Sekirei episode 11 ~ Bridge battle of “epic disproportions”

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Sekirei 8, Yume…looks just like Musubi (or is it the other way round?)

Sorry, I just have to say it, “my gosh what happened to the quality?”. Actually, it was quite a shame to see the quality drop like this in the second half of the episode (which is strange because the first half wasn’t bad at all) as it can easily be my highlight scenes for this first season. But I suppose with this being a Seven Arcs series I should have been expecting it when it came to battle scenes *remembers what StrikerS was like during airing and shivers*.

Thoughts: But besides the obligatory rant on quality I am pleased to say that this was a damn good episode. The interesting thing to note is how much original material they managed to fit into this and still make it look good. As you know, usually original anime material has a bad habit of killing whatever impression or expectations a manga reader has but surprisingly, I love the changes made here as it added a whole lot of depth to characters like Matsu (never did see the motorbike thing coming at all).

Unfortunately, because of new scenes being added, some were inevitably cut from being shown at all one such scene being Kazehana helping out Minato with his escape plan. But compare this with Matu’s development I definitely prefer the latter as the former scene isn’t that important anyway as Kazehana’s fixation with Minato was still included in another form.

But the star of the show, or for this episode at least, had to be the crazy chick called Benitsubasa (AKA Shinra-sama, just had to include that reference). Minato and the group sure are unlucky to be bumping into two of the three disciplinary squad members and Kuno is pretty useless as a fighter so Musubi had to go in all alone, not that Benitsubasa had any problems with fighting her alone. In a way, the disproportions during the battle didn’t seem that inaccurate for Benitsubasa because of her twisted character, you could even say that it gave her character that extra flare. Well, whether firing off Ki waves or sticking out your tongue to taunt your opponent, I think she is a pretty badass character. Completely opposite from Musubi and I prefer that.

But one musn’t forget the tragic, dramatic and cliffhangeric (is that even a word?) ending to this episode. Benitusbasa breaking Musubi’s back, causing her Sekirei mark to slowly disappear? This can only mean one thing…well, if the damn end didn’t have to spoil it (well done).

Meanwhile, a bigger picture is beginning to unfold as Karasuba’s flashback reveals more than enough for the viewers. This was another change from the manga as more hints have been added throughout. What happened in the past and Karasuba’s ambitions are a lot more clearer here as it is implied that the previous Musubi lookalike (or original) gave up her live in order to save the child she saved. Now you know why Karasuba has taken a liking to Musubi and made such a promise with her (and if you don’t, God bless XD).

Sadly, this is the second to last episode for the series but as any readers of the manga would tell you, the chances of a second season is so high that it’s practically a given. I’m looking forward to what kind of closure they have installed for the final episode but the chances are that we will be getting a cliffhanger a la Code Geass (or I damn hope so just to be different).

PS. I love the new ED.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Karasuba still proves that without doubt, she is evil

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Ah, Kazehana’s scenes may have gotten the shaft, but her thighs are still as sexy as hell

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Operation STARTO! RSoD!

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Kuu doing her bit to save the environment here

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“MUHAHAHAHA! The game master never loses!”

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And amongst the chaos, Seo gets friendly fire’ed

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What the heck? Matsu left the house…

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…she left the house…

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…she left the house…(State of shock)

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Meet Shinr Benitusbasa

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Clearly she hasn’t heard of the saying “Don’t talk! You will bite your tongue!”

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Censoring? At this point?

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Sexy pose is sexy and it sure beats the kamehameha

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Victory expression!

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4 Responses to “Sekirei episode 11 ~ Bridge battle of “epic disproportions””

  1. 1 lelangir September 12, 2008 at 4:36 am

    But Sekiejksfjfdkfrie is of Epic Proportions, is it not?

  2. 2 sprachcaffe brighton September 15, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    doesn’t this web site has other languages support??

  3. 3 wolfeyes April 15, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    It was too bad that kazehana’s scenes were cut from the anime but i am sure we will see her winging in the next season along with homura’s.

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