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Blast from the past ~ Origin: Spirits of the Past

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Imagine a world where nature isn’t passive…a world where the trees fought back against deforestation, controlled the water supplies and actually turned humans into slaves to do their own bidding. You probably would think that such a world is scary to live in and let me just say one thing; it damn right is. Origin: spirits of the past is a story which focuses on such a world and how humanity is being pushed to the brink by Mother Nature (okay, you can minus the “turning into slaves part” as that was just a joke).

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Sekirei episode 12 END ~ Sekirei of Destiny

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Love is FABULOUS, isn’t it?

For those who are wondering “why the heck it took you so long to write this”, then I can only apologise and say that University life is just as I thought it would be when it comes to being time consuming (not to mention with the internet being unoperational for a good week during then orz). But I will finish this entry then move onto the Strike Witches one right after I’ve watch it.

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Code Geass R2 Episode 24 (Plot….Straighten???)

Mmmmmmmmmmmm…..nothing beats a nice bowl of Kimchi flavoured soup while blogging.  Well here it is, the penultimate episode and I’ve got to say…..I can’t really think of much new to add to the discussion of the episode, and when I don’t have a new viewpoint to give, I don’t really type much.  Still, I’ve put together a list of points to run over for this episode and we’ll see how it goes. Continue reading ‘Code Geass R2 Episode 24 (Plot….Straighten???)’

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