After a memorable baseball match, Tomoya and Nagisa are this time helping Youhei to actually achieving something: a girlfriend!
As much as you might expect, the blonde joker personality and “assets” are nothing that of a playboy. Hence, the odds for such success are quite low. However…


Illusionary world. The girl prevents the robot boy going too far away as they are not sure if they will be able to go back “home”.  They are picking some junk around, such like gears.
As he has wandered around, the boy actually got lost but notice a goat. As he follows it, he is able to meet back with the girl, as she is holding another goat. As both goat depart, she thanks them.

Being a player of the original CLANNAD VN, I must say this scene is very heartwarming but also heartwrenching, especially by the girl’s expression as she sees both goat leaving. Both “children” hardship is really well portrayed by this simple, yet effective little scene. As usual, Kyoto Animation aren’t exactly stingy with the quality of the Illusionary worlds interludes.
As a side comment: She was so moe, while embracing that goat ^^

Some antics between Tomoya and Youhei. Youhei is as usual arriving quite late and nonchalantly asks if Tomoya will go to the cafeteria for lunch once again, though the later is again forcing Youhei to act “properly”. The result is a overly casual/okay greetings which is creepying Tomoya for the borderline out of character attitude.

A little while later, both are eating with Nagisa at the cafeteria, and Mei is still staying at the Furukawa Bakery, to much Youhei’s displeasure. The couple mentions how Mei is worrying about her brother, and so, Nagisa wonders if Youhei thinked about his future. Obviously, he is absolutely nonchalant and outright says he is any good for prep school (by extension, university) so he will probably work as soon as he graduates. Even so, he believes he would be fine if he gets a nice girlfriend, which sparks an “interesting idea” from Tomoya.

The start for the Sunohara siblings route! Mei-chan is going to have more screentime, and some great incoming development for the two.

The general idea is to find a girl that will pretend to be Youhei’s girlfriend, engaged to him. Of course, both he and Nagisa aren’t exactly convinced, but Tomoya manages to give “proper argument” to him, as the said girl might fall for him. Pumped up, Youhei is instantly applying the plan and ends up with Ryou. Tomoya tries to prevent him doing such mistake (for an obvious impending failure and true condamnation afterwards), but too late.
Ryou is taken offguard by his sudden and unusual request and cries. Nagisa is worried about that, but suddenly, Kyou makes a catastrophe entrance, demolishing Youhei with her dictionary. As Nagisa is trying to clear the misunderstanding, Youhei wonders if he should try with Kyou, to much Tomoya’s surprise and disagreement. The blond joker isn’t anything discret and rants about the elder Fujibayashi, which sparks her wrath once again.
Result: dead and blind youhei, slapped Tomoya, and both Fujibayashi twins leaving the scene.

I actually wonder if Youhei herited Urashima Keitaro’s (Love Hina) immortality EX skill. Honestly, the amount of punishment he could absorb over the course of the anime series (and of course the game) is downright scary XD.

As the trio is walking around, they bump on Tomoyo who is chatting with her friends on a bench and Nagisa suggests her as she is quite beautiful, smart etc. Of course, Youhei is deep down scared by her, but finally makes his steps, pretending that their rivalry would actually blossom into a deep bond.
As he forcefully sits down next to her, Tomoyo pays no heed to his intrusion. After the usual antics, Youhei unfortunately is unable to get her “correct” attention, while Nagisa has a friendly cuty chat with her, about the baseball match they had. Youhei is unable to ask it properly and force Tomoyo to repeat one of his delusion line. Arrogantly answering to this charade, Youhei gets his body whooped out, in the end. Afterwards, Tomoyo greets her goodbye to the lovers and leaves with her friends.

Misuzu’s peach juice is back! I actually liked the “chemistry” between Tomoyo and Youhei here, despite it was all a one sided joust and a cold shoulder. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but smile at the happy chat between Nagisa and Tomoyo, and they even went far to mention that she actually used “Furukawa-san” for the first time for Nagisa (despite she usually use “omae” with most people etc). Note that unlike with the rest of the cast, she uses a “SAN” for Nagisa, which is extremely important here. It is actually showing how she respects Nagisa, compared to the rest. Even if both girls are not exactly on the best terms or favorable respective position (lack of thorough interactions, common love interest, different goal, different grade), they do have a special bound already, and it was quite natural.

Next attempt is Kotomi, and she is quite fired up to help out her friends. They are suggesting to have “fun” in pretending to be a couple, of course, Kotomi has a “different” definition of fun and plays her death symphony score with her violin, which seems to have been upgraded, to much everyone else’s agony.

This scene explicits shows that Kotomi is still a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction, still crawling in the wild with her death symphony XD

Yukine is next and it seems Youhei is quite confident as she seems to be the kind of person that would help anyone. However, as he is making his explanations and advances, a completely unknown delinquent barges out from UNDER the table and grabs him by the collar.

Trivial detail moment: They did make some efforts for Tomoya’s wristwatch which is faithfully the same they designed for him during season 1. It is kinda not so relevant, but quite noteworthy for “consistency” that goes often in the gutter hole for most sequels.
I couldn’t help but grin when that guy slides out of nowhere, like jack-in-the-box XD

This is one of Yukine’s “guests”, though he is not part of their school. As she is shaking youhei, the latter faints, scared to death, while the said delinquent run away, as he blew his own cover. Yukine can’t help about this reckless sortie and leaves out quickly, leaving Tomoya and Nagisa completely clueless about that.

Speaking of detail again, please note Yukine’s cup of coffe: they did yet again a little nice detail: a irregular steam without much pattern. Again, it isn’t a “wow” or all that difficult, but such kind of details is often omitted, in big or small productions alike.
Meanwhile, please rejoice: Yukine’s route is downright confirmed with that scene and the ED! You wanted smooth, peaceful and dreamy mood? Well, she is the best choice :p
Yet, Youhei lost ANOTHER life.

After school, Nagisa is leaving both boys, as she has to prepare the dinner tonight. Though she cheers honestly Youhei, the later is not exactly convinced in his progress. Then, Tomoya and Youhei are in downtown and the former changes “slightly” the approach, though it makes youhei even less “appealing” for the random female passerby. Then, they bumps on Sanae who is concerned about their “problem”.

Yep, immortal, now playing THE pimp. Youhei is so clueless about his actions that it is always entertaining to see him deepdown in his own hole, as Tomoya abuses of his weaknesses. I must say that his dumb armor is actually permitting him to ignore any kind of shame etc.

Upon hearing their problem, Sanae is quickly accepting and offers immediately her help, surprising both guys. Tomoya wonders about Mei blowing the whole masquarade, but Sanae is serious and says she will disguise herself. Of course, Youhei is fired up by “nagisa’s SISTER” help. Due to the interesting change of the events, Tomoya decides not to correct the misunderstanding.

Later, at youhei’s room, Mei is shocked to have learned that her useless brother managed to get a girlfriend. Of course, Youhei is boatsing about it, though Mei doesn’t exactly look happy about it and wishes to meet the girl who is engaged to him.

People actually complain that Nagisa is too “nice”, but I think we should complain that to her mother, who is definitely the illustration of charity and kindness in the dictionary (heck, she hosts many people in her house, teach kids for private lessons etc). It is no surprise with her looks that most people confuse her for Nagisa’s sister, and it is always funny to see the very rampant “17 years old forever” syndrome XD

Sanae is then “cosplaying”, quite cheerful about using such kind of youngster clothing again. However, in order to ensure Youhei’s safety, Tomoya asks both Nagisa and Sanae to keep this plan secret from Akio, otherwise, they will certainly not see him reviving from the dead.
While Sanae is having fun, Nagisa is still not exactly fancying this idea.

Cosplay! A gif for you, as it cannot be left unseen XD.
Nagisa has a “strange” new hairstyle. I must say this one looks half good and half bad at the same time, it is kinda matching her, but in the same way, I feel something wrong with it, unable to define the reason.
Meanwhile, Akio is NOT wielding a bat! He is frigging wielding a sword disguised as a bat with his movements XD.
I swear, anyone hitting on Sanae or Nagisa (aside of Tomoya) WILL suffer from dramatic wound, and Tomoya KNOWS that XD.

In order to look more like a “couple”, Youhei and Sanae are having a practice at the park, though the blond joker is completely defeated by Sanae’s charms, to much Nagisa’s dismay.

Pops to Sakaguchi for his hysteric tone for Youhei’s lines. I say: it is downright pin point the very essence of the blond joker, and the ongoing crazy situation. I’m still surprised that Youhei didn’t get a breakdown or faint due the overload.

Next day is the “final day”. Nagisa, Mei and Tomoya are going to the park in order to see how Youhei will be doing. Speaking of which, he is standing with a white tuxedo, quite stressed. He was actually drinking many cans, a cheesy love plan (pretending to have waiting long for a “climatic romance” scene). As he is doesn’t feel quite good, he is leaving for a restroom break.

Little detail again. The white tuxedo was used before by Youhei for Kouko and Yuusuke weddings.
*gasps* Boys Love? *shudders* Okay, why do I have a instant flashback with Tomoya and Youhei running on the beach, only with their pants scene?

Mei is still not exactly happy about what Youhei is doing, and the trio picks up the cans Youhei left.
Then, Sanae made her entrance but… completely transformed! Wearing a school uniform, with a pair of glasses and a very different hair style, Nagisa and Tomoya are completely taken offguard, while Youhei got hysteric as he returns form the toilet.
Youhei “tries” to play along, but got mercilessly shaken by the shock, while even Tomoya is blushing, to much Nagisa’s horror.
Mei, on the other hand, is very upset by this result.

Mei’s expressions were quite subtle in term of “sadness”. It pretty much shows how she is affected and “disappointed” with the whole ordeal, and the last one shows how she has a “I can’t help it but have to disagree with that!” kind of message.
Meanwhile… I’m still wondering what is the secret behind Key mothers youhtness. Special sake, Jam and Bread are like elixir of eternal youth? XD While I’m not fancying this kind of hair style, I must admit Sanae’s looks are quite something, a radical impact. No wonder why Akio has to defend his territory XD




Overal Thoughts:

Not as explosive as the previous episode, episode 2 demonstrated quite some hilarous moments with Youhei, who got literally ganked here and there by the cast of the series. Yet, Sanae barged in the fray as her life carer (maybe heaven before hell, aka Enraged Akio?).
In a way, the episode managed to show the “main” cast under their usual light (as the baseball match was kinda “special”), with subtle ways to show change mostly generated by Nagisa and Tomoya.

Next episode will be quite interesting and much more serious as we reached the Sunohara siblings route and it will stirr proper conflict, with Youhei with a very unusual side. And in the meantime: More Mei-chan!

7 Responses to “CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 2”

  1. 1 Proto October 9, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Mei, on the other hand, is not happy at all by this result (not really hinted if she figured out or not).[/quote]

    Apparently she recognized the voice.

  2. 2 Myssa Rei October 10, 2008 at 1:22 am

    Mei already knows it’s Sanae, since she spent a good part of her summer vacation at the Furukawa household. That said, Mei arc incoming!

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama October 10, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Well as I mentioned elsewhere, the degree to which Sunohara appears in the coming episodes is going to have an inverse relationship on how much attention I’m going to be paying to Clannad After Story in the coming weeks. On the other hand I have nothing against the idea of Mei potentially getting more stuff to do.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei October 10, 2008 at 2:12 am

    Give it a chance, Kaio. Mei’s mini-path in the game does flesh out the relationship between the Sunohara siblings, as well as Yohei’s own motivations. Also, this will probably be the ONLY chance for the anime-watchers (who never played the game) to find out how the HECK Yohei supports himself after getting kicked out of his scholarship.

    So, hooray. Mei arc!

  5. 5 izumo October 10, 2008 at 9:13 am

    @ Myssa Rei-san
    Doesn’t Sunohara take an apprentice job with Yusuke being an electrician? It’s been so long since i last played the game so i don’t fully remember all the details.

    I like it so far showing everyones scenario’s, both the Mei & Sunohara arc are if i remember both very hilarious (which they have shown so far..poor Sunohara) yet quite touching at the same time.

    @ Kaio-san
    Yeah i agree with Myssa-san, there is so much more to Sunohara than what has shown so far. The series is just setting up the stage for Tomoya & Nagisa’s trials & tribulations which will probably happen half way.

  6. 6 Myssa Rei October 11, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Izumo: Correct, Youhei works part-time with Yusuke, and it’s the main reason why we don’t see him after-school. It’s glossed upon in the TV adaptation though, and you only get to know about it in the game (unless you went to the Sunohara BAD END) was through Mei’s route.

  7. 7 Will of the wisp October 11, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    Is it me, or does Nagisa looks extremely similar to Makoto (Mako-Chan mode) from Minami-Ke?

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