“My darling, why are you so scared?”

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“If you want breasts you can have mine!”

“whaaaaaa, really?”

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“You can have my breasts too~”

Oh Kuu, I am honestly scared to see how she turns out when she grows up

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Poor Uzume D:

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And her sick Ashikabi…wait does it mean…that Uzume is Yuri O.o

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You may have won the race but you have yet to win a place next to Minato!

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“I am asking if you are worried about me!?”

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Ah, not only does she have a great personality, she also make lots of funny faces ^^

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Not only is her cry baby personality annoying but also her voice…a bad combo

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