Sekirei episode 12 END ~ Sekirei of Destiny

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Love is FABULOUS, isn’t it?

For those who are wondering “why the heck it took you so long to write this”, then I can only apologise and say that University life is just as I thought it would be when it comes to being time consuming (not to mention with the internet being unoperational for a good week during then orz). But I will finish this entry then move onto the Strike Witches one right after I’ve watch it.

Thoughts: Despite the changes from the manga, I can honestly say that I did enjoy this “final” episode and accept it for being different. It was glaringly obvious that Kazehana has fallen for Minato (so as you can guess, she was winged by him in the manga by this stage) but sadly, it seems like the producers have decided to leave that treat for the second season.

As for the episode…to be frank, the “drama”, could have been handled a lot better if Musubi’s revival wasn’t spoilered by the previous preview. I don’t know why they heck they decided to kill the suspense like that but someone must have been very drunk during the making of it.

But for something “going as planned” it was sure enjoyable. Musubi reviving to become Yume! “The sekirei of destiny” was quite hilarious. Well, that is if you believe in the power of love (which I shiver at the thought of). Then again she sure showed Benitsubasa and Haihane who is boss in the name of love. I guess it was a bit damning to Tsukiumi for such strong opponents to be tossed away like bugs.

Kuno also had her time in the spotlight but unfortunately it was short lived…well, at least she looked cool before she started to cough up blood.

Meanwhile, we have yet another deviation from the manga in how Yukari and Shiina was created their contract but that is OKAY. And from now on we will see a lot more of abusive Yukari like in the epilogue (sadistic).

Plotwise the most significant bit of information we received was from the confrontation between Yume and Karasuba. We saw how hasty Karasuba was in wanting to kill Yume with her own hands which should give us the impression that she is holding a grudge (perhaps she found it unforgivable that such a worthy opponent would give her life away to Musubi?). Whatever the case may be I hope that Karasuba’s reason will come about as a shocking revelation rather than being underwhelming. And apparently, Yume being “reactivated” again was a impossibility but there you have it, the power of love is not to be taken lightly.

Overall the episode was just as I’ve expected. Nothing more nothing less. Though it was great to see that the producers didn’t decide to leave us hanging about a second season by smacking a great “To be continued…” message across our faces. Onwards to the second season!

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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The song of calming souls (or a sonic boom if you want)

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Haibane is such a great character *laughs*

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Whereas Kuno is still as lame as ever, who has ever heard of coughing up blood because of singing

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From this angle, it looks like Tsukiumi has gone super sa…

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A water blade ~ nice 😀

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And I was quite surprised at the choreograph put into the fight scene

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Can’t say the same for other factors though. Now I know why Haibane covers her face up with hair

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Here it comes, the deus “power of love”

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But first lets not forget about Yukari and Shiina

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“In the name of love, I shall punish you!”

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“You what!?!”

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“Garlic GUNNNN!”

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Yea, she just tossed them away like bugs. Syaonara~

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Here comes the final boss…

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But unfortunately the final battle will have to wait

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And so the group departs from the stage…

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And Minato is such a happy yaro

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Definitely a happy yaro

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Haibane’s dry humor always gets me laughing

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See you guys next time 😉


2 Responses to “Sekirei episode 12 END ~ Sekirei of Destiny”

  1. 1 rozen123 November 2, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    They should have put the one-winged angel theme from FFVII when Karasuba showed up.

    I agree, the suspense was killed when they showed Musubi in preview.

  2. 2 wolfeyes April 15, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    can’t wait to see how kazehana gets winged by minato since it will be different from the manga. i understand why they wanted to keep kazehana’s winging for the next season but they sure did cut a lot of her scenes. the scene i really missed was the one where kazehana would ask minato if he wants her and asks him to prove himself first.

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