Sekirei episode 10 ~ Oppai grab GETTO!

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Awwww, Isn’t that just cute

Tsukiumi is awesome! I do believe that it was a great thing that she managed to cover herself up after having her uniform burst into a shower of confetti instead of letting it “all hang down”, now that is proper normal instincts.

Thoughts: Continuing from the previous episode, operation “save the young couples” is in full swing which is pretty much the main topic for this episode. A bit boring if you ask me so seeing the fight scene (though short) between Landlady and Tsukiumi was a godsend. The difference in strength between number 1 and 9 is very large indeed as Landlady didn’t even need to do anything flashy…besides digging up the whole yard in one swing of her Katana.

So with the help of Seo who was pressured by Landlady’s death aura to comply, they hatch a plan to help The useless couple escape from the city the following morning. But things can’t just go like that and Kazehana just had to start a party. Whaaa! Party!

But for being a drunktard, it was great that they also showed a more understanding side to her as she talks to Uzume, who at the time has returned home from visiting her sick Ashikabi and at the same time given the job to finish off kuno, evil blackmailing person. Talk about irony that the inn was currently holding a farewell party for them both. Kazehana is defenitely awesome with her “power of love” promotions.

Meanwhile, Tsukiumi is angsting over whether to help Minato or not with the plan. Her Sekirei duty is telling her that this isn’t how the “fight” is supposed to be carried out but then again, she would be denying the orders of her master. So far her stubbon pride is winning but I do wonder what will happen later. After a touching scene with Minato (oppai grab for the happy yaro -____-) and a telling off from Kuu (oh my God! You go girl!), Tsukiumi isn’t getting out of her responsibilities without any regret attached.

Screencaps and “wise guy” comments:

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Kazehana is a promoter of “the power of love”, she is the only one who can do that without me bursting into rage

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You can’t see it…but you know it is there…

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Oh Kuu, why are you dressed like that again? XD

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Tsukiumi and her unmoving sense of justice

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And unending amount of funny faces

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Here is the bugger blackmailing Uzume again -____-

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She did not just do that…

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And when the Landlady launches her kill smile

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You know that you are screwed ~

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YES! Tsukiumi covered herself up!

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The three rangers must be defeated

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Kyaaaa~ Kazehana you need to stop being so cute!

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But she knows more than what you think

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Oppai GRAB!

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“Forget it or I will kill you!”


5 Responses to “Sekirei episode 10 ~ Oppai grab GETTO!”

  1. 1 Hush~ September 4, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Does anyone know the soundtrack to the fight scene of the landlady and Tsukiumi? ._. I want it badly 😦

  2. 2 deathkillz September 4, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    I’ll let you know as soon as the OST comes out 😉

  3. 3 AGear2Ax September 5, 2008 at 3:04 am

    BTW, Had Uzume killed other Sekirei and Ashikabi? because if the answer is yes, then I vote for see Uzume getting killed. (Why she cann’t just do the same with her Ashikabi, I mean, go out of the city)

  4. 4 deathkillz September 6, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Uzume has never killed anyone, her orders are only to defeat her given targets. As for why doesn’t she leave, the reason is that she can’t. I suspect whoever is blackmailing her is also keeping her Ashikabi alive, who is in hospital as you can see, and is making Uzume do his dirty work by using her Ashikabi’s life as a leeway.

  5. 5 FlareKnight September 7, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Doesn’t seem like Uzume’s Ashikabi is in any condition to be moved. Besides an escape isn’t a smooth exit and would likely only worsen her condition. Hurts as well that we don’t know exactly what the problem is. If the guys pulling Uzume’s strings are the only ones that can provide the treatment then there isn’t much choice.

    For a person you care about sometimes you’ll do some pretty bad things. Sadly this kind of arrangement doesn’t have a bright future to it.

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