Tales of Abyss episode 3 ~ Glowing red blood > censors

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What kind of dumbass would run right into a sword deserves to die…seriously…

I think that it is rather surprising how much I enjoy watching the fight scenes in this episode purely because of the glowing red blood. It may not be realistic but heck, neither is magic. I actually love how the glowing red blood adds more spice to the battle scenes rather than boring, plain ordinary blood. This should be made into a standard!

Thoughts: *Headbangs*…damn, I’m getting quite addicted to the OP theme (and it isn’t usually the type of music I enjoy very much, I still think that there are too much spoilers in the OP sequence though).

In a way this was a major improvement from the previous episode as it did a better job at keeping my attention than watching Luke going around town with his smug look, stealing apples from vendors. But in a way, the lack of “Tear service” was somewhat disappointing. No matter, we did get introductions to other characters (and another personal favorite of mine, Legretta).

The story continues with the movement of the plot and finally some explanations on the situation given. Apparently there are two factions currently pushing one another. In one corner we have Fon master Ion trying to perserve peace and in the other corner, we have some yaro of a pope trying to start a war though he is hiding under a mask of righteousness.

Blah, blah more talking and then the gang is attacked by the Six God-Generals (but only 3 have been shown thus far). We don’t know why they attacked Jade’s ship but it has something to do with Ion thus making me suspect that they are under orders from the evil pope. Well anyway, this is where the fighting and bloodshead and moaning Luke starts…oh gosh, moaning Luke…

His personality just gets worse and worse when he started to moan about soldiers being killed. If he actually used his head a little then he would have deduced that he would have died if he doesn’t fight back but due to his cowardness and his fake sense of what is right and wrong, poor Tear was slashed in the arm…(NOOOOOOO! TEAR!!!!! ;_______; ).

The three generals introduced were Largo the Black Lion, Arietta the Wild and Legretta the Quick.

I can’t say much about Largo besides the fact that he is a big bear and died way too quickly. I actually hope that he hasn’t died yet because it hasn’t been confirmed yet and you all know the usual anime rule on that…

Arietta is surprisingly cute. The silent loli type and somewhat an opposite of Anise who is the noisy loli type character. She also seems to like Ion for some unknown reason (oooh, the mystery).

And then there is Legretta…love. But I was quite disappointed that she wasn’t as trigger happy as I have hoped she would be. She only just fired off her gun twice in this episode after the super duper Guy jumped in to save the day. But I very much like her character and look already so I hope we get some interesting development with her (and the rest of the generals).

And I missed off one more general…Asch the Bloody. He is still “a mystery to me” in a sense, but I’ve been spoilered already *sigh*.

Overall this was quite an exciting and action packed with enough explanation to go along, episode. I hope they will just keep up the pace and quality throughout the series. Go Sunrise! I say.

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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Anise, oh Anise…she would do anything for money even putting up with a brat like Luke…yuck…

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Obligatory explanation scene blah blah

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You tell me…

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Oh Luke, your jokes crack me up

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What the heck, Jade nooooo!!

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Why you…kisama!!

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Now this is why I love Jade…he is so cool

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So are you my dear, so are you ^^

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Holy crap, lions on top of eagles!

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*Moments later Luke gets pwned to the wall*

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Great animation!

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A darker side to Jade huh…what kind of dirty secret is he hiding

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Glowing red blood!!!

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you got to love her hair style

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Lol CG stairs done to perfection

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Did someone say Aruruu?

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Nooooo, not the loli ;___;

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Kono baka yaro!!!


15 Responses to “Tales of Abyss episode 3 ~ Glowing red blood > censors”

  1. 1 Narona October 13, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    I love the OP too. And I also like how they put some previews of the episode in each Opening. You should download the OST from the game, there are two fabulous songs based on the OP (IIRC, this song was written exclusively for the game, so even the lyrics are canon). The tracks are called Menaing of Birth and Promise.

    Go here for the stream of the OST (I don’t know if it’s forbidden to post that here :/) http://www.sound-test.org/soundtracks.php?do=preview&gameid=338

    Karma (the OP song) is really a beautiful song, I fell in love with it :love: I can’t wait to hear the remixes in the anime during two particular scenes (I won’t spoil you! Someone spoiled me the story =( But since I know some things I like this series even more now)

    I liked the glowing red blood too. It gives an artistic touch to the fights. It matches the very good animation perfectly. About the three God-Generals, a lot of things still have to be revealed, so keep watching, it will be interesting. BTW I think that Legretta is really classy ^^ and Arietta is so cute XD.

    About the main party. Jade was so cool haha XD. And you forgot to talk about that hilarious scene with Guy XD!!!!!!!!!!! There is an important reason behind his current phoebia. Keep watching!

    And finally, Luke is sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying. He is not a bad person…………………. but he is a Baka. Because of him, tear was hurt ='( . But because he is not a bad person (you can feel it), it’s hard to really hate him, even if he is really ill mannered.

    I can’t wait for the episode 4 ^^ Many people will hate me for saying that, but till now I like this series more than gundam 00

  2. 2 Setsu October 14, 2008 at 12:29 am

    Yeah, I know a lot of people who are really annoyed by the characters in the beginning, but everyone does change for the better, including or rather especially Luke. But I do agree, the OP has some spoilers in it. I really think they should’ve left out a certain someone’s image change in the OP of both the anime and the game.

    Yeah, Luke does not like the idea of killing, but it definitely gives his current spoiled brat image a little more character. Yeah, Tear is hurt because of him, but it shows that his sheltered life affected his view on the death of humans. I won’t give anything away, but this theme will come back to haunt Luke in many ways.

  3. 3 Setsu October 14, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Oh and if you want some more moe Tear, here’s an in-game skit with her and Anise (Don’t worry. No spoilers here):

  4. 4 deathkillz October 14, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    @ Narona ~ Haha don’t worry, I don’t plan on dropping this series even if it is just for Tear >.>

    I think I really should get the OST somehow after listening to the tracks. Some of the tracks there are lovely (and I might even write some OST review for it like what Kaio has done for others). Karma is definitely a great song. I found the full OP on Youtube and was surprised at the violin start before we get into the actual song. Like I’ve already said, I don’t normally like songs by BUMP of Chicken but this one really suits the series.

    There are definitely more to the god generals so I am just egarly awaiting for their stories to be told (and at the same time trying my hardest to keep away from the spoilers ^^’).

    And OH CRAP! I completely forgot about Guy and his crazily hilarious scene when meeting Tear ^^’

    And again, damn you Luke! He is such an idiot. Even though I know he will improve, it is still hard to watching him now as he is. Just hurry up and break him a new one already!

    @ Setsu ~ I bet it will…he will probably undergo some crazy transformation after he realises how stupid his current view on “life” is…I hope this won’t cost the lives of anyone (from the main cast anyway) but it seems like that this is the only way to get him to change.

    And thanks for the link…I loved, loved LOVED! it 😀

  5. 5 Ranari October 14, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    I played the game version of Tales of the Abyss some time ago and I can understand if some people find the characters in the beginning annoying, but especially Luke changes dramatically during the story.
    A few characters which surprised me positively where the “God Generals”. I didn’t except that these seemingly generic villains get such good character development.

    (Minor spoilers)
    Ash – As everybody can see from the intro scene, Ash is a major player in the story. I can’t say that I always understand his motivations, but he never fails to surprise me. He is everything, but not a generic bad guy.

    Largo and Synch – Those two got some very good background story. I’m playing RPGs since the time of the Famicon, so I can say that I have seen everything the genre has to offer, but those two surprised me!

    Legretta – meh… she is kinda generic. There is nothing special about her. Don’t get your hopes to high.

    Arietta – I absolutely HATE Lolis! Maybe I am to old for this stuff, but Loli characters annoy the crap out of me. I hated every scene Ariette appeared in and I wished her a bloody and gruesome death, but … I can’t say anymore or I might spoil something.

    Dist – Yeah, Dist 🙂 In the beginning I thought that he might be another generic Mad Scientist, but I didn’t excepted this kind of backstory. The problem with Dist is that during the course of the normal game, you won’t come to know his true fate. What really happens with him is only told during the optional Nebilim sidequest. This quest also tells some very, VERY important parts of Jade’s backstory. So I’m hoping that the guys from Sunrise are incorporating this part of the story into the Anime.

    O yeah, my absolute favorite character in the story (beside of Jade Curtiss of course…) is Peony the 9th, King of Malkuth. This guy is absolute insane. He keeps pigs as his pets inside the palace, also he has a very close relationship with one of the main characters, which leads to some of the funniest scenes in the game.

    PS: Please excuse my bad english. I’m not a native english speaker.

  6. 6 Chaos2Frozen October 15, 2008 at 9:05 am

    “Arietta is surprisingly cute. The silent loli type and somewhat an opposite of Anise who is the noisy loli type character. She also seems to like Ion for some unknown reason (oooh, the mystery).”

    Notice how both Anise and Arietta have similiar (not exact) dolls?

    Yeah, me too… I have no idea what that could mean though, but I’m sure it would come up later…!

  7. 7 Setsu October 15, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Yeah, you’ll have to wait for it, but the relationship between Anise, Ion, and Arietta is a pretty big part of the game.

  8. 8 deathkillz October 15, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    @ Ranari ~ Thanks for not letting any spoilers slip ^^’
    An interesting read though, but somewhat sad to hear that I shouldn’t get my hopes up with Legretta >_<
    And Arietta isn’t that bad…or at least not nearly as annoying as Anise.

    Ohh hello Chaos! How nice of you to drop in XD

  9. 9 Setsu October 15, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    The nice thing about Tales of the Abyss are the discussions and differing opinions about the plot. Yes, it follows quite a few RPG conventions, but I’m pretty sure that to this day, Tales of the Abyss’ ending is STILL constantly discussed, and it will probably the question about the ending will rise once again when the anime gets to the ending.

    Honestly, depending the person, you either like Anise and hate Arietta, like Arietta and hate Anise, or you like both. I tend to like both and like how their character develops through Ion. I’m definitely not going to spoil it, but once again, the relationship between Ion, Anise, and Arietta is a pretty big part of the plot.

    And yeah, Legretta isn’t as big as the other God Generals. She has a plot and she has a relationship with Tear, but as far as the God Generals go, she has the least interesting backstory and she’s for the most part your typical strict military type. However, I definitely like her look and I like the fact that she uses fonic guns.

    Largo initially just comes off as the big guy with the axe/scythe, but he gets interesting in the later parts of the story.

    If there’s any character that you will hate from beginning to end, though, it’s Mohs, the pope.

  10. 10 chaos2frozen October 16, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I’m in the visiting mood, Death :p


    Well, I did read up abit of the manga to the part that reveals the connection between the three of them, but I wonder if the story would continue from it, or is that the end?

  11. 11 Setsu October 16, 2008 at 8:31 pm


    Well, if you’re talking about the scans from onemanga.com, there’s much more to the game than this. The relationship between Ion, Anise, and Arietta go farther than what’s in the scanalations.

  12. 12 FlareKnight October 17, 2008 at 4:30 am

    Definitely wish you some luck in avoiding the spoilers deathkillz. There are probably a lot of land mines all over the place since its got such an interesting story.

    The glowing blood worked for me in this. Honestly that soldier that got killed by Luke isn’t anything to get worked up about. I mean anyone stupid enough to get run through by a guy with his eyes closed would have died sooner or later anyways. Sucks to be him is all I can say on that subject.

    Certainly Luke is pretty naive. I mean he’ll fight, but doesn’t want to kill people. Yeah that kind of stance will go really well…*insert injured Tear here*. Nice to put the difference between monsters and humans as well. If they could communicate with the ligers in the last episode they have a certain degree of intelligence. But guess life is simple for us all when we draw the line between human and everything else.

    Have to say Arietta is really cute. Interesting to see her story being revealed in the anime. Jade’s a cool guy, but should hold someone else hostage :). Pretty strong even with his fonic artes sealed.

    Looking forward to episode 4.

  13. 13 hika October 22, 2008 at 7:37 am

    lol @ how everyone thinks Luke is an idiot for being afraid to kill people.
    He’s not a soldier, you know. Tear has made her decision a long time ago, and Jade is… well, Jade.
    Luke, on the other hand, is a normal person (or as close to normal as you can get – compared to the others, at least). It’s not because he knows that he’ll be killed if he doesn’t kill those soldiers that it makes it easy.
    It’s good to have a character react realisticly to killing, for once. Anime lack those these days…

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