Youhei’s girlfriend plan went well… perhaps too well. As the blond joker is having fun, Mei is very concerned about him. In the middle of this awkward situation between siblings,  Tomoya will try to help Mei out, though things will go much more complicated than expected…


Sanae is prompt to play her role and introduces herself as Isogai Sanako, 17 years old.
Mei has some lingering impression, thinking she met her before, but Sanae justifies this as their town is small so she could meet her coincidentally occasionally.
Beautiful as “Sanako” is, Mei can’t help but feel sorry for her being Youhei’s girlfriend and gives her a hug, to much Youhei’s protest for that statement.

ROFL. Honestly I was laughing out loud to the “I’m 17 years old” line XD. Actually, it isn’t exactly because Sanae is really looking lie a MILF but how ironic is it. To people who didn’t know about that, Tamurai Yukari (Mei’s seiyuu) and Inoue Kikuko (Sanae’s seiyuu) actually had a meme with several other seiyuus for a “forever 17 club”! This was actually the straw considering how both seiyuu are playing well fresh girls in anime all the time (Yukarin specialized into “loli”… such like Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Nanoha from Lyrical Magical Girl Nanoha; and Inoue in MILF, like Uraha from Air or Akane from Higurashi no naku Koro ni). And since both are in that club, hearing the very line from Inoue is so like her XD.

Meanwhile, love the extra dosis of fluff from Mei’s hug ^^

Youhei and Sanae are going on a date while Mei, Nagisa and Tomoya are following them. Tomoya figures that Youhei will bring her to a restaurant, however it seems that Youhei just went to his usual favorite place, quite cheap to be blunt.
Sanae becomes concerned by his lunch habit, especially that he only suffices himself with Katsudon.

It is really a wonder how Youhei could actually have such tuxedo, and yet, unable to actually get a proper restaurant… I guess he would need some lessons from Harima Kenji from School Rumble, though I’m not sure anyone would be able to back up the bill.

In the end, Sanae prepared the launch for everyone at the dorm. Once again, Mei is touched by how kind she is, which is even more pitiful for her.

… Honestly, I can really picture that scene “years ago” between Sanae and Akio… I think Akio is really more lucky than he believes.

The group is moving back to downtown. Tomoya thinks Youhei might lead them to some theater or shopping. Unfortunately for them, he has the “good idea” to go to an arcade, enjoying by himself. Obviously, Mei is consterned by his behaviour, so is Tomoya.
In the end, Youhei is really no good with the arcade and just loses plain and simple. Frustrated, he is kicking the machine to much Sanae’s disapprovement. Unconcerned, Youhei then suggests to go to the CD shop, but of course, Tomoya is more concerned about his tastes…

As expected, Youhei bought his “favorite band” album for Sanae, which is obviously not what a girl would listen to. Yet, another disaster for this date.

Somehow, I had a pretty obnoxious flashback of School Days, with Makoto inviting Kotonoha to some arcade instead of a proper date. It is kinda frightening to see guys that clueless about date and relationship. Meanwhile… I wonder how you are supposed to actually play that sea version of guitar hero… I mean why a swordfish to begin with? XD
As a trivia, it is too bad they didn’t put Bomb a Head to push the reference to the original game to the maximum (Before you ask, hell no, I dislike this kind of music)

Youhei is still pumped up and wants to lead Sanae to somewhere else for the night. Mei is concerned by that, while Tomoya asks Nagisa if it wouldn’t be a problem for her to stay that late. nagisa confirms as it is soon time to prepare dinner.
Suddenly, at the park, they hear a commotion: some kids are bullying a girl, forcing her to leave the swing. Mei stares at the scene and Tomoya figures she is concerned. Nagisa is about to intervene, but Mei stops her, waiting for her brother’s reaction.
Sanae is obviously concerned by the situation, but Youhei stops her, saying kids grow up fighting. This behaviour shocks Mei and upsets her a lot.

I really liked the short but subtle expressions we could get with both Mei and Youhei. Especially Youhei’s as it was quite melancolic and could stir some message behind it. The good thing is that he pretty much realize that he isn’t like that anymore, so he is still salvageable for Mei.
Though, he really did the jackass here.

Then, the girl’s brother barges in and protects his sisters from the bullies, leaving some impression to Youhei. As the situation seems solved, Youhei suggests them to move out but Sanae feels something is wrong and goes to check on them, as both kids are looking at all directions.
Both children are actually lost. The big brother was actually trying to find their way home, while his sister was being bullied. Sanae would like to help them finding their way home, but Youhei doesn’t care much, claiming they will be fine. Both Mei and Tomoya aren’t exactly pleased by this reaction, but Nagisa calms donw the situation, asking their names as a start.
Fortunately, the little girl has her name and even her address on her dress, so everyone accompany them home, to much Youhei’s displeasure.

More empathic expressions for Mei who is staring at the children with some bits of nostalgy and concern.

Nightfall. Both children are back home. On their way, Youhei is however behind everyone, pouting in his corner. Tomoya beckons him and asks him to stop acting like this, but Youhei feigns that he is fine. Mei is getting angry, but Sanae stops her. She is then promising another opportunity for them to date, which clears Youhei from his spoiled brat mood.

Pretty much like in the game, I was pissed (in a “good way”) by Youhei very childish behaviour. Honestly, it was so irritating to see him with that date etc as granted that it would have been good to have Sanae scolding him, though it was obviously not something you can expect from the scope of the universe/story of clannad.

At school, Youhei is quite hyper, to the point that he is actually following Tomoya’s suggestion for his greetings (see Episode 2), and adds at the end of all of his sentence “and the toilet seat cover”.
On their way for lunch, Tomoya tells Youhei that Mei was worried about him, and despite being with such beautiful “girfriend”, he was deep down the same. The blond joker doesn’t pay much attention to that he plans his “future” with Sanae, thinking about his possible job, be it soccer player, pilot or even teacher. Everything eneded by… “and the toilet seat cover!”. In the end, Youhei cannot bear it anymore, but Tomoya mentions he could simply stops if he wanted to. Usual antics between the two.
At the cafteria, Youhei is more and more in high spirits and will wait a phone call from Sanae after school. Still in his delusions, he begins to wonder if she has fallen for him. Tomoya wants to gets the topic back to Mei, but Youhei is still in his fantasies.

Hahaha, they did keep the joke to the very end, and obviously, Youhei sticked to Tomoya’s very word until he couldn’t bear it… “Serve you right”… kana? XD
I was however kinda surprised to see him still imagining himself as a soccer player despite that he isn’t even playing that anymore.

Nagisa and Tomoya are going to school, but they bump on Mei who was waiting for her brother at the school gates. Since Youhei is at his room, the trio is joing him.
As they are there, Youhei asks them to leave him alone. Nagisa and Tomoya aren’t exactly impressed by this behaviour, but Youhei doesn’t care much about Mei as he has something more important right now: love.
Then, he mentions how it might be bad for Mei if she doesn’t go back home, but his little sister says she has still something to do. Puzzled by that comment, Youhei though figured about it, but quite the wrong way: he proceeds claiming that she is actually using him as an excuse so she can come to play.
Mei is upset by it but bears it in a short silence, then confirming what he says. However, she then adds that there is something else: that she came to see someone whom she likes.

Upon hearing this, Youhei but also Nagisa and Tomoya are surprised by that. Youhei is stunned by it and would like some explanations but Mei doesn’t pay heed to his comments and is going to see “him”.
As she is leaving, Nagisa quickly goes after her, while Tomoya tries to knock some sense to Youhei.

Kudos to Yukarin and of course Sakaguchi for their performances in the “distant” discussion between Mei and Youhei. If you add the usual yet effective camera pan, the tension was quite good for this scene.

As she is leaving, Nagisa quickly goes after her, while Tomoya tries to knock some sense to Youhei. However, confused, the later has to wait for Sanae’s call. Tomoya is more concerned about mei, but Youhei can’t help it, laughing drily.

Actually, Mei is sitting outside with Nagisa. As she hears some footsteps she expects her brother to come out. Unfortunately, it is “only Tomoya”. Staggered by her disappointed expectation, she is remaining silent.

I will sound unoriginal, but the comment stands here too, Nakamura included. The situation is out of control, yet Youhei is still in his fantasies, but with far less confidence, while Tomoya is outright no good with that.
Not as insane as Kannagi animation for the body language, I liked how subtle Mei’s reaction was before the eyecatch.

At night, the trio discusses a bit and Tomoya is concerned about the situation right now. Meidoesn’t like “that brother” and expected him to come out and scold her. Even if it was in an argument, she would have been fine.
She then tells them her past with Youhei. Years before, she was bullied by some kids, but she could always count on her brother to protect her. She could rely on him.
Then, when he entered middle school, he was doing really well in soccer.

I really liked how they did the flashback: quirky, with lot of cute but especially heartwarming moments. It has an excellent nostalgy borderline regretful effect on Mei, who really wants her brother back how he was. *Sigh* Youhei better opens his eyes soon, because he will deserve a beating at this rate.

Hence she can’t bear “that” brother, thinking it isn’t the real one. He would never let girls being bullied or let his sister down.
Then, Mei figured that the girlfriend part was a lie, and both Nagisa and Tomoya apologize to her. Mei is upset about how his brother is a trouble for everyone, to much Nagisa’s disagreement.

Sanae is still doing her role, though she doesn’t have any need to keep this disguise anymore. However, she somehow like this look. Then, Akio arrives and is surprised to see his wife in such clothing. Sanae is about to blurt the truth, but Nagisa manages to keep her silent in time. Mei is quick in bringing out an excuse and pretends that Sanae is practicing a play. Tomoya follows her lead and explains that the three of them are helping her out. Akio then checks their stuff, permitting Sanae to leave without being noticed.
Noticing her sudden absence, Akio wonders where is Sanae, but Tomoya claims she is “embarassed”. Akio then wonders about what kind of play she will practice, but Tomoya leaves everything to Nagisa, while he and Mei will look for her.

I wonder what would happen if Akio actually resume his drama hobbies with Sanae… That would be certainly overboad. Let’s imagine again that roman play with Sanae… I guess Akio would go berserk XD.
Meanwhile, I was quite amused how Tomoya was helpless and left everything to Nagisa who didn’t exactly seem happy with that burden XD.

The two of them failed to find where Youhei and Sanae had their date meeting location, but Tomoya believes it will be fine with Sanae, and suggest that they will have some fun for now.
At downtown, Mei is enjoying her time with Tomoya, thinking it would have been nice of he was her brother. Tomoya is surprised by that and then lets her do as if he was really her brother. Mei has no trouble with that and instantly call him “onii-chan”, catching him offguard.
Tomoya has hard time to stay calm and tells her that “onii-chan” is off limits. However, as Mei is innocently asking why, Tomoya is furiously excited and asks her not to stop.

Whoa… I mean… I understand Tomoya’s reactions considering how Mei is a weapon of mass destruction in term of Moe (Yukarin-sama !!!!).

Unluckily for him and to much his horror, The Fujibayashi twins who were going out with Kotomi bumped on them and got shocked by the weird turn of the events. Tomoya tries to explain himself but Kyou, Kotomi and Ryou are fleeing. Tomoya then changes his mind and says again that “onii-chan” is off limits, but seeing her innocent face, Tomoya withdraw that again, which attracts some gossips around. Unable to bear the situation anymore, Tomoya confirms it is completely off limits.

Bwahahaha XD. Tomoya is completely doomed to death with Kyou and the rest. Yet again, he is unable to face Mei’s cuteness. Honestly, like what he said in the game “are you REALLY siblings, you and sunohara?!” XD

Mei checks the menu of a crêpe stand and is quite impressed by the choices. Tomoya then treats her, but Mei wants a princess crêpe, costing a whooping sum of 2.000 Yen (roughly $20/15€)
Tomoya is reluctant to that, but he is unable to say no to Mei, as she is abusing the onii-chan trick. In the end she is eating happily her giant and stuffed crêpe.
She offers a bite to Tomoya but the later foolishly ate the strawberry she wanted. Cutely whining about it, she then suggests a purikura in order for him to be forgiven.

Holy m… I didn’t make any mistake for the convertion of the prices, so it is actually scart to see a crêpe THAT expensive. That is worth like 1 month worth of regular ones… Girls are indeed terrifying. And even more frightening when they actually use their moe impact to make you submit.

Mei happily got a picture with Tomoya but they are seen by Youhei who doesn’t seem exactly in good mood. As he approaches them, Tomoya asks what he is doing, and as expected he is just waiting for Sanae. As Tomoya was about to say they were looking for him, Youhei snatches the pictures from Mei’s hand and wants some explanations about that.

Mei is actually quite sly because… Unlike Tomoyo, Kyou etc, she CAN compete with Nagisa, on ANOTHER category, and still being safe without putting much problem XD.
Meanwhile, I’m rather surprised to see Youhei astray like that… Waiting for Sanae with that kind of clothing? That almost look like he jumped out of the bed few minutes ago…

Mei is flustered by that and claims it has nothing to do with him, asking him to give the pictures back. Tomoya suddenly changes the whole situation and pretends that he IS Mei’s boyfriend, matching what Youhei was thinking. Youhei mentions about Nagisa, but Tomoya pretends he broke up with her and even adds that Mei has spent the night with him at his place. Mei is awwkard with this situation but confirms what Tomoya says. Youhei is shocked by that but remains silent. Because of that, Tomoya then invites Mei to go home and as they depart slowly, Youhei asks them to wait but his voice doesn’t reach them. Frustrated he leaves as well.

Again, more subtle expressions and body language. The tension is really set now, and it becomes frustrating to see Youhei unable to compute the situation right now.

At home, both explain to Nagisa what happened. Mei is sulking while Tomoya thought he could spark some worries in Youhei, but it didn’t work. Mei is very depressed and thinks that Youhei doesn’t care about her at all. Nagisa disagrees though lying wasn’t a good option. Tomoya is concerned about Mei’s situation as she already has taken a week off from school. However, Mei doesn’t want to back down until Youhei is back on the right path. Mei wants him to play soccer again, but Tomoya is not very optimist due the mess Youhei has done. However, she believes this is the only solution.

Mei is quite the perfect imouto. It is actually heartrending to see her going through all options available to knock some sense to this helpless brother of hers. Next time, it will be a bang if everything goes fine.




Overal Thoughts:

As expected, they put aside the antics with Youhei to actually show what is the real problem between him and Mei. As I said thorough the article, I really liked how their expressions conveyed quite their tormented thoughts. And if you adds our usual top nocht performances by these seiyuu, it really give a proper adaptation to this great route.

I would however nitpick the fact that the sakuga quality was noticeably dropping in this episode. It wasn’t anything whacky or what not, but in many instances of middle/farther camera pan, the details were not really numerous, though close pan were quite good (especially Mei’s various moe faces, and her depressed one at the end with the sunset).

I’m expecting a lot from episode 4 as it might conclude already the route for the Sunohara siblings, and the conclusion will be climatic and great. More Mei-chan! (bis!)

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  1. 1 Myssa Rei October 17, 2008 at 12:18 am

    Yep, we’re DEFINITELY in the Mei sub-route of the game. Oh boy…

  2. 2 klashikari October 17, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    And this route WON’T be half baked, especially considering the preview.
    I hope they will put the complete final scene, that will be really great.

  3. 3 FlameStrike October 17, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Heh I’m really looking forward to the climax, althought seeing Mei and those bastard faggot soccer players will be annoying. I hope they’ll due the last scene justice.

  4. 4 EvilDevil October 20, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Mei Mei Mei Mei!!!!!

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