Strike Witches episode 9 ~ Age of the witches

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Minna won’t shoot~

Ah ha! I was right about Minna’s actions…pfff; she could never fool me with such suspicious actions in the first place, not to mention the truck loads of hints throughout the previous episode.

Thoughts: But it seems now 20 is the age to be looking out for any potential witches here as by that time they should have hit the retirement home already. But for Mio, she has no such desires to quite yet even though she knows her limits better than anyone else. This is partly due to her head strong personality and perhaps how revealing this fact would shock and crush the morale of the other witches but a more specific reason would be because she wants to nurture Yoshika more. Personally, I don’t see what is so special in Yoshika for her to be given special treatment but even if it is because of her latent hidden abilities, or whatever, I don’t really like seeing this type of bias going around.

As for where I stand on this, I definitely do think that Yoshika’s head has been growing to such a size that it is about to explode. Mio might not be able to see it but Perrine most definitely can and I whilst I don’t support her method of trying to put Yoshika back in her place in the form of a duel, I do support the idea behind it (even if it may just be me thinking too much and creating a false meaning to it, I am still sticking by it because Yoshika has crossed that fine line).

I guess some of the blame has to be Yoshika’s lack of defeats and too much praise leading to her feeling “big enough” to handle any type of situations single handedly. The thought of taking a neuroi alone is unheard of no matter what size the enemy is, Yoshika just damn well ignored her orders and acted on her own accord. I expect a spanking as punishment but the thought of Mio in a coma is nice too…that way some emotional scars would be a lot better than short term physical pain. Yes, drown in your own regret for your foolishness “muhahaha” *chuckles*. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Yoshika.

Speaking about Yoshika…the neuroi this time was sure tricky as it managed Yoshika’s weak spot right after what she told Perrine. Coincidence? Or could the Neuroi have possibly read her thoughts and determined that she won’t shoot if it adopted a human form.
I’m not entirely convinced of the Neuroi being good at all even if it did seem “harmless” to Yoshika, sure it wasn’t showing any hostilities, but it wasn’t holding still either…who’s to say that it wasn’t trying to Trap Yoshika?
But thinking about it another way, I guess it would be a nice clichéd plot twist if the neuroi turned out to be not evil after all.

Either way, the situation isn’t getting any better from what I can see. Mio is injured badly and is now unconscious, Minna would probably laying down the judgement hammer on Yoshika for disobeying orders (who deserves every bit of it) but to fix Minna’s broken heart will take some time…and depending on whether Mio survives or not. I don’t think such a usually “light hearted” series would actually hold a funeral service so let’s just say that Mio officially retires after this episode.

Asides from this? I totally love Perrine’s “GRRRRRRRR”. It calls for a “so moe I’m gonna dieeeee!” quote.

Screencaps and “wise guy” comments:

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Long awaited reunion, how sweet ^^

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Ah, I forgot about the suspicious letter…

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Yes I do! Lets go now!

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That is just a minor payment for getting special treatment. She could have quadrupled it easily so be grateful

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Private lessons why of course

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Back to the letter thing, apparently there is some corrupt top dog who doesn’t like the witches and he is giving them a kind “warning” which basically meant…”stay the F*** out!”

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Her big head just exploaded

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Awwww, the sweet neuroi wants a hug, lets just forget about the millions of people it could have killed

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Poor Minna…

6 Responses to “Strike Witches episode 9 ~ Age of the witches”

  1. 1 FlareKnight August 29, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Just feel bad for Perrine since I have a feeling she will feel more guilty about what happened to Mio than Yoshika. Challenging her to that duel did put them out there and if she hadn’t Yoshika wouldn’t have had a chance to go play with the Nueroi.

    Do agree that Yoshika’s head has gotten rather big. If you are ordered to sit tight and wait then that is what you do. Do what your commanders say or people get hurt. Which is exactly what happened in this one. Speeding off on your own to go after an identified Neuroi is moronic. Oh she can at least slow it down and with her mad skills won’t get hurt…..

    Does seem like the Neuroi was trying to trap Yoshika. Heading back to Europe where it would be easy to capture her. After all Yoshika was blissfully unaware of where they were going or that after breaking orders no one had tried to contact her.

    That preview just gives me a feeling that Yoshika will just keep arguing her position. That the neuroi was trying to communicate peacefully with her. Forget that Mio is either dead or maybe in a coma. Or that they have conquered a good amount of the planet. Think that because her home has been left alone that she doesn’t comprehend what is going on.

    As to the letter, it does seem like Minna has stumbled onto something. The military seems to know more than they are sharing and that one guy doesn’t like people digging into it. For whatever reason he definitely doesn’t like relying on the Witches.

    Do feel for Minna. Has already dealt with a lot of grief, but now may have lost her friend. Hopefully Mio is just seriously injured. Hopefully she doesn’t blame herself too much for not forcing Mio to stay grounded.

  2. 2 EvilDevil August 29, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    “I don’t see what is so special in Yoshika for her”
    Dont forget, she used to work with her dad, maybe there is some story behind that…

  3. 3 deathkillz August 29, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    @ Flareknight ~ Ah yes…Perrine will be kicking herself over this and perhaps be punished as well by Minna because there was no schedule for such “training” (the dreaded lie) in the first place. But I think just regret would be enough to kill her already for being indirectly responsible…and if only she had stopped Yoshika.

    Yoshika must have some nerve if she does decide to argue her case though come next week. It won’t be pretty is what I’m saying.

    I wonder what the top guy is hiding, some important information on the neuroi no doube. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a “world domination” scheme or I would have another thing to pick at…

    @ EvilDEvil ~ Only thing I can think of now is that Mio sees herself in Yoshika…I hope that is a lie!

  4. 4 FlareKnight August 30, 2008 at 2:18 am

    @ deathkillz ~ I really do think Mio could see an incredible amount of potential and got lost in it. From that huge shield size to being able to accomplish a difficult move just by trying to copy it. But potential can be hurt by personality traits and a swelling head. Too much praise by just about everyone really helped to cause some of this. Just the moment where Yoshika questions whether the Neuroi really are their enemy is point enough. Many Neuroi have been blown up at this point and countries and lives have been lost on the human side as well. This is kill or be killed.

    Once Minna deals with her grief do expect Perrine to get into some trouble. If its found out that she went and challenged Yoshika to a duel like that it would probably be serious. Though couldn’t come close to the guilt that Perrine will feeling. Was a bit surprised that Perrine didn’t chase after her. I know it would be against the orders, but personally I’d feel pretty uncomfortable just sitting there while Yoshika runs off and your waiting for the others.

    Do wonder what is being hidden. Definitely some information on the Neuroi, but just wonder what. Hopefully this isn’t some “humans are at fault for this war starting” thing. Had a weird theory that they had captured a Neuroi and were running experiments.

    Or maybe he’s a jerk that doesn’t like teenage girls protecting him.

  5. 5 PacSol August 30, 2008 at 7:05 am

    As Mio said in episode 1, Yoshika has a lot of talent, but lacks the discipline to use it properly. Yoshika’s actions in this episode were just plain stupid…even most civilians know that you don’t rush into a dangerous situation on a whim, and she should have known that disobeying orders would have harsh consequences. Personally, I’m hoping for a court martial scene where Perrine completely goes ballistic on Yoshika and Barkhorn and Erica have to restrain her….

    Kinda odd that Perrine and Yoshika’s voice actresses sang the ending theme this time, eh?

  6. 6 xephfyre September 1, 2008 at 5:01 am

    “Major Sakamoto, do you remember your promise to teach me the left twist maneuver….?”

    Oh god I think I fell out of my chair laughing, the things I could DO with that statement.

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