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As Youhei and Mei distant relationship became finally cleared, Nagisa and Tomoya are paying to the blond joker a little visit. This will actually permit them to know more about the dorm mother, Misae.

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Ga-Rei Zero episode 4 ~ Yuri, Yaoi and anti evil knuckles

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Why focus solely on the Yuri when you can have some Yaoi instead?

And with this, I think the premise of this series is pretty much set into stone. So what I though was going to be a good and unique series has now been degraded to just being medicore. Where did it all go wrong? Well part of the fault has to lie with the fact that the OP for this series has finally been shown…

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ChäoS;HEad, Episode 3

Yua revealed some shocking truth to Takumi, and the later is unable to figure “who is he”. Completely clueless to what’s true and false, Takumi will investigate himself, though another unexpected event will put even more pressure…

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Tales of Abyss episode 5 ~ Princess charming, Dist and ‘BL’

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Luke is such a “happy yarooo~”

I think I am beginning to see what’s so appealing about Natalia’s character and should seriously be pleased by it…if only this isn’t such a reminder for me that Tear needs to do something. As sad as it is to admit, she hasn’t done much since the first episode nor has her character “shone” as much as I would have hoped. If this contiunes, it almost looks like if she has been demoted to being a supporting character who is just aimlessly tagging along with the group. So with the introduction of Natalia (a potential rival perhaps?) I hope it will kick start Tear to do at least something other than just ‘being there’.

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MS Igloo 2 Episode 01 (David And Goliath)

Ah The Earth Sphere, Always At War With Itself…..

The Gundam 00 stuff may be over, but that doesn’t mean that MS Igloo 2 (Aka the U.C Gundam OVA that most people probably don’t even know exists with all the focus that is on Gundam 00 and thus will probably be getting limited blog coverage elsewhere)  isn’t getting any coverage here at Anime History.  A little backstory may be in order for this OVA so here is a rough summary before we begin with the picture summary.  The date is U.C April 27th 0079 and Zeon is well into it’s Earth Campaign.  Currently the situation for the Earth Federation is looking hopeless as the seemingly insurmountable war machine that is the Mobile Suit Zaku is ripping the Earth Federations poor outdated excuse for a mechanized war machine to shreds.  Earth Federation ground forces are on the retreat everywhere and Zeon is still gaining territory as we are introduced to our hero Ben Barbarry who is not liking the situation at all and is tired of losing to the Zeon.  He’s also seemingly plagued by the what appearts to be a personifaction of the of the Spirit of Zeon in the form of a death god who is coming to claim his life.  When the time comes to take a stand against the Zeon onslaught will Ben be ready?  Now is the time to find out. Continue reading ‘MS Igloo 2 Episode 01 (David And Goliath)’

So Has Anyone Been Playing Mother 3?

Is It Just Me Or Does The Drago On The Far Right Look Like He’s Got A Smartass Grin Going On?

How many people know now that Mother 3 (Also known as Earthbound 2) has an English translation patch out for it as of last week?  Well for those who don’t it’s out there, meaning that for the first time non-Japanese speakers are able to enjoy the latest sequel to one of the most popular cult-hit RPGs of all time, Nintendo’s Mother series. Continue reading ‘So Has Anyone Been Playing Mother 3?’

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Translation Patch: Fourth release, Episode 2 Complete!!!

The Legend of the Golden Witch…

Everything turned into a catastrophe: no one was left alive, and the Golden Witch has prevailed.
However, Battler doesn’t want to yield to a Witch and, against all odds, will fight to prove that everything is a farce crafted by a being in flesh and bones like him.

The journey to the Golden Land is not over… far from it…


We promised a release for Halloween, but I assume that being a little ahead of ourselves won’t be a problem, would it?
Yes, here it comes: the newest english patch release!
Witch Hunt is proud to announce that the fourth patch for Umineko no Naku Koro ni is available!

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