So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight

No that isn’t really what this topic is about.  It’s a Super Robot Wars based topic, that much is true, but I’m not going to be talking about my stunning victory over AI1.  Instead I’m on about how the last few scenarios really got me thinking about the series I just plain don’t want to see in a Super Robot Wars anymore.  EVER!  I have differing reasons for each and many may not agree with them or perhaps will wonder why I didn’t include certain series on the list, but eh….I don’t know, these particular ones just need to go I think.  Anyway, I’m going to do this Top 10 style since there’s ten of them anyway and I damn well know which ones I want to go more than the next one.  Stay tuned for a special bonus wherein I viciously demand which series need to get back into the games after long hiatuses.

#10 Daitarn 3:

Daitarn is actually a pretty healthy entry in the SRW franchise and I suppose it’s only real crime is being overdone by this point.  Perhaps it could use a brief retirement period or a redrawn sprite to spice things up.  Or perhaps actually taking into account it’s enormous size in an attack animation might help too.  Either way, it’s good to go for the moment at least.

#9 UFO Robo Grendizer:

You know, I’ve got nothing against Grendizer personally other then I think it’s just Mazinger reskinned, but when you’ve already got Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Getter Robo in most of your games, why the heck would you need the old odd one out.  It also has the old evil emperor from some distant galaxy trying to conquer Earth with his evil henchmen who despite being of the same Vegan race all look different in their own ugly way except for the one that’s good who looks semi-human and handsome/beautiful.  Toei you’ve been feeding us the exact same mecha series with minor tweaks for the past 30 years and…..well I guess I’ll reserve that for another topic.  Anyway, Grendizer can go.

#8 Muteki Choujin Zambot 3:

Being the king of annoying audio is really what makes me want to say goodbye to this one more then anything, although the same old done to death thing applies of course.  An annoying theme song, annoying voice acting (screeching kids and wheezing professors) and an only mildly interesting storyline (the show was only 23 episodes long and this from a formula style Super Robot Series) that is never allowed to come to the finale that made it relevant in the first place all work against Zambot 3 as an SRW entry.

#7 Combattler V/Voltes V:

See the reasons above mostly.  They’re both really just the same show (In the way that The Flintstones is to The Jetsons I mean), we don’t need to pretend that they are different shows anymore, and they’ve been in SRW pretty much since the very beginning.  It was cool back in SRW 3 when Combattler V’s Chodenji Spin could destroy almost any non boss enemy in one hit and was a borderline game breaker, but now who needs them and they’re combo attack anymore?  I don’t, that’s for sure.

#6 Yuusha Reideen:

Here’s an idea, lets put the first Super Robot show that was ever made specifically for TV into an SRW and then totally shortchange it’s storyline and characters every single time.  Hell we’ll only let it use it’s God Bird form outside of an attack animation in one of the games too.  Sounds like a good idea right….blarg.  You know, if they haven’t gotten Reideen right in it’s 8 canonical appearances so far then let’s not even bother putting it in a game again shall we Banpresto.  Thanks.

#5 Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Okay, here’s the thing.  So Evangelion hasn’t really been in all that many Super Robot Wars game and a lot of people are probably going to cry foul, but here’s the thing, every time it’s in an SRW they do the whole damn story and make it a central series, which to me is just as bad as having the units from a show, but giving it no relevance to the games story.  Even in Alpha 3 they did the whole End of Eva scenario despite it already being done in the original Alpha which totally screws up the canon of the story.  I get it, people love this show to death for some reason and every scene in it treated like it’s a passage from the bible by it’s most devoted fans, but how many times do I have to see Eva-1 go berserk?  How many times do I have to see Asuka get mind raped by an angel with Beethoven’s 5th playing in the background?  How many times do I need to see Asuka realize the true nature of the A.T Field?  How many times do I need to see a giant superflat rendition of Rei accompanied by the most annoying scream in the history of anime coming from Shinji?  How long do I have to pretend I care about this show anymore?  I don’t, I won’t, I can’t.  GTFO of Super Robot Wars Evangelion and stick to getting rereleased on DVD/Blu-Ray every 3 years or so.  You want to keep telling your story, do it there.

#4 New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz:

Gundam Wing movie get out, Gundam Wing TV Series come back in.  The TV series is well overdue for a current generation sprite overhaul and I would gladly welcome the return of Treize Khushrenada.  Too bad it can’t get in though because Endless Waltz won’t fuck off already.  Look, I like the Wing Zero Custom’s design as much as the next person, but after 11 appearances I just want to see the TV series designs again.  That and half the time we don’t even get the Endless Waltz scenario, and when we do it’s usually only a stage long and we only get the tail end of it anyway.  I know this is mostly a pipe dream since even if Banpresto wanted to do the TV series again they are probably held hostage by Otaku who can’t have anything else but Kid Icarus Gundam there.  Doesn’t change the fact that Endless Waltz needs to go.

#3 Char’s Counterattack:

How about Beltorchika’s Children or something?  Gundam Sentinel?  Something from around this point in the Gundam universe that doesn’t involve the song Main Title and the Nu Gundam?  Char’s Counterattack has only missed J and W in the entire history of SRW and I think it’s just time to let this one go.  Gundam Unicorn?

#2 Getter Robo/G:

Yes I went there.  Notice that Mazinger Z isn’t on this list but this is?  Well there’s a reason for that and if I’m asked specifically I’ll say why, but lets just look at a few things.  Getter Robo has a theme song that I find brutally annoying in all of it’s campiness, follows the Toei theory of robot pilots that I’m sick do death of (Rule of Toei Robot Pilots: If the robot has 3 pilots, the first one is a hot blooded high school student who is on a sports team at his school and has short brown/black hair, the second one is a sarcastic loner type with long hair and the third one is a fat guy that is played for comic relief.  If the robot has 5 pilots then follow the same rules only the 5th one is a girl and the 4th one is some variation on a kid/genius type), has cliche Toei villains that don’t provide much intrigue (How is it that Baron Ashura continues to be an explorable idea and then after that every single one of their mecha villains has almost no character potential or depth) and just all needs to go.  I’m still all for the reimaginings that are Armageddon, Shin Getter Vs. Neo and 2004 though, which being freed from the Toei formula actually managed to be hallmarks of Super Robot goodness that have arguably done more for the francise then the original TV series did.  Why hasn’t 2004 received an entry yet anyway?

#1 Martian Succesor Nadeisco: The Prince Of Darkness:

Let’s just cut right through any pretense and not pretend that this abomination of an OVA is any way worthy of existing let alone being in an SRW.  This is the entry that after throughly molesting the legacy of it’s predecessor and removing all of the elements from the franchise that made the TV series worth watching (such as comedy, parody, character development, consistent character designs, you name it….) saw fit to insert itself into the Super Robot Wars franchise and not only that, but had the gall to keep reappearing in it as of recent years.  Prince of Darkness, you’re story isn’t even that interesting (and can barely be considered canon in all honesty) and yet you consistently seem to get top or near top billing in every Super Robot Wars game you are in.  Why is this?  Yes this one has only been in 3 Super Robot Wars games, but that’s all it took really for it to top my list.  I want to stop being reminded that this…..thing even exists and so #1 it is on my list of mecha series that need to GTFO of Super Robot Wars.


Okay, so I got a little bit angry with the last few, but then again I always get pretty passionate when it comes to Mecha anime and Super Robot Wars.  Anyway, these are the series that I want back in and in no particular order they are:

The Vision Of Escaflowne:

Are you telling me honestly Banpresto that the best you could afford Escaflowne was a spot in Compact 3.  I can’t even imagine how beautiful the Escaflowne and Schezarade would look when rendered in the PS2 or Xbox 360/Wii’s graphics nor how awesome it would be to have a non midi version of Yakusoku Wa Iranai playing.  I’d like to stop imagining and for them to just get on it, yet I wait and wait wait…..probably in vain.

Aura Battler Dunbine:

With the Wings of Rean OVA having been recently released this one seems like a no brainer.  In fact I’d argue that it actually has the best chance out of any of the series I’m listing of getting a shot at the post Impact Playstation 2 line of Super Robot Wars.

Megazone 23:

We still haven’t done Part 3 yet and I need some of that Eve Tokimatsuri music playing on one of my console systems. 


Why not do this one on the console and do it well.  Heck they could even tie it in with Gaogaigar this time.  I’m waiting Banpresto

Giant Robo:

Did we even get to fight the Eye of Voggler in Alpha?  Did they even finish the story in that one?  Giant Robot deserves an upgrade for this console generation and I think it would be cool if they paired it with Tetsujin 28.  We could even get some of that “Biru No Machi Ni Gaooooooooooooo!” going with the soundtrack.

Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh:

And with that how about some Brave series that aren’t Gaogaigar and possibly the other two Eldoran series.  That is if Takara and Tomy are willing to play ball.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam:

For the longest time I swore that Banpresto secretely hated Victory Gundam and Turn A Gundam.  They were pretty much the least featured Gundam series for ages.  Heck Gundam X has been in as many canonical games as Victory Gundam.  I think now that X and Turn A are finally starting to get some loving again that it’s high time Victory got a current console generation appearance.

Well that’s all for now.  I do have one more thing to mention though.  Mark Neidengard has begun his translation/walkthrough for Super Robot Wars Z which can be found at This guy works fast (He’s already up to stage 4) and I’m glad that he is still continuing to do this.  SRW would probably only be half as fun without this guys work in translating the story.

12 Responses to “So I Just Finished Super Robot Wars MX Tonight”

  1. 1 Enact October 13, 2008 at 7:15 am

    “#1 Martian Succesor Nadeisco: The Prince Of Darkness”

    To Be Honest, the mecha desgins in POD were pretty damn impressive, and I honestly don’t think the movie was all that bad, mostly cause at this point I’ve played the games that tied into it and I’m not all that big a Nadesico fan anymore so the dark mood fits my current tastes, but anyway, I don’t see how it or Evangelion deserve to keep being put in. I think SPT Layzner was only in one of the GBA games and the gamecube one, so I’d love to see that brought back in detailed spite glory.

    As for new entries, how about Panzer World Galient? I don’t think that’s ever been put in ANY Mecha related game outside of Battle of Sunrise, and that’s just this year. I’d love to see Fafner in The Azure as well, even if that may be a bit difficult (Most of the Fafner units in the TV series aren’t too different from each other save maybe Mark Sein and Human Force versions), but I guess the demand just isn’t there.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama October 13, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Desired new entries for me in order of most wanted to least necessary would of course be:

    Gundam 00
    Code Geass
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Round Vernian Vifam
    Panzer World Galient
    MS Igloo
    Shinkon Gattai Godannar
    Cho Kosaku Galvion
    Star Musketeer Bismarck
    Dancougar Nova
    Macross Frontier
    Sky Girls (No I’m serious)
    Giant Gorg

  3. 3 Myssa Rei October 14, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Eh? While I thought that the EVA bit in Alpha 3 was overdone, you just CANNOT justify just how much BETTER Banpresto built up Shinji. Even his more likeable manga version does not even come CLOSE to how well Shinji turned out in the SRW Alphaverse. Compare the spineless wuss from Alpha to the guy who TALKS DOWN KIRA YAMATO, plus stomps down to Terminal Dogma to KICK GENDOU’S ARSE.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei October 14, 2008 at 7:51 am

    I mean, not justify… Ignore should be the more correct word, now that I had time to think about it (and curse the lack of edit function).

  5. 5 gundamjehutykai December 11, 2008 at 1:21 am

    It would be nice to see more V gundam, even though it last appeared in SRWD and was pretty useless.

    Me, I want to see more Dangaioh!! It only appeared in compact 2 and Impact (since Impact was a remake of the 3 Compact games).
    Dunbine was pretty useless in alpha and Impact so I don’t really mind them staying on hiatus.
    But I do find nadesico units to be pretty cool, although I would prefer if they used the TV series units and plot more instead of jumping straight into PoD. We need more Gai Daigoji dammit!!!

    Kurogane no linebarrel (the manga versions, not the crappy anime) would be awesome too. And I would like to see Gigantic formula and Five star stories units but they may be too broken or limited in movesets to be interesting…

  6. 6 Reisha April 17, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    oh come on dude, Evangelion has been in a very low number of SRW’s. Sure A @ did the end of eva thing twice, but that was only twice. And it happened one more time in MX. That is nothing compared to the ammount of times other things have shown up in the SRW universe.

    Now I love Evangelion. (Not as rabid as the fanboys you mentioned.) and I enjoy seeing them in SRW. If seeing the same scenario over and over is your main gripe, then why are you not ragging on Mazinkaizer or similar series that have been in almost every single SRW ever? (Except for getter robo of course.)

    other than that, I agree with most of them.

    Series that I would love to see:

    Zoids Chaotic Century

    Series I would love to see more of:

    Brain Powerd

    Series that I could do without:

    Gundam SEED
    Seriously, this one has been milked to the bone ever since it appeared in SRW. @3, W, K, Z… so much damn seed. You complain that Evangelion usually takes a front seat in terms of story, well look at this one. The sheer ammount of seed stuff in the newer games is overwhelming…

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama April 17, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    @Reisha: Actually my real issue with Evangelion is that I’m tired of them doing the story. It doesn’t interest me anymore and I already found it pretentious enough while watching the show. Same issue with Prince of Darkness, although unliked Evangelion it’s because I don’t care for the Prince of Darkness storyline at all and the Aestivalis units always end up being the worst units in any given game and a waste of space.

    As for why I’m not ragging on Mazinger Z, it’s because they’ve never really done the full story for it and done it properly.

  8. 8 whatever July 4, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    Well, why the hell should Grendizer be left out, when there’s Mazinger and Great Mazinger?

    Either include Mazinger Z only or include the trilogy, it’s only logical.

    Grendizer is the third series in the saga, so it’s only logical to include it. Not to mention it was such a huge hit in Europe and some arabic countries back then.

    Toei did make the getter robo series tv friendly.

    In the manga, Ryoma is a martial artist and Hayato is a frigging terrorist.

    Oh, but it still can’t go, because Getter Robo is the first Gattai robot ever made just like Mazinger being the first piloted Super Robot.

    And then you complain about character depth. Most of us that watches these super robot shows didn’t care about all this stuff, we only cared how much our favourite super robots pawned.

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama July 4, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    @whatever: Compared to Baron Ashura I don’t see many Toei Robot villain adaptations with a whole lot of intrigue. Like you mentioned a lot of characters were made more TV friendly back then and it seems Baron Ashura managed to escape with the least gutting as a character concept. I also don’t think the current Shin Mazinger would be the same as far as he goes had he not been given that awesome tragic backstory flashback.

    Anyway I’ve since changed my mind about wanting Getter Robo to go. Super Robot Wars Z showed me that there’s still more that they can take out of the whole saga. Really it just needs more story focus instead of simply being there.

    Also since I wrote this article I do believe that Raijin-Oh is back in a Wii feature. I also should clarify that I don’t want to see Getter Robo/G gone specifically, I want to see Toei’s version of it take a hike for a while. That means I welcome Shin Getter Robo (2004) with open arms if they’d just put the idea in a game.

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