Strike Witches episode 10 ~ Humans are evil?

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She speaks the truth

Oh my Lynne…I know that you like Yoshika but why are you following her to hell even when knowing full well where she is headed…Yuri love, I can’t understand it *rolleyes*.

Thoughts: I laughed, oh yes I did but at the same time I also face palmed at Yoshika’s continuous acts of foolishness. I can’t say that Yoshika received divine punishment when she was sentenced for solitary confinement, no, I was expecting a lot worse from Minna considering how much she cared for Mio but as a professional, I believed that she also wanted to give Yoshika another chance. Yet not only was Yoshika not grateful for being let off so easily, she tried to argue her case (which no one cared about by the way) and as if it wasn’t a disgrace to her actions even more, she escaped from her room to find that human shaped neuroi.

I don’t know what you guys think but I believe that she has some pretty big nerve to do that. Eila was right in predicting death for her and I just loved how Erica joking (but I did hope that it was the case) said that Yoshika should get a cold bullet to the head.

Mio also didn’t approve of Yoshika’s actions after so woke up but I guess that being angry won’t do much. To be honest a part of the fault rests on her as well for flying out in a knowing condition that she wasn’t fully fit to fight. I am also surprised that she lost her telescopic right eye power, whaaa?
Perrine didn’t get punished but I don’t mind. She suffered enough pain through regret and even bitch slapped Yoshika in the face for being such an idiot, all is forgiven.

Like I said before, Yoshika escaped from her punishment to go meet up with the neuroi again (if I didn’t know any better, this should be considered as treason) which has caused a lot of trouble for the witches…namely Minna (why do you have to do this, Yoshika). HQ is showing how much they don’t like the witches by ordering Minna to shoot down Yoshika for the crimes that she has committed. Fair enough considering how much she is showing herself to be a spy for the neuroi.

But the shocking thing is…she was able to enter the almighty neuroi nest just as easy as that, talk about a kick in the butt. The pesky neuroi shows her some images but what does it all mean? Not that we get an answer as soon enough a mysterious plane/neuroi thing comes flying past to destroy the hive (what the?).

Everyone also comes back to base to find a nice welcoming party for them. Oh I get it now, the humans are the evil race here…and the neuroi’s are only just trying to save humanity from self destruction…I willing to say that it was all the military’s fault for the neurois appearance in the first place based on the images shown to Yoshika.


Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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You go girl! Bitch slap some sense into her

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And yes, shut up you whor…I won’t say it…

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Honestly? I had to read the tin twice to make sure it wasn’t something else

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But you are special, unlike a certain someone ^^

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As much as I hate to admit it, you are right

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NO SH*T SHERLOCK! (its been a while since I last said that line)

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Well at least Mio is well but she lost her right eye power >.>

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Now burn that into into that naive head of yours please

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Sit down and shut up, no one cares? I’m more interested in the two white Silhouettes in the background

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I want an oppai pillow ~

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What did she say again? OH YES!

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ET phone home (or close enough)

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Looks like something taken from Sky Girls

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I’m sorry…is it just me or am I missing something here?

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Humans…the main source of evil

4 Responses to “Strike Witches episode 10 ~ Humans are evil?”

  1. 1 AGear2Ax September 5, 2008 at 3:13 am

    I thought Kaioshinsama was alone in this blog. Great post! Now I understand the title of the post, very well explained.

  2. 2 FlareKnight September 6, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Damn why are humans always the evil ones? Would it be too much to ask the Neruoi to be a bunch of intergalactic jerks that came to Earth to conquer and pillage? At any rate no matter what the truth ends up being there is too much blood on the Neuroi to be clear of being the bad guys.

    To be honest I was waiting for someone to tell Yoshika to shove it. They have all lost way too much to give a damn about this neuroi being different. It is war, win now and worry about the rest later.

    Was surprised Perrine didn’t get punished, but guess she had suffered enough. Besides if almost getting your ally killed means confinement what on earth would they do to Perrine for unscheduled ‘training’? Make her wear a funny hat?

    Poor naive Lynne. You just fell for the wrong girl. There is still hope to find someone else! Oh and I can’t wait for the explanation of what Perrine and Mio were doing in that hanger.

    Also go Spem spread :). Seriously had to go back a bit to read that label again…

  3. 3 deathkillz September 6, 2008 at 10:55 am

    @ AGear2Ax ~ Yea, Kaio tends to steal the spotlight an awful lot ^^’

    @ FlareKnight ~ I don’t know…why are humans always the evil ones? I was also hoping that cliche wouldn’t pop up again time after time, but this looks exactly like where I think it is heading.

    Yoshika just won’t give it up, I wish someone would just shut her trap by shoving some of that nice spem spread on toast into her mouth…

  4. 4 FlareKnight September 7, 2008 at 1:55 am

    @deathkillz ~ I get the human race does crappy things, but was hoping that cliche wouldn’t come into play here. Countries conquered, people killed or losing their homes, and we’re still going to be turned into the bad guys?

    Though hopefully the neuroi are just realizing how naive Yoshika is and are trying to take advantage of it.

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