Gundam The Gundam (More Gundam PV’s……Gundam!)

MS Igloo 2 PV 2

First of all, holy freaking hell does this look awesome, not just in how it’s a new UC OVA, but just in all the highly detailed action going on.   I believe the voice you hear is Kycilia Zabi broadcasting a demoralization message to the E.F.G.F and from the looks of it we are witnessing the invasion stage of Operation British for the first time ever.  Normally all we get to see is that colony dropping on Australia and the huge explosion, but this gives an even greater feeling of desperation to the scenario as we see Federation soldiers fleeing from the massive Zaku’s that now tower over the battlefield and scrambling to make a stand.  The faces on the characters continue to look better by leaps and bounds over the plastic look we saw in the first MS Igloo and so do the movements of the Mobile Suits themselves.

Also I love the song that’s playing during the video itself.  I’m thinking it’s probably Taja again who seems to be the favourite contract singer for Gundam songs (She was the one that performed Love Today in 00 which was another nice insert) nowadays.  Beats the heck out of Nami Tamaki’s pop songs.  AM I RIGHT?!  Of course I could be wrong and it’s actually Megumi Oohashi, the singer of the original MS Igloo’s ending.  It’s times like this I wish I could read name Kanji.

Gundam 00 PV 3

Doesn’t tell us much other then that apparently Louise can’t handle the G-Forces.  I’m thinking she’s possibly an engineering scientist testing out a new weapon for the Earth Federation.  We also see a shot of the new Lockon and what looks like Setsuna’s hand giving him a key.  It looks like the new Lockon is going to be the newbie and the relationship between him and Setsuna will be a reversal of the one he had with the original Lockon where Setsuna takes on the mentor role.  There’s also a shot of Sumeragi in a business suit which possibly means she’s gone on to enjoy civilian life.  Whether she comes back is anyone’s guess.  Other then that it’s kind of a typical 15 second trailer.  I mostly put this up for the MS Igloo PV.


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