Sekirei episode 9 ~ Broken smoke machine is broken

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I thought I told you already…no touching the sexy bishie chest >.>

Yes, the smoke machine is broken but no, I won’t be posting screencaps for the “lovely” loot…you will just have to see that for yourself in the own privacy of your bedroom.

Thoughts: But seriously, I am surprised that the producers have decided to show bare chest of the girls. Either they are trying to claw back some ratings for the show by doing something very unexpected (and perhaps not always welcoming concerning a borderline but not crossed nature of the series) or that kazehana has forced them to binge drink too much sake. Speaking about Kazehana, o’ how I worship thee, she sure made a timely entrance coincidently just when the smoke machine blew up.

Besides that random outburst, this was a fairly slow moving episode. The story is being set up for Kuno and her Ashikabi’s escape which is frankly, one of the weaker arcs to the series (until when you actually get to the escape part which should be interesting to see how they are going to animate this). Musubi takes Minato to Haruka who tells them of their situation. Because Kuno is a good for nothing weak-ass Sekirei (more so than Kuu, oh my god), they have decided to elope from the game rather than stay and get their arses kicked. Minato, being the nice understanding guy that he is, agrees to help.

That was pretty much it.

Other stuff that did happen in this episode was a short fight scene between Tsukiumi and Uzume. I was surprised by this scene actually as the quality of the animated action wasn’t all that bad. Certainly more exciting than watching paint dry. But it was a shame about the length as Kazehana had to butt in to save Uzume. Like Uzume though, she is also a wind type Sekirei but ranked number 3. That means that she pretty much kicks everyone’s arses besides number 2 and 1.

But what I adore about Kazehana, is her personality. She may seem like a drunktard but she knows more than what she is letting on, she is a sort of “my pace” and “no worries” kind of character with a nack for alcohol. Boo-yah!

Screencaps and “wise guy” comments:

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Instead of fighting, they should just decide it on who has the bigger cup size. It’s less brutal that way

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Kazehana, sanjou!

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Typical…I can see where this is going already

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Yup, just the position I was thinking of

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Minato, meet Haruka…another repeater just like you

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Kuu is very persuasive when it comes to fights

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No contest at all. Kuno wins the crown of doom and gloom by defult

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Minato is at fault here for making his waifus wait, no mercy from either Tsukiumi or kuu

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That was one heck of night…wait…

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Notice the lump on Tsukiumi’s head

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Landlady, hidoi yo~ ;___;

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And the evil planning…begins


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