Strike Witches episode 11 ~ Suddenly Neuroi…Millions of them!

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“To be continued…”

Or not quite that many, but you would expect 20 or 30 Neuroi units would be enough to take out one Warlock Neuroi-plane thing. No, rather than that lets just have the Warlock mind control everyone into committing suicide then going berserk itself…Great, why are humans so stupid and intended on self destruction? Go ahead I’d say.

Thoughts: But even with such a harsh opening comment for this entry, I still want you guys to know that I love this series. The drama and action are spot on and heck even the story isn’t half bad. A bit clichéd but that is much better than boredom (AKA Sky Girls). Taking a step and looking back, I find it refreshing to be able to hate a character and enjoy it. But deep down, I know that this is a love-hate relationship anyway.

Enough of my rambling now back onto the episode. All thanks to Yoshika the evil human commander was forced to disband the witches from service in order to hide his big, nasty secret. It turns out that the commander guy had used Neuroi tech in order to create the Warlock and with ambitions to eliminate all the Neurois (which is a good thing) and then to take over the world (erm…not so good).

I still find it amazing how Yoshika still isn’t able to shut her trap about the neurois etc and don’t feel that she has suffered nearly enough for being the sole cause of the witches’ breakup. She is lucky that no one is giving her any blame and I respect Minna for not bitch slapping her for this, but at the same time I do wish that Yoshika received some punishment. She deserves it.

But as a nasty twist of fate, it seems like what Yoshika did may actually have been an advantage for the witches. For one thing she foiled the evil commander’s plan by rushing him to disband the witches (though the damn fool was stupid enough to show any expression in the first place). I don’t like to admit to this though as is like saying that Yoshika’s actions were right and I just get the feeling that she may say something like, “I told you so” making me want to throttle her even more. Right intentions, wrong approach.

So like I guessed, the Warlock isn’t an almighty thing that can be fully controlled by humans. Foolish mortals thinking that they can control something as strong as that? But what does seem strange was how the Warlock was able to mind control the other units…how was it able to do that? Did the evil commander somehow manage to capture a leader Neuroi and implanted it into the Warlock? I see no reason why the other Neurois would be controlled so easily. Actually, if you think about the Neurois as you would with the Vajiras from Macross Frontier then it might make a bit more sense but I still have to laugh at the logic but considering how little we know about the Neuroi I can let that pass.

Plenty of cute and fluffy scenes in this episode too which was surprising and not forgetting the conclusion to the rather “ambitious” act between Mio and Perrine from the previous episode.

But with this series being as predictable as it is, I really can’t think of how they might end the series. With one episode left and the Neuroi enemy still as mysterious as before I think there is little hope for a conclusive story for their side. I do hope that it won’t be something cheesy (like “Zomg, so the Neurois are nature’s protectors after all) and will be looking forward to a cliff-hanger like druaga no tou. Like I said, this is a great series after all.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Damn right she did

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But way to keep it cool Mr evil commander

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Checkmate for Yoshika (laughs)

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But she clearly doesn’t know the situation or that she is just retarded at reading the atmosphere, or a combination of both

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No Sh*t Warlock

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“and we never heard from them since that day…”

“Years later, the salvage of a plane in the atlantic sea…”

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Mr evil commander showing some brain power? Sorry, I was proven wrong below

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Well, if you have managed to keep a straight face and ignored her comment then you wouldn’t have needed to move now

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Perrine’s inner thoughts: “You’ve helped out more than enough”

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Kyaaaaaa! Hai hai, Minna is moe!

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People these days have no taste in flat(ish) chests

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Now matter how you look at it, the tech jump is just insane (in the bad term context)

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[Insert crazy laughter here]

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Red = bad sign

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[Insert MY crazy laughter here]

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But how?

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Tada! This was the Striker unit hidden by Perrine and Mio for just the occasion. Perrine had quite the trouble jamming it in.

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No Yoshika, this is the part of the episode where you say “I will jump off the ship so you two can live on”

2 Responses to “Strike Witches episode 11 ~ Suddenly Neuroi…Millions of them!”

  1. 1 FlareKnight September 12, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    If only Yoshika would just jump off the ship. At least she got to suffer a bit being the cause of everything shattering. Though seriously they could have made the pain last longer. Just love to see her fly up try to make friends with it and get blasted…..err everything will turn out just fine :).

    Got to love side changes equalling paint colour changing. Is there a good explanation for this? Oh well they have somethign that can fly like a jet and shoot beams, guess instant paint changes really doesn’t matter much.

    Damn Britain always trying to take over the world. That guy is a serious moron. Just keep your cool instead of letting big mouth Yoshika make you look like an idiot. You’d think someone that is connected to this project would be able to keep it together a bit better.

    Haha gotta love Erica getting rejected by the truck driver. Though I hope the guy gets out alright once she gets a striker pack and thus a weapon. Well guess it wasn’t her day anyways.

    No idea how they will end things. Can’t just finish the war in one episode without it feeling stupid. If Yoshika is responsible for peace being achieved I might do something crazy. Obviously they will take down the Warlock. But after that its beyond me how it will finish.

  2. 2 EvilDevil September 15, 2008 at 2:45 am

    “Haha gotta love Erica getting rejected by the truck driver.”
    some people cant appreciate good loli/DFC

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