Ga-Rei Zero episode 2 ~ Killing has never been so easy

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I shat bricks!

I really hope that I am not biting off more than I can chew for one season but here you have it, I have decided to take up this series as well based on what I thought was quite a stunning first two episodes. One of the reason why this series sticks out from the pack like a sore thumb could be explained with three simple words; W…T…F.

Thoughts: Or Shock theory in other words. The act of killing off what you think would have been main character for the entire duration of the show is simple…yet oh so effective in terms of netting your attention (at the very least). If there is anything I hate on more cases than not, is the fact that main characters who die in many series just won’t stay dead because of a simple fact; they are main characters! But what this series is doing right now is breaking from the norm and giving the viewer a chance to feel refreshed again by having main characters…potentially characters you would get very attached to if not already dead (*COUGH Natsuki COUGH!*)…being killed off one by one. And this time when the die, they stay DEAD.

Okay so maybe they killed off a few characters that I like but this feeling of being bitch slapped acrossed the face is just too refreshing to pass off (I haven’t felt this way since Soukou no Strain – though in that series the main female character was left unharmed at least).

So when the first episode ended with no ED theme or preview, I and all of you viewers I am sure, were kind of wondering what would happen in the next episode. Well the next episode is here and I am just glad that they decided to push out a whole new cast rather than some lame resurrection plot where again the main characters are revived (though it still hurts so much that Natsuki is truely dead and never coming back again – woe is me ;________; ).

The shock factor ploy is somewhat being used more and more nowadays but still, this act of killing off main characters is not as wildly used to tell the story. I guess it is risky in a way to kill off an entire cast as you would have to inevitably invent a new one and then somehow try to stich up the story again from where they left off. To me, this takes more skill than any cheap shock factor technique and which is another reason why I appreciate this series so far…but I just hope that they don’t overuse this tactic as it will turn dull very soon if abused.

This episode is the aftermath of the previous episode which shows another cast of demon exterminators, one of them being the sword wielding schoolgirl, Kagura. I am told that Kaguya is actually a character from the manga so maybe her “demise” seen in the end might actually not be the end of it all. Unlike the previous episode, we didn’t see Kagura getting slashed so anything could have happened under the cover of darkness instead. But for now, this risky move of killing her off seems to have given a positive view of the series even more…”no one is safe” as they say and that holds true for the good guys.

What is interesting about this episode was that they continued to leek hints on Yomi’s past to the viewers. I think they might actually go for a “piece together the whole picture” kind of thing with her story. This week, it is revealed that she used to be in the same team as Kagura which would mean that she would have once been human. The mystery deepens as there might be a possibility that normal humans can turn into these monsters for some reason and that might have some connection with Yomi’s hate towards Kagura.

But for now, the process of showing how no one is safe is a great way to ensure that the viewer won’t be sitting too peacefully thinking that it will all end up “happily ever after”. The other characters shown in this episode also appear to be quite “trashable” but I did have some laughs when I heard Wakamoto speaking out loud.

This series is really going for a solid impact for this season’s range. It is a unique mix of storytelling, direction and drama. Not only that, the quality is top notch so much so that even the use of GCs add to the unique effect of the atmosphere all together with some nice BGM. I really want the adrenaline pumping track used in episode 1 when the bike-fu all started out (still moaning for Natsuki…whyyy!).

I will be looking forward to the next episode!

Screen caps and “wise guy” comments:

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The middle guy blends in very well *rawrrr*

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A ferret boy user

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Now why does she remind me of someone from Ikkitousen…hmm…

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Kagura seems to like her pocky

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Oh, Natsuki ;_____;

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Hot looking chief, and as Klash would say “MILF looking” ^^’

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She is also quite witty :p

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Damnit! Stop reminding me of Natsuki ;____;

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Surprise love bite!

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I lol’ed at the two mass of forces here about to smash into each other in a life or death brawl!

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I would have never known…

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Wakamoto and his guns

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Don’t trust him! He lies!

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See what I mean?

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I just love those sexy long katanas

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Now this is a surprising fact, perhaps Yomi isn’t as almighty as I thought…no matter

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Kagura may have the skills but it is a shame that she is just so damn naive

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Thus leading to this happening…

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Sister?? Is that in name or in blood O.o


8 Responses to “Ga-Rei Zero episode 2 ~ Killing has never been so easy”

  1. 1 Avisch October 15, 2008 at 3:20 am

    What a great way to conclude this episode. For people who haven’t read the manga, this will be more of an interesting experience.

    Why didn’t you have a shot of the suitcase wielding guy he is SO COOL!.

    But yeah….poor Natsuki, the promotional image of you and the other guy is what convinced me to try out this prequel.

  2. 2 tigerlily October 15, 2008 at 3:30 am

    yesssss at last it stars to make sence but still the wtfudge feeling is still there and i don’t think kagura is dead she is after all the main heroine of the manga and the poster child of it, i am also mad that they kill natsuki too at lest i think they are dead, but to tell you the true i was not a big fan of the dead sweetheart vendetta thing touru seem to have going on, a shame since his interactions with natsuki seem that there was something more going on there, meeee i may be reading to much into it T_T.

  3. 3 ZeusIrae October 15, 2008 at 9:22 am

    I am sick.I cheered when Yumi “killed” Kagura(at least it looks like it).I just knew it would happen and I couldn’t stand her hesitation.

  4. 4 drastikhate October 15, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Omigod! Are we finally looking at the main cast yet!?

    Oh the suspense!

  5. 5 deathkillz October 15, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    @ Avisch ~ I’ve heard that some people prefer the anime compared to the manga. I think I need to read some of the chapters myself to see why. But is this series exactly a prequel like you say? I’m thinking of it as an alternate universe.

    And yea…suitcase machine gun rocks!! ^^’

    …Natsuki ;____;

    @ tigerlily ~ Yea! It is such a shame…but on the bright side, it is a good thing that they aren’t planning on using some cheap deus ex machina to bring these guys back…I hope…

    @ ZeusIrae ~ Well I preferred Yumi to Kagura too for some reason…maybe it is because Yumi, being a psycho type, appeals to me more than the naive types.
    I’m rather neutral on Kagura’s death though.

    @ drastikhate ~ Not yet…maybe later ^^’

  6. 6 Maire October 16, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    I sadly had to drop this series to review *cries*, my schedule of life would be

    Anyways the captions look really quiet interesting. I haven’t full watched the first episode yet,bu it looks interesting enough. lol.

  7. 7 Avisch October 17, 2008 at 3:43 am

    It all depends on whether Kagura is indeed dead. And the future survival of two of the members of the squad featured in this episode (The guy with the white eyes and ferret-user).

    Otherwise it would create some errors.

  8. 8 TheOtherJN June 26, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Na… Natsuki… 😦
    So I wasn’t the only one who was charmed by her.

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