They Made Me Do It (Gundam 00 OST 2)

First Off The Attentive Person Will Notice That This Cover Is A Replica Of The First OST’s Cover Only With The Gundam Exia In Place Of Setsuna.  Same Position Too

So people have been asking me to take a look at the second Gundam 00 OST for a while now and with Code Geass R2 OST I that demand has risen.  If felt, “hey, why not, it’s overdue anyway”.  So without further ado (and really that’s not possible at this point) here’s Gundam 00 OST 2 as I took it.

Track 1 Imperial Princess: All I can say is what a good start to this OST.  This song reminds me of the kind of song you would have heard in Chrono Cross.  It’s obviously Marina’s theme and sounds as depressing and forlorn as her legacy.  I have to say that I liked how they didn’t turn her into a total Mary Sue like Relena.  Anyway it has a similar feel to Setsuna’s theme except it’s quite different in the way it makes use of a violin.  10/10

Track 2 Peace: As if.  Well actually this is an all piano song that carries with it a feel of peacefulness as well.  This one reminds me of another games music, namely Final Fantasy VIII’s.  I seriously can’t help but get a tear in my eye while listening to this one.  If there’s ever a symphony of Gundam 00 music in the Canadian area (fat chance I know) I’m going (not going to happen) to it. 10/10

Track 3 Each Other: And now we move on to the more urgent and dramatic sounding.  This ones a slower version of Graham’s theme.  I guess it supposed to symbolize his decent into madness with his obsession with the Gundams and how they are responsible for the death of his fellow wingmen.  It gets the job done, but I can’t help but feel that “Union” was a much more technical song.  7/10

Track 4 Ever: Another Chrono Crossish song.  I think I like Kenji Kawai’s piano and violin songs the best and this also just happens to be one of the former.  I think it might have showed up during one of the Meister’s reflective scenes, possibly Lockon’s, but again don’t just take my word for it.  Simply put it’s beautiful.  It also has the classic Gundam song fadeout going on where the last note is a hold that gives it a bit of a lamenting feel.  If you watch Gundam enough you’ll know the one.  10/10

Track 5 Holiday:  Favourite song on the OST no questions.  I wish I could go higher then a 10 for this one, but I’ll just leave it at that.  This one is Louise’s theme and has that happy sort of feel to it that dominated her early relationship with Saji before it got screwed up.  You can here it in the episode where they go shopping together and she jokingly asks Saji to buy her that diamond ring which he eventually did.  It’s also the credit music for that awesome Gundam 00 Season 2 parody trailer.  Anyway when I think of this OST this song is the one that comes to mind the most.  Anime just plain doesn’t have enough songs like this anymore.  10/10

Track 6 Approach: This could have been one of Soma’s or the Trinity’s themes, I can’t remember which.  Anyway it’s your classic dangerous enemy approaching your about to get owned type song.  Very fast passed and dominated by percussion.  8/10

Track 7 Thirst: Another play on Union except more ominous and almost evil sounding this time.  This is the point where Graham starts to crack entirely.  I actually like this one slightly better then each other because this one is closer to a new song then that one.  8/10

Track 8 Seizure: This could have been used in the final battle with Setsuna and Graham.  Anyway this one is an entire corruption of the original “Union” with way more intensity.  It just keep building and building, kind of like Graham’s bloodlust when he’s in battle.  Of the variations this is probably my favourite.  9/10

Track 9 Firelight: I think this might have been the song they used for Alejandro and the Alvatori later in the series.  Pretty grandiose.  It could have passed as a Lelouch song in Code Geass.  Anyway, this one makes use of the base drum and choir so you know it’s gotta be good right?  Actually I find this one just to be okay in my books.  6.5/10

Track 10 Forward:  This one makes the Celestial Beings theme sound even more like the Charlie’s Angels theme then it already originally did.  Meh….. 5/10

Track 11 Mortify: This is the song that played when Ali in the Agrissa was about to finish off Setsuna and he did that little lament before reaching up to cry out for the Gundam to appear to save him.  And then it did.  And this song reminds me of that well-choreagraphed and written scene each time.  It also makes much better use of a choir then Forward does and is much more haunting.  Fit the scene perfectly it gets 10/10

Track 12 Expectation: This is the Trinity variation on the Celestial Being theme and just by adding in a bit more of a rock and roll feel to it Kawai has managed to give it a whole new edgy and rebellious feel for the more showy side of the organization.  This one adds a metal guitar to the song and changes up the tempo a little bit.  It’s a pretty neat way to change an already overused song and Kawai does a better job of that on this OST for the CB theme.  8/10

Track 13 Reaction: This is another one of the Trinity themes and again it gives them an edgy dangerous sort of feel.  It actually reminds me a bit of the music from Shadowrun on the SNES.  Not as good or as long as expectation, but it’s at this point I realize that the Gundam 00 music has started to feel almost regular to me, as if I’ve known the series much longer then the 10 months it’s been around.  That should say something about the impression it left on me. 6/10

Track 14 New Moon:  I don’t remember where this one showed up but it’s another one of those forboding tunes yet again.  Not sure I have much more to say about it though. 5/10

Track 15 Despair: This is one of those sad depressing after the destructive battle type songs.  This is the point where you realize the Celestial Being running of the world has gone on far to long and created more misery then it has peace.  Time to do something about it. 6/10

Track 16 Sorrow: This is a variation on Setsuna’s theme and I think it might have played at one of the times when he was reflecting.  It’s not quite the all-encompassing song that “Setsuna” was, but it’s pretty good.  This one has an FF:IX sort of feel to it.  It also has the classic Gundam song ending as well. 7/10

Track 17 Desert: This one has a Middle Eastern sort of feel to it and is pretty darn awesome as well.  I think this is supposed to be one of the Azedistan songs.  Perhaps from when Setsuna was walking the streets in a Turban.  This is another of my favourite songs on the OST.  10/10

Track 18 Palace: A more laid back feeling Desert.  This has got to be one of Marina’s theme’s.  This one gives more of a Chrono Cross feel to it as well mixed with a bit of a Legend of Zelda feel.  It also scores high with me for making use of some good piano. 10/10

Track 19 Reason: This is Lockon’s death song and like “Mortify” serves to remind me of a particular scene every time.  It also brings a bit of a tear to my ear whenever I hear for it as well because I also hear Lockon’s death speech with it too.  And that part where it just starts to swell 1:05 is usually the part to do it.  This is what Gundam music is too me.  10/10

Track 20 Fight: You get to hear this song in the crazy Gundam 00 Season 2 Parody trailer where Lockon shows up bouncing back and forth in a field of sunflowers.  Other then that it’s just another sped up version of the Celestial Being theme. 7/10

Track 21 Love Song: I think this was the version of Setsuna’s theme that played during her reading of his last letter to her.  It also serves to remind me of that scene where the Gundam Exia falls to earth for what looks like it’s last hurrah.  Of course people who haven’t watched any of the Second Season trailer might be in for a surprise.  Piano for the win by the way.  10/10

Track 22 Seperation: A more dramatic “Setsuna”.  This is the point where he’s made up his mind what path he’s going to follow and it also makes use of some awesome choir portions that serve to give it an epic feel.  A lot of composers try to use choirs to make things sound epic, but most fail.  This in my opinion is not one of those time and gets this OST another all star song.  10/10

Track 23 Uproar: I get this image of mobile suits flying really fast over water, but I can’t remember where.  Either way, why does this sound like music from Batman Return of The Joker (NES) to me.  Whatever, it’s pretty darn cool and blood pumping.  9/10

Track 24 Solitude: I think this might be one of Saji’s themes for after Kinue died and Louise left him.  After that he really was all alone.  Anyway this song is way to depressing, but effective.  8.5/10

Track 25 Strategem: A slow military march type song.  I don’t really have any feeling about this one either way.  5/10

Track 26 Recover:  This is the final version of Graham Acre’s theme when he attack Exia in his GN Flag.  It serves to remind me of that seen, but isn’t very special considering it’s the nth iteration of the same theme.  6/10

Track 27 Reboot:  Another military march type song that I think is attached to the HRL.  It has a little more flair then Strategem, but not really enough to stand out overwhelming compared to other songs on this track.  Although it does pick up a bit later  6.5/10

Track 28 Possibility: This is the only song on the OST that has a heroic feel to it.  It’s fast paced, dramatic and epic feeling all in one.  I think this song sort of symbolizes when the tide of the conflict started to turn against Celestial Being and the hope of actually putting an end to their judgement from on high became a….possibility.  9.5/10

Track 29 Counterattack: This is that crazy rock theme that played during the HRL vs. Trinity battle where the Trinity’s got their ass handed to them for the very first time.  A definite counterattack for all the destruction they’ve caused and an awesome standout rock song on the track.  This sounds like…..a Rance song.  10/10

Track 30 Tears: Another sad piano song that I can’t remember where it played.  It doesn’t change the fact that I like it just the same, although it’s not quite as good as the other piano songs on this OST.  7.5/10

Track 31 Memory: A strings version of Tears which also happens to rock more.  Again has a Chrono Cross feel to it.  10/10

Track 32 Scenery: It sounds like Cosmo Canyon from FF VII mixed with Tears.  I like it more then Tears but not as much as Memory.  Yes sometimes less is more.  8/10

Track 33 Beating:  Wow what a boring song.  I kept expecting a tempo change or something but no. 1/10

Track 34 Cross Road: Depressing song with a music box feel and what sounds like ambient synth.  Gives me the shivers.  I would assume this is another one of those Saji songs from after Kinue died and when Louise left him.  A stark contrast to Holiday yet again.  9/10

Track 35 Daybreak’s Bell: At first I didn’t like this song to much, but as time went on it started to grow on me until eventually I started to like it.  Now it’s up there in my stable of great Gundam openings which include everything other then Wing of Words, Bokutachi no Yukue and Pride.  Still not as good as Ash Like Snow though.  8/10

Track 36 Wana: I never liked this song.  Honestly.  You could have just as easily gotten Gackt or Dir En Grey up there with there CHIIIIIILD PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY RAAAAWR RAARRLAAARA WAAAAR and it would have made as much of a difference.  Okay maybe not that bad, but still it’s kind of generic Japanese Punk Rock crap that I wish was just on it’s own single CD.  Why is it that every CD has to have one crappy song right near the end instead of leaving off on a good note?  3/10

Overall Gundam 00 OST 2 Rating: 7.875/10

Phew, I’m not lying when I say this is the best anime OST I’ve heard all year.  It kind of reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s before most OST’s sounded like they were phoned in on a synthesizer (yeah I think 80’s hade better synth), two nights work, and a container of Calpis.  Actually this is the usual standard of music from Gundam series.  Like I say, hate the plots, hate the mecha, hate the animation, but leave the music well enough alone because they have yet to disappoint me when it comes to buyable OST’s for the franchise.  Even my friend who is the ultimate hardass when it comes to disagreeing with every point I try to make doesn’t debate me on this.


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  1. 1 lizzie September 14, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    ty for posting your views on this ost!!!!

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